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Familiar Stranger


He was back, just as I knew he would be, it was the first of the month after all. It was always the first. HE was the first. One hand slid protectively to my waist and sensing the empty barren ache, I knew there had been another and a life ended before it could begin. Just as surely though I knew that very soon I could stand before God himself and swear that I had not existed until his tremulous touch had first glided hesitantly across my cheek.

A gentle breath of orchid and pine lovingly enfolded me, giving a persistent nudge. Breathing shallowly I fought to resist the hypnotic lure, smiling and nodding blindly to the customer that I was serving, but another wave of the perfume eddied around me when the cafe door swung open and relenting I headed for my office.

Telling Cookie, who ruled the kitchen of the small diner I owned, that I was heading home I hurried across the alley to my tiny house. It was as I was opening the door that I heard it, a soft whisper carried to me by another drift of perfume.

"Come on and dance with me"

My subconscious fought the intruding voice trying take over my will, each seductively breathed suggestion, until closing my eyes I took several deep breaths of the sweet redolence and welcomed my secret lover once more.

The hard shock of his barely leashed arousal overwhelming my mind made me whimper, a wet heat flooding my body and running down the insides of my legs. My vision narrowed until all I could see was a blanket laid out by some trees at the far side of my fenced yard, an inviting patch of shadow against the pristine snow summoning me to it.

Stumbling through the cold towards the blanket, I struggled out of shoes, pants and undies, gasping at each shift and pull of Tee-shirt across sensitized nipples. Collapsing onto my back on the blanket, my hands under another s control caressed their way down my body, guided by the warm familiar whispers shimmering through my thoughts. Drifting down my neck. Brushing my breast bone, feeling my heart beating. Cool finger tips circling each nipple, drawing them taut and hard. Palms smoothing over my quivering stomach, pressing along each hip bone, before finding their final target.

Rubbing against my aroused clit, twisting faster in and out of my slick hot core. Squeezing my eyes shut as the first wave of an orgasm closed in on me he was suddenly there, the thick head of his hard penis wedged almost painfully into my drenched pussy. Reverent fingers touching my cheek in silent welcome, then sliding firmly into my hair. The quiet suggestion that drifted lovingly through my mind wasn't needed. I felt the first throb of his cumming the second he surged against me, driving deep and hard, shattering my breath into a shout of ecstasy that he eagerly devoured. My dripping pussy fisting wildly around his pulsing cock, each shallow thrust taking him deeper, until digging my nails into his back one final shudder left us clinging to each other fighting for breath.

Opening drowsy eyes, drunk on our mingled musk's, I looked up at the moon and stars. Letting my head drift to the side, the dark solid shadow of my lover was a sharp silhouette against the snow. Narrowing my eyes slightly trying to see through the night to his face I heard a rustle of clothing. Eyes blinking slowly, breathing deeply of his perfume and when they opened there he was. Smooth golden tan and liquid chocolate brown eyes in a too beautiful face. I had never cared for the pretty boy model type of looks, never felt that the face suited him, but it was his so I didn't care.

Stretching against him my feet dug into the snow inciting a full body shiver. Strong arms pulled me closer lifting me from the blanket, carrying me inside to our home. Candles flickered making my second hand cutlery and chipped dishes look special. Puppy danced happily on hind legs around the chair that I was carefully lowered into, licking my fingers and snuffling into my palm while my love knelt in front of me.

Warm hands closed stiffly over my cold toes, warming each foot and kissing the instep before lowering it to the floor. I felt rather than heard the soft sigh and whispered 'I'm sorry' against my legs when he leaned in to rest his head against my stomach, but he moved to serve my dinner before I could shake off my trance and force myself to react.

His spaghetti was delicious as always. Puppy curled around my feet keeping them warm while we talked about our days. These were perhaps the most unreal moments of my 'episodes,' but they were also the reason why I had to know the truth, I needed to know if puppy and my lover were real or just phantoms.

The food gone, he arose and taking my hand in his drew my unresisting body to the bed at the other side of the room. Compelling me to lay back, his hands massaged their way down each leg, taking each foot once more, kissing it and raising it to his shoulders. His fingers skimming back up the outside of my legs tickled a little. Grinning down at me, fingers tracing my lips, flowing down over each breast plucking and rolling my nipples into taut peeks.

Mind reeling from his scent and touch I barely noticed the sad shift of his eyes as hands spread over my stomach, sliding to each side to close around my waist, pulling me slowly onto his waiting cock. Thumb sliding in, massaging my swelling clit while he filled my weeping pussy to capacity, dripping with my wetness when he pulled back to ready for another plunge. Lips closed around a nipple, rolling it carefully between his tongue and teeth.

Moaning, I wanted to pull my love into my arms, test each muscle in his back with my nails, but the soft whisper in my head told me 'no' leaving me fighting to stay still and relaxed. Each slight shift causing another surge of ecstasy, shivers that rubbed the head of his thrusting cock against the tight knot of nerves inside my quivering pussy. A sudden flood of moist heat flowed between us, accompanied by my breathless scream, and ever swelling orgasmic waves.

Focusing on each press and thrust, neither of us registered when the timer I had set quietly turned on several window fans. My over stimulated body tensed and released in a final swell of pleasure without waiting for my lover. Clinging to him when he fell down against me, my hands slid slowly over the stiff scars that twisted their way down his one hip.

Turning sex befuddled eyes I drowsily examined the old cuts he had gotten the day we met. Brushing fingers gently across his shattered cheek, all I saw was the pain he had endured in silence for me. Just another chance meeting between two strangers among millions.

Eyes widening with realization, he groped frantically through discarded cloths for what looked like a small inhaler. The puff of perfume enfolded me warmly only to be whisked away by the fans. Taking his hand in mine I stopped his trying again.

"No, my resolution was 'no more lies.'"

Between one blink and the next my mind cleared of the last of the perfumes effects, eyes colliding silently with his, the only thing that remained of the phantoms face. Suppressed memories washed over me, so much pain, but I was strong enough now.

"Come on and dance with me"

His eyes widened, mesmerized by the familiar words. He didn't resist when I pressed him onto his back, Kissing the scar that slashed through the corner of his mouth, the mouth that had sung along to the taxi radio 'Hey there cutes, put on your dancin' boots and come dance with me' invoking thoughts of a laughing and carefree Fred and Ginger, all the while silently wishing that the paramedics would hurry up. Nibbling his bottom lip, testing it's fit against my own, it was a perfect mouth.

I gently bit the chin that had rested on my head, kissing and licking my way down the chest that had cradled me. Gone were the impossible abs, but I fit just right against him there, it was a perfect chest.

Slipping to my knees I found his cock, opening my mouth to it's limit I took the broad head into my mouth, moaning in unadulterated joy as he slid firmly into my mouth. He grew harder, pulsing and surging against each lash of my tongue. Sucking him in and pulling back, twisting slightly around him, tongue swirling and pressing until with an exultant shout, cum filled my mouth. Mm mm musk with just enough sweet. Perfect.

Pulling myself up into his waiting arms I felt his heart beating strongly under my cheek, gentle and caring. The only heart that had given enough of a damn to ask my daughter's name on that horrific day, the single white orchid surrounded by pine clutched fiercely in his good hand.

Perhaps not for anyone else, but for me he was perfect. Nibbling lazily along his jaw to his ear I whispered,

"Happy new year, my love."

Laying sheltered in his arms, I heard his words just as I faded to sleep, breath warm in my hair.

"And happy birthday Ginger."

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