tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Highs Ch. 02

Family Highs Ch. 02


I actually arrived back before the girls, and not in the best of moods seeing as my football team had taken another pasting that afternoon. That said, you'd think I'd be used to it being a Wolves supporter.

Sat in the car, I listened to the sports report and sundry fans who telephone in to complain about anything and everything. Isn't it a fact that people are only happy when they're moaning? No-one ever calls in to congratulate, or if they do, it's quickly followed by a qualified 'but if' and some lengthy pontification over how they could be even better if they'd just do....whatever. Unbelievable.

Anyway, minutes later, Carol's car pulled up on the drive and two very sexy looking ladies and their boxes and bags of goodies spilled out with them. I smiled to myself as I took in Laura, who was in a new, flared skirt that sat just above the knee and appeared to have the consistency of cardboard if the way it moved was anything to go by.

The good part of this was that from my low aspect, sat as I was in the car, as soon as she bent into the cars trunk, the skirt did nothing for her modesty and exposed the tops of her slim thighs and a hint of black panties that appeared to cling around her pouting pussy lips.

I immediately felt my cock thicken, especially when Carol appeared from the driver's side and I noticed her top, straining the buttons of her blouse as the heavy swell of her breasts pushed against the silky material.

Getting out of my vehicle, I strolled over to the women who turned toward me and I complimented them on their appearance that had entailed four hours in a beauty parlour having their nails, hair, you name it coiffed. Honestly, they looked and smelled so good my cock was out of my underwear and pushing down my left thigh already. What an effect these women were having, Crazy.

It was no good, my mood had improved so much that I took the little ladies by their elbows and virtually frogmarched them into the house where I back-heeled the front door closed and scooped up the women in each arm.

"You two look amazing." I growled lustfully into Carol's hair and bent down to nuzzle her neck which always gets her going.

As Carol's breathing got deeper, I turned my attention to Miss Lovely who was looking a little sheepish still after last nights events, but as I slid my hand up her cropped-top, an item of clothing I had never seen on her before, I mentioned how beautiful she looked and smelled her strawberry scented hair before taking a handful of the same and pulling her head back to kiss her deeply on the mouth.

The way they were responding sort of told me what their thoughts, if not conversation had been about for most of the day, and a quick glance at their breasts merely confirmed it.

Both women were wearing lace bras and the hard nubs of their nipples were forcing against the see-thru material and I noticed Carol had already begun the little jig she gets in her leg when her body needs sex. Who would have thought this lady had appeared so stuffy when I first met her only weeks ago.

My own lust was growing now though and Laura had already had a couple of surreptitious strokes of my length with her forearm, so again taking their elbows, I led them to the sofa where I stopped, turned to Carol and lifted her chin to kiss her deeply, before I plucked the first of three buttons on her blouse and I said quite deliberately:

"I'm......going to.... undo.......those." Exposing the cups of her black bra, full of swollen, heaving flesh, before turning to Laura, looking deep into her hazel eyes and stating, "And you, young lady, can do the rest."

Both mother and daughter stood for what must have been long seconds for them both, their mouths making O's as they giggled nervously, and I took to the couch.

This time it was the younger girl who made up her mind first, and knowing what I needed to see happen, she responded so well, slipping her hands inside her mothers blouse and slipping it off her shoulders before placing her lips on the swollen 36DD's creaming over the taut lace and undoing the last three buttons on her blouse as she caressed the flesh with her mouth and nose.

Frankly, even I hadn't been expecting that level of horniness from Laura, who only yesterday had appeared for all intents and purposes about as uptight and unyielding a feminist as you could ever meet. Who knows exactly what had clicked in her mind, but I think the way her mother had softened over the last few weeks and her body had subtly changed along with her underwear, the younger girl had had some kind of sexual epiphany, an awakening not only in her mind but also her loins.

I have to say as she unzipped and slipped her mothers skirt over her curvy hips and let it fall to the floor, even Carol was pouting with desire as she stood quivering before us and her hands slipping down her mothers body Laura repaid the deed from last night, and kissed the front panel of her mothers tight panties before hooking her thumbs into the waistband and removing the soaking material from between Carol's thighs.

That was enough for me, and I pushed down my jeans, releasing the 'monster' as the girls had nicknamed my thickly veined cock, which, no lie, had gone from a good sized nine inches to nearly ten, but the real increase had been in its girth, Carol's tight suction had encouraged the thickness to a size I had not achieved since my youth, and now their squeals and OMG's filled the room as I pulled the older woman down beside me for more of her sweet sex.

Like any good porno, my first thought had been for her to suck my cock which was leaking pre-cum all over her couch but it was no good, I needed more, and pulling her across me, I sat her astride my lap and ordered her daughter to quickly put it inside Carol's wanton hole and she wasn't disagreeing with me.

The young girl quickly grabbed my shaft and mixed my and her mothers sex juices around that entrance to paradise before lining us up properly and pushing my cock forward so the only place it could go, was deep into her mothers slippery pussy.

As usual, on entering her, her orgasm ripped through Carol and I held her tight as she slid deeper onto my shaft, gasping and shuddering and growling like a lioness as she did so. Her intense feelings just tightened her pussy walls around my cock and I stroked her hair while I watched Laura peel off to her new G-String and lacy bra for me to feast my hungry eyes and kissed the younger girl as I cupped her quite perfect 34C breasts and stroked my hand over her body, around her bum and stroked her slit which she pushed against my fingers and I found had soaked her new panties.

Swivelling around as best as I could, I lay back on the couch, and with Carol taking rapid breaths as she came all over my cock once again, I beckoned Laura to sit astride my mouth and take care of her mother while I licked and chewed her still tight young pussy.

As I lapped away at that juicing young hole, I marvelled at its tightness and how she fit snugly into her new tiny panties even as I moved them aside. It wouldn't last. I'm going to make damn sure she gets big and heavy down there, just like her mother, and from her new enthusiasm for big cock, I don't think she's about to complain.

We were enjoying each other so much, none of us realised that Lindsay had arrived home.

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