tagBDSMFalling Rain

Falling Rain


Paula was enjoying the gentle rain. God she loved the rain! Since her earliest memories, rain and pleasant memories were always associated with one another. In a dream-like state, she let her mind drift back to some of her favorite memories. As she recalled them one by one Paula realized that this rain event she was now experiencing would be seared in not only her mind but in her heart and soul forever.

The pleasure she was feeling brought her out of her reflection. She was on the road to another inevitable orgasm. She was tied spread eagled in front of a picture window in his home facing the backyard about 2 feet from the wall. Her legs were spread out wide and held apart by the spreader bar attached to her ankles. Her arms were tied together high behind her back. Her torso was secured to an overhead hook. If she lost her balance, she wouldn't fall but hang on the harness he had fashioned for her.

Her tits were bound in a winding that made her breasts stand straight up. This "rope bra" for lack of a better word, also forced her tits together. Her tender nipples were harshly compressed in nipple clamps. Tied to each clamp was a small strong piece of twine that routed up overhead through several pulleys attached to the ceiling that routed the twine behind her back terminating at her bound wrists. The way the system worked, was that when Paula grew weary of holding her wrists up to about the middle of her back, she would lower them to a more comfortable position. The twine attached to her wrists would move on the pulley system pulling up on the nipple clamps in an equal distance of travel as her arm movement. If she only moved her arms 2 inches, her breasts would be hauled upward by their nipples an equal distance.

Thus, when the inevitable discomfort in her arms increased to the point of pain, she would choose to lower her arms to rest them and accept the pain in her nipples as the clamps were pulled upward. Then as the pain in her tits overcame her arm discomfort, she would force her arms up to ease her sore nipples. Paula was in a constant state of self-torture. Each cycle of this would force her to rest her arms longer and longer because her arms would take longer to recover. Paula would choose to bear more and more time in the relaxed arm position which meant her nipples were being brutalized for longer periods of time. This of course was assuming that she was standing straight with good posture. If she leaned forward at all, or even moved the pulley system would transfer the change in angle of her body directly to her tits.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, that wasn't all. Fastened to the floor positioned directly under her wet cunt was a rather large dildo that was larger at the base than at the tip, fixed to a pole that was bolted to the floor. She was deeply splayed on it even perched up high on the balls of her feet with her heels off the floor. The dildo was adjusted so that when she was up on the balls of her feet the plastic cock was nestled just against the button of her cervix. When her feet were flat on the floor the dildo would brush past the cervix and stretch her cunt past full. The total travel distance was about 4 inches. This is the height of her heels when lifted off the ground when she was standing on the balls of her feet.

Under her heels was an electrical switch that activated a powerful vibrator inside of the dildo and an egg that would be smashed against her clit when she was flat footed on the floor. Again this was a form of self-torture or pleasure depending on the amount of time she was affixed to the pole. When the calf muscles in her legs would tire from holding herself on the balls of her feet, she would be forced to lower herself deeper onto the dildo in order to ease her legs. This of course brought her in direct contact with the heel switch that activated the vibrator. The vibrator caused her to move on the cock; that would change the angle of her body in relation to the nipple clamps adding to her pleasure/torment.

This devious bondage forced Paula to "ride" the pole fucking herself due to fatigue to relieve the discomfort in her legs. Again the longer the time spend "riding", the longer the amount of time she would spend flat footed because of the increasing fatigue. Another interesting feature was that the longer she rode, the faster she went down to a flat footed stance because as her legs tired she was less able to control her descent. This in turn would transfer to instant pleasure in her cunt and pain in her tits. If she was on a long ride she would end up flat on her feet unable to raise herself off the base of the dildo and would be Cumming until her mind fractured. If one were to be watching the scene they would notice that the pace of the ride and the intensity of the ride increased perceptively with every passing minute.

Paula had only been in this position for a few minutes and she had already cum twice. The first time she had done so on purpose. He had not allowed her to orgasm in over a week, and she was greedy for release. God she loved this. She welcomed the release. But now the stimulation was beginning to cause a bit of fear, and concern. How long would he make her ride? How much could she stand before she lost her mind? At first it had been fun, but now she was fighting to keep herself still and away from the heel switch on the floor so the vibrator would be silenced. Every drop of concentration was needed to force her to stay still to minimize the pain and/or pleasure caused by her bondage. She breathed deep and slow holding herself perfectly still.

But she knew she was going to lose; she always lost. She was looking forward to losing. She already felt the tell-tale signs of fatigue beginning to grow in her body. Unbelievably she wanted this...needed this...looked forward to this. Against the backdrop of a gentle rain she was moving towards a mind blowing violent spend. Her mind was lost in depravity her cunt juice was dripping down the sides of the pole and her body was moving towards orgasm.

She felt his presence behind her. His breath impacting her sensitive flesh at the base of her neck making her pussy twitch around the invader within. This was one of her most erogenous areas and she was overcome with the need to orgasm and she began to fuck her cunt on the dildo with earnest in an effort to cum again. His command; "STOP!" Penetrated through her mind as she whimpered in frustration, forced herself up on her toes. His lips fastened to the junction of her neck and her shoulder and he began to suckle the flesh the vacuum pressure in his mouth creating a mark on her skin. He loved leaving marks. The sensations overwhelmed her and she spammed jerking her body forward and down on the cock between her legs. The harsh resulting pull on her tits and the deep vibration on her sex elongated her orgasm into a 30 second shimmer. Each involuntary movement added to the release.

His teeth now captured her ear lobe, and he began to apply a firm pressure. My dear he whispered through his teeth, I am going to use the flogger on you; you may not cum again until I give you permission. If you do cum, I will change the flogger to cane dear. Paula struggled with her confused emotions.... She hated the cane, but she loved and adored the flogger. She knew he would not let her cum in time to forgo the cane, but even though she knew this she knew her fear of the cane would force her to try and resist the climax in order to avoid the pain.

In her mental wanderings she lost her posture and fell a bit forward. Her nipples were jerked painfully up and away from her chest and she screamed. Was it a scream of pain or one of pleasure? Her mind registered it as pain...her tits knew it should have been pain, but her cunt leaked the fluid of pleasure. The confusion of the mind as the pain transferred to pleasure only added to her lust. She loved this man, and what he did to her.

The storm outside was becoming more violent and disorganized. The tempo of the rain began to increase. And suddenly in the distance there was a flash of lightning. At that exact moment he began flogging her ass. The flogger made its signature sound as it impacted her ass, but did not leave marks. God she loved this. This, this torture or bondage allowed her to be an animal. A slut and bitch in heat without any remorse. After all, she was tied up what could she do? The flogging increased in tempo and severity as the storm escalated in intensity. Each whop of the flogger would cause her tits to jiggle and with the clamps the pleasure was undeniable. Usually he used the whip over a large area, but this time his aim was maidenly in the same exact spot. Over and over again.

The pain in her arms was becoming a burning fire and Paula's arms went down on their own accord. A scream of pain erupted over the sound of a thunderclap. Her nipples were now pointed straight up, and the clamps were digging deeper into the tender flesh. Her legs were also screaming in agony and she was forced to lower her opening as her feet touched the floor, the vibrator kicked on. The slap of the flogger was moved to the background as her pussy began to move towards cumming. Somehow in all of this her tits were now sighing in satisfaction. In desperation she forced herself off the monster in her pussy, but the fatigue in her legs and the interruption the flogger caused to her concentration along with its movement made her move her cunt up and down on the cock in her sex. Her arms were also beginning to ache and she was forced to endure the resulting tit torture for longer periods of time.

Paula didn't know it but she was now riding the "pony" at a trot. Her senses were becoming overloaded and she knew that she was on the path of a tremendous orgasm. "Please Sir, May I cum?" "NO!" his only grunted reply. She forced her tired arms back up and lifted her cunt off of the cock temporarily pausing the ride. More strokes. The seconds ticked by and her arms were again screaming in agony and she was worried that she was not going to be able to keep them up much longer. Also her legs were beginning to twitch.

Her body betraying her once again she resumed her ride. As she began to tire, she would alternately lift herself off the pole thus allowing her arms to be lower to ease the pain in her nipples. As her legs would tire, she would lower her feet to the floor, and force her arms higher. Each cycle would speed up. She was beginning to ride faster and faster as exhaustion began to take over. In desperation a second request flew from her lips. "Sir plea...need to...to please!!!! I can't hold it...I am going to ...Oh Sir, PLEASE ...." "NO! You need to hold it slut DO NOT CUM.!"

Paula's eyes were rolling back in her head, and she heard herself begging; "Can I please come?" "NO!" his one word heartless reply. "GODDAMIT"; she cursed; "you know I can't hold it. You know I can't stop! PLEASE?" She was grunting like an animal with the exertion as the sweet torture continued. She was now riding the "pony" at a gallop. The up strokes kept her off the vibrator, but the movement made the clamps on her nipples dance like tassels. There was no escape, and she didn't want to escape. "DO NOT CUM YOU CUNT! Or I will cane you very hard if you disobey me. "

Out of shear desperation of the fear of the cane, she forced herself to move away from her spend. With desperate determination she stopped her ride and stood up on her toes while pulling her arms upward to ease the pull on her tits holding herself in perfect posture. She was sweating and her cunt was pooling fuck me liquid on the floor around the base of the pole.

He waited enjoying; watching her increasing desperation. All he had to do was wait. In a few moments she would begin to ride once again. Each cycle increased the speed of the ride at a faster and more violent pace. Time would destroy her ability to stay still long. He continued the insistent slap of the flogger but his aim moved to the underside of her soft tits. The strokes were now making the nipples clamps dance in the light as her body began to lose its war with fatigue.

Her legs began to quiver and her arms were lowering on their own accord. Her sub-conscious mind in an heroic effort to force the body to obey, released a cocktail of chemicals one of which was adrenaline in a last ditch effort to give her strength long enough to be granted permission to cum. This gave her a burst of energy or the famous second wind, and her arms and legs pulsed with new strength.

SIR I CAN'T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!!! I WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!! PLEASE SIR, MAY I CUM. His reply; " What are you dear?" I AM..I ....AMmmm A CUNT. The slap of the flogger continued unabated.... What are you dear? He asked again. I... , Oh GOD SIR I NEED TO CUM.. MY LEGS, ARE GIVING WAY SIR!! I am sorry dear he asked; I asked you a question. I AM YOUrrr...SLUT. PLEAAASEE MAY I CUM>>>PLEASE!!! With a last shriek she begged like a she had never begged for release screaming over the storm. "NOT YET SLUT."

Her body was rising on the wings of a violent orgasm even though she was not riding. With a final desperate yell, she forced herself to hold her body back from the brink. She was now running out of adrenaline and it was all will power as she struggled to stay on the balls of her feet and keep her arms up. Paula felt her arms lose the war as they began to lower in slow motion. She screamed at her arms to move upward, but there was no energy left for them to respond. As she was concentrating on her arms she felt her heels hit the floor and the vibrator came to a full roar. In agony she knew that she couldn't hold her arms up and keep on the balls of her feet, and so she chose to let her arms fall to the point where her nipples were totally supporting their weight.

Her tits now cruelly pulled up by the angry clips, but somehow it was no longer pain but intense pleasure. She lifted here heels up far enough to cut the vibrator off. She began to curse and swear at her master. PLEASE I NEE...d I AM GOING TO CUM... I DON'T GIVE A &&**^^% WHAT YOUR DAMN ORDERS ARE. I CANT ....CANT.

A bolt of light and a clap of thunder ruptured the air, and her calf muscles stopped listening to her and her heels slammed to the floor jamming the cock past full. Her cunt totally engulfed the dildo and the vibrator now smashed against her sex roared to life. PLEASEEEEEEE... I GO...ING TO....Oh FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! Please???

OI CANT I>...OH NOOOO...SIR PLEASE...I CANT>>CANT...CUMMMMMMING OH GOD!!! YOUR CUNT IS CUMMING!!!! With her self admission of failure he dropped the flogger and began to tattoo her ass with the cane as she was spending. Paula began to bounce on the dildo lost in a mindless spend. One of the nipple clamped popped off her tit and that sent her to a new level of madness. She leaned into her orgasm and the other clamp popped off her tit and hit the pulley above her with a clang. She was spasming around the cock, and her tits were Cumming. Suddenly he snapped his wrist and caught the inside of her thigh next to her full pussy in that space between the lips of her sex and her leg with the cane. She was now flying, lost in sub-space, in a mindless continual spend.

The pussy orgasm, and the tit orgasm were now joined by the mind cumming as well. Pain and pleasure were now working together as a team. Her cunt spilled its clear liquid in a fine spray, and she lost control of her bladder. A violent flash and a clap of thunder penetrated her mind, and he tapped her nipples with the cane. This final act somehow removed the final barrier. All conscious thought vanished, and she passed into the nothing of an orgasm that included the sexual organs, the mind, and now the soul. An experience beyond the physical realm.

Paula gradually came to conscious thought and she found herself lying in a comfortable bed with her master. His hand was idly stroking her hair and she snuggled against him...happy and fulfilled...safe and satisfied. She looked up at him eyes full of love and tried to speak. He replied; "Ssshh, by dear love. You have been flying for over an hour. Rest, you have pleased me." She closed her eyes snuggled deeply into her master's arms and let her dreams take her away.

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