tagIncest/TabooFamily Affair Ch. 01

Family Affair Ch. 01


Authors Note

As I was reading through the Top List on Literotica a couple of Camping titles caught my eye. While I didn't read them it did bring to mind times when I and my family went camping which was almost every year. The upshot of these musings was that a story started to grow in my head. Almost all of what happened and the descriptions of the camping trips are correct for the most part, the sexual scenes are an imaginary continuation of them. In other words all the home life and what happened in the home, the setup of the tents and stuff like that is all real as are the characters, though of course the names have been changed.


God it had been a long time since we had done this trip, well all together anyway. We had been coming to Great Yarmouth since we were kids, always the same site and always camping, we even had the same two tents we always used. Dad always took good care of the camping equipment; he even got it all out once we got home and made sure everything was clean and dry before storing it away in the loft space.

While the annual trips had continued as we kids grew up we tended to go our different ways so sometimes we came on the trip and other times we didn't but mum and dad went anyway and always invited us all along, by all I mean my two brothers and my three sisters. As you can imagine it could get a little cramped at times in a four bedroom house and it got even more cramped when we went camping.

More than once one of my sisters had seen me semi naked during the night as I went to the bathroom to dispose of the evening's beer. One night I was so drunk I went into the bathroom and my eldest sister was sitting on the toilet. As I never wore anything in bed she was head high to my pre piss erection. "Ohh." I murmured and just turned round and walked out. Another time I walked into the house and caught Angel in bed with her boyfriend, yet another time I came home early from work one day and caught Alex getting a shag from her boyfriend on the settee in the lounge. There are several other times when one or more of us were caught by one of the others in, shall we say, compromising situations. Anyway the upshot of these encounters was that all us siblings were open about sex and often joked with each other about it. Though we didn't get too personal when mum and dad were around, even though we all knew that they had sex quite often. Not something you can be silent about in a small house really, even though mum did try to stifle her moans

Maybe a family list would help at this point. I'm Mike; my older brother by a year is Terry. Then five years younger than me is Angela or Angel as we call her, a year younger then her is Alex and a year younger than her is Abby. Bringing up the rear is baby brother Max. The five years difference between me and Angel was because my parents broke up for a while and then got back together. During the split it was me and Terry who looked after the house while dad was at work. Once mum and dad got back together Terry and I did what we could to look after the house and then the younger kids so that my parents could have some time together. So all of us siblings are quite close and tend to mess around a lot together. My parents liked the way we all got on and all together we were a happy and fun loving family.

So here we were, for the first time in several years the whole family were going on holiday together, camping. Terry was home on leave from the navy, I had split up with Joan my then girlfriend a couple of months ago and moved back home and the others were on their annual leave from Uni or work. The thought of the girls dressing up for a night on the town popped into my head, with them all fighting over the small mirror we brought or going over to the toilet block en-masse and driving everyone else out.

We travelled in two cars. Terry and Max with me and the girls in with mum and dad. Once we arrived we pitched the tents and I was amazed how even without thinking we all slipped into our old jobs. Mum and dad put up the main tent while Terry and I put up the two bed tent. Although it was a two bed tent we used it as a four bed, we didn't need the kitchen area so with a curtain up we split the tent in two. Alex and Angel slept one side and Terry and myself the other. The main tent was a four birth with a large kitchen area so mum, dad, Max and Abby slept in there. All the cooking was done in there as well. Both tents had panels that unzipped and with a couple of poles made a covered area outside, if we got the tents right then the panels overlapped and two tents became one with a covered area in between. This area was for eating and sitting around.

Once the tents were up Angel and Alex put the clothes in the right tents and Max put the kettle on. Thirty minutes after we arrived everything was set and we were sitting down drinking tea like we had been there for days. It all felt so natural, so relaxing really. It did help of course that the British weather was not in its usual flux. The sun actually shone and was forecast to do so for some time.

I looked around from where I sat and smiled as I remembered the way it used to be here. When we first came here it had a shop and playground. Now it had all amenities. Swimming pool, several shops chip shop restaurant and two night clubs as well as a games room with pool tables and coin machines. The sea was two minutes away and the Great Yarmouth was a five minute free bus ride. Adjacent to the site was the Great Yarmouth dog racing stadium. Just about everything you could want really.

"Well I'm going for a swim. Anyone else?"

Amongst the 'No's' came an 'I will' and a 'Yes why not?' Which I guessed came from Angel Terry and Alex as they each rushed into our tent appearing a moment later with rolled up towels.

The changing rooms were unisex so we each dived into a cubicle and got changed. I was first out, "I will see if I can get a table, shallow end ok."

A trio of 'Ok's' went up as I walked through the footbath to the pool area. I found a table outside but close enough to the pool to leave out belongings safely. I put my towel over a chair and bumped into Terry as I turned to go back inside. He covered a chair with his towel and followed me. We dived into the warm water and started swimming around. A moment later the 'A' team arrived with a splash. Angel and Alex bombing Terry and I and getting a whistle from the lifeguard for their trouble. Not that they heard it as they were both underwater at the time. I turned and acknowledged the whistle. Then stood a little shocked as the girls surfaced wearing the smallest of bikinis.

"You're lucky they didn't just burst under the pressure." I laughed

"Fuck off you." Angel squealed and Alex splashed water at me laughing

The four of us messed around for a while swimming for a while and then got out and as I went for some coke's the others went back to our table. When I joined them the girls were spread out on there towels taking in the sun. I handed out the drinks and joined Terry at the table.

We chatted for a while about nothing in particular and then I said, "I'm going back in then I think we should head back it's getting a bit late." By late I meant nearly time to eat, one thing we always did when we were on holiday was eat out. The only time we cooked was maybe breakfast or a snack during the day. Half an hour later, still in swim suit's, the four of us made out way back to the tent.

The girls walked in front and I couldn't help watching the sway of their buttocks as they walked. Angel was the bigger of the two girls, fuller hips, not that she was fat because she wasn't, and in fact she had a great figure and really well toned. A few of my mates had commented on her body and what a great pair of tits she had. If I wasn't her brother I have to admit that they were right. Alex on the other hand was slim, almost too slim but not through any form of dieting, she was just small boned. For her size she too had a great body small but firm boobs and, like the other girls, she was well toned. As I watched them walk I caught several guy's eyeing them up and then smiling at Terry and I as though we were the lucky boyfriends. It made me smile and strangely proud.

Over the years dad had got together all the mod cons that a camper would need. One of the most used these days was the fridge which sat in the back of his MPV. It was always full of drink, mostly beer but there was always a bottle of vodka for the ladies and whisky for us men. Terry and I knew the score when it came to getting ready to go out. We were banned from the tent so that the girls could get changed in privacy. We silently gave thanks for that believe me as we sat and sipped at a beer while the squeals of the girls emanated from the tent.

Sometime later they emerged towels in utensils in hand. "Wont be long." Alex said, walking off towards the shower block, Angel close behind.

"Wait for me." Abby shouted, rushing to catch up with them.

"Peace at last." Dad said.

"Leave them alone. They're not that bad" Mum didn't seem sincere when she said it though.

"Well I'm going to get changed now before they come back or we could be here all night." Terry said.

"Yeah me to." I agreed.

Unlike the girls we didn't even bother zipping the tent up. We stood at the back and got changed in about ten minutes. We had seen each other naked many times so weren't bothered about each other nudity. We both donned shorts and grabbed our towels and wash bags. We went off to the shower block and had showered and shaved before the girls got back. Mum had gone when we got back to the tent and as I looked across the field I could see the four of them coming back. Again I had to admire there good looks. Abby was a cross between Angel and Alex, while she was slim she was also big busted. Facially she could have been Alex's twin. Angel on the other hand could have been mums twin. For her age mum was really fit and it was only really the lines on her face that showed that she was older. Even her attitude and outlook was younger than her years.

Looking at dad I had to say that he too looked a lot younger than his years, he and Terry were like twins and I seemed to be the odd one out. Mum and dad went to the gym every Friday and there was a small gym in the garage that we all used when we felt like it. If mum and dad ever went to the gym on any other day we kids just disappeared for night. We knew that they were having a problem. Dad told me they went to the gym so that they didn't argue over any problem; if things got heated they went to the gym, worked out there anger on the machines, then went out for dinner and talked things through. While I had memories of violent arguments from my very early years I couldn't remember them having any real arguments since they had got back together so the gym thing must work.

"Ok ladies are we ready?" Dad asked.

"Just let me put my face on." Mum said.

"Muuum." Max moaned, "The bar shuts in two hours we will miss it." Needless to say he made sure he was out of mums range when he said it.

"You cheeky sod." mum laughed, "Five minutes."

"Five minutes wasted." Dad said. As mum swung round he added, "You can't improve perfection."

I'm sure mum got embarrassed but she turned and went into the tent before it became obvious. True to her word five minutes later she appeared looking pretty much the same as when she went in, but hey, it made her feel better.

Mum and dad led the way with us kids all arm in arm following behind, laughing and joking about. We had dinner in the restaurant and then went on to the over 21's club. Dad bought us all a drink and I dragged Angel onto the dance floor. That was pretty much how it went for the next couple of hours. We all had a turn on the dance floor with a sister or brother while mum and dad danced with each other. It was a really great time and it was nice to see the whole family enjoying time together. Abby and Max were the first to wane, finally collapsing in a chair fighting to stay awake but it was Abby suddenly felt sick that mum and dad decided it was time to leave.

"You three can stay if you like," Mum said, "But I think we better get these three home. I think Abby better sleep in our tent tonight in case she throws up. I think it's all been a bit much for her."

"Ok mum," Terry said, "I will make sure they get home ok."

Once they had gone Angel dragged me once again onto the dance floor, there was just no stopping her. For nearly an hour she dragged either Terry or myself off to dance till we could dance no more. Thankfully a young guy came along as were getting our breath back and asked Angel to dance.

"Please." I begged, "Take her away and let us have a rest."

The young guy smiled and Angel stuck her tongue out and grabbing his hand dragged him away. The next hour was not only bliss it was enlightening and at times very entertaining. Enlightening because it showed that Angel was now a woman not a girl. The way she controlled that poor young man was truly masterful. She danced so close it seemed that they were stuck at the hip and it was also obvious that he expected something in return for the drinks that he bought her. Here was where it was entertaining. He got her to kiss him, quite passionate it seemed to me. He got his hands on her bum and even managed to cop a feel of her boobs. At one point when they were standing back at our table he was absentmindedly brushing her nipples with his fingers. I don't think she realised it but her nipples were standing out so much it suddenly became obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra. Mind you if I had thought about it there was no way she could with the summer top she had on.

The guy's main problem started when he tried to get under her skirt as they danced. The skirt was short enough so when he ran his hand over her bum he eventually came to the hem. It was at this point that she would grab his hand and move it up to her waist. He of course would wait a couple of minutes and try again. She soon started to get angry so I thought it was time to intervene. I didn't really fancy taking a strange guy to the local hospital.

I walked over to them and took Angels hand, "Come on sis time to go I think." I said and then turned to the guy with a big smile and added. "Thanks mate see you again ok?"

It became even more obvious that he was drunk when he tried to stammer his objections. All he could get out was, "Yeah yeah you're....yeah ok."

Angel threw her hands round my neck and said, "One more dance just one then we go. Hmmm"

I smiled at her and put my arms round her waist for a slow dance. Her arms round my neck she pulled me to her and I could feel the heat of her body against mine. I kept telling myself that if this was anyone else I would be getting turned on. My body of course took great fun in letting me know I was getting turned on anyway. Thankfully I have a level head which told me I was imagining it. I had to admit though it was a laugh. We had all drunk a fair bit but I don't think any us were really drunk.

We took a slow walk down to the beach before going back to the tent. We took our shoe's off and walked in the cool water for a while chatting when the subject of the guy came up.

"Alan." Angel said. "His name was Alan and he was sweet."

"Yes well I think sweet would be the last word he would call you." Terry said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well sexy or horny would come to mind I think." I said laughing, "But not sweet."

"Fuck you; I was sweet with him, no that's not what I mean. He was sweet to me I mean."

"Was that before during or after he got his hands on your tits." Terry laughed, stopping in his tracks as Angel swung round, her face flushed red with either anger or embarrassment.

Putting her hands on her hips she glared at him and said, "He did not get his hands on my tits." She tugged at the top pulling it up slightly, "My top yes. But not my tits." With that she kicked the water hard splashing Terry right in the face. Luckily I was to one side so most of it missed me.

"Yes ok he got your top but lets face it another half an hour and he would have had that top round you waist and your tit in his mouth." I said making sure I stood well back.

"Fuck off you, you're only jealous." She said, obviously without thinking.

"Sister. Are you implying that I, nay, that we, would like to suck your tits. " I put it as olde worlde as I could but it hit the spot.

"Oh fuck off both of you. I'm going back to the tent." She was clearly embarrassed and for the next couple of minutes Terry and I made her suffer a little making silly comments like, 'How tasty her tits would be.' and 'Oooo what would mummy say.'

Eventually I took pity on her and ran upto her and slipping my arm round her waist said, "Ok we will stop teasing if you'll smile."

"Yeah go on sis we're only joking you know that." Terry said.

"Bastards." She said putting an arm around each of us.

Five minutes found us at the tent and as knelt down to unzip the door we could hear the others were asleep.

"Sssshhhhh." I said as I held the door up for Angel and then Terry to enter. Normally Terry and I would have waited outside till Angel was in bed but as it was so late it didn't even enter my head. As I entered I let the door drop but didn't zip it up as it was so hot inside.

"Oh and how am I supposed to get my pj's on with you two in here?" Angel said

"Well just imagine that you brought Alan back with you and you will be ok." Terry said.

"What? " Angel said, a little bemused as was I.

"Well if you brought him back you wouldn't have any pj's on would you." Alan laughed.

"You fuckin bastard." Linda half screamed and threw a pillow at him.

"Shhhh. You will wake them up." I said laughing my head off

As carefully as she could Angel was slipping her pj's on. We only knew this because each item of clothing she removed got thrown at either Terry or myself

"You can piss off as well." Angel said finding it really hard not to laugh.

"Oh come on Angel it's not like I haven't seen your tits before is it?" I was absolutely hysterical now.

"Oh you fuckin pig, you said you would never mention that."

"Whoa back up a bit. Tell me more." Terry said

"Don't Mike, you promised." Angel said, still laughing, "I won't ever talk to you again if you tell him."

"Ohh bribery now is it." I laughed.

And with that she threw herself at me arms and legs flailing all over the place. The next few minutes are just a huge blur of swinging arms, swearing and kicking but the world seemed to settle with Angel's top ripped open, her silk shorts round her knees. Terry and I both had shorts round our ankles.

The light seemed to dawn on the three of us that here was one of those deciding moments. Angel's naked pussy was in Terry's lap. The slightest movement and his erection would penetrate his sister, while my erection was but inches from her mouth.

"Oh fuck." Angel said. She opened her mouth and took my entire cock deep into her throat. At the same time she lowered her pussy towards Terry's cock. He needed to guide it a little but as he entered her they both moaned loudly. In the ensuing minutes the remaining items of clothing were torn away and naked the three of us went at each other like rabbits.

I have had my cock sucked by a few women before but they way that Angel took me so deep made it the best I had ever had, I couldn't believe how she took me all the way and didn't choke, I knew I was deep in her throat. She just rocked rapidly, down on terry and as she came up from him down on me.

I reached under her and felt those wonderful tits, filled with apprehension even at this stage I could help it and when she pushed me back and straddled me I gave myself over to the best fuck I had ever had. As she rammed down on my cock she turned to Terry and said.

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