tagIncest/TabooFamily Farm Fun Ch. 5

Family Farm Fun Ch. 5

byTawny T©

The next morning Kim was up early. She put on her house slippers and went into the kitchen. Mae was there alone. They kissed briefly and Mae told her Ed would be back in a moment. Kim had on another of her shorty nightgowns with nothing on under it. If anything, this one was even thinner than the one she had on the morning before when she had given Ed a real show of her young body. Mae looked at her body and giggled.

"Why not give Ed a really sexy show, get him all hot and bothered? Mind?" Mae asked, a big grin on her face.

"How far do you want me to go?" Kim laughed.

"Honey, as far as you want to go. Tease him. Give him a good look at those beautiful young breasts and maybe a look at your sweet pussy. It's up to you. I think it will be hilarious." Mae dropped her voice to a whisper as they heard Ed come down the hall.

Kim greeted Ed with a kiss on his cheek, turned and went over to the sink. She bent forward and splashed a little water on her face. Her gown rode up in the back almost giving Ed a view to her pussy. Her thighs were revealed almost to the curly brown hair of her pussy. Ed turned red and it was all Mae could do to keep from laughing. Kim "accidentally" spilled a little water on the front of her gown making the material over one breast almost transparent. She pretended not to notice and went toward the table.

"Kim, sit here, I spilled milk on that seat a little while ago, and it's still wet." Mae said indicating the chair Kim usually sat in, as Kim came back to the table. She sat Kim directly across from Ed. Kim wondered at her strategy. During the meal she bent forward several times to reach something, giving Ed a good glimpse of her breasts. She was unable to lean far enough to be able to let him see down to her nipples, but the one was almost naked where the water had wet the thin fabric. Ed was unable to keep his eyes off of Kim's erect nipple and the pink of her areola around it. Under the table Mae reached over stroked Kim's thigh then pulled it wide and winked at her.

Mae knocked the peppershaker off of the table so it went under it. "Honey, would you get that for me, please?" As soon as Ed's head started down Mae looked at Kim and pantomimed for her to spread her thighs further apart. Kim let her thighs spread a little wider, so that by the time Ed got his under the table they were wide spread and her pussy was wide open. Even though the light under the table was dim, she knew that the thin gown didn't really shadow her pussy and Ed could see her treasures clearly.

There was a massive thump from under the table. "Honey, you OK under there?" Mae asked trying hard not to laugh.

"I'm OK, I just hit my head on the table." Came the muffled voice, filled with pain. There was a scraping and rattling.

"What's the trouble honey, can't you get to the shaker?" Mae asked, then bit her hand to keep from laughing out. Kim bit her lip to stop her laughter.

"It rolled under the leg and is hard to reach. I'll get it in a minute." Came the muffled response.

The women were almost in stitches, knowing Ed was looking up Kim's gown, and could see her pussy clearly. Finally Ed came out from under the table, his face was red as a beet.

"You OK, Honey? Your face is red as can be." Mae asked. Ed mumbled something about straining to reach the shaker. He handed her the peppershaker.

When he got up to leave there was a bulge in his pants. He turned away quickly, but not fast enough that the two women didn't see the huge bulge of his swollen cock. As they had done the day before, they dissolved into gales of laughter.

"I think your Uncle got a very good look at your young pussy, Miss Kim." Mae said, tears running down her cheeks.

"He sure is well endowed. I noticed that the other night. How big is he?" Kim asked, still laughing with her Aunt. Mae told her that she had measured him and he was seven and a half inches long along the top of his cock, and almost two and quarter inches thick. Kim's eyebrows went up at that. She asked if that was the norm for a man. Mae told her the average male was six and a half, and she wasn't sure what the average thickness was, but that Ed's cock was the thickest she's ever seen.

The two finished cleaning up the kitchen and Kim went to dress. She heard the phone ring while she was dressing.

Minutes later Mae stood in the doorway. "Kim, I have a good friend coming over today. She's one of my lady lovers. I was hoping she'd come while you were here. She lives about a hundred miles away, and is here visiting her sister. She'll be here in about thirty minuets. I have to take a quick shower, and I'll be right back.

Not to be left out, Kim went into the bathroom. Mae was douching.

Are you two going to make love?" Kin asked, wondering at the preparations.

"I sure hope so. I hope you don't mind. I'm not sure about her though. She might object to making love with you around." Mae said slipping into the shower.

Kim thought about it, and then quickly douched too. She slipped into the shower before Mae had finished and told her what she had done.

"Well, you are certainly welcome if she wants to make love to both of us. I'll let her decide. Get dressed in something sexy, and revealing. Not sluttish however. Just tastefully sexy. OK?" Her Aunt said soaping Kim's breasts.

When Penny arrived Kim and Mae were in the den sitting watching TV. Penny was a beautiful woman Mae's age, tall and slender with jet-black hair worn in bangs, her hair cut in a short stylish fashion, small pert breasts and a pleasant personality. Mae introduced the two, and at first Penny looked disappointed that the young girl was there. Kim quickly set the woman at ease. Soon they were talking like old friends.

Penny quickly seemed entranced by the young girl. Kim had worn a rather low cut blouse that showed quite a bit of her young bosom, no bra to hold up her firm young breasts, and a skirt that was short enough to show her legs off to full advantage. She let her thighs spread just enough to give Penny glimpses of her soft white thighs, but not enough to show that she had no panties on. Her brown hair was brushed forward to curl at the front and her hazel eyes and long lashes seemed to draw Penny's admiring looks to her.

Kim felt Penny's attention to her wasn't one of just noticing a girl sitting there. She caught Penny's eyes on her breasts and thighs several times. She thought she might as well get the subject out in the open. "I understand you two are lovers." Kim said in a conversational tone. "That's OK, I have a good friend who I hope to make love to when I get back. She and I have masturbated together, and she has a really sexy body. I'm sure Aunt Mae's lessons in making love to a woman will come in handy."

Penny's mouth dropped open and Kim and Mae laughed at her discomfiture. Mae went over to her and kissed her softly. She slid her tongue into Penny's mouth and cupped one breast.

"It's OK, she knows all about us. I've been teaching her how to make love to a woman. She and I have been making love for the past week and she's a really good pupil. We'd love to have a threesome with you. Are you up to it, Dearest?" Mae asked her lover.

"Well, certainly. Ah, but she's just so young, I just wondered. Kim, you are a very beautiful young lady, but are you sure you want this?'' Penny asked her face showing concern for the situation.

"Absolutely! Mae and I have made love and I think making lovemaking with a woman is fantastic. I had wondered about it, and I was the instigator in this case. I'll admit Mae led me on a little by taking a shower with the door open, and showing off her beautiful body, but I was the one who got in the shower with her, and then we make love together. I'm certainly old enough to know what I want, and make up my own mind." Kim told Penny

"Well, I just wanted to make sure. Mae, you vixen, why didn't you tell me you had a new beautiful sexy lover?" Penny asked turning to Mae.

" Guess we've been too busy. Tell her what you've been doing since you got here, Kim." Mae said. Kim told Penny what she'd been doing, leaving absolutely nothing out. She sat her face one of astonishment, then wonder. She shook her head at what Kim had done, and laughed at how they had gotten Ed excited.

"Damn, young lady. You're really an adventurous soul. I've only thought of some of the things you've done, but didn't have the courage do half of them. Wow!" She said and shook her pretty head.

Mae got up and went into the kitchen and fixed drinks. She didn't give Kim any liquor, and Kim was just as glad. It only made her dizzy the two times she drank it, and she didn't like that. Kim moved on the sofa beside Penny with Mae on the other side of Penny. Penny reached out and took Kim's head and kissed her very softly. Her lips were so tender and soft, and her touch made Kim almost melt. She was beautiful and Kim found her very desirable. The thought of making love to a new and different woman made her very hot.

Kim turned on the sofa facing Penny, and moved close and leaned toward her, kissing her softly letting her wet lips move across Penny's. She reached over with one hand and cupped Penny's small firm breast, found the nipple and squeezed it a little. . Penny let her tongue slip out to brush across Kim's lips. It sent a thrill all the way down to her pussy. She loved the taste and feel of this new lover. She glanced over at Mae and found her smiling, and Mae gave her a wink.

"Mmm, Mae, I like this young lady's style. You've taught her well. Lets get naked and see how she is when it comes to making love to a pussy. I certainly want to get my lips and tongue in your treasure trove, beautiful Kim!" Penny said kissing Kim ardently.

"Penny, why don't you just sit here, and let me do my Basic Lesbian 101 homework. Aunt Mae has taught me a great deal, but I've been limited on who I can practice on. Would you like to be my 'class project'? I'm a straight 'A' student so far, according to Aunt Mae. " Kim smiled at Penny and kissed her lips softly.

"Kim, you are a very lovely young lady, with a damn sexy body. I'd adore being your class project. I'm all yours, Sweetheart." Penny laughed and kissed Kim back.

Kim softly kissed the dark haired beauty, her hand fondling her firm small breast. She used all her skills her Aunt had taught her by going slowly. Her fingers soon had Penny's top unbuttoned and her hand found the warm soft flesh of the firm breasts. The nipple was hard against her palm as she stroked the breast. Their tongues fenced, wound together, and Kim's talented tongue soon had Penny on fire. Kim pressed her back gently and removed the top, uncovering the twin peaks to her gaze and lips. They were magnificent, totally different from Mae full beauties. The areolas were dark almost chocolate in color, puffy, swollen, the nipple, a darker nub sticking up, waiting to be sucked and nibbled on.

Kim kissed the under breasts, licking the sensitive flesh, while she rolled the nipple, making it harder. Penny's hands moved through her long brown hair stroking it. It felt so sensual. She spent a long time on Penny's breast then moved to the other and gave it her undivided attention. The first breast was now swollen, the nipple longer and more erect. She loved the taste and smell of Penny's sweet body. She wondered what exotic perfume she wore.

She moved down, kissing Penny's body till she got to her skirt. She unfastened it and slid it off as Penny lifted her hips up a little. Penny wore a pair of sheer thin panties, and garter belt, holding up long, black figured hose. They were erotic against her white skin. Kim moved down and got on the floor, she spread Penny's knees and moved between them. She took Penny's leg and kissed downward slowly, she removed her shoes and sucked on her toes through the thin mesh. Penny groaned. Kim kneaded and massaged her feet and toes, one by one. She moved to the other foot and did the same thing.

"I want to leave your sexy hose on. God you have beautiful legs. The stocking really set off your white thighs. I can hardly wait till I slip off those thin panties. I can see a damp spot along the crotch. I'll bet it's soaked with your pussy juices. I want to taste you there. I'll make you wild with my tongue." Kim said seductively kissing Penny's ankle.

Penny looked over at Mae, shook her head slowly at the young lover at her feet. Kim stroked and kissed her way slowly up the raven-haired beauty's legs, making Penny squirm as she laved kisses and caresses on her thin clad legs. Kim kissed and licked every inch of the white inner thighs above the stocking tops, and could see the dark stain on the panties grow. She smiled knowing her lessons had been well learned from her beautiful Aunt.

Kim made eye contact as much as possible with Penny as she moved closer to her pussy. Her hazes eyes and long lashes captivated Penny, and Kim was drawn to the deep brown eyes of her beautiful partner. The black hair set off her lovely face and her eyes seemed to be dark pools that Kim wanted to swim in. She kissed the soft, milk white thighs till her nose was almost buried in Penny's pussy. She ran her tongue up and down the crotch area, She could smell the excited womanly odor there, similar but different from hers and Mae's. She nuzzled it and rooted against it with her nose, pressing the cloth between the pussy lips. She felt Penny's fingernails bite into her scalp and knew her efforts on it were not in vain.

Kim slid her hands to Penny's hips and pulled the panties down. Penny lifted her hips and Kim slid them off. She took them and held them up to her nose and smelled the heady aroma of Penny's pussy juices. She put the crotch in her mouth and while looking directly at Penny sucked sensuously on the crotch. She could taste the heady flavor of Penny's excitement. She closed her eyes and savored the taste and smell, making herself and Penny wait, and their desires heighten. It worked, for when she opened her eyes Penny's hand was at her crotch and her finger buried inside her pussy.

"No, no, Beautiful Lady, not yet! Let me have that finger." Kim took the finger and brought it to her lips. She sucked it into her mouth and tasted Penny's pussy juices on it. She slid her lips downward, sucking and tonguing the finger. She slid it in and out of her mouth several times cleaning it. "Patience, my dear Love, patience."

Penny threw her head back, a throaty laugh coming from her. She was in good hands! This young beautiful girl was no novice. Mae had taught the brown haired young lady well. She slid down a little giving Kim easier access to her spread pussy. Penny's pubic hair was trimmed neatly. The hair was jet-black like her head; she'd trimmed it into a long narrow rectangle above her pussy. Lower down it was shaved bare, leaving her pussy bare. Kim didn't see any signs of stubble or dark hair roots. She must remember to ask her about that.

Kim kissed her thighs slowly, licking the soft smooth flesh, savoring the smell of an excited pussy, one she would soon taste. The long dark stockings held up by the garter belt against her white skin were so erotic looking. She pulled Penny's hips further down, and spread her thighs wider. The pussy was spread before her like a feast. Penny's pussy lips were darker and longer than Mae's. The outer lips were a deep brown, the inner flesh deeper red, almost vermilion. The flesh was wet and gleaming. God, it was sexy, and made Kim's mouth actually water at the sight.

"Mnnn, you have a beautiful pussy, Penny. So deep red, so wet, and it smells so good." Kim said moving closer. Her breath came out on Penny's spread wet flesh cooling it making Penny shiver with delight. Kim leaned closer flattened her tongue, and slipped her tongue out and gently stroked up and down the spread pussy flesh. Penny sighed deeply.

Kim licked her pussy for almost five minutes, running her tongue up and down the spread flesh, slipping it up and down between the inner and outer lips. She purposely avoided slipping her tongue into Penny's center, or touching her turgid clit. She was driving Penny crazy with desire. She had the raven-haired beauty writhing and moaning with desire.

"Ohhh, please Kim, please suck my clit. I'm going crazy. Please. Sweet Girl!" Penny gasped trying to thrust her hips upward to bring her clit to Kim's mouth. Kim teased her keeping her lips just out of reach till Penny was almost sobbing with desire.

Mae sat to one side watching. This was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. She slipped off the couch and move behind Kim. She watched Kim torment Penny and slipped Kim's clothes off. Kim never took her mouth off of Penny's pussy while Mae undressed her. This was rather easy as Kim had no bra or panties on and her blouse unbuttoned easily, as did her buttoned down skirt. Mae moved behind Kim and slipped a finger between her young nieces' pussy lips. The only indication of Kim noticing it was the spreading of her thighs and the slight pushing back of her hips. Mae slid her finger deep inside the hot wet flesh, then pulled out and tasted the delicious fresh juices from the young pussy.

Mae moved a little closer and ran her tongue up and down Kim's pussy. "Aunt Mae," Kim said taking her mouth from Penny's pussy for only a moment. "I love having your tongue there, but I'm really trying to make love to Penny. You are distracting me. Please! You can come up and kiss her lips and suck her nipples. I think I have this end covered very well, don't you think so Penny?"

Penny's only comment was a kind of strangled gasp as Kim's tongue encountered Penny's swollen pink clit momentarily. Kim went back to tormenting the beautiful women. When she thought the distraught woman could take no more teasing, she moved her tongue slightly and slipped a pointed tongue into Penny's wet vaginal center, probing it as deeply as she could. Her lovemaking with Mae had helped strengthen and lengthen her tongue and she was now able to reach further inside a pussy than ever before. Penny cried out as Kim's young lips covered her spread pussy and sucked on the wet flesh.

Kim twirled and probed with her tongue, enjoying the wet flesh and the delicious taste that filled her mouth, as Penny's sweet pussy juices flowed over her taste buds. God, she loved the taste of a pussy. She was really learning to enjoy it. Her mind skipped for a moment to Trish, and wondered how her young friend's sweet pussy would taste. She'd teach her that there were other things to insert in her pussy beside a toothpaste tube.

Mae, now nude, had moved up and was kissing Penny on the lips, and their tongues were probing and dancing erotically together. She was cupping and stroking Penny's firm passion filled breasts. Penny was almost on the point of screaming, her body was so excited and teased by Kim's manipulations of her passions. She could never remember being this excited and filled with a need to climax. Her every fiber called out for release.

"Ohhh, God, Kim, let me cum. Ohhh, please, I'll go crazy if I don't. Please, ohhhh please." The dark-haired beauty begged. She had never needed anything so badly in her entire life as she needed release at the young woman's hands, mouth, and lips.

Kim was afraid to torment the beautiful woman anymore. She had done what her lovely Aunt had taught her, and brought Penny to a state of passionate desire for release. She moved her mouth upward slightly and found Penny's firm clit. She pulled upward on the sheath and the firm swollen clit slid out pink and gleaming, and ready. It looked delicious she decided and she sucked on it gently at first, then harder. She took two fingers and slid them up inside Penny's slick wet pussy, crossed her fingers as Mae had taught her, and began to finger fuck the woman, rotating her wrist while she slid them in and out. Penny screamed out and her hips shot forward trying to get instant release.

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