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Family Lessons


It was Billy Johnson's eighteenth birthday and his parents, Mr and Mrs Johnson were sitting in the lounge of their home discussing how to celebrate their son finally becoming a man.

"William's finally a man Howard," said Sharon to her husband, she always called him by his full name William, even though he preferred Billy and that's what everyone called him. Sharon Johnson was in fact Billy's stepmother. The beautiful blonde thirty one year old had married her older, fifty two year old husband after his first wife, Billy's real mother had died. Sharon was a natural, busty beauty. She was a real Californian beach babe. Sun bleached blonde hair, ample breasts, a great ass and long, long legs. For the four years she had been married to Howard their sex life had been incredible, although she always felt a little uncomfortable showing affection around Billy, the poor teenager always looked at her with lustful eyes. The skimpy outfits Howard always bought for her to wear probably didn't help.

"Not a man yet," replied Howard, strumming his fingers on his chin as if deep in reflection. He looked thoughtfully at his gorgeous wife. He and Sharon had just returned from a Sunday lunch with some of Howard's work colleagues and Sharon was dressed in a pair of skintight pink trousers and a white low cut halter top that displayed her ample double D breasts. Howard loved the way all his colleagues stared at his wife and lusted after her. It was actually a secret fantasy of his to see his beautiful wife with another man.

"He's eighteen," replied Sharon, "That makes him a man in my books."

"Not until he's been with a woman."

Sharon smiled, thinking for a moment that her husband was kidding, but he looked back at her with a serious expression, "Come on Howard, give him a break." Howard often hassled his son about getting a girlfriend, but Billy had either never really shown much interest, or wasn't good with the ladies. Sharon suspected the later as she'd found a small pile of pornographic magazines under his bed one day while cleaning his room.

"I'm serious!" said Howard, "I don't even think he's kissed a girl, let alone fucked one."

"Howard!" scolded Sharon, she didn't like him using foul language. Despite her good looks and sexual appetite Sharon was a bit of a prude at heart.

"I've decided to get him laid for his birthday," said Howard, "Make sure he's taught how to be with a woman."

"What?" replied Sharon, taken by surprise, "You're gonna get him a hooker or something?"

"No," said Howard matter of factly, "You're going to show him."

Sharon froze with shock and went pale, "No...what are you saying?" She had never refused her older husband anything.

"I want you to teach Billy about sex." The way Howard spoke made it very clear to Sharon that her husband had already made up his mind.

"I...I can't"

"You can and you will," Howard said firmly, "This will be perfect. I will tell my son how to be with a woman and you will help us. It's perfect!"

Sharon wasn't so sure, but she did not want to refuse her husband. The blonde woman swallowed rather nervously and remained silent.

"Perfect," repeated Howard Johnson rubbing his hands together.


That evening Billy was sulking in the corner of the lounge watching TV. He had asked permission to go around to a friend's place to play on his Playstation but had been refused.

"It's your birthday and we're going to spend some quality time together as a family!" his father had insisted. The only upside as far as Billy was concerned was that his stepmother was wearing a particularly tight t-shirt that displayed her large breasts to perfection. Time to time through the evening Billy stole glances in her direction.

So Billy watched TV all night in an angry silence, until finally around 10 o'clock his father switched it off.

"We need to talk son," he said.

Billy groaned inwardly and reluctantly swiveled his chair around to face his father, "What?"

"Do you have a girlfriend Billy?" his father asked him.

"Dad!" groaned Billy, blushing a little. Talking about his sex life in front of his father and his sexy stepmother was the last thing he wanted to do on his birthday.

"Answer the question!" snapped his father.

"No I don't."

"That's okay son," replied his father, his tone surprisingly soft, "Are you still a virgin?"

Billy sensed what was coming, "Dad, we get taught about the birds and the bees in school, you don't need to give me that talk now that I'm eighteen."

"I'm not going to give you a talk," explained Howard Johnson, "Just answer my question, have you fucked a girl yet?"

Billy's blush deepened and he stole a quick glance over at his stepmom. Sharon seemed to be looking on with a somewhat resigned expression and listening intently. Billy sighed, "Yes I'm still a virgin."

"Okay son," his father nodded, appearing to have come to some decision, "You would have noticed that me and Sharon haven't given you your birthday present yet?"

Billy nodded, curious to find out what his father was getting to.

"I have decided that I'm going to teach you about being with a woman," his father announced in a matter of fact tone.

"Wh...what do you mean?" Billy asked uncertainly, he glanced at his stepmom who had a look just as nervous as his own.

"Sharon and me are going to show you about making love. I'm going to let you fuck Sharon and she's going to make you a man."

"Oh wow!" breathed Billy, shocked at what his father had planned. Billy looked over at his gorgeous stepmother and she nodded at him a little uncertainly.

"Okay Sharon," said Howard, turning to his wife, "Stand up please."

Sharon submissively did as instructed while Howard turned back to his son, "Your stepmother is a very beautiful woman Billy, you are lucky to have this opportunity."

"Yes sir," nodded Billy, visibly shaking with anticipation and nervousness.

"Okay darling, take off your shirt," Howard said to his wife. Sharon, her eyes submissively downcast untucked her t-shirt and yanked it up over her head. Billy's eyes went wide at the sight of her lovely big tits encased in a skimpy white bra. The ample mounds welled up above her seemingly too-tight bra and it looked as though they were about to burst free. "Now your pants," Howard instructed her as Billy watched on in amazement. Sharon, actually getting a little turned on by the act of stripped for her young stepson, unzipped her pants and peeled them off her toned thighs, turning as she bent to display the full and firm cheeks of her ass in a skimpy g-string.

"Wow," murmured Billy at the sight of his stepmother's fantastic pear shaped ass, it was all he could do not to reach out and slap it. Then Sharon turned back towards them, dressed only in her underwear.

"Your mother is a very beautiful woman Billy," Howard told him, "Make sure that you always treat her with respect, despite whatever happens tonight."

"Yes sir," nodded Billy, unable to take his eyes of the near naked Sharon.

"Right," said his father, "Sharon go and sit on the arm of Billy's chair, and Billy I want you to take off her brassier, you'll need to know how to work the catches on them, there's a bit of a knack to it."

Sharon walked over to Billy's chair and perched her delectable ass on the arm of the chair. She smiled encouragingly at Billy and then turned her back to him, presenting the hooks of her bra for him to undo.

"Go ahead Billy," his father commanded.

Billy swallowed and licked his dry lips, then reached up with shaking hands to touch his stepmother's smooth back. His eyes briefly flicked down to her g-string clad ass resting on the arm of his chair, then slid his hand up to the coarser material of her bra. He fumbled for a little while with the catches and managed to get one of the three little hooks unfastened.

"Squeeze it together and then unfasten them," said his father, looking on. Howard was getting rather turned on himself at the thought of seeing his wife and son together.

"That's it!" said his father in an approving tone as Billy finally parted the strap of Sharon's bra. Sharon stood up and turned towards Billy, still holding her bra over her big tits.

"Do you want to see your stepmom's breasts?" Sharon asked, teasing him a little as one of the straps slipped off her shoulder and more of the milky white flesh of her ample breasts appeared.

"Yes please," murmured Billy, his voice little more than a whisper.

"Here they are then honey," cooed Sharon, letting the bra drop to the floor. She was pleased with the young eighteen years old's reaction. Billy gasped aloud at the magnificent sight of Sharon's large tits. They were a 44DD (E cup on a good day) and the part of her body Sharon was most proud of. They had almost no sag and were outthrust with dark hard nipples. They were so pert and high placed for their size that Sharon had been accused of getting them done on a couple of occasions, but they were 100% natural.

"Holy shit!" gasped Billy at the sight of his stepmother's boobs. They were huge! And looked fantastic, better than anything he'd seen in the porno mags he read. There in front of his was his gorgeous stepmother dressed only in a g-string, like some goddess out of Playboy. Billy's crotch was bulging uncomfortably and he rubbed it as Sharon slid her hands up her sides and cupped and lifted her own big tits, displaying them for him.

"Like them?" asked Sharon, squeezing them and pinching on her nipples.

"They're incredible," breathed Billy in reply.

"Come here Sharon," cut in Howard, once again taking control of the situation. His topless wife walked over to him as Howard's hands reached up to her hips. With Sharon's back to him, Billy watched as his father reached up and pulled down the g-string Sharon wore. He sucked in a deep breath at the wonderful sight of her bare ass. "Your mother has a great ass," Howard told his son, stroking his hand across the smooth right cheek. He then turned her again and Billy let out a low moan. Sharon's pussy was bared to him, the pubic hair neatly trimmed and a hint of her pussy lips visible between her closed thighs.

"Oh my God," murmured Billy as he took in the entire sight of his naked stepmother. She was a goddess. Billy's crotch was throbbing almost painfully, he was harder than he'd ever been in his life.

"This is what a naked woman looks like," his father said. "Would you like to touch her? Would you like to feel what a naked woman is like?"

"Hell yes," nodded Billy enthusiastically. He rubbed his crotch as Sharon smiled at his eagerness, she was very turned on by the act of being paraded around and displayed for Billy's education. Sharon, still rather nervous herself walked over so that she was standing directly in front of Billy's chair, her crotch at his eye level.

"Bend over and let him play with your tits a bit," ordered Howard, enjoyed the sight of outright lust on his sons face. Sharon hesitated for a moment, glancing back at her husband and then down at their horny son. She then leant forward, putting her hands on the arms of the chair and dangling her big boobs in Billy's face. Billy let out a strangled grunt of lust and reached up, grabbing his stepmother's ample tits and squeezing on them. They felt exquisite, so full and large and firm, yet at the same time soft and pliable. He moaned as he mauled the large balloons, squeezing and groping to his hearts content. He'd dreamt of these tits, ever since his father had first brought Sharon home, not long after Billy's mother's death, and now, here he was touching them. Billy's hands roughly fisted over her massive boobs, squeezing and pinching roughly.

Sharon gasped a little at his eagerness as he roughly groped her big breasts, "Take it slow," she told him, "Be gentle for now, they're a little sensitive." Billy eased off a little, but not as much as Sharon would have liked, but she didn't want to growl him and ruin his confidence, the boy was obviously very much enjoying her tits, and the sensation was rather pleasant she had to admit.

"That's it," encouraged Howard as Billy pinched Sharon's nipples and tugged on the tips of her big tits, he then palmed the ample mounds and rolled them around her chest with his hands. "Suck on them," his father said after a moment longer. Billy let out a moan at his father's suggestion and shuffled forward on the chair, pressing his face into his stepmother's bosom. He lifted a big melon to his mouth and sucked her hard nipple into his mouth. Billy really went to town now, sucking and slurping, his tongue sliding across the ample flesh as his hands continued to knead the warm mounds. While he drank eagerly at her nipple one of his hands slid down to cup and squeeze a deliciously round buttock before sliding back up to capture her swinging tit. Sharon moaned softly, enjoying his eagerness and actually arching her back so her tits jutted out further towards him.

After almost a full ten minutes Howard called a stop, "Okay, that's enough." Billy reluctantly sat back in his chair and Sharon straightened, waiting for her husband's next instruction.

"Okay Billy," said his father, "Take out your penis now please."

"What?" stammered Billy. Even though he had just been sucking on his step mother's tits it seemed strange to unveil his dick to his parents, especially in it's current engorged state.

Howard sighed at his sons hesitation, "Do it for him please Sharon."

Now it was Sharon's turn to be surprised. She didn't hesitate much though, and got on her knees in front of Billy. Her hands were shaking a little as she reached out and unbuttoned the top of his pants and then unzipped his fly with her well manicured fingers. Billy's hips twitched up off the seat a little as the gorgeous woman reached into his underpants and drew out his rock hard cock. Sharon's hand felt wonderfully soft and cool against his hot manhood, it was the most incredible sensation he'd ever felt. Billy let out a soft moan as Sharon gave his cock a brief stroke, she was impressed by it's size, it had to be close to 8 inches long, whereas her husband was only around 5 or 6. Billy's marvelous cock was also thicker and felt much harder than Howard had ever been.

Sharon sat back on her heels, her eye's glued to Billy's hard cock, just as Billy's eyes were glued to his naked stepmom.

"I presume you masturbate?" his father asked.

"Yes," blushed Billy, his voice barely a whisper.

"That's okay son, it's perfectly normal. I want you to show me what you do."

"Excuse me?"


Billy's blush deepened, but he reached down and took hold of his hard cock and began to stroke it. As he played with himself and felt the familiar sensations of pleasure he stared at Sharon's glorious naked body. Her knees were closed so he couldn't see her pussy, but he had a good view of her long legs and ample tits, certainly enough to inflame his lust. His gaze stole up to Sharon's face and he was surprised to see her staring at his cock and his hand flying up and down the hard shaft. When Sharon licked her lips at the sight, Billy almost came right then and there, but was able to keep it in check. Sharon suddenly looked up at his face and their eyes locked. Billy stared straight into his stepmother's eyes as he jerked off.

"Stop there," his father ordered and Billy immediately halted, tearing his gaze away from the kneeling form of his beautiful stepmother. "Would you like your stepmother to do that for you?"

"Yes," nodded Billy, his cock hardened even more at the thought, his balls aching for release. He remembered how fantastic her hand had felt on his penis when she had pulled him out and he desperately wanted to feel that again.

Sharon had already started when her husband's voice snapped out, "Your manners Billy!" Sharon sat back, biting her lip and resisting the urge to grab Billy's big cock.

"Huh?" asked Billy, his cock lurching, she had almost touched him again.

"Ask nicely and say please," warned his father.

"Can you please play with my penis Mom?" asked Billy. Even though Sharon wasn't his real mother, his father had insisted he called her Mom instead of Sharon, right from the day she married his father. Billy had found it hard at first to think of the young beauty that way, but now it was second nature to him, even in the unusual situation unfolding now.

"Certainly William," replied Sharon, shuffling a little closer so that she was kneeling between his legs submissively. She reached up and once again took his steel shaft in her soft hand. Billy moaned loudly at the touch of her gentle hand. Sharon suppressed a moan of her own, his cock felt wonderful. The kneeling blonde then began to dutifully stroke her stepson's cock. Her practiced hand sliding first slowly, then faster up and down his hard penis.

"Does this feel good?" asked Sharon, eager to please young Billy.

"Oh God yes!" groaned Billy, his hips lurching a little as he thrust up at Sharon's pumping hand. Sharon's other hand reached up and gently toyed with his balls while she stroked his hardness faster and faster. Billy's eyes were locked onto Sharon's big DD breasts, hypnotized by the way they swayed in time with the movements of her arm. Billy leant forward and reached out, grabbing a large breast in each hand and squeezing as she jerked on his cock. He moaned a little as he fondled his stepmother's huge tits, they felt so soft and tender.

"Sit back Billy!" ordered his father suddenly. Billy's hands jerked back suddenly from Sharon's breasts and he sat back in the chair. Sharon, also surprised by her husband's tone, stopped for a moment and glanced at Howard.

"Okay, we're going to try something else now," Howard decided after a moment.

Sharon sat back on her heels again, as she let go of Billy's penis it lurched at the absence of her warm palm. Sharon swallowed nervously and licked her dry lips, she had a feeling she knew what her husband was going to ask her to do to Billy next and she wasn't completely happy about it.

Howard seemed to be hesitating. "What now Dad?" asked Billy, his cock was eager for more action, perhaps he was now going to get to fuck Sharon?

"Do you know what a blowjob is Billy?" his father asked.

Billy's eye's widened and he immediately turned to look at his stepmother. The beautiful, voluptuous blonde knelt submissively at his feet. Was she really going to suck his cock? Billy stared at her generous, full lips and imagined them wrapped around his cock, her blonde head buried in his lap. His cock lurched and he almost came then and there. He briefly locked eyes with Sharon before turning back to his father.

"No," replied Billy slyly, "But I want to learn."

"Show him honey," ordered Howard, "Suck Billy's cock for him."

"But.." Sharon began to protest.

"Do it!" insisted Howard sternly.

"Okay," replied Sharon nervously, her voice cracking. Howard knew very well that she hated sucking cock. Howard's had been the only penis she'd ever allowed into her mouth and she hated the taste of him. She only did it occasionally for him when she really wanted to get her way. But now she was obliged to suck off her stepson. She'd seen the way Billy had looked at her with such lust when Howard had mentioned the word blowjob, he knew exactly what it was.

"Okay," Sharon repeated to herself, sitting forward again and taking Billy's big cock in her hands, it was such a beautiful penis and if she was true to herself she'd have to admit that she did want to taste his manhood. She did want to make love to her stepson's lovely big cock. Sharon stroked his young cock for a moment, not that she needed to, it was already rock hard, she just wanted to give herself a further moment to prepare for what was to come. It would do the teenager no good if she gagged on the taste of him.

"Please suck me Mom," Billy said, practically begging with desire.

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