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Family Hypnosis


This is my first "Family Love" story. Pure fantasy. Enjoy. If you like it enough to give it a five, please vote.

* * * * *

I was sitting in front of my computer when my sister waltzed into my room.

"Mike, what are you doing?"

My sister Valerie, was a real knockout. She was twenty one and five feet, six with lovely breasts and a wonderful shape. She probably weighed one hundred twenty pounds. I would imagine myself fucking her when I was otherwise frustrated. School had just ended, for the semester and I was frustrated. I had been thinking about my last class when Val popped in. The class was hypnosis and I had been wondering if I could use what I learned to get myself laid. I was almost twenty and still a virgin. I just didn't know how to go about changing that fact. The only girl I could talk to easily was Val. With every other girl I was absolutely tongue tied.

"I'm doing computer research."

"On what?" I wanted to say "none of your business." I didn't.



"I just finished the course and I wanted to see what was available on the internet. Don't you have anything else to do?"

"I like bothering you. Could you hypnotize me?"

I felt my tool start to get hard. "Val, I guess so. It would make you very relaxed. Do you want to try it?"

She wrinkled her nose, like she does when she is thinking.

"Would you, or could you, make me do anything I didn't want to do?"

"Would I, probably if I could, but I can't. You can't make a person do something they don't want to do."

"Mike, I came in to bother you because I am bored. Go ahead do me."

I decided, I would try to really "do her."

"Val, sit on my bed and watch my finger. I will move my finger around and you will follow it with your eyes. As you do that you will feel yourself falling into a relaxing trance."

I moved my finger towards her eyes and away. Then I slowly brought it closer to her eyes. My instructor had said that you can hypnotize someone if you do two things. One, get their attention and two, establish credibility. I had her attention and I was going to establish credibility by having her eyes get tired as I told her she was falling into a trance.

"As my finger gets closer to your nose you will find that you cannot keep your eyes open. You will close them and will not be able to open them."

As I brought my finger closer to her eyes, I saw her eyes start to cross. She closed her eyes. "You are now in a deep relaxing trance. Your whole body is relaxed and feeling wonderful. Your body is warm and relaxed. When I wake you, you will feel terrific. Warm, comfortable and terrific. I will count to three and you will wake. When ever I tell you to sleep, you will go into an even deeper trance, with your body completely limp. One, two, three."

She opened her eyes. "Was I hypnotized?"

"Of course you were."

"I don't believe you." She smiled at me. I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew I wanted to be right.

"Val, sleep." She closed her eyes. And collapsed back on the bed with her arms at her side.

"How do you feel?"

"Very relaxed."

I had to test her depth. I wanted to find out if she was a somnambulist, and wouldn't remember what happens while she was in a trance.

"Val, it is very warm. When I wake you, you will be very warm. You will not remember being hypnotized. You will open your blouse to cool yourself off. You will believe I won't notice. One, two, three."

She opened her eyes and sat up. She opened the top three buttons of her blouse. She didn't look at me when she did that.

"I'm warm." She said.

"Are you going to hypnotize me?"

"Val, sleep."

She again collapsed back on the bed. I was taught that a good subject can be communicated with while in the trance and they would not remember. You would get very honest answers.

"Val, are a virgin?"

She didn't move.


"Do you enjoy sex?"

"Oh, yes."

I was six feet six and very well built. My cock was proportionate to my large body. I was hoping that Val liked large men.

"Val, when I wake you this time you will be very sexually attracted to me. You will imagine yourself making love with me. You will imagine my large penis and it will get you aroused. You will not think of me as your brother. One, two, three."

She sat up and opened her eyes. She looked around and then at me. I caught her eyes glancing at my crotch.

"Mike, I feel strange. I think we should forget this hypnosis stuff, right now."

"How do you feel strange?"

"I can't describe it, I just feel strange." She blushed. I could see the blush extended down below her bra. Her lacy bra was exhibited by the opened blouse. She was wearing a blouse and cotton skirt.

I sat next to her. She moved close to me. I could feel her hips against mine. I put my arms around her to see what would happen. She cuddled against me. I tilted her head and bent toward her. She puckered her lips and I kissed her. She put her tongue in my mouth. Then she pulled away.

"What am I doing? What are you doing?"

"Kissing you. That's okay isn't it?"

"I guess so. It makes me feel funny?"

"Val, sleep." She collapsed. I squeezed her lovely right breast and let her collapse on the bed. She did not react to the squeeze. I sure did. I was rock hard.

"Val, when I wake you, you will not think of me as your brother. I will be Mike who you want to seduce. You will do everything you can to get me to make love with you. One, two, three."

She again sat up. She got very close to me. She took my right hand and put it on her breast. "Oh, Mike, make it feel good, baby."

I popped her bra over her breast leaving the lovely appendage bare. It was the first bare breast I had ever touched. I took her small nipple and rubbed it between my fingers. She squirmed. I leaned over and kissed it.

"Oh, Mike that feels wonderful. Suck it, suck it."

The nipple got very hard and spread at the tip. I felt like I was going to get some milk. I was loving it. I wasn't sure what to do next, though. I was just hoping she was good at this seduction business. I continued to suck her nipple for a very long time. She began to moan. She took my left hand and put it on her pussy. It was very damp. She then opened my pants and took my cock in her hands. I almost fainted. I looked at the clock. Mom would be home in one hour. We had to finish by then.

She was rubbing my penis the way I did when I wacked off. It felt better when she did it. I felt like I would shoot any moment. Val bent down and kissed my cock. It then was sucked into her warm, wonderful mouth. I shot into her mouth as her lips closed around my penis. I just pumped and pumped and she swallowed the whole thing. I was shaking. I had never felt like this and I didn't want it to end. It did, of course. My cock stayed in her mouth and almost immediately it started to stiffen.

She kept sucking and it became stiff, again. Meanwhile I was rubbing her pussy through her panties. She was getting wetter and wetter. Finally she lifted her hips.

"Pull my panties off?"

I pulled them off. I felt her cunt as I did that. It was very wet and I was smelling this strong musty smell.

"Mike, I want you to stick it in me."

"Will you get pregnant?"

"No, I'm on the pill. Quick, put it in me. Fuck me."

She guided me into her gaping pussy. She spread her legs very wide to make it easy for me and she guided my prick into her love hole. It was tight, warm, wet and wonderful. I was able to go longer than earlier. I pumped and pumped. All of a sudden I felt her vaginal walls tighten on my penis. She pushed hard against me and screamed.

"I'm cuming, I'm cuming."

I shot my load into her. Then I collapsed on top of her. We lay like that for several minutes. I realized that Mom was on her way home.

Val sat up and straightened her bra and reached for her panties. She was still flushed.

"Mike, I feel glowing. I can't believe we did this. Was it your first time?"

"Yes, sis, it was my first time."

"Well, I always said I would teach you a thing or two." She laughed her wonderful throaty laugh. She never mentioned hypnosis.

"Do you still want me to hypnotize you?"

She looked at me funny. "I think we did enough. Why don't you hypnotize Mom."

Now that was an idea! Mom was built like Val only fuller. Dad had been gone for two years. He just left and never came back. Mom never brought any men around. When I wasn't dreaming of fucking Valerie it was Mom. Why not?

A few minutes later mom came home. It was always an event when Mom came home. She would open the garage door with the remote and honk her horn. She wanted me to be there to greet her and carry anything she bought into the house. Today was no exception. I heard the garage open and the horn honking. I went to the garage door.

"Mike, I've got packages, could you help me carry them?" I never refused her.

Valerie came down with me. She winked at me.

"Mom, I just finished my hypnosis class at the University. Let me practice on you?"

Valerie chimed in. "Go ahead Mom, it will make you feel very relaxed."

I looked at Valerie and whispered: "How do you know?"

She whispered back: "That's what you told me."

I was carrying the packages into the kitchen when Mom answered me. "Sure, Mike. I'll let you hypnotize me, right after dinner. Valerie could you help me get it ready?"

The conversation at dinner was idle chit chat. I was anxious to get started, but I didn't want to spook Mom. She was wearing a business skirt and blouse. She had taken the jacket off to prepare dinner. Mom is a lawyer with an Intellectual Property firm. She told me that she is a wiz at doing licensing agreements. After dinner, I helped wash the dishes and put everything away.

"Mom, when you are through with this lets go into the den and I'll show you how hypnosis works."

"Can't I change first?"

"Na, come on. It will only take a few minutes and then you'll be very relaxed and you can get into something comfortable." I had in mind that she would get into something VERY comfortable.

"Mike, I can't say no to you."

She went into the den. I asked Valerie to join us. "Mom, you sit on the couch and Valerie why don't you sit in the big chair."

They both sat down. I went behind Mom and put my hands on her forehead. "Close your eyes and let yourself go into a deep sleep." She closed her eyes and seemed to relax. I was next to Valerie. I wanted to keep control of her. I whispered to her: "Valerie sleep."

Valerie slumped back, limp. I was starting to get another erection thinking of what I could do with Mom and Valerie. I went back to Mom. I went back to pressing on her forehead. That was another technique that I learned at the University. "As I press on your forehead you can feel yourself going into a deep trance. Your whole body is limp." I went on like that for several minutes. I could see her body get more and more relaxed.

I told her the same thing I told Valerie. When ever I told her to sleep she would go into a deeper trance. I woke her up to see where we were. She sat up and looked at me. "Mike, are you going to hypnotize me. If you aren't I want to change me clothes."

She was like Valerie, a wonderful subject. I almost drooled looking at her. Her legs were firm and her body was very shapely. Her breasts seemed a little larger than Valerie's. I was anxious to find out. I was now an experienced lover. Based on my experience with Valerie, I decided I could go faster. "Mom, you are feeling very horny. You really, really want to make love."

I paused. She started to squeeze her beautiful thighs together. "You are very attracted to me and you want me to fuck you." I knew that Mom knew the language. She seemed to be turned on by course language.

"You will not think of me as your son, only a very attractive man. Stand up and strip."

I held my breath. She stood up and started to unbutton her blouse. Yes! She had a plain white bra that was very conservative looking. She loosened her skirt and stepped out of it. She pulled down her panty hose. Now she was standing in front of me with only a white bra and cotton panties. I began to smell the same musky odor that Valerie had. Mom, pulled her panties down and reached behind her and released her bra. Her breasts were bigger and sagged a little. Very little.

She put her arms out for me. I put my arms around her and kissed her. She pushed her tongue into my mouth just like Valerie had. It tasted terrific. I put my hand on her butt and felt her pussy. She gasped. It was sopping wet. She pushed against my hand.

"Mom, you will stay in a hypnotic trance, but you will be wide awake. Do you want to be my hypnotic sex slave? You will do everything I tell you."

"Oh, yes Michael."

"Do you want to remember what happened when you wake up?"

"No, Michael, I don't. I want you to command me while I am in your control and then I want to forget."

"Mom, are you taking birth control pills?"

"I had my tubes tied many years ago."

"Come give me a blow job."

"Yes, Michael." She took my engorged cock in her hand and put it in her mouth. She pulled it all the way into her throat. I couldn't believe it. She went up and down on my cock. Because I had shot several times today, I was able to control myself. I got harder and harder. Finally, I said: "Mom, that's enough."

She pulled away from my cock. She looked disappointed. "Mom, I am going to fuck you now."

My pole was standing straight up. I picked her up, under the arms, and lowered her onto my cock. It went all the way into her. It felt so good. Mom locked her legs around me and we humped with me standing and moving her by the hips up and down. Not bad for the second time.

She began to get very excited. I felt spasms on my cock. She put her head back and made unintelligible noises. I shot into her. I kneeled down and released her on the floor. Her legs seemed wobbly.

For the first time she seemed to notice Valerie. "Valerie was my first experience, you were second. Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"Yes, I have. It was a wonderful experience."

"I want you to make love with Valerie."

"Yes, Michael."

"Valerie, come here."

Valerie got up and came over to me. She was like sleep walking. "Valerie, do you love Mom?"

"Yes Mike."

"I want you to strip and let Mom make love with you."

"Yes, Mike."

She quickly took her clothes off. "Stand next to Mom so I can look at both of you."

She looked so much like Mom. They were the same height and shape. Like I said, Mom's breasts were a little bigger and sagged a little. They were both natural blondes and they were both in outstanding physical shape. Both of their nipples were erect and both had wet pussys.

"Valerie you get on all fours and Mom you lick her cunt."

Valerie got on her hands and knees and Mom got behind her and began to lick. Valerie began to grind her hips into Mom's face. I was getting erect again. I went behind Mom and pushed into her cunt. It was looser than the first time. It still felt marvelous. I pumped and Mom licked. Soon I felt Mom spasming again. Valerie started to scream and I shot into Mom. We all collapsed in a heap.

We lay there for a few minutes. "Valerie, Mom, lets go get a shower."

We all adjourned to the master bedroom shower. When we finished showering, I had everyone go into the master bedroom. I left Mom in the master bedroom with instructions to change her clothes and come back down stairs in ten minutes or when ever she was dressed. I took Valerie to my room. I gathered our clothes on the way. When we got to my room we dressed. I then had her wake up. She blinked and looked down at her body.

"Mike, how did I get here and what did you do to me?" She was smiling.

"I hypnotized you."

"I guess!"

Soon Mom was downstairs. She had on a loose house dress and slippers. "Hi, Mom. how do you feel?"

"It's funny that you ask. I feel strange. I feel like I want to touch you and I don't know."

Her voice trailed off.

"Touch me where?"

I had never seen Mom blush, but she blushed. "I can't tell you."

"Mom, sleep." She collapsed onto the floor in a heap. I picked her up and put her on the couch.

"Do you still want to touch me?"

"Oh, yes Michael. I want to hold that large cock of yours. Michael I will go crazy. Make it so I will not remember anything or think about you when I am not hypnotized."

She reached for my crotch and pulled my zipper down. My prick was growing to greet her. She held it and then leaned over and put it in her mouth. Valerie was watching all of this.

"Mike, I am jealous of Mom." Oh, well.

I felt myself getting ready to shoot again. Mom seemed to know and sucked harder and rubbed my tool. Soon I was throbbing and shooting into her warm, wet mouth. She again swallowed the whole thing.

I put Mom back into a trance.

"Valerie, what can I do for you?"

"Mike, make me feel good?"

"Valerie, sleep. When I wake you, you will feel terrific. You will not feel jealous of Mom, you will want to do what ever I ask of you, and doing that will always make you feel good. Mom, when I waken you, you will feel wonderful and you will not think about what just happened. When you are awake you will not have any sexual thoughts about me. You will just know that you want to do anything I ask of you. Doing my bidding will make you feel good. Valerie, Mom, when I count to three you will both wake up. One, two, three."

From that time on, I had two willing sex slaves.

* * * * *

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Could be considerably improved

Putting someone into trance takes much more effort than you describe. Making a willing volunteer do as you wish takes even more patience. Your punctuation and grammar detracts from the story

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