tagIncest/TabooFamily Fucked

Family Fucked


We were completely fucked. Out in the middle of nowhere and two tires on the car punctured and no way to repair them. My dad had been driving, and not paying attention to the road as he drove over where some shards of broken glass had been scattered there, completely slashing up both tires on the right hand side of the car.

We all three got out, Dad, my older brother Harry and me, Andy, the youngest. We each bent down to get a look and each decided the same. We were, indeed, completely fucked. There was nothing we could do but set out on foot and try to reach the nearest garage, or even a house were someone could help us.

We had been driving out to meet my uncle Luke, Dad's younger brother, who had moved out of the city desiring a life somewhere rural, removed and remote where people wouldn't bother him and his son Joe, at 18 the same age as me. We hadn't seen Uncle Luke or Cousin Joe in years and had been looking forward to spending a week in the country and catching up. Now, however, we were cursing the remoteness of our family's distant living arrangement.

After walking for the best part of an hour and finding no sign of human settlement, seeing no traffic passing along the road, and becoming increasingly grumpy and irritable, we finally saw a single house alone in a field, with a truck parked outside. Instantly, the pace of our walking picked up and we all three rushed toward the building, hoping as much as anything to sit in the shade for a short while.

The gorgeous creature that opened the door on our knocking was an exceedingly impressive specimen of womanhood. She was probably around 40 but looked very good for her age with freckles and strawberry blonde wavy hair and a large, toothy smile on full pink lips. She wasn't very tall and had a slender narrow waist, but was certainly what could be described as full figured.

None of the three of us men could help the way our eyes were drawn, although given the way she was dressed it was possible that she intended it just that way. She was wearing a thin white blouse just about buttoned across her chest that seemed to be straining to break free. He breasts were, quite simply, enormous, massive orbs of white flesh pushing out from her chest, large nipples outlined against her blouse, showing she wasn't wearing a bra at all.

Along with her blouse, she wore just a knee length skirt and a pair of heeled sandals. The rest of her legs were bare to show the soft, sensual curve of her calves. All in all it was a pretty delicious, arousing package, but it was definitely her busty chest that drew all our attention to that luscious feminine body.

"Well, hello, boys," she grinned, flashing her white teeth, "Like what you see?" All three of us blushed and moved our gaze back to her face, "What brings you out here in the middle of nowhere?"

Dad explained about the puncture and how we needed help with either fixing or replacing it or to be taken to the nearest garage for assistance.

"Well, now, why don't you all just come in out of that hot day and have a nice cold beer and then we'll see what we can do for you," she said, inviting us into the house, "You can just call me Mom."

"Mom", as she insisted we call her, lead the three of us into a comfortable living room and returned with three ice cold beers, which we happily sipped away at, enjoying the long, relaxing sit down.

"Well, I'd like to help some nice young boys like you," she smiled at them, "But I need to know what's in it there for me."

We looked at her blankly, not quite realising what she was getting at. She held her eyes on us, but her hands, long elegant fingers with shiny long nails, began to rub her breasts and nipples, making the latter stand out even more hard and proud. We stared open mouthed at her breasts through the thin material, completely unsure of how to react.

"You know, my babygirls have been gone all day and these big titties are in real need of some attention," she smiled, "How about you boys help Mom out with her problem and Mom'll help you out with yours."

We stared at each other again for a moment, really not sure what to do, but all secretly thrilled by the request this hot, busty woman was making on us.

"Come on boys," she said, pulling her blouse open and allowing those gorgeous mounds of chest flesh to burst free, "I'm waiting."

"Go ahead guys," Dad said to us, "We really need to get that car fixed, better do as she says."

I guess we didn't need all that much more invitation than that, because in a few seconds both me and Harry were across the room, bending over "Mom"'s chest. Each of us took a huge breast in our hands and starting to lick the huge, soft flesh. I wasn't sure about Harry, but I was sure getting a pretty big boner from the situation, the embarrassment of doing this in front of my dad and big brother doing nothing to abate it.

From licking around Mom's breast, my tongue gradually circled in on her massive erect nipple, it seemed to draw me in until I wanted nothing but to suckle on it like she was my mother and I her child. I took the big, hard nipple in my mouth and started to suck, shocked at how, in a moment, milk starting shooting out, filling my mouth like I really was a suckling child. I didn't stop though, I was loving sucking that breast and getting a tasty milky mouthful just spurred me on.

Beside me, my brother too had discovered the milky treat in that firm nipple and was also sucking for all he was worth, slurping and drinking it down just as eagerly as I was.

"Oh boy, you're hungry," Mom laughed as we two went down on her big naked bosom, "You sure do like sucking on Momma's titties!"

We could only moan in assent with a mouthful of milky breast each, sucking and tonguing at the juicy nub of Mom's nipple. Dad, our real dad, still sat watching, but not for long.

"You need to join in too," Mom said, pointing at him, "There's more for you to suck as well, just like your little boys."

She began to lift her denim skirt, indicating that Dad should come over and go down on her. I don't know if his mind was at all on our real Mom back home, his wife, but that didn't seem to stop him from following this "Mom"'s invite and coming over to put himself in between his two tit suckling sons to kneel before where she continued to lift her skirt.

Suddenly, Dad let out a gasp that caused both me and my brother to let a breast slip from our lips, allowing a trail of milk to run down each of our chins, and look at what had caused it. Where Mom had lifted her knee length skirt, where we had all expected to see a wet pussy, there was instead a six inch cock, thicker than mine. Busty beautiful Mom was a big dicked shemale! Her dick, purple, veiny and uncut was already semi hard from our tit licking and she waved it both tauntingly and invitingly in our dad's face, directing it at his open mouth.

"Go on, suck," she said, commandingly, "Suck like your little boys suck Momma's titties. Remember you want my help, so do it. Get Mom off and I'll help you."

Despite our need to get back on the road and the fact that Mom could help us do that, I was still shocked by how readily Dad reached out his hand and began stroking "her" shaft, licking his tongue around the edge of her foreskin. In a few seconds, he was licking all over her dick until it was as rock hard as mine, surprisingly, was from watching.

As me and my brother turned back to suckling Mom's big nipples, still leaking their milky fluid, although how given she was really a guy they gave milk I didn't know, Dad opened his mouth and took her hard member inside, beginning to suck it like a pro, swallowing the shaft, getting it thick and wet.

"Oh yeah, that's it, suck Momma's tits, blow Momma's cock," she moaned, "There's good girls, get ready for Momma's milk."

Her dick began to spurt and out of it shot thick, gooey streams of glistening white cum, right into our father's mouth. Dad swallowed big dicked Mom's cum and she kept shooting it into him, her tits leaking milk into our mouths at the same time until finally she withdrew from the three of us.

Looking at us together, we all looked the same, sheepish and embarrassed but hugely aroused, each packing a bulging hardon obvious in our pants, and each with a slick, sticky trail of white liquid over our lips and dribbling down our chin, testament to our earlier Mom-sucking. In fact, given the similarity in appearance, it would be hard to tell at a glance which of us had been suckling her bountiful bosom and which her rock hard dick.

"You give good head, honey," she said, smiling, at my dad, her blouse still hanging open to reveal her milky breasts, her skirt still askew to reveal her dripping dick, "That can't be your first time!"

"No," Dad agreed, surprising both me and my brother, "I used to practice with your uncle Luke when I was your age, boys."

What? Even though I'd just watched him enjoy giving a wet, sticky blowjob, it was hard to believe my dad had done the same thing years earlier with his own brother! I looked at Harry, my brother, and couldn't help imagining doing the same to him. Oddly, that was not a horrible thought, in fact I kind of liked the image of his hardness sliding down my throat. My thoughts were, perhaps fortunately, interrupted at that moment by the sound of a heavy footstep in the doorway.

"Oh God," Mom gasped and blushed pink, covering her enormous boobs unsuccessfully with her hands, "Dad's home. I don't know what he'll do if he catches us like this!"

I began to become quite afraid, although not knowing quite what to expect, as the heavy footfalls approached the room. The door swung open and a clear voice could be heard.

"Mom? What have you been getting up to?"

We all turned to see the owner of the voice. "Dad" was dressed in a plaid lumberjack shirt, leather chaps and heavy work boots, with auburn coloured hair tied back in a ponytail. The only thing was, "Dad" was no more a real guy than "Mom" a real girl. Indeed, the person that entered the room was a very good looking woman, with a pair of immaculate breasts not a great deal smaller than Mom's, over which the plaid shirt was loosely draped.

In between her (his?) legs, there was another surprise. Dad may have had the wet pussy we expected to see on Mom, but it wasn't totally on show. Although she wore no pants or underwear between her leather chaps, there was a leather harness. And this harness held in place a massive strap-on dildo, a dick that may not have been as real as Mom's but was a good inch longer and a little thicker. It was black plastic with "Big Daddy" written along the side.

"Oh, Dad, I'm so sorry," Mom blushed, "But I just had to. They're such good and willing suckers. Just like our own girls."

"Well, Mom, if that's the case then maybe we can share," she/he replied, "Let's see how well these sweet things suck."

"Oh, um, I don't know," our Dad, the one that was actually a man, albeit one with a mouthful of spunk, said, "We really need to get that car sorted out."

"It wasn't a request," "Dad", the one with big, round breasts responded, "If you sucked my wife's juicy dick, then you will suck mine."

Although "Dad" was a woman, she was taller than any of the three of us and broader shouldered. She looked like she meant business and the big black strap-on between her legs did nothing to take away from that. I doubted we could get away from both her and Mom if we tried. And anyway, did we really want to get away? If we'd been so willing to suck a fake woman's big tits, then why not a real woman's fake dick?

So, it looked like we were staying to let both Mom and Dad do whatever they wanted with us. We stood there timidly not knowing what to do next, but all three still obviously aroused by the situation. Dad walked over to the row of us.

"Now, sweeties, let's see which of you is the one with a taste for cock," Dad said.

She took her finger and ran it over my chin and around my lips, scooping up the wet white liquid. I took a moment's pleasure in sucking her finger just as I had her "wife's" nipples. She took the finger away and sucked it herself, licking up the milk from my mouth.

"Momma's milk," she said, "Guess you're a little titsucker babygirl."

Repeating the same thing with my brother Harry, she licked another load of milk from her finger.

"Another babygirl who likes Momma's breast milk," she said, moving over to our dad, "Which means this must be the cumlicker of the family."

She smiled at him and moved in for a lingering wet kiss, licking her tongue all around his lips and tongue until she had lapped up a little of Mom's spunk from his lips.

"Mmm, yes," she licked her lips, "That's Momma's spermy juice. How about you show me what you can do."

She pushed our dad to his knees in front of her and pointed her thick plastic prosthetic in his face. Once again, he didn't need much encouragement, having already sucked a real cock today, this fake one was nothing to him. He began to take it right down his throat, slurping and sucking it, getting it slick and wet.

"Yeah, sweetie, you're a natural," Dad moaned and I noticed that as our dad sucked her, he was pushing the other end of her double ended plastic dick back up into her pussy, "I can see why you wanted to play with these ones, Mom."

It was a very weird sight, this busty babe dressed in masculine clothes, shoving a big black strap-on down my dad's throat, my dad on his knees, eagerly sucking cock like a teenage slut. I could not ever have imagined such a sight, but it was strangely alluring. I could feel my own dick getting very hard indeed, straining at my tight pants the way Mom's tits had been with her blouse.

"You watching babygirls," she said, turning to us, "See how it's done? Now let's see how you do it."

She pushed our dad aside and got Harry, my elder brother, down on his knees. He was a little more tentative than my dad had been, after all he'd never sucked any dick before, real or strap-on, guy's or girl's. However, it was clear to me that he was as turned on by the twisted situation as I was, so it didn't take much for him to mimic our dad's dick loving behaviour.

He began to lick his tongue all over the length of the strap-on's slick black shaft, tasting where our dad had left his saliva and little bits of Mom's sperm. This was not enough to satisfy Dad though. He grabbed Harry's head and pushed it onto her plastic member, sliding it between his lips until she was fucking his face.

"Yeah, babygirl, suck that," she moaned, "Don't you love Daddy's dick?"

"Mmm -- aah --," my brother gasped, "Yes, let me taste Daddy's dick!"

Soon, he was really getting into it, not just having his mouth fucked, but going right down on that plastic dick like he'd been taking it all his life. I couldn't wait for my turn to do just as my father and brother had and submit to this strange strap-on waving "Dad". I wasn't to get quite what I expected, though.

"Oh yeah, get that nice and wet," Dad was saying, "Because now it's time for the little babe to have a go."

I moved over to kneel where my brother was in front of her, but Dad stopped me in my tracks.

"No, not like that," she said, "Strip."

I stood motionless and surprised and, in that time, Mom had come over, still half dressed in open blouse and dishevelled skirt, and had started pulling off my shirt. I joined in and stripped out of my pants until I was standing naked in front of two tranny strangers and my father and brother, my cock out swinging and rock hard.

Now Dad pushed me to my hands and knees. Instead of sticking that strap-on cock in my face as she had with my brother, however, she moved around to crouch down behind me. I soon felt why when she began to rub her strap-on dick around my ass crack.

I gasped as I felt Dad's hard finger slide between my ass cheeks and penetrate my anus. I had never had anything back there and it felt incredible feeling so prone and penetrated, getting my ass used in a whole new way. Still, as my ass clenched around that hard finger, I wondered how it would ever cope with being torn into by Dad's much longer and thicker plastic penis.

"God this bitch has a tight ass," Dad said, directing this to Mom who still stood watching, her dick beginning to poke her skirt up into a tent of arousal once more, then adding, to my brother, "Little sucker, come over here."

In a moment, I felt my ass invaded once more, this time though with a warm, wet tongue. I turned my head back and was shocked to see my brother Harry kneeling behind me tonguing my ass like it was a hot girl's pussy. It felt incredible the way his hot tongue rimmed me and then slid right up inside me, making me wet and lubricated and ready for more.

"Oh boy, brother, that feels so good," I sighed, "It's so wrong but so good."

I could see that the wrongness of the situation didn't deter my brother at all, he only licked more eagerly, sliding his tongue deeper into my ass as I encouraged him. Meanwhile, our dad had gone back to blowing the Dad's fake dick, getting it as slick and wet as my ass.

Dad pushed my brother and father out of the way and got back behind me. With her dick and my ass nice and wet, she was able to push the head of that plastic penis between my ass cheeks and on up inside me. It was a slow and slightly painful experience, but Dad was unremitting, pushing into me, tearing my ass open, readying me for a lifetime of submission.

Pretty soon, it started to feel really good, to feel really right getting filled up from behind like this. My body just knew how to act, how to take it, how to love it as I gave my ass and my self up to this hard, dominating man-woman.

As soon as she was buried inside me, Dad begun to slide out, only far enough though to push back in. Before too long, she was sliding back and forth, thrusting in and out of my waiting ass, riding me as I pushed back against her long, deep thrusts, yearning to be filled with thick, hard prosthetic cock.

"Oh yeah, oh boy, oh yes, that's good," I sighed, "Fuck me like that, give me Daddy's dick!"

My real dad was still across the room, watching me, his youngest son, give up his anal virginity to a woman with a big strap-on he himself had sucked. I noticed that he had stripped as naked as me and was watching with his dick every bit as hard as mine. I guess he could hardly disapprove of what was going on, so engaged in the depravity as he was.

I didn't see Harry for a moment until he was pushed to the ground next to me, kneeling and bent over with his naked ass in the air just like mine. I realised that he was about to get the exact same treatment that I was getting from Dad's strap-on, only from Mom's real fleshy cock.

Mom grabbed Harry's waist and shoved her dick hard right up his ass, causing him to scream out. It didn't take long, however, until he was moaning, sighing and pushing back just in time with me, our asses being torn into together, both us just as willing to give our naked bodies up to being ridden like this.

"Mmm, there's a good girl," Mom said, slapping Harry's ass, "You like Momma's dick in your tight girly ass?"

"Oh Momma, yeah, it feels so good," Harry sighed, "I must be a good girl to enjoy getting dick this much!"

"Not so much as me, brother," I turned to face him, smiling, "I'm getting my ass shafted by an even bigger dick and loving it even more. If anyone's a real good girl it should be me!"

That's right, we had actually reached a point where we two brothers were on our knees competing over who was the bigger girl as our asses took Mom and Dad's dicks in unison. I'd never have believed it of myself, but then I'd never have believed anything to be as great a pleasure as getting fucked like this beside my own brother.

While all this was going on, my dad, naked and hard was watching lustfully, so much so that he couldn't help absent mindedly stroking his shaft as he saw his sons get screwed. He had inched closer to where we were bent over so his dick was now quite near to our faces. It was the closest I'd ever seen a real cock, I could pick out the veins on the shaft and the translucent pre-cum emerging on the head.

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