tagBDSMFalling into Subspace Ch. 05

Falling into Subspace Ch. 05


Things were becoming routine for John in his new relationship with Miss Sarah. He found at times it was almost easier having her tell him when he could and could not pleasure himself. The build up to the release was almost becoming more important to him than the release itself. His sense of self at the time of release was completely washed away and all that was left was his adoration for Miss Sarah. During the times when she would merely assign him things to do for her he knew he was working towards something and felt more comfortable realizing his identity. The only thing more shocking to him is how much he enjoyed being at Miss Sarah's beck and call. It was so pleasurable doing nice things for her and making her life easier. Seeing her smile and hearing her laugh made him very happy.

One night as John worked away Sarah sat at her desk in a short black skirt. Her legs were crossed and encased in black patterned stockings. Her short sleeved white blouse was buttoned up to a point where only a slight bit of cleavage was visible, and John was really looking. Sarah smiled as she noticed John looking at her with longing in his eyes. She stared at him seeming to ponder something for a moment before extending her arm and motioning with her indexing finger signaling that he should come to her.

Without hesitation John left his seat and walked over to Sarah's desk taking position on his knees in front of her. There was no longer a need for Sarah to tell him to kneel. He had been properly conditioned to know what he should do.

With a smile in her eyes she spoke to him," Oh little Johnny you are coming along so well," she removed her foot from one of her black heeled shoes and rested it on John's thigh slowly moving it up and down. "You are enjoying our relationship aren't you baby?"

John knew how he was supposed to answer and felt a little wave of pleasure wash over him as he answered, "yes Miss Sarah."

"Oh that's wonderful baby. I know you are going to need to spurt for me soon baby but before you do," she reached into her purse and pulled out a large manila envelope and placed it in her lap," we need to find out if you are truly worthy to be one of my closest slaves."

John had never heard her call him a slave other than when he was lost in his own arousal. He found another tingle of pleasure in being recognized by her as such.

"Little Johnny I want you to take this envelope home with you tonight. Do not open it until you get home. Once you find what is inside and read the instructions you may not speak to me again until you have made your decision." John felt dismay at thinking he would be without interaction with Miss Sarah and it apparently showed in his face," now don't worry sweetie. Whatever your decision you can still worship me just as you have been, but that will be as far as this will go." Sarah's foot moved up to his rigid cock and began to slowly slide up and down," but if you choose wisely baby," her voice dropping to a more sultry tone," then there will be no end to the pleasure I can give you."

John's whole body jerked at her last comment and he tightened his body trying to keep the impending orgasm from overtaking him without Miss Sarah's command. Suddenly Sarah's foot came off John's cock," take a deep breath baby, no time for that yet..." Sarah paused," well no more than that anyway," she giggled and John looked down to see a wet spot on his pants formed by his own semen.

"Now finish up our work here baby and go home and decide what future you want to have," Sarah tossed the envelope into John's lap. Sarah picked up her purse and stood up," you sleep well baby. We'll see what tomorrow brings." With that she walked out of the office as their shift had come to an end though John still had work he needed to finish for the both of them.

The work seemed to take forever as John stared at the envelope on his desk wondering what it held inside. There was something in there other than paper but he could not tell what. He shook his head trying not to dwell on it so he could finish and get home to open it. He thought about just opening it now but he knew if Miss Sarah asked him where he opened it he would not be able to keep the truth from her. She proved to him she had ways of finding out things he did not intend to tell her.

After what seemed like an eternity John finished his work and sped home. The streets were empty at the hour he got off work which made the drive go quickly even if not as quickly as he wished. He walked in the door of his home and flipped on the lights wasting no time in tearing open the envelope. Something black fell out of the envelope and landed on the floor and John looked at it trying to figure out what it was as he pulled out a sheet of paper which was the only thing else the envelope contained. He turned his attention to the sheet of paper which was a note from Miss Sarah:

Little Johnny you have come so far since the first night you realized how much more rewarding it was to serve a strong-willed woman like Me rather than dating those little tramps you were so used to dating. I want you to think right now how much it pleases you to please Me. Do you feel that baby? Yes you do.

John let the conditioned feeling pass over him, his cock tenting in his pants before he continued reading.

Now I am going to ask you to go a little farther. Deep down I know you want this baby. The next step is even more pleasurable. Perhaps you have already found the black, satin panties in the envelope. To go to the next level you need to wear them for Me. It may take a little time for you to decide to do so, but when you do you are once again free to approach Me and let Me know your decision. One choice is full of wonder, pleasure and mystery and the other is your continued servitude, but it is also as intimate as it is going to get. If you choose not to wear the pretty panties then you will never get closer to Me than you are right now.

The note was not even signed, it just ended. John looked down at what he now knew were panties laying on the floor. He bent down to pick them up. The panties were black silk, thin strings were all there was to the sides and the main fabric had a button where the bottom of the crotch was located. He stared at them wondering what Miss Sarah had in mind for him to wear these. He never was much into this kind of stuff and come to think of it he never was into worshiping a co-worker so much he did her work in hopes she would let him pleasure himself. At the moment wearing the panties was a definite no in his mind. He would just have to go in tomorrow and tell her he could not do it. A part of him sank as he reached the decision and decided at the moment what he really needed was some sleep.

Sleep was a long time coming for John and when he woke to his alarm the next morning he found his cock hard and his arousal level high. Most mornings were like that these days since he and Sarah had entered their relationship. John always found a cold shower helped most when his mind got clouded from his own arousal for Sarah.

After his shower he put on his robe and went downstairs to get some breakfast. As he made his way through the living room he saw the panties on the table where he left them the night before. For some reason he found himself stopping as he looked at them. He knew Sarah wanted him to wear them and got lost in thought for a moment thinking about Sarah barely noticing his cock growing hard again. He began to reason they were just panties. They were underwear and some guys did it just to be a little kinky. Why could he not do the same? It really was no big deal. Perhaps he could just try them on to see.

He walked over to the table and picked them up putting one leg in and then the other before pulling the strings up over his hips. They felt tight as they hugged his balls and hard cock. The satin rubbed up against his cock as he walked which only served to increase his arousal. The fabric teased him leaving him wanting. He walked back and forth across the living room enjoying the feeling. He found he wanted more and moved over to walk up the stairs which made the panties rub up against him even more. John continued walking around his house until he noticed a clock on the wall and realized he was running late for work.

In a rush John threw on some clothes and got out of his house to his car as fast as he could. He was just not the same without his morning coffee. He put his keys in the ignition and pulled out of his driveway to speed off to work. It was not until he reached the first traffic light that he remembered he was still wearing the panties. As started thinking about the panties and the feeling of wearing them, his cock started to get hard all over again. The fabric teased him making him squirm a bit in his seat. The soft rubbing sensation was such a tease. He wanted to just come and get it over with but he knew if he did without Sarah's permission the consequences would not be good. He had not yet cheated but he remembered the night of torment when she had him tied up, laying in his bed while she slowly rubbed his cock to the edge over and over. He shook as he relived the experience in his mind and decided it would be better to just get to work and let Sarah know of his decision.

Walking into the building John caught a glimpse of the clock and was pleased to see he had a couple of minutes to run by the lounge and get a cup of coffee. As he walked in the door of the lounge he saw Sarah sitting at one of the tables sipping on a cup of hot tea. John looked around and saw no one else in the lounge and decided he may as well share his decision with Sarah now.

Sarah final noticed John and smiled at him. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail showing off her beautifully soft featured face. The bright red lipstick made her lips look pouty and full. She was wearing a red, tight short sleeved sweater and blue slacks wither favorite black high heels. John took in her beauty as he went down to one knee in front of her.

Sarah looked down at him and her smile widen to show her teeth as the realization of what John was doing came to her.

"Miss Sarah..." John paused for a moment taking a big swallow," I have decided to accept."

"Oh little Johnny that is so wonderful," her happiness seemed very genuine," now stand up sweetie."

John jumped up and felt a bit of relief thinking what it would have looked like if someone walked in noticing him kneeling in front of Sarah. With that thought he turned to look at the door to see if anyone had come in and as he did he felt a tug at his pants and looked down just as Sarah's hand reached inside his pants. He let out an involuntary gasp as she slowly rubbed her hand over his satin encased member.

"Yesss sweetie," she softly breathed out," so eager for me aren't you?"

John could only nod his head as she continued her ministrations for a few seconds more. "Tonight I am coming home with you and we are going to have some fun. Would you like that?"

"Yes Miss Sarah," he breathed out.

"That's a good boy," and with that statement Sarah withdrew her hand and stood in front of John looking up at him for a brief moment," try not to think too much about what I am going to do to you while you try and work today," she softly laughed as she turned and walked out of the room.

That day of worked seemed to last an eternity for John. Every time he had to get up from his desk to go do something the panties would rub up against his cock which Sarah did her best to make sure was hard. She came by his desk several times to ask him questions about different things and drop off some of her work to do and every time she did she would touch him in subtle but tantalizing ways. The simplest task took him forever as he fought hard to keep his concentration. His cock would get hard from his thoughts of Sarah and the panties would rub softly up against his cock. It was a never ending circle of erotic torture.

One time he had to run up stairs to get some paperwork from another department and foolishly decided it would be better to take the stairs up instead of using the elevator to go one floor. As he began his walk up the stairs the friction between his cock and panties became so exaggerated he nearly came. If he had not stopped halfway up to take a few deep breaths he would have lost all control over his orgasm.

Deep down he knew Miss Sarah was keeping his libido revved up all the time to get him to do whatever she wanted. He knew she had him wrapped around her finger and when he thought about it his arousal only seemed to increase. The more she took control and the more helpless he became to her whims the more intense the pleasure seemed to get. It was a vicious circle and he was not sure there was a way out.

The day finally came to a close and Sarah came over to his desk and simply said," Let's go," then walked toward the exit expecting him to follow. John naturally followed her having little choice after spending the whole day imagining all the possibilities that awaited him back at his place with Miss Sarah. He followed her back to his place and practically ran to the door making sure he was holding it open waiting for her to enter.

She walked in the door as if she owned it. John was already coming to accept that she owned him so she may as well own what he owned. She turned to him and smiled as he closed the door," Why don't you strip down for me baby but leave the panties on?"

John began to slowly remove his clothes knowing he would only be scolded should he rush. As he slowly disrobed he was taken aback as Miss Sarah slowly shed her pants to reveal her beautiful legs sheathed in black stocking which were held up by matching black garters. Her panties were also black but laced rather than the black satin he wore. John's cock strained against the panties more than ever before, so much that a small wet spot was forming from the precum leaking from it.

"Now baby start walking slowly up the stairs so I can see your little ass walking in them," Sarah said with a giggle.

John obliged and started the slow ascent feeling the panties rubbing against him with each step. When he finally reached the top of the stairs he heard Sarah speak again," stop there baby."

He heard her moving up behind him before feeling her hands rubbing over his ass," oh I love them on you little Johnny. Don't they turn you on soooo much?" she taunted.

"Yes Miss Sarah," came the expected reply.

Sarah stepped in front of him and his eyes dropped to her legs. He loved garters and stockings on a woman. Nothing seemed to turn him on more and Sarah somehow knew it. Her right hand slowly glided over his satin encased cock. John took a deep, quivering breath.

"Yes sweetie, time for another object lesson. Tonight I'm going to show you how much you really belong to me. You feel it don't you? You feel me wrapping my will around you. You feel me smothering your free will. Making you want to do whatever I tell you." Sarah's hand moved slowly up and down as she spoke. "Now," Sarah's hand moved between his legs and unbuttoning the bottom of the panties," let's begin."

She pull the front side of the fabric up freeing his cock to the open air. She then took his hands and lowered them both down to the floor," just sit right at the edge of the stairs sweetie."

John sat down as she instructed and put his legs out in front of him. Sarah straddled his upper thighs and he shuddered at the soft feeling of the nylon stockings rubbing up against him. She looked into his eyes and smile as she put her hand to his chest slowly pushing him backwards until his torso was laying inverted on the stairs.

"Mmmm baby, I'm so horny," she said grabbing his cock and starting to slowly rub it up and down. "This is my cock baby and it's getting sooo hard," her hand continued to rub which elicited soft moans from John with every stroke. "Oh you're horny too, aren't you sweetie," John could only nod as Sarah continued to stroke. "You want to stroke my cock baby?"

"Unh yes," John cried. Sarah began to grind her crotch into John as she stroked him.

"Take it in your hand sweetie, stroke my fucking cock," Sarah said with force as she started to grind into him more fervently. John reached up and began to stroke while Sarah grinded," yeah fucking stroke it baby."

John could feel the orgasm building. The release he was dying for.

"Yes, I'm going to fucking cum baby," Sarah cried as she ground into him. "Stroke it faster, yes, I'm going to cum, yes, yes," it was all too much for John and cum shot out all over him. He was crying out trying to say his mantra as he felt the hot semen falling on his chest and face. Some even landed in his open mouth as his lips mouthed "Yours Miss Sarah".

"Yeah baby, feel me spurting all over you, you're fucking mine," the words just made the experience even more intense. John's cries rose a couple octaves as the orgasm ripped through him making his body quiver.

As the orgasm slowly subsided and John noticed the moisture in Sarah's crotch up against him Sarah softly laughed," all mine baby, all mine." John had no idea how he had let it get this far but he did not know if he could go back.

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