tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 03

Family Life Ch. 03


We settled into a comfortable routine for the summer. Dad stayed at the house in town during the week. He left early Monday morning and got back to the cabin early Friday afternoon. Mom changed her work schedule to part time so she was at the cabin much of the week. I was working for a software developer, in conjunction with my college work, and I was able to telecommute.

Mom decided she wanted an all over suntan. When she was not working, she spent a lot of early morning and late afternoon hours lying in the sun. I helped her put sunscreen on her back. I liked putting sunscreen on her ass. I'd slide my slick hand down her ass crack and rub her pucker. She seemed to like that as she usually spread her legs a bit and raised her ass a bit. Once in awhile, I'd slip a finger into her asshole. And I liked running my hand between her legs and stroking her pussy.

It wasn't long before I was applying the sunscreen all over her. I liked to kiss and suck her nipples before applying sunscreen to her breasts. I made sure the sunscreen was well rubbed in on her tits and around her pussy. Of course, while putting sunscreen on her thighs and belly, I would take time to give Mom's pussy some attention with my lips and tongue.

Mom said she didn't like to sunbathe alone all of the time. So I would join her and she would spend a lot of time seeing that sunscreen was properly applied to my cock, balls and ass. Often, she would stroke and suck my cock a bit, play with my balls or push a finger into my ass while applying the sunscreen.

When Dad got to the cabin on Friday afternoon, he would join us. Mom and I would take turns in rubbing sunscreen all over his body - and in playing with and sucking his cock and balls. Dad, in turn, would go down on Mom. Once, he stopping sucking her clit and told her that she was spending so much time in the sun that her dark blonde pussy hair was getting sun bleached. Mom just laughed, spread her legs farther and pushed his face back down into her cunt.

I didn't spend all of my time sunbathing. I worked on the software project much of the time looking for errors, debugging, and testing. And I worked out regularly. Dad bought a fitness machine with all the bells and whistles. We assembled and installed it in the shop. All three of us used the equipment.

On weekends, Dad and I worked on projects around the cabin and the land around it. One major project was cutting and splitting firewood. We would walk through the woods looking for dead and/or down trees. If we found a suitable tree or log, we would buck it into short lengths and carry the pieces to a nearby trail or place where we could come by later with a one wheeled game carrier and haul the wood back to the cabin.

This was sweaty work and we usually stripped completely, right down to our sandals. There is something about being nude and working hard, especially outdoors. And there is something about being on your knees in the leaves, grass and dirt and sucking a sweaty, salty cock into you mouth. Or running you tongue between sweating ass cheeks and rimming a salty asshole. Both Dad and I enjoyed the sweaty man-to-man sex.

One time, after Dad had sucked me so my cock was good and hard, he lay on his stomach over a log and spread his legs wide. He reached back and spread his ass cheeks. His cock and balls were hanging against the log and his asshole was winking at me. I stepped up behind him and as I pushed my cock all the way into his ass, Dad let out a wolf-like howl. He continued his howling while I pumped my cock and cum into his ass.

When we got back to the house, Mom said she knew we had been at it because she heard Dad howling. Dad just grinned and said it felt so damn good that he thought the world should know. Mom said maybe she should come along on one of our "work" sessions sometime and take photos and video of us at work - and play.

We continued to photograph and videotape our activities - working, sunbathing, sleeping, showering, relaxing, and enjoying family sex. We watched all of the videos that Mom had brought out with the photo albums. Many of them were the commercial hard core porn videos with the well known and not so well known porn stars. The tapes were of all tastes - straight, lesbian, gay, bi, group sex, etc. The other tapes were homemade tapes of Mom and Dad.

These tapes were made indoors and outdoors. There was footage of them skinny dipping and sunbathing. There were solo tapes of them doing strip teases and posing.

One of the tapes of Dad had numerous indoor and outdoor scenes of him masturbating and shooting cum all over. One memorable tape showed him pressing a string of beads up his ass. He then jacked his cock. As he began to cum, he dropped his cock and pulled the beads out of his ass. As the beads popped out of his ass, his cocked bobbed and twitched and blasted wads of cum into the air.

The tapes of Mom showed her pinching her nipples, fondling her breasts, and masturbating. She used her fingers and many toys. In one scene, she sucks one end of a double dong as she pushes the other end into her pussy. Mom shaved her pussy in one video. After she finished shaving and rinsing, she spread her now bald pussy lips with her fingers. Her clit is wet and shining and erect. She then slipped three fingers into her pussy. The video ends when Dad steps in front of the camera, kneels, and plants his mouth on her bare pussy.

There were other videos of my parents sucking and fucking in various positions and locations. As they got more experience with the camera and as they got better equipment, the videos improved with better lighting and camera work. They also added role playing and costumes in some videos - dressed as cowboys and cowgirls in vests, chaps and boots with no shirts or jeans on underneath the vests and chaps. Or dressed as Roman Centurions and maidens with a helmet, spear and shield and nothing else.

Both of them said one video sort of embarrassed them after they made it, but now when they watch it they remember how much fun they had making it. It starts out with Mom coming into the bedroom. She is wearing a man's suit. Dad is wearing a long robe and you can see he has on socks and shoes. Mom hugs Dad, then slips her hand into his robe. As she opens the robe you can see that Dad's socks are actually nylons. He is also wearing white bikini panties and a garter belt.

Mom pushes the robe off his shoulders and it falls to the floor. She orders Dad to "service" her. Dad kneels in front of her and licks the fly of her trousers. He unzips the fly and pulls a realistic looking strap-on cock out of Mom's trousers. He licks the "cock" up and down then takes it in his mouth. While he is giving Mom a "blowjob", she removes her jacket and drops it on the floor. Underneath the jacket, she is wearing a dress shirt and necktie.

She tells Dad to stop sucking her "cock" and to untie her shoe laces. After her unties the laces he leans back. He has a hard-on. His cockhead is peeking out of his panties. Mom removes her necktie and shirt. She then steps out of her shoes and unfastens the waistband on her trousers. She drops the trousers and kicks them aside. She is wearing a white t-shirt and her "cock" is sticking out of the front of a pair of boxer shorts. She takes her "cock" in her hand and points it at Dad. He crawls forward and resumes "sucking" her off. Mom holds his head and fucks his mouth for a few minutes before telling him to get into "the position".

Dad kneels with his ass towards her. She pulls his panties down off his ass and down to his knees. Dad pulls one leg up and she pulls the panty off over his foot. She tells him to spread his knees as far as he can, she then pushes his face and shoulders down onto the floor. She drops her boxers and as she walks over to the dresser to pick up a tube of lubricant, her "cock" bobs in front of her.

She fondles Dad's balls as she lubes his asshole and slowly works three fingers into his ass. Dad wiggles his ass as he looks over his shoulder and asks her to fuck him. Mom lubes her "cock", kneels between his legs and pushes her strap-on cock into Dad's ass in one slow, steady stoke. When her "balls" are tight against Dad's ass, Mom stops as Dad moves around and adjusts his position. She then resumed a steady piston action as she reamed Dad's ass.

It looked as if a cross dresser was being ass fucked by a long haired guy.

She finally stopped and pulled her "cock" out of Dad's ass. Dad stood up in front of her. As he was removing his garter belt, Mom plunged her mouth down his cock. As she sucked, she rolled his nylons down his legs. Dad reached down and started to pull her t-shirt over her head. She stopped sucking and stood up. When her t-shirt was off, they unfastened the harness for the strap-on and dropped it on the floor.

They got onto the bed and immediately moved into a passionate 69. Mom was on top bobbing her head up and down Dad's cock. Dad was pulling down on her hips as buried his tongue in her pussy. They moved out of the 69 into the missionary position. Dad held his weight on his arms and began fucking Mom hard and fast. It didn't take long before he was down to the short strokes. Just as he started to blow his load, Mom began to cum with a wail. Dad shoved his cock into her cunt as deep as he could as she brought herself off against him. The tape ended with them kissing and fondling and laughing.

This was a tape of sexual activity that was special. Dad said that another special tape that he would like to make was of him doing me like I had done him. Viewing the tapes and photo albums was a diversion that usually ended with some enjoyable family sexual activities.

One morning, as I was finishing some software debugging work, Mom came into my room. She said she wanted to talk about something when I had a minute. I asked her to sit down because I would be finished with my work in just a minute. She sat on the bed. After I closed the program, logged off, disconnected and shut down my laptop, I turned to Mom and asked her what she wanted to talk about. She asked me if anal sex was enjoyable and if there was much pain when a cock was pushed up your ass.

I told her that I enjoyed being ass fucked by Dad. It felt good to be stuffed with his cock and to feel his pubic hair against my ass and to feel his balls bounce against mine. I liked feeling his cock twitch and jerk and I liked the warm feeling I got as he blew his cum deep into my guts. I also told her the pain was relative to the moment. If you took time and stretched and relaxed the sphincter muscle before being entered, the pain was brief and minimal and sometimes non-existent. And there were cremes and lubes that contained desensitizers that could help. And there were pre-lubed condoms made for anal sex. One way that could help, was to start small. Use small vibrators, butt plugs and fingers at first and work up to larger sizes and the real thing.

She said Dad had always wanted to butt fuck her but she had never let him. She wanted to try it and asked me to help her. I asked her when she wanted to start. She said right now was as good as any time. I went to a drawer and got out an assortment of slim vibrators, small butt plugs and lube. Mom watched me as she undressed and sat back down on my bed. I took off my t-shirt and shorts then gathered up the toys and sat down on the bed next to her. We looked at the various toys. There was one larger butt plug in the collection. Mom looked at it then looked at me. I told her that it was for me and I wanted her to insert it.

I lubed the plug then stood in front of Mom. I bent over so she had access to my ass. She tentatively pushed the tapered tip against my asshole. I told her to use steady pressure. My asshole opened up under her pushing. The plug slipped in and was swallowed by my ass as my hole closed around the smaller shaft at the base of the plug.

She asked if it hurt. I told her that it didn't. Much of the time when I'm working, I sit on a butt plug. My ass will accept plugs, vibrators and dongs which are much bigger and thicker than Dad's cock. I like anal sex. I thought to myself that I could probably find work as a bottom in a Gay brothel. And I would probably enjoy the work.

Mom said she wanted to get started and what should she do? I asked her to get on her knees in the middle of the bed. I knelt behind her and admired her beautiful suntanned ass. I rubbed my hands over her cheeks and ran a fingertip across her puckered hole. I started to kiss and lick her ass cheeks and then I touched her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She jerked a bit, but I continued to rim her.

I then took a small tapered vibrator and ran it around her pucker, then after turning it on, I placed the tip against her hole. I asked her how it felt and she said it tickled. I lubed the vibrator and rubbed some lube on her pucker. I placed the vibrator against her asshole and turned it on. I used light pressure. I asked her how that felt. Mom said it was o.k. With the steady light pressure, the vibrator slowly slipped into her ass. Mom said it felt good.

I slowly removed the little vibrator and replaced it with a larger one. I worked it in and out of her ass. Mom said it felt good, too. I replaced the vibrator with one lubed finger. I finally had three fingers stretching Mom's asshole. I asked her how it felt and if she was ready for a butt plug. She said it felt o.k. and could she see the butt plug. I showed her a tapered plug about 1 1/4 inches in diameter. She thought it might be too big, but if I thought she could take it, then she was ready.

I lubed the plug and pushed it into her asshole. She was more than ready. She pushed back against the plug as I inserted it. I looked at my beautiful Mom. She was on her hands and knees. I loved the way her tits hung from her chest. I had just plugged her ass. I ran my hand over her pussy. Then I got on my back and slid under her pussy.

I pulled her pussy down onto my face and started to run my tongue between her lips. She was wet and juicy. I happily licked and sucked her lips and clit. When I came up for air once, I looked up. Mom was holding her tits and pinching and twisting her nipples. She looked down at me, then got off my chest, turned around, straddled my head and placed her pussy back on my face. She leaned forward and literally gobbled my cock. I eased off eating her pussy as she sucked me off. I played with her ass some more. We ended, without either of us cumming, when we were tired of the oral sex.

For the rest of the week, we had a couple of sessions a day with vibrators and butt plugs. Mom surprised me one day. After I had lubed and inserted a medium butt plug into her ass, she took a dildo and started to fuck herself. After a few minutes, she pulled the butt plug and worked the dildo up her ass. When she had the dildo "balls" deep, she looked at me and said she was ready for the real thing. I asked if she didn't want to give her "anal cherry" to Dad. She said no, she wanted to be sure she liked having a cock up her butt before she asked Dad to butt fuck her.

She got on her knees and turned her ass towards me. My cock was rock hard after watching her pleasure herself with the dildo. I got on the bed behind, lubed my cock and slowly pulled the dildo out of her ass. I held my cockhead against her asshole and pushed. I was going to go slow, but Mom had other ideas. As my cockhead touched her asshole, she pushed back and my cock slid right in. I held her hips and waited for a minute. She was tight and warm. I pulled my cock back then pushed it in until I was balls deep. I stopped again. Mom looked over her shoulder at me and said she liked my cock better than a plug or dildo.

She wiggled her hips and I started a regular pumping motion. She was balanced on one and her knees. She was fingering her pussy and occasionally fondling my balls with her other hand. It didn't take long for me to reach my limit. I told her that I was about ready to cum and did she want me to pull out before I did. She said no, to cum in her ass. As she said that, she gave my balls a squeeze. I shoved my cock as deep as I could and shot my wad up her ass. I leaned forward against her back. Mom straightened her legs and lay down with me on top of her.

After cleaning ourselves up, I asked Mom if she liked it. She said that she did like it. My cock felt better than the butt plug and vibrators. It was warm and not as coldly rigid. She liked feeling my cock twitch and jerk as I began to cum and she liked feeling my cock soften and slip out of her ass.

On Friday morning, Mom wanted to take a walk. She was carrying a daypack, which she said just held some snacks and water. She told me she wanted to see where Dad and I had been gathering firewood. When we got to the little clearing, she set the daypack down and pulled her t-shirt off. She asked if the log at the edge of the clearing was Dad's "howling log". I told her it was as she spread her t-shirt over the log. She stepped out of her shorts and laid them over the log.

She took my hand and lead me over to the log. She pulled my t-shirt over my head and as she pushed my shorts down, she sucked my cock into her mouth. My cock quickly got stiff. Mom stood up and said she wanted me to butt fuck her just like I did with Dad. She lay over the log and spread her ass cheeks. I dropped to my knees and ran my tongue from her pussy, up her ass crack to her asshole. I rimmed her, then stood up an pushed my cock into her warm wet pussy.

Mom sighed as I fucked her. She couldn't move since I had my hands on her back and she was spread eagled over the log. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and placed it against her asshole. I gathered some of her pussy juices on my fingers and lubed her with the juices. I pushed my cockhead into her ass. She said to go slowly because it hurt a little. I finally worked my cock all the way into her ass. With no lube, her ass was really tight and it didn't take long for the friction between my cock and the walls of her ass tunnel to literally pull the cum out of my balls. I pulled my cock out with a pop and helped Mom stand up. She said she knew why Dad howled, it did feel damn good.

After a rest, she said she had a surprise for me. She opened the daypack and took out her strap-on cock and harness. She put it on then lubed her "cock". She told me to lay over the log, which I quickly did. She pulled my cock and balls down so they were accessible to her. She lubed my asshole, then pushed her "cock" home. She reamed my asshole with a steady piston motion. My hard cork rubbed against the rough bark of the log. Finally, she pulled her "cock" out, turned me around and stroked my cock until I blew a second load.

We picked up our clothes and walked back to the cabin. Mom was still wearing the strap-on and my cock was still semi-hard. Our cocks bobbed about as we walked up the path. Mom said we ought to give that clearing a name like Butt Fuck Grove or something.

We showered together, cleaned up the strap-on and then waited for Dad to arrive from his week at work.

After dinner, we relaxed in the hot tub. We talked about the activities of the week. Mom and I told him about everything except the butt fucking. Dad said his work was getting pretty intense and he hoped he could relax completely during the weekend. Mom told Dad to sit on the edge of the hot tub as his relaxation was beginning. Dad moved up to the bench, Mom moved between his knees and picked up his cock. She licked it up and down and sucked his balls before she slid her lips over Dad's cock. I just sat and watched Mom blow Dad.

Mom stopped sucking his cock and stood up. I loved watching the way the water cascaded off her breasts and down her belly. As she got out of the hot tub, she told me to take over. I moved between Dad's knees and licked his erect cock from balls to tip. I was sucking on a nut when he asked me what Mom was up to. I stopped long enough to tell him that I didn't know. I licked his cockhead with my tongue, then swallowed as much of his cock as I could. I wanted to keep Dad occupied while Mom got ready. Finally, Dad said he wanted to go see what Mom was up to.

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