tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Begins Ch. 07

Family Fun Begins Ch. 07


That night, as Nancy was astride Harry on the king sized bed of the master bedroom, her pussy full of his cock; Samantha was face down on beside them on the bed being butt fucked by her father. All four were naked and bathed in sweat, panting heavily, despite the air conditioner's attempts to cool the room. Samantha licked her lips and moaned as Paul reamed her butt hole with his oiled cock. As her head was towards Harry's feet, she could clearly see up between his slightly parted muscular legs as Nancy's hairless slick pussy lips rose and fell on his glistening cock. It was a turn-on to see her mother actually take Harry's cock into her hole. Her father was busy humping her asshole but noticed her looking and said "Hot isn't it"

Gently he pulled his oiled cock from her ass and knelt behind Nancy. Saying "lets give Samantha a show, darling." He eased her forward and aimed his cock at Nancy's ass. Samantha moved closer and watched as her father pushed his prick into her mother's ass, while just below it, her brother's prick throbbed half-way in her cunt. Once in and with Nancy groaning and moaning, Harry and Paul began to gently fuck Nancy until they had a rhythm going. Samantha had been taken this way many times by her father and brother but now she was actually seeing what it looked like up close in reality. "Daughter" Her father ordered "Play with my balls and kiss my ass" Samantha obliged panting in lust as she watched her father and brother double fuck her mother.

"Samantha" Harry rasped pulling at her buttocks with a free hand "Get astride my face. I want to taste your pussy." Samantha was astride his face in minutes, she faced her father as he butt-fucked Nancy who was also still riding Harry's cock; her brother's hand mauling and squeezing her butt as he sucked and licked her hairy cunt, lapping at the juice flowing freely from it.

Nancy, sweaty and panting had her arms wrapped around Samantha's waist, her head limp as father and son fucked her. Paul reached a hand out to Samantha' full firm tits and toyed with the hard nipples as he reamed Nancy asshole. Samantha and Paul leaned forward and kissed, their breathing ragged and fast as both felt the pleasure building up . Harry was alternately licking and sucking her pussy as his nose pressed deep into her butt crack and his hips moved sent his cock into Nancy's pussy in a steady rhythm.

Suddenly, Samantha felt her mother's hands stroking and squeezing her ass cheeks and then she felt her mother's lips on her nipples, sucking them as her hands came round to squeeze her breast. Samantha was taken by surprise not just by the fact that her mother was sucking and playing with her tits but by the fact that she was actually enjoying it.

Paul stared at Nancy's lesbian activities and felt the cum boil in his balls. Looking down he saw his cock slice in and out of Nancy unbelievably wide, well fucked ass and sent a series of hard thrusts into her. Harry felt the rhythm break and knew that his father was about to cum, and sucked harder and deeper on Samantha's cunt. His fingers holding the full butt cheeks of Samantha apart as his nose teased her butt crack occasionally poking her ass with its tip, as his own cum boiled up and erupted into his Mother. Nancy threw her head back and groaned as she felt Harry fill her, quickly followed by Paul shooting his load into her butt. As he pulled out of Nancy and saw his cream cum leaking out of her suddenly empty butt hole. Harry pulled Samantha off Harry and flung her down on her back on the bed, her shapely legs dangling over the bedside, parting her thighs, he knelt between them and quickly moved his mouth to her cunt hole, he finger fucked and sucked her until she came Samantha's body was shivering and shaking in pleasure as her orgasm washed over her. She squeezed and stroked her breasts in pleasure as her pussy creamed.

As she finished cumming, she looked down to see that her mother was now licking her cunt clean. Lapping at her cum smeared pussy hair and stroking her thighs. Harry stood beside the bed pulling at his rapidly hardening cock, licking his lips and watching his mother sucking his sister's pussy with wide eyed fascination.

Finally, he could stand it no more and moving his mother aside, he moved between Samantha's legs and sank his hard cock into her pussy. Samantha's legs came up and wrapped around his waist as he humped her hard and fast desperate to cum in her., even though his balls ached. Nancy helped him by licking his butt crack as she played with his balls and Paul urged him to give Samantha a good hard fuck.

"Do it son. Fuck your sister's cunt. Fuck her hard." Paul urged as he knelt down behind Nancy and aimed his own cock at her cum filled pussy from behind. Samantha panted and groaned as each brotherly fuck thrust sent her ass up off the bed and Harry grunted in lust. Harry mauled her breast sucking and squeezing them as his hips bucked against her and his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Finally Harry spit the few drops of cum his balls could muster into Samantha and collapsed in exhaustion on top of her sweaty shaking body

As he came Nancy's index finger had pushed its way into Harry's butt hole and begun to fuck it. Her husband Paul was brutally pumping Nancy's pussy, from behind. Her body shook with the force of his thrust and her own post orgasm weakness.

Suddenly Paul pulled out of her and she flopped sideways onto the carpeted floor in a heaving panting mass as Paul moved quickly to pin Samantha down on the carpet and get between her legs, where he again shoved his still aching cock into her and fucked her. He lifted her legs up and back, resting them on his shoulders as her rammed her harder and harder until he shot his load into her well filled hole.

They lay side by side Harry in his Mother's arms. sperm dribbling out of her pussy onto the bed sheets; as Paul and Samantha showered. Embracing and savoring the moment Nancy told her son. "Congratulations son. You are going to be a father twice in 9 months"

Suddenly, the door of the master bedroom opened and a nude wet Paul came in with a naked wet Samantha slung over his shoulder, giggling and kicking her shapely legs, as her father playfully slapped her bare ass.

"You heard son?" He bellowed, "You're a father, twice"

Harry sat in stunned silence looking at each face in turn. Paul had dumped Samantha beside her mother on the bed and sat between them, an arm around each one's shoulders as they all smiled happily.

"But. But..." Harry stammered "You were fucking them too...and ...and I thought you both were on something"

Paul smiled and shook his head "Son, I had a vasectomy years ago."

After a few moments of thought Harry suddenly smiled and said "I got my mother and sister pregnant at the same time."

Nancy held out her arms to her son and said "we can still have fun for a few more months yet." As Harry came into his mother's embrace, his hands cupping her large juicy tits.

Paul laughed falling back on the bed and pulling Samantha astride him as he said "Let's continue where we left off Samantha."

Samantha took her father's prick in her hand, guiding it to her cunt as he squeezed her breasts.

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