tagIncest/TabooFamily Canoe Race (Revised)

Family Canoe Race (Revised)


This story was posted on Literotica awhile back, I unpublished it here in favor of trying to make it a better story. I want to give thanks to Le Gourmand for editing and helping me with this story.


Ever since I can remember our family always has gone on some kind of vacation with my Aunt Pam's family. Pam is my mother's (Karen) sister.

This year my Dad (Larry), and Uncle (Jack), took their time deciding on what we were going to do for this year's vacation. They were talking about what to do for months; we normally go camping and hiking in remote areas, as we are all seasoned campers and the outdoors is just no stranger to any of us.

My name is Bill and I just turned 18. I am in my senior year in high school, and most likely this year's outing could be my last vacation with the family. My cousin Jake just turned 18 and is also a senior, and with that being said, this year's plan was for all of us to go on vacation right after we graduate.

Dad and Uncle Jack finally came up with a five day long canoe vacation trip, not just any leisurely canoe trip, but a race to up the ante and make things much more fun than the usual humdrum camping vacation. Dad and Uncle on one team, Jake and I on team two, and my Mom and Aunt Pam in the last canoe. Dad and Uncle Jack got on the computer and found an ideal location; it is going to be in an area where not very many people live or visit, an isolated little region where we wouldn't be bothered much.

We're going to be canoeing on a stretch of river where very few people live, and will have to camp on the bank of the river at days end.

Supplies will be distributed equally between the teams because we will most likely not be together at the camp sites, having to separate from the very start of the race.

My Dad said as much, that to always be careful since we wouldn't be together and that help was a long way's away and that being self-sufficient was the best thing we could do out there. Gathered around a computer screen with an outline of our route, the excitement of the race was a palpable charge in the air as we surveyed our start and finish lines on the big screen.

Mom grinned at my Aunt, a knowing glimmer in her eyes, "I think this will be a lot of fun and we can handle being out and away from you manly men for a while."

"Sure, it could be a lot of fun and us girls are going to win!" Aunt Pam said, so giddy with excitement it looked like she was going to explode.

Dad told everyone we need to make sure we have enough equipment for the trip and that meant manually going through each piece in our kit and double-checking it was good. The week that followed we came up with a check list and went though all of our gear and found out what was needed and decided to rent the canoes from the town where the start point was going to be for the race. Better to spend a few bucks for the canoes there than buying new ones and hauling the heavy things to the camping grounds.

On the map, our destination was about three days journey from the starting point and it looked like no one lived between the two towns. Jack was sure that the race would only take us about two days but gave everyone an extra day to make sure we would have time to enjoy ourselves. He knew that my Mom and my Aunt most likely would take their time for pictures and enjoyment of the sights along the river.

My Mom and Aunt also got on the computer to research the area. They even sent out a few emails to wilderness sites in the area requesting information. Which really ended up being a few locals, but Mom and my Aunt exchanged e mails with a few of them.

I guess it would be a good idea to tell a little bit about everyone before I continue my story. My Dad and Uncle Jack are both in great shape, they don't have six pack bellies but neither do they have a gut so typical of middle-aged men and always work hard to stay in top physical shape. They both stand over six feet tall and they are very competitive in everything they do. Both men work very hard, so when it comes time to play, they like to play hard. It was pretty much a forgone conclusion that they would finish the race ahead of the other two canoes. Only thing this year Jake and I were planning to show them that the young men in the family were taking over the winning spot this year.

Jake and I played sports in school, but we were not the star players. We are kind of on the small side, about 5 feet 7 inches tall each. Most people say we look like brothers. Same as our fathers we are both very competitive and don't let our size slow us down.

In my opinion (and that's about as honest and brutal as I can get), Mom and Aunt Pam are MILFs. They both stand about 5' 5", and have impressive figures, with long muscular, smooth legs, and outstanding sets of racks. Both work out regularly which give them a small waist and a very flat stomach with the mild definition of athletic forms, especially when their bodies gleam with sweat during their more candid moments from the gym.

To top off their sex appeal they have long wavy black hair which fall down their backs and around their shoulders. I think Mom's is a little bit longer. Mom is 41 years old and is an educated businesswoman with a master's degree. She's a manager for a fairly large company and has seven people working for her. She generally tries to downplay her physical assets, but enjoys showing off her body when in a swim suit. She's used to men noticing her; they hit on her all the time but she always cuts them down or brushes them off. She is also big in the church and even sings in the choir.

My Aunt is 38 and she also works but I am not sure what she really does. Like I said she is every bit as attractive as her sister, Karen. I have fantasies about being with my Aunt from time to time, such as they are. You really can't resist imagining the things you'd do when looking at that fine ass coupled to those runner's legs.

The day to depart on vacation came and we took Dad's car and Uncle Jack's old truck. We loaded all the equipment and supplies into the truck, leaving plenty of room in the car. I rode with Uncle Jack and the rest of the party rode with Dad. It took all day just to get to the town we rented the canoes from, so we ended up spending the first night in a motel. I swear, sitting in that beat up old truck for one whole day is not fun. It felt like my ass was going to fall off when we reached the halfway point. By the time we go to the town? I felt practically like a paraplegic.

That evening Dad and Uncle Jack went to the rental place to make sure we still had three rented canoes. The guy at the shop said everything seemed to be a go. He told them to stop by in the morning to pick up the canoes and touch base with the guy who was going to pick us up at the other end of the journey.

"Is it ok if we park the truck and car here, while we were on the river?" Dad asked the guy behind the register who sported a beer belly that looked like it came straight out of the middle of a trailer park.

"No problem." Beer gut man replied. And that was that.

The next day we all got to the rental place around 8:00 am. We all had on shorts and t-shirts, except Mom and Aunt Pam; they both had on tight tank tops that clung to their huge racks, showing those heavenly breast-curves that made my pants feel just a little bit tighter than they were.

The tank tops had a very low neckline which showed a lot of their cleavage. It was obvious that my Aunt wasn't wearing a bra. My eyes went right to their tits so fast I had to force myself to look away before I got caught looking. They also were wearing the bottoms of their swim suits which didn't cover very much, and boy, I sure wasn't complaining. It was quite obvious that they were sisters, with the same build, and nearly identical features. They could have been twins for all the difference it made.

I overheard Dad talking to Mom, "Don't you two think you're showing a little too much in those outfits?" and I couldn't help but hear a bit of exasperated humor in his voice.

Mom replied, laughing, "We're on the river, in a canoe who's going to see us?" it was pretty obvious they wanted to show off, but hell, like I said, I wasn't complaining and wouldn't be the first to, either.

Dad just rolled his eyes at that, not wanting to make a fuss over it, but Mom wasn't done, "I know why you don't like us dressing this way. You're thinking we might win because you guys are going to be too busy watching us."

Dad just laughed at that, "Jack and I will be so far ahead we won't be watching, but maybe your son and nephew might be looking." They both were laughing after that comment.

Everyone was grabbing their own equipment and food to load into the canoes. As we were doing this I notice about four guys standing around watching us. They looked to be my age or a little bit older. It looked like this was the hangout for this small town and we were right in the middle of it at the busiest time, which isn't saying much.

Jake was helping me, getting the gear out of the truck because everyone was responsible for loading their own canoe. I couldn't help but watch Mom and Aunt Pam load their canoe in the corner of my eye, they just looked so hot in their outfits. Sweat gleamed off of the bare parts of their bodies that weren't covered in their clothes that were beginning to stick to their skin, and each gentle curve of their legs, to their cleavages and the obvious free swaying of my aunts bra-less breasts just yanked my eyes to stare. I wanted to stare and look and see so bad, but this was just the start and there'll be plenty of opportunities for looking later on.

On one of their trips back to the truck to pick up gear I saw my Mom and Aunt looking around to see if anyone was watching and I turned my head the other way before they could catch me. Not seeing anyone watching them they walked around the back of the rental office and moved where they didn't think anyone could see them. The only problem they had was me loading my canoe and from there I could see both of them.

They kept looking over at me and must have decided that I wasn't paying them any attention. I was keeping them in sight now knowing Dad and my Uncle Jack couldn't see them.

As I watched, I saw one of the guys walk up to them and Mom handed him a envelope. I was really surprised and curious but I didn't say anything to Jake, who wasn't paying attention. The two women had a few words with the young guy then it looked like they showed him their tits. It seemed that way from the look on the guy's face, but I guess I was in denial. I must be mistaken, they wouldn't do anything like that. After that my Aunt and Mom went back to the truck to get more gear to put into their canoe. I didn't say anything to them about what I saw, and I soon forgot about it.

After a bit, Jake joined me and we both started to watch our Moms taking their last bit of gear to the canoe. Then I noticed that we weren't the only ones watching them, the group of guys hanging around the rental place were also watching them.

Jake departed to talk with his Dad and I moved over to where I could listen to what the four guys were talking about.

One of the locals started to talk, "Check out the two women over there with the big tits. They both have some nice, sexy, long legs."

I pretended that I wasn't paying attention, as they made a few more crude comments about their tits and legs. They were also wondering if they would be a good fuck. Then the guy who my Mom gave the envelope to joined them.

One of them asked, "Are those the two bitches you were telling us about? They are even hotter than you said, man."

The guy answered, "They sure are, paid me 800 dollars for us to fulfill their fantasy. I made them show me their tits to make sure they were serous about it."

"How did they look?"

"They were amazing. Huge, but with a hint of sag to them but for their age they looked great."

"Nice. Where are they going?"

"The six of them are racing down the river to the next town. The two women are hoping to be camping by themselves."

"Hell yeah! We just need to keep them in sight, and watch to see where they make camp."

"If they're by themselves. Then we walk up to them and "help" them with their fantasy."

"What do you mean, man? Spill the details."

"We will go into the plan that the older MILF and I came up with. I'll fill you guys in later after everyone is together. Then we will all find out first hand if they're a good fuck or not."

Laughing, another commented, "Bitches, you'd better watch out tonight; the locals are a coming to give you what you want."

They then wandered down to the river, close to the canoes. I didn't think anyone else in our party heard them talking. I knew that I should say something to Dad, but I didn't think anything would happen. It was just a bunch of guys talking shit. I did decide to talk with Jake about keeping our moms within eyesight. Just in case.

After getting the canoes all loaded, Uncle Jack went over the rules. The four local guys were standing nearby, close enough to listen in. There really weren't any hard rules; I guess it just made Uncle Jack feel important instructing us.

"You are on your own for camping at night. If you're close to someone else in the party then you can camp with them if you choose. Whichever team gets to the next town first is the winner." He said, holding out a map of his own and looking goofy in a life vest and a pair of neon nylon shorts and aqua socks. He looked like someone straight from the 90s about to play lifeguard in Baywatch.

"What do we win?" I asked, not knowing where that question came from but blurting it out even before I realized I asked it.

"I will make sure the winner gets a trophy." Uncle Jack said, a knowing glint in his eyes, if a little bit of mischief and good humor. He didn't elaborate what kind of "trophy" it was going to be, though, but surprises are almost always fun coming from the right people.

We all laughed and shouted sarcastically, "Okay! But it better be a good trophy or else I'm taking the car and heading home." Someone said. I think it was Aunt Pam. I forget.

Getting into our respective canoes, we all lined up as best as we can on the river, and making cursory checks to make sure all was well. I was a bit tense and excited, and shared one last glance over to the sisters in their canoe, appreciating the barely-hidden forms of their breasts behind their thin shirts.

"Go!" Mom yelled, and everyone started paddling frantically.

Off Aunt Pam and Mom went. I saw the four local guys jump into their jeep and headed off. I was hoping that would be the last we saw of them, but somehow I suspected that wouldn't be the case.

By the time Jake and I got started we were behind the other two canoes. We could see Dad and Uncle Jack catching our Moms. After a while we started to catch up with the women. They were slowing down to admire the scenery, which was breath-taking. Snow-capped mountains off in the distance, pine trees lined the rolling hills to either side of the river and the air just smelled clean enough to take the city smog out of your lungs with just a handful of breaths. I was almost tempted to slow down and admire the view, but I wasn't thinking about the pine trees or mountains or even the squirrels.

As we caught up with the ladies it was almost lunch time and we both pulled over to the side to eat lunch together, picking a small clearing with shrubs and a pine tree to sit under.

As if to fill the silence, or just for the heck of saying something, Aunt Pam said, apropos of nothing, "The river is beautiful and very relaxing." We all couldn't help but agree, murmuring as we settled in for our well-deserved sandwiches.

"But after lunch we were going to kick in a little to get ahead of you two. Wouldn't want to lose a race to a couple girls." I said, grinning, saying it with more conviction that I meant, and shared a laugh with Jake.

The women just laughed. They didn't sound convinced. That or they had other things on their mind other than winning the canoe race.

After a few more minutes of eating I started to day dream and ogled my Aunt's body, but mostly her tits. I had a clear line of sight straight at her cleavage.

A sudden, "Hey Bill!" startled me from my daydreaming, and realized it was my Mom, "Like what you're looking at?"

Without once taking my eyes from my Aunt's chest and pointing past her, I affected a bit of a nonchalance I did not feel one bit, "Yes I do, that rack on that deer over there looks great."

Everyone turns to look and I continue. "You made it run off." Not sure if anyone believed me, but it sounded good to me.

Jake chuckled, "Let's get going. We need to move on." I agreed, but felt a little bit more than a hint of regret to be leaving that front-row seat to Aunt Pam's wonderful rack.

As we were getting into the canoe I looked up and saw the jeep up in the woods. "Must be a fire trail up there," I said, mostly talking to myself, 'Shit! Those guys are keeping an eye on us.' I said, seeing a jeep easing into a trail in the distance out of the corner of my eye. It wasn't far, but neither was it close enough to make its engine audible over the distance. The bright red paint job and blind luck just made it easier for me to catch it before it snuck off behind some trees.

Kicking off the shoreline while keeping an eye out for the red jeep, I tried to talk Jake into staying close to our Moms. "No, we need to win this. If we stay too close to the girls they might catch us with our pants down. We wouldn't be able to live it down for years." Jake said by way of reply.

"We have time to catch our Dads tomorrow. Let's keep them in sight to make sure they don't have issues making camp tonight."

"Okay we can keep them within eyesight today but that's it. Tomorrow we're going to have to work our butts off to catch our Dads."

Noon soon turned to 2 PM and that soon turned to 4 PM, but paddling down that serene river and appreciating the views nature gave us, and the occasional views my Mom and Aunt gave made those hours feel like nothing. Around 5 PM I looked back and saw Mom and Aunt Pam turning towards the river's edge. "Looks like they are headed in to make camp." I mumbled to Jake and he just nodded.

Jake just looked at me and we made it around the bend and out of sight of the women before heading in for the night. We'd end up about half a mile down the river from them. Plenty close enough.

After we set up camp, Jake noticed how anxious and fidgety I looked and asked what was up, "I'm going to hike back to check on our Moms, you want to come along?"

Jake laughed, ribbing me with the usual, "You're such a mommy's boy. I'm going to get some sleep and don't you get lost. I can help fight off people but I can't fight a bear and this sleeping bag is starting to get real comfy."

Since the guys were driving along the side of the river, l figured there must be a fire trail up on the ridge. So I hiked up ridge towards the area where I figured the fire trail should be. After a few minutes I found the trail; it wasn't very far from the river and about a football pitch away. Following it back towards the area I figured the women pulled up to shore.

About fifteen minutes later I heard a vehicle off in the distance, so I jumped into a nearby bush to hide out of sight. I saw two jeeps coming to a stop and eight guys jumping out. They were all laughing, as if excited at the prospect of having their biggest dreams coming true.

"Be quiet, they want us to take them by surprise," said one of the guys. It was the same guy who saw my Mom's and Aunt's tits earlier, and I couldn't help but feel a hint of jealousy burning in some deep, forgotten place inside of me.

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