tagInterracial LoveFalse Alarm Ch. 04

False Alarm Ch. 04


Hello again. I had 2 people who I appreciate so much look over this. Can I shout you guys out? Only if I did good/better? LOL I hope you know I appreciate the time you took and don't get mad at me if I still am missing something. To answer some questions, she is not me but we have a lot of similarities. I think everything I write has a piece of me or comes from an experience. Aside from my personal poetry and thoughts I write, she is the closest fictional character to me. I wish I did have an Austin, ha. I do think I will go back and edit the others at some point. I hope you enjoy, Feedback is always appreciated, thanks guys :D


It was a warm day outside. The Texas fall heat was being tapered by hurricane season. It was a blessing when storms coming in from the coast, pushed the clouds their way. Windy breezes would give relief from the unforgiving sun. It was actually nice to be outside for once. Niala and Austin were leaning against his truck at a snowball stand, on 20th street. The Heights was a quaint part of the city. There were consignment shops and little boutiques that lined 20th. With business's built into row houses, that were mixed in with actual residences. Niala loved the small town feel of the area.

"Tell me about being a fire fighter, what is it really like?" Niala turned to face Austin, she looked like a child as she took a huge bite of her snow ball. Her nose scrunched up reacting to it's coldness.

"Brain freeze?" Austin had to laugh. She looked so sexy, but still had the ability to look innocent. He was looking at her lips that had turned cherry red from her snow cone. The edges of her lips were still pink but the center was crimson. He felt a strong urge to kiss her and almost lost his thought.

"It's not all running into burning buildings like on TV; I've been to more car accidents then fires. Not to say they don't happen, it's just every day is not burning building after burning building. " He looked around at the people going about their day.

Niala was relieved. She didn't even realize it was making her anxious. The thought of him in constant danger made her nervous and she barely knew him. "First responders" She wondered aloud.

Austin nodded. "Sometimes we get calls for the dumbest shit too. This actually called, 911 saying she had a fire emergency. As it turned out something was burning on her stove, just smoke." He chuckled "Then, let's not forget the false alarms in office buildings".

A grin spread on Niala's face. "Hey! If it wasn't for that we wouldn't be together, as friends," She added at the end. She focused on the syrup juice running down her fingers, licking them to avoid Austin's face. The sight was not lost on him.

"Yeah I'm glad I came inside, I almost didn't."

He smiled knowing she was avoiding his eyes. She clearly didn't realize how sexy she looked licking her fingers."It's not all fun though I have seen some shit." His face changed from the joking look it had before. He had seen mangled bodies at accidents and charred remains. Police were not the only ones that had to see gruesome things.

Niala noticed his face but didn't want to pry, maybe one day he would share his deeper parts with her. She caught herself thinking of a future with Austin. Maybe they could be together, as more than friends. Instead of thinking herself out of it, she just let it pass through her head like the many thoughts she never pursued.

"Don't get quiet on me, now." Austin noticed she seemed stuck in a day dream; he had gotten lost in his thoughts as well. He didn't want to scare her away. He always thought that people had to have some kind of coldness in them, to be unaffected by some of the things he had seen. She seemed so carefree, he didn't want to burden her with those thoughts.

"I was just thinking,"


"Just thinking. Anyway, as much as I would like to continue ,I think it's time we head to the theater" She checked her shirt for red syrup. Austin checked himself as well, after taking both cups and throwing them away.

"Who said I was done?" she laughed, knowing what was coming.

"Riiight, you were clearly done; especially if you are getting back in my truck, sticky fingers.

"You wouldn't let me finish in your precious truck if I wasn't? Would you make me walk? And then, would have to walk alone?

"Of course not, I'm a gentleman. I'd drive next to you. On your way to a convenience store where you could get some wet wipes." Austin smiled, and his eyes lit up.

Niala shook her head. "Oh I see, your one of 'those" guys. Sooo I guess if rubbed these last drops on your fiiiine leather interior..." She made a break for the door laughing as Austin blocked it. He then chased her around the truck. They faced off at either side, Austin looked like a lion stalking his prey. He sprinted around so fast; Niala had no chance in her espadrille wedges. It ended with him catching her by the waist. He breathed in her scent of vanilla and spice. Sweet and different just like her he could breathe it in all day.

Niala was breathing hard and laughing. When she looked up she knew she was in trouble by the way Austin was looking at her. His breath was rough and not from a quick sprint around his trunk. Austin took a step closing the gap between them. Niala's eyes were going from his eye to his lips; she just noticed their slight fullness. They were so close all she had to do was tilt her head up to meet them. Instead she turned to look away.

"Yea, like I was saying we need to get to the theater. I think you will like what I picked, it's full of testosterone." She smile, trying to make light of the electricity that was floating in the air since they touched.

Austin's hands were reluctant to leave her waist. Even through her clothes he could tell she was soft. The light material rose with his hand, then fell softly against her curves when he released her. He had wanted to put hands back on her waist since they danced.

During the movie Austin was itching to rub Niala's thighs. Even in the dark theater, the seemed to glow from the lights coming from the screen. Her shorts inched up her legs as she sat down. They looked so smooth. His eyes had been on them since she got back in the truck. The movie was action packed, a comic book brought to life. He was completely surprised she wanted to see it. But now there was no real reason to get close. Ironically ,Austin found himself wishing she had picked something sappy or even a horror flick.

His temperature had risen after their game of catch at the truck and it never quite simmered down. This girl really got him going and she wasn't even trying. All he had to go on were dreams. Dreams of how she would feel with no soft fabric between her and his fingers. Dreams of the faces she might make, her sounds of pleasure. He found himself wondering if her voice would stay soft or would it grow husky matching her sensuous body. He had no doubt what would be waiting for him when he closed his eyes that night. Her honey brown thighs twisted in some position he would want to put them in. Even though his dreams were sweet torture, he couldn't deny his excitement of having more to add to his fantasies.

"Sooo did you like it? I didn't see hardly any sappy, lovey dovey anything in there. I should have bet you something" Niala smiled she knew she had won. They were leaving the theater, walking down the corridor of the Mar*qe entertainment complex. Neither one of them was ready to go their separate ways.

"Yea yea yea nobody likes a trash talker-well-in some cases..." Austin turned red. His mind was running wild. He had to remind himself to take it slow.

"Cases like?" She looked genuinely curious, but in her head she knew where Austin's thoughts were

"Sports..." He shoved his hands in his pockets to keep them to himself.

They walked to the truck and talked about the movie on the ride home. When Austin got to her building she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, when he opened her door to let her out. It felt like someone had softly brushed silk against his cheek. It took a lot of self control not to pull her back into him.

He spent the ride home replaying their chase, she was so carefree. He hadn't actually played with a girl like that in a while. It was refreshing to be with someone that could let loose. Most women he encountered were too concerned with being prissy. There was no pressure; he could just relax around her. Her scent still lingered in his truck, but he didn't mind. He liked the reminder she had been there.


"Maybe after the park we can go get pizza?"

"I agree!" Sean felt the same way she did about pizza.

Naila was on her week with Sean she hadn't seen Austin since the Movies though they talked and texted. He was working and she, of course wasn't available. Her not always having time hadn't come up yet. Niala was just waiting for that shoe to drop. Austin's on and off again schedule made it less noticeable...for the time being.

She ran in the park with Sean chasing her, she would slow down to let him get close then pick up speed again before she let him catch her finally. They rolled in the grass laughing. It was a nice Fall Saturday, they were taking advantage. She and Sean were in Herman park making their way towards the children's play area. Niala was glad she had the weekend to have time for just them. As they passed the reflection pool something seemed to catch Sean's attention. Niala figured it was one of the many duck milling around or the people in the paddle boats. If only she were so lucky.

"Hey look mommy Sam! Can he come play too?"

Niala spun around. This can't be happening, she groaned out loud like a child. Sean ran Sam's direction. Niala gently grabbed his arm and hoped Sam hadn't noticed them.

This city is too big to for this MF to be at this park and with HER! Niala raged silently. When her son was around she didn't even curse in her head. But she feared she would not be able to control her tongue if Sam came over.

"Wow mommy that lady's stomach is BIG. Do you think she has a baby in there? Like when you had me?" Kids always know what to say don't they, Niala mused.

"Yea sweetie I know, it's a baby in there." She hoped she wasn't making a face at Sean, it wasn't his fault. What kind of was his fault was Sam making his way over, if he hadn't run... No, she couldn't blame him for that one either.

Sam was jogging to catch up with them. He looked like he was on his way to a nice family picnic. His light kaki linen shorts and burnt sienna polo, went well against his dark brown skin. Even with clothes on the definition of his muscles could be seen. His shoulders were broad he was built like a running back. The waves in his Caesar hair cut were gleaming in the sun.

Niala took a deep breath, he did look good she couldn't deny that. At that moment she regretted ever letting Sean meet Sam. Trying to push him out her life was complicated because he worked in her building. Sean met him at a picnic Sam's firm had. She and Ashley got invited to even though they didn't exactly work for them. After seeing how good Sam was with Sean she let Sam come around more. It was almost like if she got serious with Sam, they could be a family, maybe. Thank goodness Sean just knew him as Mommy's co-worker, but he liked Sam. He still thought of Sam as a friend; regardless if mommy wanted nothing to do with him anymore. This is why she didn't bring men around her child!

"Hey big man, are you taking care of your mommy?"

Sean loved that, the thought of being his mommy's protector.

"Yes!" Sean smiled big, he had her smile. Niala couldn't help but beam at him. When she met Sam's eyes though, the beaming faded fast.

"Aw don't be like that Nia-"

She cut him off "I see you are here with the 'family' "she actually did the quotation fingers.

"It's not what you think! Her parents invited me. They will be our child's grandparents I don't want a bad relationship with them".

"You don't have to tell me Sam, I know all about that type of situation,'' She motioned to Sean. He had gone to the jungle jim to play with another boy . "Another thing you don't have to explain, because it's no longer my business, is the kissing I saw." She was not mad about that, it was not about jealousy. It was about showing him how wrong he was.

Sam went a little pale even with his shade of brown. He rubbed the back of his head. "This is so complicated Nia. I am in between a rock and a hard place. I'm being pulled in two directions, she is the mother of my child. But, I didn't want this situation for us. I didn't want you and I to be in this, or like this either. I am so confused but I don't want to lose you."

Niala wasn't looking at him she had a sharp eye on Sean and another boy he was playing with. They looked like they were pretending to be super heroes. She wished she could've pretended to be something else too. If she could have been a super hero right at that moment, she would have the power to control time. Sam and Sean would've never met; hell she and Sam would've never met. She hated to admit it hurt just a little, but it did.

"I mean it when I say I want to marry you-"

"How dare you?! You just kissed her and now you are in my face saying you want to marry me? Why don't you go tell her that then!? You are two faced, what we had is over. I don't know what you are telling her but I'm sure it's not y'all won't be together." She had to calm herself down; Sean was running back over looking concerned.

"Remember this: I am not pulling you, if anything I'm pushing you away. I think you better make your way back over; she is giving me 'The Face' right now. I don't want to cause any trouble. "

Sam got close to her ear so Sean wouldn't hear. "So sorry, baby. I know I hurt you, but you drive me crazy, I want you all the time. Seeing you every day is so hard for me. What I want so close, you have no idea."

"Too bad Sam, that sounds like a personal problem. I can't wait for you to choose, Hell I don't want to. If you're feelings are how you say they are, then it shouldn't be a question. Trust me, I know the situation. You should try for your family, forget about me. She turned to Sean and smiled "Mommy is ok sweetie. Lets go ask your friend if he wants to play tag with us."

"Is Sam gonna come play too?" She shook her head "No Bae, I don't think he can come play anymore, not now I mean."

Sam watched as she ran away. Her long legs leading up to the shorts that fit her right. What man can just forget that?


Over the next couple of months Austin and Niala kept it cool. As cool as it could be with unspoken sexual tension in the air, when they were together. Niala was allowing Austin into her personal space. He had taken to playing in her hair which drove her crazy. Pulling the curls watching them spring back into place. Austin couldn't remember the last time he wanted to be around someone as much as Niala. And Niala couldn't remember wanting someone as bad. They had done another lunch, dinner, another movie and then a night out for drinks with live music.

It was there they discovered they had some similar taste in music. Austin was a little surprised to see she liked alternative and rock, along with a bunch of other genres. The band did a cover of The Black Keys 'Tighten up'. Niala knew all the words. She laughed at Austin's shock and told him she couldn't be put in a box. Austin threatened to take her to karaoke.

He looked at her for a moment. She had on a dark mint colored shirt that had a slight scoop at the neck. Even though it clung loosely to her body, the shirt looked very conservative from the front. The back was almost completely out; her skin looked smooth against the creamy green color. Austin found his hands itching to touch her again. She had on tight distressed black straight leg jeans and black pointed toe pumps. Niala had her curls pinned up both sides making it look like a curly faux hawk. The red tips of her hair stood out even more.

She looked like she could have walked out a rock video. She turned heads when they walked in. He put his arm around her as if to say, she's taken. To the outside they were a cute eclectic couple. He was dressed in a black Audioslave tee that stretched against his broad chest. His jeans hung low on his hips, and his thigh muscles underneath were evident. Niala found herself wondering what he looked like without the shirt, did his hips have those ken doll cuts? His heavy studded belt gave him a cowboy quality. Black boots, a leather wrist band rounded out his look. He was always well put together. If he didn't ooze straight man, the amount of style he had would be a question. When Niala looked up at him, his eyes stood out against the dark colors. They looked like the ocean at sunrise, gold flecks reflecting off the deep blue. Niala saw the women eyeing him too, but she wasn't as bold to grab his belt buckle like this is all mine right here. They were just friends right?

He smiled at her "I have a request, stay here" He walked over to the band. Niala looked after him curiously.

"What did you request?" She asked when he made it back to her.

"I don't know if you know it, it's a little indie rock/pop, funk maybe? It makes me think of you..."

The band started the playing a sort of psychedelic melody . It had that old feel to it but new at the same time.

"I can dig it, almost feel like I should do the hustle" Niala joked while she started to do some old school dances.

"Well you kinda have the hair, you know the Afro-"Austin caught the look on her face

"Call it an afro I'll have to hurt you. "

"I wasn't! Calling it a hair style which cannot be named...it's just big too; big and sexy... I love your hair... You know what, just listen to the words." The words were not coming out right, and he knew when to quit. She wasn't serious but, he noticed she was sensitive about her hair. At that moment she has started pulling at her curls.

He sighed as the band finally started to cover MGMT's "Electric Feel":

All along the western front

People line up to receive

She got the current in her hand

Just shock you like you won't believe

Saw her in the Amazon

With the voltage running through her skin

Standing there with nothing on

She gonna teach me how to swim

I said ooh girl

Shock me like an electric eel

Baby girl

Turn me on with your electric feel

"What's the name of this song?" Niala pulled out her phone to google the lyrics. "Hhhmm I like it, I'm your Amazon electric girl?" Niala smirked she started swaying her hips easy to the beat while Austin was enjoying the view.

"Yea kinda, something like that," he turned to face her. Austin's eyes had changed and she swallowed. He must know what he does when he looks like that, she thought. "You don't feel it when we are close?"

Austin got up closer to her; he started off subtle, playing in her hair again. Then he traced his fingers down the back of her neck.

"When we touch?" Austin asked, it was almost a whisper.

Niala tensed under the touch, a soft sigh escaped her lips that she hoped Austin couldn't hear. "Yea I feel it..." she said softly, biting her lip. She closed her eyes and tilted her hair back. Those were her spots, her hair and her neck. He was sending shivers down her spine. She wondered if someone was watching them now. His hands continued down her back, bare except for two black chains and a bra strap going across. When he reached the bottom where the shirt gathered, she opened her eyes to look at Austin.

She shook her head and smiled his eyes were low and he had this hungry look. She turned away and took a step back creating space between them.

Austin stepped away looking a little annoyed, shaking his head too. It seemed like every time they were getting close, Niala would pull away.

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