tagIncest/TabooFamily Beach Vacation Ch. 01

Family Beach Vacation Ch. 01


A month after my encounter with Barbara (see "Aunt Barbara is a Slut"), the aunt of my wife Lauren, I still hadn't told Lauren anything about it. I felt like I could someday, but the right time just had not come along.

We were getting ready for our annual summer trip to Myrtle Beach. Lauren's parents usually rent a house there for a week, but this year they wound up getting it for two consecutive weeks. They offered to keep our kids and let us have the first weekend and most of the first week. They would then come down for the rest of the time. Lauren and I would have to go back at the end of the second weekend, but it was a perfect chance to get away without the kids, while still later in the week having beach time with the kids and Lauren's folks.

The house has four bedrooms, so we decided to invite Lauren's brother Brad and his wife Vangie, their cousin Drew and his wife Margie, and our best friends, Sam and Candy. We were going to be able to get down early in the day on Friday, Brad and Vangie would join us that night, and Jake and Candy would come in Saturday evening. Drew and Margie would be in on Sunday. Brad and Vangie would have to leave on Tuesday, because they would be coming back down for the second week with their kids. The other two couples would be leaving Thursday, so we would be all four couples together for only two nights.

After my fling with Aunt Barbara, I had been fantasizing about other women in the family a lot. The upcoming time at the beach with the wives of Lauren's brother and cousin had been stimulating my thoughts about them and how to get some family action going.

Vangie is a really attractive woman, with dark hair and blue eyes, a nice body with small but proportional breasts, and a nice round, trim ass. I know that she was kind of wild in high school, but she has been very conservative since she has been married to Brad. I had often thought about sex with her, but lately I was becoming obsessed with such thoughts.

Margie has been married to Lauren and Brad's cousin Drew for about four years. She is from Columbia, and has that latin temperament. She's tall and slender, but with nice tits and a nice ass. I have seen her get drunk and wild a couple of times, and one of those times I thought it could turn into some group action, but she and Drew went off to bed alone.

The other couple there would be our best friends, Sam and Candy. Lauren and I have known them since junior high school, and for many years, before kids and job responsibilities, we spent a great deal of time together. We traveled together a lot, sharing hotel rooms, so we saw each other in our underwear and naked plenty. We had played "swapzies" a couple of times, but it just involved making out, although on one occasion the girls sucked the other husband's cock. But we didn't cum with the other wife, and we ended up simply fucking in front of each other.

I set about figuring out how to get some group sexual activity going, and I knew I would have to get Lauren's cooperation or at least tacit approval. Lauren and I have had a good sex life, but she seems to have become more conservative, more inhibited in recent years. Maybe it's having kids in the house now, maybe it's the few extra pounds the years have put on, but she just isn't as interested in sex anymore. She used to watch porn with me and wet and turned on, but now she acts totally uninterested. She doesn't give me blowjobs like she used to. She used to be a very good cocksucker, not as good as her aunt, but very good. She used to have a great ass, a little on the large size and not as great as her aunt, but her caboose has gotten wider over the years. We used to have anal sex, especially when she was pregnant, but we haven't done that for years. I resolved to try to use this beach trip to rejuvenate our sex life, while trying to see what I could get going with family and friends, too.

In preparation for the trip, I had made some special video tapes from some porno tapes. Given what I knew about the family, I thought I had some idea about what would turn some of them on, and get things rolling in the direction I wanted. I also stocked up on some vibrators and dildos. Lots of alcohol completed my tool kit for the seduction I had planned.

Lauren did raise an eyebrow about the amount of liquor I was taking, but I had the videos and toys stashed out of sight. I just explained that I wanted to be sure everybody had a good time.

The drive to Myrtle Beach from our home in southwestern Virginia is about seven hours. We needed to get down there early in the day on Friday to get the house stocked with food, clean towels, etc. Rather than leave at the crack of dawn, we decided to drive about halfway Thursday night.

We stopped for the night somewhere between Greensboro, NC, and Ashboro. I had tried to steer the conversation toward sex, but I was not successful. My last chance would be at dinner.

We went to an Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Away from the kids, Lauren started to relax more than I had seen in a while. She dressed in a short skirt, the only one she has, and gauzy white blouse that cleared showed her lacy bra under it. It was the sexiest she has looked in a long time, and I told her so. She beamed, and gave me a deep kiss before we headed to the restaurant.

The restaurant was quite crowded, and we were told there would be an hour or so wait. We sat at bar stools at one of those high tables, and Lauren had to sort of jump up into it. When she did, her skirt rode up her thighs quite a bit, and no amount of tugging could change things much.

I was plying Lauren with Tequila Sunrises, and by the second, she was getting loose. As she crossed and uncrossed her legs, I could see several guys in the bar checking her out.

I pointed a couple of them out to her, and she was really flattered. She even made eye contact with one, and smiled at him. It was the most flirtatious I had seen her acting in a long time, and I was ecstatic. Maybe she was coming out of her shell.

The guy that she smiled at came over to our table and started to chitchat. Before we could see where that could be headed, our table for dinner was ready, so we parted ways.

Over dinner, I asked Lauren whether she had been turned on by the attention from the stranger. She blushed, and said "well, maybe a little." I decided to take my chances, and asked if she ever thought about doing another guy. She got quite embarrassed, and looked down at her plate. But she didn't say no.

I saw an opening I needed to exploit. "So you have thought about it!" I said, being careful to not sound accusatory. "That's all right, I don't have any problem with that at all," I continued.

She looked up at me and said, "well, maybe a little."

"A 'little', huh," I said. "Tell me more."

She was silent.

"What kind of guys do you think about?" I asked. "Movie stars? Jocks? Guys you work with? Our friends? Maybe Jake?"

Lauren got embarrassed again. She looked away.

"So, all of the above!" I said. She just laughed and didn't deny it.

"What about your brother?" I queried.

I recognized a moment's hesitation before she said, "no, that's wrong".

"I don't know," I said. "I used to see the way you two roughhoused when you were kids, I always thought there was a strong sexual tension."

Lauren blushed deeply. "No, it's just a sister/brother thing," she answered, not very convincingly.

I was elated. "Well, I'll tell you what, I'd sure like to get into Vangie," I said, looking Lauren straight in the eye. "She is one hotty. Maybe we can have an orgy with them at the beach."

Lauren just looked at me and said, "you're crazy," but again she wasn't convincing. I was pretty sure she was considering the prospect, and that it appealed to her.

We finished dinner and got in the car to head back to the motel. I reached over and kissed her, and ran my hand up under her skirt to her panty-clad crotch. I was happy to find that her panties were soaked.

"Umm, I can see all that talk turned you on," I said.

"Yes, hurry back to the room, or I'll just suck you off here," she replied huskily.

I thought about having her blow me right there in the parking lot, but decided to get back to the room. I did unzip my pants, take out my dick, and have her play with it all the way back to the room. We were barely inside the door before she had my dick in her mouth. She deep throated me, moaning and whimpering as she did . It was just like the old days.

It didn't take me long to shoot my jizz down her throat. She gobbled and swallowed it all, which she hadn't done in years.

I undressed her, and ate her to a resounding orgasm, which didn't take too long either.

Spent, we both collapsed on the bed. I didn't know how quickly I could get hard again, but truth be told, I was want to save my strength for the coming (or cumming) week. I was now optimistic about getting some sex play going.

We resumed our trip the next morning. Without the effect of tequila, Lauren was more reserved, but I was determined to press sex talk. I steered the conversation back to her fantasies, and got her to acknowledge that she did often think about sex with other men. She had recently gotten very active in a professional organization related to her work, and was traveling to out of town conferences two or three times a year. For the first time, it occurred to me that she might have been having sex with other guys on those trips. She knew that I used to fool around regularly when I traveled frequently in my work, so I really didn't have any room complain. But I decided not to go there today; I didn't trust my own potential jealousy.

I did press ahead about her feelings for her brother. I did get her to admit to some curiosity about what kind of a lover he is, but that is as far as I could get. She was more open to talk about my lust for Vangie, and ultimately acknowledged that she would like to see me fuck her.

By the time we pulled up to the house, I was ecstatic. Lauren had tacitly agreed to help get Vangie into bed, and I was optimistic that I could get her and Brad going as well. The week was going to get a great kickoff!

We busied ourselves getting the house ready for guests. Lauren seemed preoccupied, as I guess she was processing our conversations over the past two days. I could only hope that I had aroused longing for her brother. It wouldn't be long before I could find out.

Brad and Vangie arrived on time at about 7 PM. We greeted them at the door with warm hugs all the way around. I held Vangie tight for a long time, until she seemed to get uncomfortable and tried to pull away. She looked at me strangely, but I couldn't read anything into the look. I looked over at Brad and Lauren, and she was holding his hands and looking deeply into his eyes. He shifted his weight from foot to foot and looked uncomfortable, too.

We put shrimp and scallop kabobs on the grill and settled back with margaritas to catch up. It had been months since we had seen Brad and Vangie. Vangie looked better than ever. She seemed to have put on a little weight, but it looked good on her, and at least some of it seemed to have settled in her boobs.

"You're looking better than ever, Vangie," I commented.

"Thank you," she replied shyly.

"And so are you," Lauren said to her brother.

"What, are you guys fishing for compliments," Brad responded. "You all look great, too."

We all agreed that it was great to be away from kids, jobs, and everyday pressures. We all got mellower as we talked about how relaxed we were.

We continued to talk as the food cooked. By the time the meal was ready, the wives were on their second margaritas, and Brad and I had switched to beer. As we sat down to eat, I mixed up another pitcher of margaritas, much stronger than the first batch. When I started pouring them for the women from the second batch, they didn't seem to notice that the alcohol content was ratcheted up a notch or two.

We had a very pleasant dinner, enjoying good company and good food. There was some flirting, mostly me with Vangie, but mainly everybody just felt loose.

After we cleared off the dinner dishes, I grabbed the margaritas (we were on the third batch by then) and a bucket of iced beers, and led everyone into the living room.

"Why don't we watch some videos," I said as I pulled out my box of tapes.

"Oh man, did you bring some porn?" Brad asked, sounding like an excited kid. I knew that Brad loved porn and that Vangie didn't let him bring it in the house.

"Yeah, I did, just for you and Vangie," I responded. I looked at Vangie and she blushed.

"What are you in the mood for?" I asked Brad. "I've got lots of different types."

"How 'bout some anal," Brad answered, "since that's something I can't get at home."

Vangie looked mortified, and took an embarrassed, playful swing at her husband. I smiled to myself and thought "bingo", because I had a tape that had both sex between siblings and anal.

I inserted the tape into the VCR, and went over to sit by Lauren on the floor, with our backs leaning against the couch. Brad and Vangie sat on a love seat which was behind and to the right of the couch. They couldn't see anything but our legs, but if I turned around and looked around the corner of the couch, I could see them.

I started the video, and the screen sprang to like. Everyone was silent as the movie started. Nobody said anything as the title rolled by, "Family Reunion". The plot such, as it was, involved a brother and sister, their spouses, and a cousin. They got down to sex pretty quickly after a little dialogue, first with the sister's husband getting it on with the brother's wife. As they got down to serious fucking on the screen, there was a lot of heavy breathing in the room. I looked back at Brad and Vangie. Since it took me a few moments to look around the sofa, they had some advance warning. By the time I got around to see them, I could tell they had just adjusted their positions. Still, Vangie's legs were spread apart, and Brad's hand was up her skirt. She had her hand on his crotch, and obviously had been rubbing him through his clothes.

"Enjoying the movie?" I asked.

"Oh yeah," Brad answered.

"What about you?" I asked Vangie, looking directly into her beautiful blue eyes.

"Yeah, me too," Vangie answered, giving Brad a little squeeze.

I turned my attention back to the movie and to Lauren. I had been playing with her tits, and now pulled her shirt off. I knew that Brad and Vangie could see that. I had on shorts with a very wide leg opening, and I was able to get my cock free. I guided Lauren's hand to it, and she grasped my cock and started to slowly stroke. After a few minutes, I put my hand on the back of her head and guided it down to my crotch. She raised her head and looked back toward the other couple, but put her head back down and took my cock in her mouth.

Lauren began to get more and more into sucking me. There were fucking sounds from the video, but her sucking me was getting louder. I took the remote and subtly turned down the sound on the TV to ensure that Lauren's sucking could be heard.

A few minutes later I looked over my shoulder and saw that Brad had gotten off the love seat and peered over the sofa to see what we were doing. We didn't make eye contact, but I knew he saw his sister sucking my cock.

Minutes later, I heard slurping sounds from the love seat. I peeked around the corner and saw Brad with his head buried in Vangies crotch. She had her head tilted back and her eyes closed as she held his head tight against her pussy.

Whispering and motioning to Lauren, I said "here we go." I got up and walked over to the back of the love seat, taking off my shorts as I went. I stepped to the edge of the love seat and put my cock up to Vangie's face.

When she felt my cock on her cheek, her eyes shot open. Her look of shock quickly turned to one of lust as I rubbed my cock on her cheek and chin, the combination of my pre-cum and Lauren's saliva leaving wet streaks. When I reached her mouth, it opened and she eagerly licked me.

About this time Brad looked up from eating his wife's pussy. He just kind of grinned, and dove back in to Vangie's cunt. Vangie, meanwhile had started to suck me in earnest.

I could see Lauren out of the corner of my eye, and saw her strip off her shorts. Clad in bra and panties, she got down on the floor with her brother. Without making him stop his ministration to his wife's cunt, she maneuvered under him and pulled down his shorts. She hungrily took his cock in his mouth and started sucking him off.

I looked upon the randy scene with glee. Here I was getting head from my brother-in-law's wife, while my wife sucked off her brother. My wildest dreams were being fulfilled.

Eventually, Brad's feast on Vangie's pussy became a casualty of the sucking. He was too distracted by Lauren's sucking him, and Vangie was too distracted by sucking me. Brad lay over on his back to give Lauren better access to his cock and balls, and Vangie changed her position on the love seat to get a better angle on me.

The two women worked on us in earnest. The sound on the TV was still on, but the room was dominated by the sucking and slurping sounds of Lauren and Vangie, mixed with their cooing.

Vangie was every bit as good at sucking cock as I thought she would be. In her hot mouth, I knew I wouldn't last too long. As I felt myself about to cum, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed as far down her throat as I could. Vangie gagged a little, then squealed with delight as she felt my cum on the back of her throat.

Brad, watching his wife deep throat and take the cum of his sister's husband while that sister deep throated him, didn't last long either. As I was still cumming, I heard him yelling, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

As Brad came in his sister's throat, he said, "Oh god yes, take my cum Lauren, take my cum!"

Lauren hardly needed any encouragement, but she increased her milking of her brother's cock with her mouth. Finally, as his cock began to go flaccid, she released it from her mouth, licking it clean of cum that had dripped to his balls.

Brad collapsed on the love seat next to his wife. Lauren moved over to Vangie and said. "poor sister-in-law, Brad didn't finish eating you out." She moved her face to licked some cum off her cheek. She kissed Vangie full on the lips, pulled back and showed us that she still had some of Brad's cum in her mouth. She kissed Vangie again, and we could see that she was passing the cum to her.

I was shocked. I had never imagined Lauren doing this. I was even more shocked at what came next.

Lauren slid down to the floor in front of Vangie. "Here, let me finish what my brother started," she said, as she began to lick Vangie's slit.

I watched in disbelief as my wife ate her sister-in-laws pussy. It clearly dawned on me that this was not Lauren's first pussy eating; it certainly looked like she knew what she was doing.

Vangie pushed Lauren's head away and said, "I want to eat you, too."

Vangie pushed past Lauren and lay down on the floor. Lauren got over her in classic "69" position, lowering her pussy to Vangie's face while putting her mouth back over Vangie's cunt.

Brad and I stared incredulous at our wives licking each other's pussy. But the shocks weren't over yet.

The scene on the video now was one of the women getting her ass fucked. She was loudly yelling "fuck me in my ass, fuck me in my ass." I could see Brad stroking his cock back to life, alternating watching the video and watching Lauren and Vangie.

Lauren could hear the sound from the video, and she lifted her face from Vangie and panted, "somebody fuck my asshole while I eat this pussy."

Brad and I looked at each other in disbelief. Then I realized he was asking me a question with his expression.

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