tagIncest/TabooFamily Life Ch. 09

Family Life Ch. 09


Aunt Sue and I went to my bedroom. We pulled the bed covers back and crawled into bed. I lay on my back and Sue snuggled up close and lay with her head on my shoulder and her arm across my chest. We kissed once and she immediately fell asleep. Before I fell asleep, I there lay for a few minutes thinking. I didn't think it was strange, nor was I uncomfortable, that my aunt and I were both nude and in bed together after a day and evening of love making and just plain fucking. I also didn't think it was strange that my mother was sleeping with her husband and her brother after sharing herself with everyone.

Sometime shortly after dawn I awakened with a piss hard-on. Aunt Sue had rolled so her back was to me. I got out of bed and padded down the hall to the bathroom. After peeing, I washed my face and hands and cock and balls. Before going back to bed I looked in on mom, dad and Uncle Bobby.

Mom was sleeping in the middle. She was on her side. Her brother was in his back next to her. Her head was on his shoulder and her hand was wrapped around his cock. Dad was snuggled up close behind her and I'd bet that his cock was tucked deep into the lovely cleft between her ass cheeks. His arms were wrapped around her and at least one hand covered a full breast. All three of them were smiling in their sleep.

I pulled the sheet and a blanket up over them. Before I went back to bed I went to the front door and stepped outside to get the morning paper. That was something that I hadn't done before. Being nude on the public side of the house, I mean. We didn't have any close neighbors, so no one could see me. The paper carrier had to drive up our road to our drive way to deliver the newspaper. There was a turn around just past our drive way for anyone who came up our road by mistake.

The paper was about halfway down the drive way. I walked down and picked it up. There was a very slight chance that someone would drive up our road this early in the morning, but it was still a sort of thrill to be out in front of our home in the nude.

I put the paper on the front hall table and, as I walked back to my bedroom, thought I heard some movement in the back hall. No one was there. After getting a drink of water, I climbed back into bed. Aunt Sue was still sleeping on her side so I snuggled up behind her and pressed my cool nude body against her warm, smooth nude body.

She wiggled around a little and pushed herself back against me. I put one hand under her head and, putting my arm over her, I found a breast with the other hand. Sue settled her weight against me and I fell back asleep with my aunt in my arms.

I thought I was dreaming about washing up or showering, but when I opened my eyes and looked down, Aunt Sue was licking and bathing my cock with her tongue. The room was full of light.

‘Good morning, big boy,' she smiled, ‘I wondered if that would wake you.' I just grinned at her. She straddled my body and slid herself up so we could kiss. She pushed herself up on her arms and I moved under her to kiss and suck her breasts.

Sue sat up long enough to position herself over my now hard cock, After I entered her pussy, she lay back down on top of me and we continued kissing and caressing each other. We didn't actively fuck each other. We laid there and enjoyed the feelings of intimate closeness that we had with each other.

‘You'll have to come into town and spend sometime with us, Bud.'

I hugged her, ‘I'll do that.'

‘I hate the thought of you and your big dick being lonely.'

I grinned, ‘It'll just be better when we get together.' Besides, I thought, mom and dad are here and if I really get lonely, there's my hands.

We eventually got out of bed and walked together to the shower in the exercise room. Mom, dad and Uncle Bobby were already there so the five of us showered together and helped each other wash and towel ourselves dry. I thought they all looked great with their full body tans.

We fixed breakfast and chatted over coffee. Finally, Uncle Bobby pushed himself back from the table, ‘This has been a great vacation. Thanks for inviting us. I hate to say this,' he grinned, ‘but, I guess it's time we pulled up our pants and went home.' We all groaned and then laughed.

After helping mom clean up the kitchen, I walked back to Aunt Sue's and Bobby's bedroom. ‘May I come in?'

Aunt Sue smiled and laughed, ‘Sure. It won't take us long to pack. We never unpacked and, since we haven't worn any clothes since we got here, I won't have dirty laundry to do when we get home.'

Bobby grinned, "I hate to leave. I don't think either of us slept in this bed while we were here.'

‘Before you get dressed let me hug you goodbye.' I put my arms around Bobby and gave him a bear hug. He didn't resist, especially when I ground my cock against his. Both of our disks were semi erect when we let each other go.

Sue pressed her body hard against mine as we hugged. I could feel her hard nipples drilling into my skin as we ground pelvis' together. When we finished hugging, I dropped to my knees, spread her legs by putting my arms between them and buried my face in her bald pussy. Sue pressed her pussy against my face as I kissed her goodbye.

I turned to Bobby. His cock was almost fully erect. I took him into my mouth and pressed my nose against his bare pubic bone. He got a full erection as I sucked his cock. Aunt Sue got behind me. She rubbed her tits against my back as she reached around me and gripped my hard cock.

Bobby helped me to me feet. Sue turned me around and swallowed my cock. Bobby put his arms around me. I spread my legs a little so his hard cock could slide between them. Sue reached trough and fondled his balls. We stood like that for a couple of minutes, then Aunt Sue stood up. ‘You really must come see us. Soon.'

I left them to their dressing and packing. They came out of their room after a couple of minutes. Uncle Bobby was wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sandals. Aunt Sue was wearing a blouse, shorts and sandals. Both of their faces looked sort of flushed under their tans. Dad has slipped on a pair of shorts and sandals and mom was wearing a muu-muu. I was still wearing only my deep tan.

I picked up one of their suitcases and dad got the other. We led them into the garage. After loading the suitcases in the trunk, there was another round of goodbye hugs, kisses and handshakes. Dad pressed the button on the garage door opener and Bobby back the car out into the drive. We stood in the open garage door and waved until their car was out of sight. Dad closed the door. Neither he or mom mentioned my semi public nudity. I followed them into the house and into the family room.

‘Well, that was a pleasant visit. I wonder how long it will take us to get back to a normal family life?'

Dad stepped close behind mom. He put his arms around her and kissed her on the side of her neck, ‘I'm hoping not too long.'

‘I think I'll take a walk up the hill.' I went to my room and changed out of my good sandals and into an older worn pair. When I walked back through the family room, dad had dropped his shorts. He had tucked up mom's muu-muu so it was above her waist. He was grinding his cock against her butt and his hands were up under the muu-muu. Mom had her hands, on the outside, over his. Both of their eyes were closed and I doubt if they heard me pass by.

It had be a few days since the heavy rain. The trail up the hill was still muddy in places. The mud was cold where it squished into my sandals. There was a lot of storm damage to repair on and along the trail. In places I had to move some debris from the trail to get through and a couple of times I had to detour off the trail around fallen trees.

When I got to the grove, I stood at the edge of the clearing and looked around. A couple of good sized trees had blown down and that seemed to be the extent of the damage. We could trim the tree trunks up and use them for a couple more ‘fucking logs'.

I stepped out into the clearing. The full sun felt good on my body as I walked around. I looked at the log where I fucked dad while he was bent over it. And later where he, Bobby and I had taken turns fucking and sucking each other and being fucked. I thought about Aunt Sue and mom watching me as I sucked Uncle Bobby's and dad's cocks before all five of us started an afternoon of sexual pleasures, enjoyments and adventures with each other.

I looked down at myself. My cock was hard and erect. Just thinking about the good times we had had here had given me a super hard-on. I wrapped my hand around the stiff shaft. Standing in the middle of the sunny clearing, I jacked off as I thought about how we looked after we were all sucked and fucked out. All of us were covered with dirt and bits of leaves and grass. I remembered how we laughed and joked as we hiked back home and to the showers and hot tub.

I leaned back and pointed my cock as I felt my balls tighten and the cum starting to boil. The cum arced out in a white stream to splatter on the leaves and grass about six or eight feet away. I held and pumped my cock as a few wads of cum followed the stream. When I was finished cumming, I wiped my cockhead with the palm of my hand. I switched hands and held my still hard cock while I cleaned my palm with my tongue.

I looked around again. There surely was a lot of work to do on the trail and in the grove, but there was also a lot of fun to be had while we were doing the work. My hard cock stood out in front on me and bobbed and swayed as I walked back down the trail towards the house.

The house was quiet when I stepped inside. After listening closely, I heard some faint noises coming from the family room. Walking to the door, I looked into the room. The drapes were still closed so the room was in half light. I moved around to the end of the sofa that was in front of the fireplace. Mom and dad were locked in an embrace on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Actually, they were on a blanket on the carpet.

Dad's hands were wrapped in mom's hair. Her arms were around his neck and her legs were hooked over his. They were in a deep kiss. Dad was stretched out on top of mom and his butt was rising and falling in a steady rhythm. As I watched he picked up the pace then thrust his butt down hard as his legs and back stiffened. Mom's legs tightened around his and I knew she was getting a large load of hot cum blasted into her warm wet pussy.

They lay quietly for a minute, then dad rolled onto his side. As his slick wet cock pulled out of mom's pussy, it trailed a line of cum across her thigh. Dad rolled onto his back and his still hard cock flopped against his stomach. Mom lay with her legs spread. Her gaping pussy, with her engorged and puffy lips, was cum filled. She put her legs together and rolled over. She pushed herself up on her elbows and kissed dad.

After kissing and caressing each other for a few minutes, mom got to her knees. She straddled dad's hips. She was facing his feet. As I silently watched she picked up his cock and stroked it. Dad rubbed her back. Holding his cock upright, she moved closer and worked him into her pussy. She shifted her hips several times then began to ride up and down on his cock.

Dad groaned out loud as her hip movement changed from and up and down plunge to a hip rocking, cock pleasing sifting movement. Dad began to hump his hips in rhythm with her sifting movements. In the dim light, it looked like his cock was swelling. Mom leaned forward and put her hands on dad's ankles. Once she was braced, she changed to a rapid up and down fuck. She was going so fast and hard and deep that her butt was smacking down against dad's pelvis. Dad was rubbing her butt. I couldn't tell for sure, but I think he was trying to get a finger into her ass. Mom's mouth was open, she was breathing hard, her hair was flying and her generous tits were bouncing as she fucked my father.

All of a sudden, she sat back and sat down fully on dad's cock. He groaned and grinned, ‘That's nice.' as she shifted to her sifting movement again. He began to hump his hips again. His humping became faster and got out of rhythm with mom's sifting movements. Dad reached up and pulled mom back onto his chest. His hands covered her tits as he humped his hips and drove his cock deep. Mom's legs were splayed wide and I could see dad had driven his cock as deep as he could. She squealed as he blew a second hot load into her pussy. I watched dad's cock pulse as his cum jetted through his cock and deep into mom's body.

They lay quietly. All I heard was hard breathing. And some of it was mine. My own cock was as hard as a bat. It was in my hands. Mom's legs were still splayed open. Dad's shiny cock was still deep in her pussy. Cum was beginning to ooze out around the hard meat that was plugging her pussy.

I couldn't resist. I got down on my hands and knees and crawled across the room until I was near them. I could smell their sweat and the mixture of pussy and cock juices and cum. I didn't want to startle them, it was all too much. Dad jumped. but he didn't make a sound when the tip of my tongue touched his cock. He pushed his cock deeper. With the flat of my tongue, I licked his cock.

The oozing fuck juices, seeping from mom's pussy, tasted great! I licked her engorged pussy lips and found her clit with my lips. She put her hand on my head as I sucked her hard clit. Dad's cock slipped out of her pussy. I rubbed his slippery, wet cockhead over my face, then sucked it into my mouth. The last little bit of his cum was a taste treat. His cock quickly became hard and fully erect.

Switching from my father's cock to my mother's pussy, I used my tongue to swabbed up the mixture of cum and pussy juices. By pressing my face into her pussy and stretching my tongue as far as I could, I could tongue fuck mom and taste even more fuck juices. Dad's hard cock kept bumping against my face as I ate my mother's puss.

Dad worked his way out from underneath mom's body. She continued to rub and press my head against her as I ate her. Dad tapped my head. He was kneeling beside me and holding his hard cock. I moved and he crawled between mom's splayed thighs. He held his cock against her pussy and crawled forward. Mom sighed as his cock filled her again. He rapidly humped her until he groaned and shot a third load. He pulled his cock out and shot the rest of his load onto mom's belly. ‘Take over, son.' Then he crawled out of the way and laid over on his side.

I took his position and held my cock against mom's pussy. She smiled at me as she spread her lips for me. My cock quickly slipped into her hot, wet, and very slick, pussy. I didn't move. Rather, I absorbed her warmth and enjoyed the feel of my cock inside her sheath. I bent forward and sucked her nipples. Mom caressed my face as I sucked. We kissed and then she began to slowly hump her hips.

I matched her motions and soon my mother and I were fucking each other with long strokes. Dad got behind me. He reached between my thighs and fondled and squeezed my balls. It messed up my fuck action, but mom humped harder and faster for both of us. Dad worked his finger into my ass and I lost it and shot a huge load when he prodded my prostate gland.

Mom smiled and kneaded her tits as I buried my boner deep inside her and shot a load of cum that mixed with her's and dad's. Dad continued to massage my gland as we kneeled there. Mom wriggled away from us. She lay on the floor as dad moved around to in front of me. He lay down so his head was by my crotch. He turned his head and closed his lips over my cockhead. He sucked the last of my cum up from my nuts.

Dad lay on his back with his head between my thighs. He was stretched out in front of me. His cock was hard and flat against his stomach. My cockhead was circled by his lips. Leaning forward, I fed my cock into his mouth. Looking at mom, I smiled as I stretched out over dad. Bending down, I licked the length of the underbelly of his fat cock with the flat of my tongue. I looked up at mom who nodded in encouragement. Lifting dad's hard cock so it was upright and directly below my mouth, I lowered my head, opened my mouth, sucked my father's cock deep, and completed coupling up a father-son sixty-nine.

Dad's cock was warm and hard and filled my mouth. I could taste mom too. Holding his cockhead inside my lips, I began to move my head in tight, little circles. His cockhead moved around inside my mouth, Dad responded by sucking hard on me. I pushed my mouth down his cock until my nose was almost touching his balls. I wanted to deep throat but I wasn't relaxed enough. So I pulled back and resumed the circle sucking.

A hand touched my ass. It rubbed my cheeks then fingers trailed down my butt crack. A finger stopped and pressed against my pucker, then pushed into me. I thought dad was playing with my ass again when I realized his hands were on my legs. While I was deeply involved in sucking dad's cock, I hadn't noticed that mom had moved.

The finger pulled out then, after a pause, returned. This time it was cool and slick. I wiggled my ass, and my cock in dad's mouth, as mom worked our favorite lube into my man pussy. As I continued to suck dad, I wondered if she was going to get her strap-on or a dildo.

Mom moved a round beside us, ‘Let your dad up.' To emphasize this, she reached in between us and pulled our cocks out of each other mouths. The easiest thing for me to do was to just crawl from over dad. ‘Stay just like that, Bud. On your hands and knees.'

Mom was lubing dad's hard-on as I turned to look at them. ‘Get up on your knees.' Now I knew what she had in mind. My cock felt like it swelled and lengthened in anticipation. Without wasting any time, dad got on his knees behind me. Mom spread my ass cheeks. Dad's cockhead rested against my butt hole for just a second before he pushed forward.

My muscle ring stretched and I opened up so he could enter me. My cock swelled even more as the father cock smoothly penetrated my ass. Putting my head down on my folded arms, I relaxed to enjoy being fucked in the butt. Dad reached under me and gripped my cock. He stroked it, more-or-less in time with his humping my ass.

He picked up the pace, then his rhythm became erratic. I looked around to see what was happening. Mom was behind him. It looked like she was working her fingers into his ass, then I felt his cock get harder inside me, so I knew she was massaging his prostate.

‘I want you on your back, Bud.' My ass felt empty as dad pulled out. I rolled onto my back on the blanket. Dad scooted close. He bent my knees back towards my shoulder, pressed his cockhead against my gaping hole and penetrated me deeply in one long push. My cock was bouncing and bobbing in response to the fast fucking which I was receiving. And enjoying.

Dad stopped pressing my legs down on my shoulders. They rested against his shoulders. He had his arms wrapped around my legs. I looked at mom, who was kneeling beside us. I put my hand out and tried to touch her pussy. ‘Come here,' I croaked.

Realizing what I wanted, mom got near my head. She spread her knees and straddled my head. I licked her pussy. She pressed down on my face. I had my tongue in mom's pussy and dad's cock was in my ass. I felt mom's hand close around my cock. She twisted it and stroked it as dad fucked me.

All I could do was feel things. I couldn't see and I couldn't hear very well. But I could taste and smell and feel. I could taste sweat and cum and the juices oozing from mom. My nose was in her butt crease. And I could feel her pussy with my tongue, her hands on my cock and I could certainly feel the cock that was reaming m ass.

Dad slowed to long slow butt strokes that massaged and prodded my prostate. Between that and mom's hand job, my cock was swelling. I knew it wouldn't be long before my nuts would explode. Mom was using the pre-cum that was flowing from my cock to lube her hands.

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