tagIncest/TabooFamilies Ch. 04

Families Ch. 04


I hadn't had sex in two weeks. John was away with his buddies on a school trip and daddy was on the boat, working on a salvage job. I had been giving blow-jobs at school to keep my grades up. I still worked hard, but it helped to stay in practice. All the old teachers loved getting deep-throat from their star pupil, and I loved drinking cum. If it helped me go to a good collage, even better.

Mom was around all the time and I began to fantasize about getting in her panties. I had never really thought about women that way before, but I had been downloading a lot of porn from the internet recently, and was getting more curious about licking pussy. All the big female porn stars seemed to do it, and love. Tara Patrick and Jemma Jameson were my favorites, slim with big tits and angelic faces. Its no wonder men loved to fuck those two sluts.

As I stared at my mom, over a sandwich, I began to think about her pussy. Daddy told me that it tasted better than honey, and she kept it neat and tidy, just like I do. If I was going to fuck a women, I wanted my mom to be the first. The thought of gently slipping my tongue along the slit of her cunt was making me slightly wet.

"Kelly, honey. Could you be a dear? I have to go out, could you get the dirty clothes from the basket in our room and put them in the machine?"

I snapped my attention back to the room. "Sure thing mom. I'll do when I finish my lunch."

After mom went out I went to their room and got the clothes out of the basket. As I loaded the machine I saw a pair of her French knickers. They were very sexy, as I looked at them I noticed that there were stained with what smelled like a mix of man's and women's cum. It was unmistakable. I was so used to eating a cum mixture out of my own panties that I could not be wrong.

The thought that mom was having an affair was to much. Dad was servicing her regularly, as well as me. Were was she finding a better cock than daddies. The only one I knew of was John's. If he was fucking mom, as well, he would have said. Mind you I hadn't told him that I was doing daddy, so maybe he wouldn't. Sitting on the floor with moms soiled panties in my hand began to get me strangely excited. I brought them to my face and slowly inhaled the sex scent of my mother and her lover. The smell began to get me wet. With the house to myself I threw the rest of the clothes in the machine and ran to my room with mom's underwear.

I lay on my bed wearing my mom's panties, gently working my Rabbit in to my cunt. I was already leaking cum in to the lacy garment. The smell of mixed cum began to fill the room. I switched the Rabbit to slow vibrate and luxuriated in being alone, with time to wank my self silly. It's not the same as a good fuck, but at least I could take my time.

I looked at myself in my large bedroom mirror. I let the tight panties hold the bulge of my Rabbit deep in my cunt and stood up, on shaky legs. My tits had gotten slightly bigger lately, and my nipples were getting larger thanks to all the attention they had been getting from my two new lovers.

As I began to cum I lent on the edge of my desk and let my cream leak out, in to mom's panties. As I came I looked at my face in the mirror. A look of ecstasy was on a strangers face, a very beautiful stranger. As my orgasm subsided I took another look at my face and body. Tall, tanned and well toned, I began to realize what my brother had meant. I was better looking than most of the girls in school. I could have any guy I wanted, if I wanted. I was determined there and then to be a huge slut in collage. I couldn't do it here, too many tongues would wag.

"Aren't they your mothers knickers?" Daddies voice made me jump out of my skin. I turned to face him.

"How long have you been there?"

"Came in as you were cumming, and yes, you are very beautiful when you cum. The look on your face is pure pleasure. That why I love fucking you."

As I walked over to my daddy, I pouted. "Don't you know you shouldn't just walk in here when ever you please? I could have been doing anything." As I said that I dropped to my knees and slowly began to free his cock.

"What could you be doing that you would be embarrassed about? I caught you with a ten inch vibrator up your little cunt, as you came all over your mothers best panties."

"I could have been fucking John."

"Well he's not here. God, that feels good." I slowly slid his cock in to my mouth. I held it there as it began to grow. I could feel the hot blood pumping through it as it pulsed against my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I relaxed my throat and let it slip all the way down as it grew to hardness. I slowly ran my hand down my body and switched my Rabbit to high speed. The feel of the large cock in my mouth and the large dildo in my cunt was heavenly. I felt another orgasm sweep through me. As I shuddered I let daddies cock slip out of my mouth.

"Do you want to cum in my mouth, or would you like to blow your hot load in my pussy? I am ready for anything, daddy." I looked into his eyes as I said this. I knew the thought of fucking is own daughter was the biggest turn on.

"I am going to fill your hot little twat with my cum. I swear your even tighter than your mother is. I'll have to show you the exercises that she uses to keep her cunt nice and tight for me." With that I got up and when and got on me hands and knees on my bed.

"Peel mommies panties off and slid your dick up me doggy style. Please, daddy. Fuck my hot cunt."

My father slowly peeled my panties down in back and rolled them down to my knees, and then over my ankles and feet. He began to lick around my ass as he played with the Rabbit in my cunt.

"Daddy, don't tease. I haven't had cock in two weeks. Please just fuck me." With that he pulled the Rabbit out and began to force his huge cock into my hole. As always it felt like I was getting torn in half, and I loved it. After the large head was in, he rammed the other nine inches deep in me with one thrust.

I cried out with pleasure and pain. As I felt his balls slam against my engorged clit, I sank my head in to the pillow and moaned in joy. I just could not believe how good my daddies thick, long, hot prick felt inside me. The cock that had given life to John and me was deep inside me. Hopefully he would soon blast his life giving seed in to my womb.

I looked over at the mirror and saw dad leaning back with his eyes shut, enjoying the hammering he was giving me. I saw my body, back arched, tits swinging free and my ass high in the air, God it was a hot scene, I began to see how good I looked. I also saw John's head appear round the door frame. At first he looked shocked, but it quickly gave way to lust. I say his hand in his pocket, working himself to hardness. Being watched was a huge turn on, I began to thrust back on to my daddies cock as he skewered me.

"I'm cumming baby, it's been too long. Here I cum." With that I felt daddies prick stiffen and he rammed it deep in to my pussy before blasting wad after, huge, wad of thick cum into my cunt.

As he collapsed forward on to me, forcing me in to my bed, John gave a round of applause.

"My God. You should have said your were looking after dad as well."

Dad looked round in horror, and began to stammer, "It's not what you think, son."

"What, you didn't just fill your daughters cunt with your cum?"

"It's not that..."

"John, stop being mean. Dad knew about us anyway. He has cameras in our rooms. He saw us fucking and thought he'd get in on the action. Now take those clothes off and come and join in, stud. I have wanted your two pricks together for ages."

With that John stripped and walked over to the bed, "Well how would you like us, baby?"

"John, you lie on your back. I want to feel your cock in my slimy cunt. Daddy, do you think you can get hard again on you own, or do you need help? I want to feel you rip my ass open with your thick cock."

I couldn't believe my luck. My dad lay on his back on my bed as I slowly eased my sopping wet snatch slowly down on to his massive twelve inches. It was good to have that feeling of being violated by my gentle daddy again. His cock was so big it always felt like I was being torn apart, God it felt good. As I got him balls deep in my cunt he pulled my forward and began to kiss me, forcing his tongue in to my mouth.

As I lay with his cock filling me, I felt John's hands on my back, pushing me into dads mouth. Shivering with excitement I slowly managed to relax my ass in anticipation of his assault. Seeing my little pucker open he poured some lube deep in my ass and gently began pushing the bulbous head of his engorged cock in to my ass. His hands snaked over my back and round to my chest, he began to play with my tits. I put my hands on dads chest and let them swing free for him.

As he was ripping my backside open with his ten inches he pulled my nipples and rubbed my breasts. dad had his hands on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart so that John had better access to my box.

With one, exquisite thrust he had the whole length of his cock in me. I was full of dick, not just any dick. I had my daddies twelve inches filling my cunt and my brothers ten in my ass, and I had never been happier. Slowly they began to find a rhythm. As John pulled out, daddy would slam back in and vice versa. Daddies hands were massaging my butt cheeks and Johns hands were playing with my tits. So much incest was driving me crazy, after the afternoon had looked so boring, this was just what I needed. Even in my lust filled state I began to imagine the taste of a cock in my mouth. Our cousin David was good looking, maybe I could get him in on our games.

As I was thinking about sucking cock my orgasm began to hit in waves. Each thrust of one of them would take it up a notch. I threw my head back and began to scream. I was so full of dick I just kept cumming and cumming. My nails dug in to daddies chest as I began to shudder with the force of their combined assault. At the peak of my orgasm I felt John ram his cock deep in my ass and let go a flood of spunk, deep in my bowls. He arched his back and joined my scream, that set daddy off and as I sank on to his chest I felt his boiling cum shoot in to my pussy. The look in his face was one of pure ecstasy, he was shooting his seed deep in his daughter again, and loved every second of it. As I was being filled with cum it drew my own orgasm out longer than I had thought possible.

The three of us collapsed together. We lay in a sandwich with me in the middle of my brother and father.

"That was hotter than I could have imagined" We all looked over to see mom standing, naked by the door with her fingers deep in her cunt. Her hand was wet and shiny with her own cum.

"I'm glad I got home early enough to see this. I now know who has been lighting you load Peter. Your own daughter, how could you? With out telling me."

As we rolled off each other she walked towards the bed. First she kissed dad, and then John before plunging her head between my legs and began to eat both loads of cum out of my cunt, before attacking my ass. Her tongue was so talented I was cumming on her face and screaming with joy in no time. As I came out of my orgasm induced haze I saw John and daddy fisting their cocks back to hardness.

"Who do you want mom? I've had them both today, so its your choice."

"Well, I haven't had John at all. Is in any good."

"He's incredible mom. And he blows huge amounts of cum, even more than daddy. He loves it doggy style too."

"Good, I love having massive amounts of cum in my pussy. That's how I noticed your dad had been getting it else where. No as much cum as normal."

With that she beckoned John over to her. She rolled over and threw her ass in the air. "Fuck mommies cunt baby, please. I need your spunk in my womb." John rammed his stiff cock deep in to her pussy. As I watched I felt daddies hands roll me on to my stomach, I crawled over to mom and began to kiss her deep and passionately as dad slid his dick back in to my hot cunt.

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