tagInterracial LoveFalse Alarm Ch. 06

False Alarm Ch. 06


Hola, don't be mad :-). I posted like this, both chapters together for that reason. Hopefully you enjoy this one. As always feedback is appreciated, Thanks guys :D



It had been a month, since there was any communication between Niala and Austin. No text or phone calls between them. Niala had taken to avoiding the places around her job to shop. She was worried she'd run into him again. Her heart jumped whenever she saw a fire truck. It was so cheesy. He wasn't going to hop out and sweep her off her feet. He wasn't even talking to her. About two weeks ago she had broken down and called. If he answered the phone, then she would try to explain. He didn't. The alarm at the job had been fixed much to her relief and sadness. After that night of the melancholy mix on her iPod, she shed not one more tear for the situation. After all she let it become what it was. Her hard exterior repaired. She began trying to act like it didn't matter. However, anyone who knew Niala, knew part of her free spirit was lacking. Her friends asked her what had happened with Austin. Ashley was the only one who knew how much she liked him. They had one conversation about it which Niala didn't really tell the whole story.

"Dude, your attitude sucks. And this is what gets me; you hadn't even gotten any yet! You have dry balls man. Let it go." Josh was on the couch shaking his head at Austin.

Austin's mood drifted into sour. His usual laid-back demeanor would switch to brooding He had seen her call but what was the point? That last conversation was all too clear. She didn't want him the same way. He was over her dreaming of her, and she had a whole life he didn't know about.

He had seen her cry, though she thought, he wasn't watching. He wanted to walk back outside and hold her again, but the way she dismissed what they were working up stung. Maybe they weren't connecting like he thought they were. If he was the only one going crazy, dreaming about her, then she was right it was for the best. The last thing he wanted to do is to get into something one-sided.

What he couldn't understand is what she was crying for. He was the one being lied to. She didn't deny any of his assumptions. Was it all three? It was so confusing. She left him confused, and he was mad at her for it. How do you get closure from something that wasn't even a relationship? He hated that feeling, and this is why he was enjoying his single time. They were no longer speaking, and she was still driving him crazy. It had been a month. Josh was right.

He really like her though, she was different from anyone he had talked to. He thought about her all the time. He wanted her all the time. Austin couldn't help but feel he lost a piece of him, lost out something special before it started. Then again, maybe he dodged a bullet she seemed so sweet and innocent; the whole time she kept something important from him. It was a ping pong match in his head trying to decide how his heart should feel about not having Niala.


They sat in the large coffee house, she wondered when Starbucks had switched from its warm cozy feeling to the brighter, more metal, décor. Maybe it was because they were by the Galleria. Everything was different in that area, sleek and rich. For some reason Niala didn't want it to be bright, she felt on the spot.

She looked at the man across from her. Sam's smooth brown skin and hair was shining under the spot lighting. She wondered what he put in his hair. Sam was as happy as a kid in a candy store while she was lukewarm.

"I am so glad you agreed to meet me Nia, to give us another chance."

"Slow down Sam. We are doing the friend thing until I say different, if, I ever say it. Nothing has really changed."

"Then why are you here? Something has changed because you are letting me see you. Baby, I can't just be your friend. It will take time for things to be like they were before, but I know what we had was special." Sam kissed her hand.

Niala rolled her eyes thinking this was a bad idea. She quickly pulled her hand back. "Whatever Sam." She could feel her vulnerability. The only think that had changed was boredom an obsession. She had to get out so she didn't sit and think about Austin.

"Nothing is going to happen like that we are rewinding anything. "

She was taking advantage of his compliments, after what happened between her and Austin, she wanted to be around a guy who wanted her. She was using him, knowing he would pump her head up a little. It was superficial though it would last long. When she was alone she would still be sad. And with her history with Sam, it was for all the wrong reasons. She knew this was a bad idea.

"I am serious Niala. I am not giving up. I know it is supposed to be me and you. Will you come over after work?" He looked like a puppy.

"I'll think about it Sam." Two weeks ago she would have flat out said hell no. Today, she was letting him think he had a chance. She was playing with fire, if something if dead she knew it shouldn't be re-hatched.

All this will do is get ideas in his head. I am going to regret this big time.


"I think I will head home" Austin got up stretching a football game and an hour of Josh ragging on him had been enough.

"Good because I was about to kick you out anyway I have good company coming. You have been slacking in that category" Josh looked slyly

"Who?" Austin raised an eyebrow.

"Anyone I know"

"Oh yea, you know her, "

"Jesus it's Destiny, is it? Are you crazy, I should have left an hour ago!" There was a knock at the door Austin began holding his breath. He really didn't want to deal with this. The way he felt, even if he had been a dick, he was in no mood to be nice.

"Dude shut up! Not Destiny, Its Ash and she might hear you." Austin let out a breath and laughed. Josh ran to open the door.

"Well well well if it isn't twiddle jerk and twiddle dumb. No need to whisper I am past the point of caring whether Josh keeps it in his pants or not. We wrap it up, and I took my heart out of it." Ash plopped on the couch. Her little foot tucked under her.

"And another one bites the dust, and an ice queen is born. Good job Josh." Austin mumbled

"No ice queen, no baggage. Anyway enough talk about me what did you do to my girl? I thought what you were the nice one and what guys had going on was cute. Now she has lost some of her spark." Ash glared at him.

What did he do? He wasn't the dishonest one.

"Well maybe Sean's dad can help her with that." Austin quipped. He headed to the door.

"What are you talking about? They are not together. Sean's Dad is married, and not to Niala. I know I called you Twiddle stupid, but I was joking." She shrugged. "Maybe not so much?"

"What?" Austin was totally confused. Before he could get any answers Josh began pushing him out of the door. Austin headed out of Josh's building.

It was time for some answers. He opened his phone and dialed Niala's number. It seemed like it rang forever. He heard a soft voice, and his heart skipped. It was only her voice mail saying leave a detailed message. His mind began to swirl around all the explanations he had thought of before. So she wasn't with the boy's dad. So it must have been him right? On the other hand if she didn't care or like him like that, then why would she cry? Niala didn't answer because she was on the phone with Ashley.

"You are an idiot La La, and I don't care if you don't like me calling you that cause you deserve it. Why did Austin think you were still with Sean's dad? I thought you said you guys talked about the whole thing. " Ashley was in Josh's bathroom sitting on the counter. He was at the door asking who she was talking to and why she needed privacy. Why should it matter to him? Ha serves him right!

"Well not so much talk, more like I let him believe what he wanted. It's just too much. I am just too much. If he got so upset about just one little part of me, what about the rest? What about this bull with Sam?" Niala had just gotten in from coffee with Sam. It didn't really make her feel better. It probably did more harm than good.

"What rest? You act like you are a bag lady. Having a child does not make you a leper, and are you serious? Sam? Do you love him? I thought you wanted nothing to do with him."

"He just keeps coming around talking about love and marriage. I still want those things. I don't but with him, he is a reminder of everything I feel I did wrong getting into a relationship..." Niala was starting to sound stupid to herself: So you don't want him, You just want what his is talking about. So, you push away the person who could maybe give you a piece of what you really want? Yea I will just stop talking now.

"It's over Niala, because you said so. You are a smart woman. You were right to drop Sam. That is why I can't understand why you are being so dumb now. When did you become afraid? When did you become ok with settling? Did Austin say a kid was too much? You are cutting yourself down before anyone else can." Ashley shook her head. When did she become the mother in this friendship that was Nia's job?

Niala was a little irked by being called dumb. How could Ashley talk about her choices, while she was still dealing with Josh? She didn't voice her thoughts. The pot calling the kettle black was still right none the less. "I will talk to him. I miss him like crazy." She was smiling to herself when she got off the phone. Curled up on her couch watching her Sex and the City DVD collection, she saw she had missed Austin's call. Before they talked though she had to get her thoughts in order, before she tripped over her words. Hopefully, he would listen. She had already messed up one talk.


Austin was trying to reign in his excitement. She didn't return his call until the next day. He tried to sound annoyed, but he was happy to hear her voice. She invited him over to her apartment. She wanted to talk to him explain everything. He tried to act like he wasn't sure, truthfully, he was anxious to see what she had to say and see her. Saying they were done didn't stop the dreams or him lusting after her.

Niala said it would just be better if he came over so they could have no distractions and talk freely. It was a big step for her, they both knew. They had been 'friends' for months, he had yet to stepped foot in her apartment. He had dropped her off of course, and they had stopped by his place for a second. They never really had that much time together completely alone. He couldn't help but be excited even though they weren't in the same position. There was tension and they had serious things to discuss.

Today was the day, Niala was so nervous. She was happy it was a Saturday and she had all day to fret around her apartment and worry alone. She invited Austin over for dinner and to talk. She would cook for him, food always made men more receptive.

She had made simple spaghetti, the sauce from scratch, and she sliced some Italian sausage to go with it. Cooking calmed her down. While the sauce simmered, she showered, that help to relax her as well. She needed this. she thought, smoothing her mix of lotion and body oil onto her skin. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail and got dressed. Home dates always confused her, how to dress? She was home, but Austin would be fully clothed. Settling on a comfortable but cute outfit, she finished just in time she heard her phone vibrate.

"Hey, I'm down stairs trying to find parking, Do I need a code to get in?"

"Just dial my code 245, and it will buzz me to let you in." Niala's stomach was in nervous knots. She rushed to start the pasta and Texas toast.

Soon, there was a knock on her door. She took a breath and quietly ran to the door. Niala was glad she took the breath but cause for a moment hers got caught in her throat. It felt like she hadn't seen him in months instead of one. He was gorgeous. In a dark-green v-neck tee it brought out the topaz fleck in his eyes. His dark indigo jeans were held up by a worn spiked belt that seemed to weight them, so they hung right at his hips. Umph! So sexy she thought. She could see the hard plains of his chest defined under the shirt, hell everything was defined. He had on some classic Chuks worn, black and white. Sexy and comfortable he wasn't going to make keeping her cool easy.

"I'm under dressed. " She smiled and turned away trying to look ashamed. Austin took the opportunity to let his eyes roam over her. She had on an off shoulder slightly over size white shirt that still fell loosely over her curves and tightened at her hips. It had a geometric red sun bursting from the right side. He then took in her black leggings. He could see the shape of her legs. Austin swallowed. Her little toes were painted red.

"You look perfect." He wasn't trying to pump her up either, to him, she was. Niala blushed. He was staring at her lips in nude lip gloss. Austin knew at some point it would be smeared off.

"Its smell great I'm starving, I can eat here, and then I have a date. So this is killing two birds with one stone " Austin was watching her face drop a little. A good sign he thought.

"Oh really? Well, I will just say what I have to say quick. The food is almost ready" Trying to sound casual. She wasn't stupid. Why wouldn't he have thought to keep his options open? He wasn't bound to her.

"I'm kidding Nia. You think I'm an ass hole like that?" He was smiling but a little hurt underneath, he was a bit of a jerk at the station.

"No I just, I know you are well within your right..." She trailed off into uncomfortable silence. This was harder than she thought. She didn't know whether to hug him or what. So she just walked towards the kitchen inviting him to take a seat and watch TV.

They made small talk, which was easier, since she was finishing up and did not have to look at his beautiful blue eyes. She pulled the toast out of the oven, and didn't notice Austin head gotten up to watch her. He smiled to himself. She looked so cute. She was humming making sure everything was perfect. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and kiss her neck. He never wanted to kiss someone so bad in his life. They hadn't even been around each other, and she was still affecting him.

"Can I help?" he asked. He really just wanted her to look at him.

"Oh! You scared me!" She laughed "No. I'm almost done. Of course, you want to offer help when I have done all the dirty work," she said it with a smile. Just take that pot of sauce and put in on the trivet on my little table."

Everything was set out, and they began to eat. Austin praised her skills said everything was great. She blushed and said it was simple no big deal. They caught up and had easy conversation like there wasn't a big elephant in the room They tried to ignore a transformer under the table. That Niala had missed cleaning.

When they moved back to the sofa, the elephant might as well have put on a top hat and started doing high kicks. Austin started to notice all the pictures of her and Sean. Then, TV automatically turned to record the Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb.

"Okaay so we have something's to talk about." She laughed nervously. She wanted to get everything out and clear the air. she was loving being around him again. She didn't want it to end if he reacted bad.

"So I'll just ask you two things, and then you can say everything you have to say. I guess after that I can decide, I feel like that's fair." Austin decided to keep it simple and up front without trying to add his reasoning.

"Okay..."Niala was nervous but grateful for his approach.

"Why didn't you tell me about Sean and then, why did you run when you had the chance to explain?"

Niala breathed deep, here we go, she thought. Niala was ready with the speech she had prepared. Of course, her mind went blank. She decided to keep it simple too.

"Ok, I wasn't trying to hide Sean. I use to tell a guy strait up. Now, I don't rush to tell guys I meet about him for lots of different reasons like to protect him. I like to wait until I feel I can trust the person and see his intentions. I have become really guarded about information I give out about myself lately. I worry men will put me in a category without knowing me first. They use angels thinking I am looking for a step dad, or I'm a baby mama. I also don't like guys trying to use him to get to me. "

Austin was about to speak, but she put her hand on his, as a gesture for him to wait.

"I would have told you sooner, but a recent past relationship made me keep him to myself longer. That guy had met Sean. He was good with him, and I let my guard down. We saw him recently, and Sean was so excited to see him. I felt the need to protect him even more. I took that out on you by keeping him completely from you. I was wrong. I know I should have told you I had a child so you'd know. So you could decide, even if you never met him. So basically that's what it was, and it was pretty stupid. I am not in a relationship with his dad that ended a long time ago. Nor do I have anyone else. The only man who occupies my time besides when you did was the little man."

"For anything to work it has to be trust, how could I trust someone who could keep something like that from me? If I didn't like you so much-if, you didn't drive e me crazy, I wouldn't have gave dropping what we could have a second thought. I can see your side, Niala. I just hope that you know by now I'm not one of the creeps out there. I remember you telling me about that guy. From what I have seen so far I don't think you were trying to deceive me." Austin was looking serious. He hadn't thought that guy Sam was an issue; he was a little more than pissed some other guy was a reason she pushed him away.

"I know, I just... Austin's part of me feels like I have too much going on I'm still in school. I have a kid, and an ex that I have to work with who can't get it through his head it's over. I am trying to get myself together. Who would want to deal with me? An insecure woman is not attractive, even still sometimes I am still in wonder as to why you talked to me anyway. I still don't think I am who you would go-" She was cut off by Austin moving his body on top of hers kissing her.

Was she crazy? Why wouldn't he want her? She was sitting there Indian style looking so sexy, making her case to him. He was watching her lips as she talked, he needed to stop the nonsense that was beginning to come out of them. She was starting to ramble.

Niala began to moan his lips were softer than she thought. He almost growled her moan sounded as sweet as he thought it would. It would turn him into an animal. She was arching her body to him loving the feel of his weight on her. He chuckled as he pulled away; because she looked like he take her favorite toy. He had to respond though so she could stop with those crazy thoughts.

"Niala I'm not going to say a kid is not a big deal. It is something major to think about. Nevertheless, that wouldn't make me not talk to you. If we get to that point, I will meet him again. Since that day, I saw you at the store, I will be honest I pictured the three of us together. It didn't completely scare me like I always thought it would. I'm not going to try to use him to get on your good side. I think the way you let me kiss you. I am already there." She punched his arm, Cocky ass. She smirked. He had looked sincere.

"You are so beautiful to me, something I never had and didn't know I needed. You make me crazy thinking about you." His eyes changed. He was still on top of her, and he took her mouth again. Her lips tasted so sweet, so soft. "You make me want to kiss you. You make me want to do this..."

He was running his hands up the underside of her thigh making her hook her leg around him. The material of her leggings was so thin, and he could feel the heat radiating from her center.

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