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Family Fun


They say mirrors don’t lie. So I guess the woman I was looking at was me. I hope you don’t mind if I brag just a little because what I was looking at looked pretty damn good.

HI, my name is Candy. I am married and have been happily so for twenty years. There are two children from this union one boy one girl ages eighteen and nineteen. Both children still live at home. However that may change this fall. Daryl wants to go to college over at State. Donna has a job and thinks she wants to stay here and work of a year or so. Besides Donna kind of liked the advantages of living at home, no rent. She is very thrifty and I can see where she just might be wealthy some day.

Daryl is very out going and friendly with a good head on his shoulders. He will do alright for him self I am sure. After college he wants to work right here in his home town. I kind of like that too. I like having my children close even after they leave the nest so to speak.

But getting back to what I was looking at. I had showered returned to the bedroom and stood there looking at my self. I am slim, thirty-eight “C” knockers as my husband Danny and Daryl call them still stand out unsupported. Well maybe not as they once did but they still look good. My waist is narrow which accent my hips and long legs. My belly is not flat but it is not fat either. I jog so that helps. My hair is long down around my shoulders and blonde by choice. It doesn’t match the snatch but the snatch has been trimmed to a very narrow bikini cut. As I said I liked what I saw and so did the man I was with last night.

Oh, my I was so bad and I loved every minute of it. I was shocked at my behavior and he was too. But that did not stop him from screwing the living day lights out of me. I have loved him for a long time but until last night we never let it go beyond the normal hugs and kissed. We fell into the hype of the moment and before we knew it we were naked and in each others arms. He is much older but I found him very capable for his age or for a man of any age. When I first touch him it sent a shiver thru me like a bolt of lighting. The mere touch of my hand on his wonderful cock damn near gave me a climax. I think he felt the same because it did not take long for us to climax the first time. He got in me and I exploded and he followed close behind.

After he slipped from me he was still aroused but not fully erect so I went down on him. Sucking his cock was the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life. Don’t get me wrong I have sucked more that one cock in my life but the idea of sucking his was so erotic it almost set me off for the second time. He came alive again in seconds filling my mouth with a thick solid warm hunk of meat. Right then I decided to suck him off. But there were others present that had other ideas. When Danny and I were first married we fell in with a group from the local bar and were into swinging almost from the start. Danny found he enjoyed watching me with other man and I found I enjoyed the attention of men that were not my husband. After a few months we narrowed our choice down to three couples, four counting us. We eight agreed to keep our sexual play with in this small group. Some of the others we had started with wanted us to play with them but we felt this was better.

Then Danny and I agreed to start a family so we dropped out of the group and never went back into that kind of erotic behavior. However last year we once again got caught up in a moment of wild uncontrolled passion and before we knew it we were into group sex and in this case it was also incest. That’s right both my loving husband and I were (are) engaged in sex with our children. They were both perfectly wiling to join in. It came about in such a way that no one was forced into any thing.

Donna I might say was the real instigator but I guess once it got started we all just let our feeling go and before we realized it we were having a ball.

It was Sunday morning and normally I get up and fix breakfast for all of us. But Danny and I had been out the night before so we were resting in bed late. We were awake and talking when Donna came in and jumped in bed with us. She was on the other side of her Dad and because we had sex after we came home late we were both naked. Donna felt her Dad’s naked body and stared to laugh. She thought we were just starting to play around and she had disturbed us.

She laughingly said “Wow don’t let me stop you guys from having fun.”

I jumped in and said “It’s not that; we were.”

But Donna cut me off and said “Sure you were I can see how excited Dad is.”
Sure enough the sheet was popped up where his cock was proudly showing off. I said “Donna: you don’t need to be looking at your Father’s.” I let the words hang there as I saw Donna reach over under the sheet and take her Dad’s cock in her hand. “Wow, nice one Dad no wonder Mom is a screamer.” I gasped and said “What?”

Donna said “Oh, hell Mom Daryl and I have often heard you over here screaming as you gave up a climax.”

Danny was smiling from ear to ear he was getting off on is daughter playing with his cock. The sheet was slowly working its way south and before long Danny’s cock was I full view and Donna was still playing with it.

I put my hand over Donna’s working fingers and tried to stop her from what she was doing. But Danny pushed my hand away and said “Candy, if my daughter wants to play with my cock then let her.” Some thing about this farce struck me as funny and I started to laugh as hard as Donna was. Danny now had his hand between my legs wiggling a finger in my noticeably wet cunt. I was fast becoming aroused and I did not care for some strange reason.

Donna was now jerking on her fathers cock in earnest giving it hell with her head right down close. I thought she was going to start sucking it any second. I had straightened up and spared my legs so Danny could get two fingers in me.

My attention was fixed on Donna when Daryl’s voice boomed from the bedroom door. “Christ all mighty want the fuck is this; a Family circle jerk?” He was half way across the room when we all looked up to see he was dropping his shorts as he came closer.

My son stood there close to my side of the bed with a lovely strong cock pointing at me. The head was long large and pointed like a dog dick. It was a gorgeous cock if I ever saw one and I had seen a few.

Our eyes met and Daryl was smiling at me. ‘HI Mom you’re looking good. Nice tits, and that bikini trim looks good too.” He said in a slow low voice.
I did not know what to do. I was there in bed with my daughter jerking off her father and him with two fingers in my pussy. It was a situation just taking off on its own out of control and none of us wanted to change any of it.

I took Daryl’s cock in my hand and it was on fire, it was red hot. I had never felt any human flesh so hot. Daryl’s eyes were diverted for a second and I followed his gaze. Donna lowered her mouth down over her fathers cock. I had no reaction as my daughter sucked her fathers cock deep in her mouth. I looked at Danny and he was smiling as wide as he could. Danny my loving husband reached up and with his hand on the back of my neck he pushed my face close to my loving son Daryl’s lovely erection. I remembered how Danny loved to watch me suck other men’s’ cock and I thought that is want he wants me to do the only thing is this is my son. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Daryl’s hand caressed my cheek as he moved his hips placing his cock head in his mother’s mouth. Daryl held my face between his hands in a gentle caress as he slowly fucked my mouth.

Danny was now paying full attention to what Donna was doing and I heard that all to familiar grown and knew he was about to fill his daughters mouth with a sweet load of his thick cum.

I have to admit Danny has the sweetest tasting sperm I have ever had so now my daughter was going to learn why I love to suck off my husband. I returned my attention to what I was doing or what Daryl was doing to me. He held my head and moved his hips as I held one hand up to cup his hefty balls and the other hand was curved around his strong thighs pulling his hip forward to help in his wonderful fucking of his mothers mouth.

Daryl said “Well Dad I guess we have a couple of great cocksuckers here.”

Clamping down on his balls caused Daryl to shut the fuck up and get on with the business at hand. Or in this case mouth. Daryl and his father came about the same time and I was surprised to see how expertly our darling daughter sucked and licked her fathers cock clean. Donna had done this a few times before. As they say “The acorn does not drop too far from the tree.”

That Sunday morning was several weeks ago and now we as a family fuck, suck and engage in wild acts of sexual pleasure when ever we want.

I had not talked to Donna about how she came to be so adapt at the sexual arts. But again a few days ago she surprised me when she jumped at the chance to add to Daryl’s and my pleasure.

Daryl had been out playing ball with his friends when it started to rain so he came home early. Donna and her father were not due home for another hour. So when Daryl jumped in the shower I joined him. Our shower is a large one and before long Daryl had me up against the wall with his cock in my pussy. Daryl does a fine job of getting me turned on. So to repay him for the great fuck I pulled him to the bed. I went down between his legs with his cock in my mouth when Donna came in.

She took one look and striped off her cloths to join us on the bed. Donna was on her knees next to me. Her arm around my waist and her other hand up between my legs from the rear rubbing my clitoris. This was very erotic and I was fast becoming aroused again. Daryl was reaching that point when Donna took some of my pussy juice and wet my rear. Then she applied pressure my ass muscles gave way and Donna had a finger in her mother’s ass.

My ass is not virgin but it has been over twenty years since a strange finger has been up there. Except for my doctor of course. Donna worked her finger in and out of my ass slowly while she rubbed my clitoris. I choked on Daryl’s cock and took my mouth off it just as he came. His cum was shooting on my face and tits even up into my hair. I was choking and Donna was pushing the second finger in my ass.

Then I screamed and felt my own climax burst out of me. I don’t know how Donna did it but all of a sudden she was on her back between my legs sucking on my cunt. She now had three fingers in my ass working them in and out like crazy. That climax was one I’ll talk about for a few thousand years or so. It was that good.

Donna licked my pussy and dabbed her tongue tip at the clitoris to get all there was to get. I fell to the side and rolled on my back. I was gone, I was spent, and I was exhausted all to hell. Donna moved up and quickly took over the job which I had failed to complete and sucked her brother cock clean to his great joy.

When Danny came home I told him to run back out and bring something home I was to tired to cook. This Family fun will be the death of me yet. But oh, my isn’t it fun.

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