tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 36

Family Affairs Ch. 36

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter thirty-six

While his mother and Matt were discussing his return, Ricky was on a plane, headed home. He reclined his seat, closed his eyes, and recalled the wild weekend he'd had. He was going to State University, that was for sure! The girls there were incredible! He talked with the basketball coach for about an hour, the rest of his time at the school had been one wild party.

Michelle - the last girl he had been with - was a slim, pretty blonde with wild golden curls. She had the tightest pussy he'd ever been in and was insatiable, too! They fucked twice, then, when he was sure he couldn't do anything else, she sucked him to a third erection and they fucked again. She sure had been something! After the Provo twins, he didn't think fucking could get any better, but Michelle proved him wrong.

Denise and Delilah, the Provo twins, spent a whole afternoon with him. He wasn't sure he'd be able to walk again after leaving their room. Both of them had hair as black as coal and mats of pubic hair like ebony forests. Short, lush, full bodies with dusky, silken skin, and huge breasts tipped with the biggest, most succulent nipples Ricky had ever sucked on. He hadn't been able to tell them apart, except that Denise - or was it Delilah - had a mole between her belly button and pussy.

Ricky sighed and a smile formed on his lips. That Delilah! She'd gone after his cock like a thirsty woman after water. Her sister liked being eaten just as much. They were wild. After they drained him, they'd gone after each other. Watching that re-invigorated him. He'd heard about girls that made it with each other, like Miss Conklin at his high school, but he'd never actually seen it before. Watching the twins make it with each other got him so excited he got rock-hard and fucked them both one more time.

Lorna, his girl at State U., was also the first black girl he ever screwed. He loved her dusky skin, which felt like black velvet, and the purple nipples that tipped the firmest, tastiest breasts he'd ever sucked. And that crinkly bush of hers! She had it shaved into a heart shape! That blew his mind! She'd acted so shy when they first met, but once they were alone... Wow! Ricky smiled and sighed.

Coach, sitting next to him, chuckled. "Have a good weekend, Rick?" he asked.

"It was wild, coach!" Ricky replied.

"So you think you're going to go to State?" the coach inquired.

"You better believe it!" the young man responded.

Coach smiled. "I think you're going to be glad you picked State," he said. "They're about one good player away from a divisional, maybe national, championship, and I think you may be just the player they need."

"Those girls..." Ricky said, dreamily.

"You know, kid, there's a lot of your old man in you, " Coach said.

"What do you mean, Coach?" Ricky asked.

"You know your old man and I went through high school and college together, don't you?" Coach continued.

Ricky nodded and said, "Yeah, I knew that."

Coach grinned. "Well, your old man, he was quite the cocksman back in those days," he said. "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, a bunch of us guys who knew him were real surprised when he married your mother. We were even more suprised that he settled down."

"No shit?" Ricky asked. He was interested in what the coach was telling him. "You mean my dad screwed around a lot when he was my age?"

"I probably shouldn't be telling you stuff like this, "Coach said, "but there weren't too many girls in high school or college your old man didn't score with. Even some that weren't overly good-looking. Your old man was a guy who liked variety in his poontang, and he liked lots of it, too. Looks weren't a big thing for him, either. He used to say fucking the girl you're with is better than not fucking at all." He shrugged. "I guess that's why I wasn't surprised when I heard he and your mom split up. Actually, I was kinda surprised he stayed married to your Mom as long as he did."

Ricky had never thought much about this aspect of his father's life. He'd wondered exactly what it was that caused his folks to split up. What the coach just told him made him wonder even more. His mother admitted she was partly responsible, and he was angry at her because she was so sure she didn't want his father back.

But the information Coach had shared with him changed his perspective. All those long business trips his father was taking, could it be his father never really changed? Had his Dad been screwing around on his mother, maybe for years? He didn't want to believe that, but it bothered him. He closed his eyes, laid his head back, and fell asleep.

"You're just like your father." Coach's words drifted through Ricky's mind disturbingly as he slept. What was even more upsetting was that he'd heard the same thing from his mother, and from Matt...and now he'd heard them from Coach, too.

In his dreams, Ricky wasn't sure he wanted to be like his father. Not if it meant hurting people the way his father had hurt him and his mother. "No! No! I'm not like him! I'm not!" he yelled in his dream.

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