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Family Guy: Louis and Bonnie


"Hey Louis I just wanted thank you so much for this weekend. It's been a long time since I have had a girl's night out."

"Oh Bonnie you know you don't have to thank me, the truth is I'm glad to be out of the house to. Peter has been driving me nuts lately and worse of all we haven't had sex in almost two wks." Looking up Louis sees the hurt in Bonnie face and realizes what she just said. "Oh God Bonnie I'm sorry I didn't think it's just, just when was the last time you had sex?"

"The last time Joe and I had sex was the week I got pregnant and the next day Joe was hurt trying to capture that robber. I'm not complaining Louis I love Joe I really do but it has been over a year now I haven't had anyone to get me off in so long." Bonnie had tears in her eyes for a minute before pulling herself together again.

Louis looked down her food then back up into Bonnie's beautiful eyes, "Well Bonnie have you ever considered, umm, you know getting some on the side. You know just to hold you over?"

Bonnie considered the question for a really long time before finally answering Louis, "honestly Louis I'm not sure I could be with another guy, I just love Joe to much, but I don't know how much longer I can go without the touch of someone else." The two friends just sat there and ate in silence for a little while before Bonnie finally asked Louis a question that has been on her mind for a long time. "Louis if you don't mind my asking how is Peter in bed?"

Louis looked Bonnie right in the eyes and told her the truth. "Bonnie with Peter either you are getting fucked for hours or he's done in under a minute. When Peter is drunk he just can't last but when I get a hold of his fat ass he can go all night. Then there are the nights when Peter is sober and we fuck for hours. Peter will eat my pussy like no man ever has, it is incredible, but to be honest he's not the best pussy eater, I have had several who were better. After he eats me he takes his hard dick and fucks me in every hole I've got until we both have cum so much we pass out in our own juices."

As Louis was telling Bonnie about how good a lover Peter was she could feel her thong becoming wet. Louis also noticed as she was telling her story that Bonnie's nipples became rock hard and that her friend was starting to squirm in her seat. Louis lifted her foot up Bonnie's leg and let it just graze up against the other woman's pussy. A small moan of desire escaped from Bonnie's lips and Louis new that she would have her beautiful next door neighbor.

"Oh God Louis I'm so horny," Bonnie confesses to her best friend, "Its been so since I last had an orgasm I just can't take it anymore. Louis, do you think we could go back to the room now, so I can take care of my needs?"

Louis nodded to her friend and the pair got up and left the health spas dinning room. Their room was a small room with one bed that they would have to share and a small bathroom. The only perk of the room was that the tub was big enough for two and had jets to help the guest relax. Bonnie went strait for her bag and grabbed her vibrator she had packed incase she had some free time alone, but now she just couldn't wait to be alone. As she grabbed the vibrator Bonnie headed towards the bathroom when all of a sudden she felt a light touch on her shoulder. Startled she turned to Louis who said to her, "Honey you are not playing with your wet pussy in the bathroom. Go get comfortable on the bed. I'm going to just sit over there in the chair so just pretend that I'm not even here." Louis gave her a soft shove towards the bed and a little pat on her nice tight butt.

Louis went and set down in the chair as Bonnie set down on the bed. She watched her friend slip out of her tight jeans and Louis couldn't help but stare at her friend's well shaped and tight ass. With her pants off Bonnie quickly slipped under the sheets of the bed and her hand and toy quickly followed. Damn thought Louis hoping to get to see her friend playing with her horny little pussy. Bonnie at first appeared to be uncomfortable, but she just closed her eyes and turned on her toy.

Bonnie nearly started cumming with the first touch of her toy to her very wet pussy. She still had on her soaked panties and was rubbing the vibrating toy on her swollen clit. Bonnie was moaning at the pleasure of the toy as it was flowing over her wet panties but this wasn't enough. Bonnie quickly stopped just long enough to toss off her wet panties and started up the toy again. Without her panties on Bonnie quickly inserted her toy deep inside her pussy. Bonnie had her eyes closed as she was pumping her vibrator in and out of her aching pussy so she didn't notice as Louis got undressed and slowly crept up to her.

Louis bent down and passionately kissed Bonnie right on the lips and reached out to grab one of her big soft tits. The unexpected, yet extremely pleasurable, kiss and grope caused Bonnie to lose all control. Her hips began to buck and rise off the bed as her orgasm began. When Bonnie started to cum she was screaming in Louis's mouth so she moved from her friends lips down to lick and suck on her beautiful tits.

With Louis sucking her tits Bonnie began to scream out in pleasure, "Fuck ohhohhh FUCK ME!!! Oh God Oh God Louis suck my tits make me cum like your little lesbian bitch!!!" Bonnie lost track of how long she had been cumming for and guessed that it had to be for several long minutes before her hips settled back down on the bed and she passed out.

Bonnie awoke from her sleep to a great pleasure; someone was going down on her. So it had all been a dream Bonnie had thought. She must be in bed with her husband Joe and he was licking her tight aching pussy getting it ready for his big 9 inch dick. "Oh Joe that feels good," she said and then she opened her eyes only to see Louis giving her the licking of her life.

"Oh Bonnie your awake again good. You passed out for about 5 minutes and I just couldn't let all of this delicious girl cum go to waste."

"God Louis yes baby lick my pussy you little slut!" Louis did as she was told and kept licking up and down her friend's tasty pussy. Louis would swirl her tongue around Bonnie's hard clit or flick it back and forth causing her friend to moan with pleasure. While Louis was playing with Bonnie's clit she stuck one, then two and finally three fingers deep inside of Bonnie. As Bonnie was approaching her next orgasm Louis quickly lubed up the middle finger of her left hand then moved it quickly to Bonnie's asshole. Louis slammed her finger deep inside of Bonnie's back hole causing her to scream out her next orgasm. Louis just kept sucking on her clit and fucking her friend in both holes sending her from one orgasm to the next. Finally Bonnie couldn't take any more and begged Louis to stop but Louis kept going sending her friend into one more powerful orgasm before slowly pulling away.

As Bonnie began to recover Louis moved up next to her friend and kissed her softly. "Louis thank you so much. I haven't had an orgasm like that since Joe's accident and I have missed having sex so much." Bonnie had tears in her eyes as she gave Louis another kiss. Bonnie slowly let her right hand move down to Louis's medium sized tits rubbing and pinching her nipples.

Louis moaned from the slight pain pleasure mix as her friend grabbed a hold of her nipples. Bonnie then began to lightly kiss her way down her friend's neck towards those beautiful pink nipples. Bonnie kissed one then the other slowly licking and sucking on Louis now hard nipples. Louis was growing desperate with need for her pussy so she pushed Bonnie away from her sensitive nipples down towards her dripping snatch.

"Lick my fucking pussy you bitch!" Louis demanded of Bonnie.

"But Louis I've never even touched another girl's pus..." Louis cut off her objections by pushing Bonnie's face down into her awaiting pussy. Louis had most of her pubic hairs shaved but left a little upside down pyramid pointing strait down towards her clit. The red patch of hair always seemed to help Peter remember to lick her sensitive clit and now it was directing Bonnie to her little love button as well.

Bonnie was slightly intimidated at first but quickly got over her nervousness about licking her first pussy. While she began doing all the things that she loved having done to her Louis was calling her all the names in the book. This oddly turned Bonnie on even more. Bonnie really enjoyed the taste of Louis little pussy. She would slide as much of her tongue inside of Louis tight cunt as she could lapping up her tasty juices. Like Louis did to her she began to finger Louis tight pussy and asshole. As Louis was on the verge of an orgasm Bonnie grabbed her vibrator and stuck it insider of her wet pussy and turned it on. The vibrations sent Louis over the edge.

Louis was screaming out things like, "Oh my freaking GOD Bonnie I'm cumming...uhuhuh that's it you Little Bitch make mama cum!" As Louis's first orgasm was ending Bonnie took the toy out of Louis pussy making her whimper wanting it back inside. Bonnie quickly replaced it with her mouth getting her first taste of girl cum but she wasn't done with the toy because she moved it down to Louis little asshole and shoved it deep inside her awaiting hole.

Between Bonnie's licking and the toy up Louis ass she had many more orgasm. Finally Louis forced Bonnie away from her now to sensitive body, and brought her up towards herself. The two beautiful women held onto each other and shared light kisses. Both women were drained and quickly fell asleep naked in each others arms. The next morning when Bonnie had woken up spooning with Louis she smiled down at her friend grateful for this wonderful new joy that had just entered her life and grateful that they still had another whole night together before returning home.

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