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Family and Friends

byadam applebiter©

Author's Note -- This is part 15 of a series of stories. The whole series (so far) is:

  1. In camera

  2. The sins of the father

  3. Summer of love

  4. A lady's companion

  5. Summa cum laude

  6. Things to be thankful for

  7. That special someone

  8. Homecoming queen

  9. Touch but don't look

  10. Promises, rules and their breaking

  11. Fifty ways to please your lover

  12. London calling

  13. Business and Pleasure

  14. Through a glass darkly

  15. Family and friends


15 -- Family and Friends

"Daddy!" Helen leapt off the sofa, tumbling B onto the floor. "Oops! Sorry B." She paused just long enough to offer her lover a hand up -- just long enough for Parry to put down his briefcase -- then she flung herself into her father's arms, her lips sealing themselves over his.

In the instant her body, bare and glistening slightly, pressed against him, Parry's arms closed around her as tightly as he could manage. He returned her kiss with vigour and passion, feeling that familiar stirring of the sleeping snake in his pants. Helen was his daughter, yes, but she was also his lover and, in that role, second in his affections only to her mother, Meg.

"We missed you." Helen whispered, breaking the seal of their lips long enough to whisper in his ear. She could feel the faint beginnings of his arousal too.

"Both of us." B had let them have their moment. Now she joined them, making it a group hug and claiming some small percentage of Parry's attention. Nor was it that small a percentage: B was as bare as Helen and as beautiful as any woman Parry had ever seen.

"And I missed you two brazen harlots." He hugged the two girls to him, noting that B had that sheen to her skin too. "What did I interrupt?" He was pretty sure they'd been playing for quite a while.

"We were just having a cuddle... waiting for you." B told him.

Parry never got tired of B's radiant smile. She was, he thought again, quite perfect. "Just my luck. Two beautiful women waiting for me and I'm too tired to-"

"Shush." B's finger pressed to his lips, silencing him before he could spout any more nonsense. He could smell the familiar musk of his daughter's sex on that finger. "You haven't even kissed me yet. Helen got a kiss right away. Don't I deserve one too?" B's mouth turned down at the corners but her eyes were laughing at him.

Parry kissed her. Their lips met only barely parted then opened to each other as their tongues danced a brief adagio together.

And that's how Meg found her husband, with an arm around each of the naked girls, his tongue in B's mouth. Was she surprised? Not hardly. Since Parry had come out of the closet regarding his incestuous tendencies, Meg had got quite used to having to queue for his attention.

"Put those girl's down. You don't know where they've been." Meg's voice was peremptory with mock-sternness.

"Mom! Daddy knows just exactly where I've been. I never keep secrets from him." Helen protested her... ok, not her innocence, but her honesty.

"That's true." Parry supported his wayward child's protestations as he disengaged himself from the girls to clear the way for Meg. Meg, who'd been his wife for nearly thirty years, who'd given him so much and was still finding ways to give more of herself. He ignored the half-hearted protests of the youngsters and gave Meg his complete and undivided attention. Her arms snaked around him, mimicking his own. Her mouth was sweet and moist against his and her fuller, more mature figure yielded against him as they embraced. Parry was privately proud that Meg, even against such overt competition, could still turn him on like a light. Neither time nor familiarity had diminished her sex appeal and he knew from conversations with Eric that it was not just his biased opinion that Meg was... amazing was the word that sprung to mind.

"I missed you." He whispered against Meg's neck, disinclined to let go of his wife just at this moment.

"I missed you too." Meg barely breathed.

"That's true." Helen observed, with laughter. "Eric's had his work cut out 'consoling' her." She winked at B.

"Shush, Helen." B chided gently. "I want to study this... She just took him away from us without lifting a finger... and she's fully dressed. I want to learn that trick."

"What for? You're practically never fully dressed." Helen pointed out the obvious flaw in B's logic.


"Girls." Meg flashed each of them a smile over Parry's shoulder. "I'm fully dressed because I can't compete with you two naked... But you can have him back if you want. I have dinner to prepare." She pushed Parry gently backwards towards the girls. "Daddy's too tired... He said so." Helen pouted, but she still wrapped herself around Parry's arm, pressing her breasts against him.

"So he's tired? I thought you were supposed to be a professional, Yes?" Meg had taken a long time to accept that her only daughter had picked prostitution as a career: Longer to be comfortable with discussing it with her. But a long time had passed and Helen had managed to persuade her mother that her 'vocation' made her happy. Meg couldn't disapprove of her child being happy, so full acceptance had happened.

"Daddy, how about a bath and a back rub?" Helen, suitably chided, thought like a pro. A long soak in a hot tub with two pretty girls to do all the work, followed by a rubdown, would probably perk Parry up some. And, if he was still too tired to be fun, at least he'd be nice and clean.

"Now that's a very good idea. I've travelled far." Parry accepted enthusiastically.

"Dinner at eight?" Meg addressed her question to Parry, in Eric's absence, the man of the house.

"Eight." Parry nodded then turned his attention to B again.

B was already pulling out the knot of his tie. Parry stood still while the girls undressed him, moving only enough to allow them to remove every stitch of clothing.

"Not that tired." B's fingers were curled around Parry's erection.

"A bath still sounds nice." Parry was acutely aware just how long he'd been travelling.

"I'll go draw a tub." Helen volunteered, picking up his clothes to take with her.

"Thank you, Sweetheart." Parry watched his daughter leave, his attention held to the last moment by her pert bottom, swaying as she walked. B noticed it too.



"How did you ever keep your hands off of her?" B asked as Helen vanished and the spell was broken.

"I don't know." Then, remembering his manners, he turned his face to B and kissed her again. After all, it was B's hand around his cock. "Mmm. You taste good." He pulled her closer, feeling the delightful warmth of skin on skin.

"Thank you." B dipped her eyes for a moment then kissed him again, with that tender passion they'd first shared way back in a Boston motel room.

"Where're Eric and Kelsey?"

"The gallery. They'll be home soon."

"Of course! How's the new exhibition?" Parry made small talk as he allowed himself to be led to the bathroom.

"The opening night was a great success and we've been busy all week. Eric's already talking about taking the whole exhibition to London afterwards, which will be good."

"So which piece is the star of the show? The clockwork cock?"

"Opening night, yes, but since then the unicorn has rather stolen the show." B said with not a little pride.

The unicorn was her own design: A life sized horses head in lead crystal, with a foot long, round tipped, spiral horn, rising, rampant from it's forehead. The head was mounted on a low plinth with a concealed light box so that the whole thing glowed with inner light -- Chiaroscuro, B called the effect -- especially when someone was riding the horn. Eric's macroscopic images of the unicorn in use showed perfectly how the light, focused by the crystal, made the horn glow with such intensity it shone right through Kelsey's labia. He'd picked Kelsey to model with it because she'd been 'his virgin' and everyone who knows anything about unicorns knows that only a virgin can ride one.

* * * * *

It was a toss up who enjoyed themselves more: Parry or the girls. He was certainly on the receiving end of a lot of TLC, being washed, shampooed, shaved, towelled dry and massaged by Helen and B, but judging from the amount of giggling, splashing and teasing that went on, the girls were having fun too.

Parry lay face down on the massage table that Eric had acquired, his still rampant erection squashed not entirely comfortably underneath him, while four hands worked on his calves, the backs of his thighs, his buttocks and upwards to his shoulders, down each arm then all the way back again. He would all too easily have been able to doze off, so relaxed was he, but for the occasional grazing of somebody's fingernails along the base of his cock, just accessible between his thighs, or a tickling fingertip against his ass.

All deliberate, naturally. The girl's didn't want Parry to go to sleep here. They didn't even want him too relaxed.

"Daddy?" Helen's 'little girlie' voice wheedled its way past his reverie.


"Tell us about the girl you met in Costa Rica."

"Later. Over dinner." By long custom, sexual encounters outside Eric's 'family' were generally saved for the dinner table. That way, everyone got to here it.

"Meany!" Helen pouted, winking at B.

"Someone is cruising for a spanking." Parry said, recalling Katharina's ass glowing as he spanked her a couple of nights ago. He was rather in the mood to be authoritarian tonight.

"You don't know the half of it." B observed.

"Meaning?" Parry turned his head to face B. Although he could only see her crotch from this position on the table, He was not inclined to think of his field of vision as restricted.

"She's been very naughty." B told him, knowing Helen wouldn't mind: Helen prided herself on her naughtiness.

"Specifics?" Parry asked.

"Later. Over Dinner." Helen threw his own answer back at him, glancing at B to stop her spoiling the surprise.

"Fair enough. What's the time?" Parry eased himself over onto his back, his erection springing to attention.

"Seven thirty." Helen glanced at the clock. "Plenty of time. We're not dressing for dinner."

The girls massaged his front almost as thoroughly as they'd worked over his back: Almost. One part of him was conspicuously avoided by both of them.

"You may not be dressing for dinner, but I'm sure Meg will, and so will I." Parry was comfortable with skin but tended to wear something around the apartment, if only to keep company with his wife. Meg almost never went bare.

* * * * *

"Evening." Eric circled Meg's waist from behind and nuzzled her neck.

"Did you have a good day?" Meg tilted her head sideways to encourage Eric's nuzzling. She really appreciated the attention Eric always paid to her erogenous zones and her neck was most definitely one of them.

"Excellent. Where's your husband?"

"In the bath, relaxing... if those girls will let him. Where's Kelsey?"

"Right here." Kelsey announced her arrival in the kitchen. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Yes please. Everything just needs watching." Meg pushed Eric away long enough to hand over control of the stove to Kelsey. "I have to go and change out of my work clothes." It wasn't lost on Meg that Kelsey had already changed out of her own work clothes and was wearing practical, comfortable skin.

"Me too." Eric followed Meg out.

* * * * *

In all Meg's years of marriage, she'd never been completely comfortable with undressing in front of Parry until she was seduced by Eric. Since moving to New York, Meg could count on her fingers the number of times she'd actually got to change without an audience. If Eric was home, he made a point of helping her out of her clothes: If he wasn't there, someone always was. If Meg was a bit paranoid about this conspiracy, it wasn't without cause.

Tonight, Eric silently unhooked and unzipped Meg's skirt from behind while she unbuttoned her blouse, which Eric solicitously lifted off her shoulders and slipped down her arms. I didn't surprise Meg when he used unclipping her bra as an excuse to slide his hands around and cup her bare, heavy breasts, his thumbs casually flicking her nipples to wake them up. He was standing so close to her back that it was easy to relax back against him.

Meg closed her eyes and enjoyed Eric's touch, the warmth and firmness of his chest against her bare back and his sweet, warm breath against her ear and her cheek as he looked over her shoulder and, she knew without seeing, down her front.

"How did today go?" Eric asked in confidential tones.

"Very well. I'll tell you over dinner." Meg had had a rare adventure of her own while Parry was in Costa Rica. She'd confided in Eric a couple of night's ago and he'd encouraged her to, in his words, go for it. So Meg had gone for it and was excited and nervous about confessing all to her family.

"Wonderful." Eric breathed against her neck. His hands hadn't moved from her breasts and her nipples were now wide awake and standing proud. She had the biggest, most prominent nipples in the family and Eric never passed up a chance to be flattering about them. "Thank you, Meg... For this week."

"Silly boy." Meg blushed at Eric's gratitude. They'd spent every night together while Parry was away and, after such sterling service at stud, he was thanking her?

"I mean it. I've enjoyed having you all to myself."

"Well, Thank you too, my sweet, sweet lover." Meg was getting misty eyed. Eric was an incredible and incredibly attentive lover and could make her feel so very special when she was with him.

"Whoa!" Eric had finally stopped cupping her breasts. One hand had found its way into her underwear and discovered how moist Meg was.

"I told you it went well today." Meg could see her juices glistening on Eric's fingers as he held them up. Strings of stickiness stretched briefly then snapped out of existence as he spread his fingers wide. "What's that?" Meg noticed a box on her bed.

"Oh, just a little token of my esteem."

"Esteem?" It was an odd word to use between lovers.

"Affection then."

"Better." They were certainly affectionate.

"And lust... Let's not forget lust."

"How could we forget lust?" Meg asked with a laugh. Eric's house practically ran on lust.

"Are you going to open it?" Eric, like so many gift givers was impatient by proxy when it came to opening presents.

"After my shower." Meg was eager to see inside the box too, but was more interested in teasing Eric. "Come and wash my back." She slipped out of his embrace, stepped out of her fallen panties and walked past the foot of the bed to her bathroom with Eric barely a pace behind.

* * * * *

"I look like a madam." Meg said out loud to herself, admiring her reflection in the large cheval glass. Eric's gift was, of course, underwear. He was now directly responsible for all of the contents of her underwear drawer and took that job very seriously indeed. This new outfit was emerald green silk and hand-tied black silk lace: Totally impractical but oh-so-beautiful.

Eric had bemoaned the fact that there was no point in buying fine lingerie for the girls because they tended to regard underwear as something to take off rather than something to wear. It was Parry who'd suggested that Eric should buy it for Meg instead and Eric had seized upon the suggestion with all his customary zeal, buying her the most beautiful and luxuriously intimate gifts he could find, which Meg delighted in wearing for both the men in her life. Of such compromises are happy households made.

Meg's reflection wore a lightly boned corset that lifted and presented her breasts without quite hiding her nipples, French knickers and seamed stockings, all barely covered by an exquisite lace negligee. Eric had even remembered a pair of green patent leather slippers.

Meg had to admit to herself that while she looked like a woman with a price, at least it was a very high price.

* * * * *

"Stunning." Was all Eric said as Meg made her entrance into the dining room on the tick of eight o'clock.

"Oh my... Darling..." Parry stood and took Meg's hands in his, scrutinizing her from head to toe then back again before kissing her hard. "Madam, you look spectacular."

"I knew I looked like a madam." Meg said.

"Mom, you really do look spectacular." Helen chimed in. "And this place is practically a brothel so maybe you should look like a madam, huh?"

"Dinner is serv... Oh my word!" Kelsey, wearing only an apron, which was still more than B and Helen, stopped in the doorway from the kitchen. Meg was starting to blush at the attention she was getting from everyone.

"Mama Meg!" B followed Kelsey in, carrying the crockery, which nearly got dropped. That made it unanimous: Everybody liked her new lingerie.

Parry led Meg to the table and seated her first. He and Eric took their usual seats either side of Meg. Helen sat on her father's other side, then B, then Kelsey, next to Eric. The table was perhaps a little unbalanced, with three 'dressed' people opposite three stark naked people, but nobody noticed, or, if they did notice, nobody cared.

"Ok, Daddy." Helen said as soon as they were seated. "Tell us all about Costa Rica."

* * * * *


"The coffee plantation needs a lot of new investment but I see no reason why we shouldn't-" I wasn't about to make it too easy for Helen.

"Daddy..." It's amazing how much admonition my darling daughter can squeeze into my name.

"Sweetheart. It's why I was there and Eric wants to know about it, I'm sure." I tried to sound like I meant what I was saying.

"I'm sure I don't." Eric pronounced. "Parry, I hired you to run the company so that I could ignore all that stuff. Unless I'm about to go broke, I don't want to hear what you've decided to do with my money."

"And we all do want to hear about this girl you met." Meg settled things by expressing an interest in Katharina. Nobody refuses Meg's wishes around here.

"Katharina? What would you like to hear about her?"

"Start at the beginning and don't skip over any of the details." Meg sounded very patient with me.

"I was just relaxing in a beach bar a couple of days ago when I saw the most beautiful silhouette sashaying along the beach. I don't mind telling you, I was hard just watching her walk."

"And Daddy's so difficult to get aroused." Helen stage whispered to B with a giggle. Her hand found my lap and squeezed gently.

"Shush Dear." Meg admonished her. "Let Parry tell his story." Meg's hand found my lap too, patting Helen's hand on top of my crotch. How's a man supposed to concentrate at times like this?

"So this girl, Katharina, walked right into the bar and I couldn't take my eyes off her tits. Right then, I couldn't have told you what colour her eyes were if my life depended on it.

Anyway, she commented on my leering, trying to shame me into stopping it..."

"That wouldn't work." Helen again. "You have no shame, Daddy."

"Neither have you, Sweetheart. Now shut up and listen."

"Yes Daddy."

"Anyway... I stared at her tits a lot, wouldn't take no for an answer and, against all odds, got her to accept a drink. And that was that... Or so I thought.

I went back to the bungalow for a shower and a little light relief but I was interrupted by someone at the door.

It was her..." I chuckled because I knew what was coming next. "I thought my luck was in so I answered the door naked but she'd only come to return my hat... I'd left it on the bar."

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