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Family Love


Lacey had been extremely lucky to have found the ad asking for a reliable person to house sit a cabin in the Tennessee hills for the summer. She had applied for the job in early March.

She had undergone a criminal background check, work related things such as responsibility, ethics, and reliability then finally a personal interview with the Banker and his family. Lacey found out later that she had been chosen from a list of over 100 possible candidates.

She was to be paid 5,000.00 to stay at the cabin from May 1st till November 1st. The banker and his family would be spending 6 months setting up some overseas business his bank was involved in somewhere in Egypt.

Lacey would receive 1,000.00 a month personal spending money on the first of every month. She would then be paid the 5,000.00 on the family's return if the cabin had been taken care of properly and no damages were found. All total Lacey would get 11,000.00 by the end of the 6 months.

All monthly bills such as electricity, gas and so on were going to be taken care of by the bankers attorney.

The huge walk in freezer had been left full and stocked with enough food to last Lacey for the six months she would be there. The pantry was full of canned goods and staples the only things Lacey would have to buy would be perishables but she would have to buy those items from her wages each month.

Lacey had her own car, a used Buick Electra that was in good shape but the owner had left her the use of his 4 wheel drive Jeep to get her up and down the mountain to town safely.

There was a phone at the cabin as well but the banker had told her that the phone lines went down often so as a back up they had a short wave radio to use in emergencies.

He showed Lacey how to operate the radio and had informed the police that Lacey would be there for the next six months. She was told they would call her on the short wave each Friday night to check on her so she had to make sure she was inside the cabin on Friday's by 6pm when the sheriffs office would be calling.

Naturally the banker had Lacey bonded and insured in case she damaged the cabin or stole anything.

The banker told her that the closet neighbor was a mile and a half away. His wife told her it was a huge house that was owned by a wealthy family of two brothers and a sister who all lived at the house. She had told Lacey that they were nice people just not very sociable.

Lacey had not seen the cabin until the day she arrived to start as the house sitter. When she first saw it she thought this isn't a cabin, it's a beautiful house! OK, so it was a log cabin house but it was beautiful nonetheless.

The banker and his family were in a hurry to get going so they told Lacey she could just explore on her own after they left.

They showed her the bedroom she would be using then the banker took her down to the boat house to show her how to use the fishing boat if she wanted to cruise around the lake. Lacey knew she would be quite happy here for the next six months and was sure when the time came to leave she would be sad.

She was also told that someone would drop by every two weeks to clean and put the chemicals into the pool out back. They made sure she had all the phone numbers she would need in case of an emergency then they were off.

Lacey had been at the cabin now for two weeks and she loved it. The quiet and peace were much needed.

She had left a bad relationship as soon as she knew she had found a job. Lacey felt that she was a little strange, not the normal middle aged woman most people think of. She referred to herself as a sexaholic.

She had been married once and left that after 12 years when she realized she needed more from her husband than what he was giving. She had two relationships since her divorce, one lasting 3 years until he had been killed in an auto accident, and the last one, the one she just left.

When she first met Gene he was wonderful and his sexual appetite was as great as hers. What Lacey didn't know was that it was drug induced. Almost a year with him and she never knew. When she found out and confronted him with it he became almost violent and that was when Lacey knew she wanted out and wanted to start over somewhere else.

Even though Lacey called herself a sexaholic she had a personal code of ethics she lived by. Lacey would not sleep with a man just for the sake of sex. She could get herself off better and more often than most men could fuck.

She never slept with a man she started dating until she determined rather or not they were on the same page as far as their sexual hungers went. The man had to sleep, wake, eat, live and breath sex everyday as far as she was concerned.

Her best friend was the only person in the world that understood Lacey's hungers or her desires. They were both equally strong women, they both viewed sex as an integral part of any relationship.

The only difference between them was that Lacey was more like a Nympho and more free spirited when it came to sex.

Her best friend wanted it as much as she did but on a straight man/woman normal everyday sexual relationship level. She and Susan had discussed this in depth before she left to house sit the cabin.

"Lacey I will miss you terribly, you can't move that far away! Your my anchor, what am I going to do without you, " Susan told her.

"Sue we can talk on the phone as often as you like, and I want you to come spend a week with me on your vacation," she told her.

Sue both admired and respected her best friend. In a lot of ways Lacey was the far stronger of the two of them.

Friends, coworkers never have understood their deep friendship. They once overheard a coworker make a remark that he wondered which one of the two of them was the butch. Small minds of small minded people.

No one understood them except their kids and Sues longtime boyfriend. There was nothing sexual about their friendship. Sue's boyfriend once made the comment that he would give anything to have a friend, a true friend, like the relationship the two women shared.

Two women so much alike and yet so different. What had he meant by different? Sue was tall, she stood 5' 9, Lacey 5' 5. Sue had short reddish brown hair and Lacey had long blonde hair. Sue's eyes were green and Lacey's were blue. Sue was long legged, beautiful and with a beautiful body. Lacey was short and plump, but she had a very pretty face.

Sue hoped that one day Lacey would find the right man, a good man who would accept Lacey the way she was.

After Lacey left her second relationship she had made herself a promise and she kept it when she entered into the relationship with Gene. She had told Sue she was going to be just like her from now on and she meant it.

Lacey made herself a promise that she would never again, be the caregiver to any man. She would not be his cook, his laundress, his housekeeper, his errand runner or his beer fetcher for the privilege of sharing his bed or being his wife.

Sue was raised in a Catholic family and she and her sisters were taught that they married men who took care of them.

Her two brothers were taught that it was their place to care for the woman in his life. If he wanted her to give him a family, never deny him the sex he wanted or how he wanted it then he better treat them like queens.

Her family wasn't wealthy by any means but her mother never picked up a dust cloth, dish cloth, a mop or a pot and pan. Her father made sure there was a cleaning woman who came in four times a week, and she would also cook on those days. The rest of the time it was father who cooked and the boys did dishes.

When Lacey first met Sues family years ago when they became friends she couldn't believe families like that really existed. But both of Sues sisters and herself were with men who waited on them hand and foot and treated them like queens. Her brothers were the same way with their wives.

Lacey had been reading a book and decided to take the boat out for a spin and do a little fishing.

She had only been on the West side of the lake since coming here and that is where she had been fishing all morning, just relaxing and enjoying herself.

She had caught a dozen good size bluegills and was planning on frying them up for supper. She hated cleaning fish but the idea of some fresh fried bluegills made her hungry.

Before heading back to the cabin she decided to see just how big this lake was by following the shoreline all the way around. She had been cruising for a little over 20 minutes and still saw no sign of a house or the end of the lake.

Holy shit she was thinking to herself just how fricking big was this lake anyway? She had a little under a half tank of gas in the motor but decided to cut straight across the lake and head back home. She would fill the tank and take a spare tank with her the next time and explore just how big it was.

She had just came around a little bend in the lake when she saw the huge house up on a hill tucked back in the trees, you would have never seen the house unless you were along the shoreline like she was. It wasn't a house it was a mansion she decided.

Lacey saw a woman standing by a potting table, she seemed to be potting some flowers it looked like. The woman waved to her and Lacey slowed the engine waving back and yelling out hello.

The woman yelled at her to come ashore so Lacey pulled the boat up to the dock and got out. She reached her hand out to the other women and introduced herself.

The woman did the same as she, offering her hand and told her to please call her Maggie. "You look a little warm Lacey would you care for a glass of iced tea," Maggie asked her.

"Thank you I would love some." She followed Maggie over to a large Umbrella covered table situated on the other side of the tiled walkway that led down to the dock.

Maggie invited her to sit down and then gave Lacey a large glass of cool iced tea. "Are you visiting the Greens," Maggie asked her.

"How did you know I was at the Greens," Lacey asked her?

Maggie smiled and told her that she had recognized the boat.

Lacey laughed and told her she was actually house sitting for them till November when they came back from a trip.

"How nice for you, are you enjoying our beautiful mountain and the lake," Maggie asked her?

"Very much so, I love it here and I'm sure I will be sad when I leave in November," Lacey told her.

They talked a bit longer then Lacey said she better get going that she had to clean her supper, laughing when she said that. She thanked Maggie for the tea and got up.

"You will have to come back and join me for lunch one day soon, Lacey. I'm here all day alone as my brothers are both working at the factories till early evening. It will be nice to have a female to chat with rather than two men who want to talk about the stock market, golf scores, and the ball games, " she said jokingly.

Lacey gave her the phone number to the house and told her she would love to anytime before she left.

A few days later, on a Saturday Lacey was walking in the woods picking wild raspberries that she was going to make some jam with. She had been walking for some time and hadn't realized how far she had gone when she heard voices.

She figured she must be real close to Maggie's house and hadn't realized she had walked that far. She was going to say hello as she recognized Maggie's voice until she heard what she what she was saying.

Maggie was telling someone to put their damn dick back in their pants, she had already fucked him once that morning and that should be enough.

Lacey laughed to herself and not being one to turn down the opportunity to see someone fucking, she crept a little further ahead being careful to be quiet so she could sneak a peak at what was going on.

He was a tall man, not to bad looking maybe a little older than Maggie and Lacey. Lacey figured Maggie might be just a little younger than she but didn't know for sure. The man reached for Maggie turning her around so her back was to him.

"Damn it I said no, damn you," Maggie was saying.

Lacey had sat down behind the big bush she was peeking through to get a better view and to stay hidden.

The man ignored her and told her she knew he couldn't help it, not when she was bent over like that.

He pulled his shirt to the side exposing his cock to Lacey's view. Nice cock she thought, lucky, lucky Maggie she was thinking. Then he slipped his cock into her pussy and began pumping away at her.

Now Lacey was wet and couldn't help but touch herself while she was watching the two fucking. Lacey got the feeling that Maggie wasn't really enjoying herself. Before Lacey could ponder on that thought another man appeared.

"I should have figured you two was playing without me,"he said as he was unzipping his pants and taking out his cock as well. He moved to the side of Maggie and lifted his cock to her mouth which Maggie began sucking.

Well, what do you know about that Lacey was thinking. Lacey was dripping wet now and she needed a release, the scene playing out in front of her was to fucking hot and had her juices and hormones going nuts.

The man fucking Maggie came, letting out a loud groan of delight. Then the other man moved behind Maggie and slipped his cock in her and began fucking her as well. It wasn't long before he came as well.

"OK you two that is all for this day, you want to sink them cocks of yours into a pussy again today I suggest you both go to town and find you some whore for the afternoon."

The men were laughing and Maggie tossed a can of water at them both. That should cool you off she yelled at them.

They were still laughing when Maggie asked them when were they going to take another trip?

The tall man put his arm around her and told her, "soon Maggie real soon, I promise."

"Damn it you keep saying that Paul, and we are still here. Come on it's been to long and I want to eat a pussy, not get fucked by your big cocks."

That shocked Lacey but not as much as what she heard the tall man say to Maggie as they all turned to head back up towards the house.

"Come on Sis, your brothers are going to make you a nice lunch and take you to the city to do some shopping."

Sis? Your brothers? Holy shit it hit Lacey all at once. They were her brothers! The two men who she just watched fuck Maggie were her brothers! What do you know, a family of incest. Oh well it was none of her business anyway and besides that they were all adults. Boy when they say keep it in the family those three really do, she laughed to herself as she made her way back to the cabin.

Lacey had went to the town doctor the day before she had went picking berries for some kind of allergy medicine. Being in the mountains and surrounded by woods had really set her allergies off. He had given her a prescription for some allergy pills she started taking that morning.

By the evening of the day she had went berry picking she was itching like crazy. Not all over her body but just her tits, it was driving her crazy, her nipples were on fire and she kept them soaked with cold water. That would work for a few minutes then they would be itching again. She finally just soaked a T-shirt in cold water and put that on so she could keep her nipples wet.

She called the doctors emergency office number and she was told to stop taking the pills and the itching would go away in three to five days. The doctor told her she was having a alergic reaction to the medication.

She got in the pool thinking it would help, but she didn't think about the chemicals in the pool, they irritated the itching even more.

So she spent the rest of the night in and out of the tub soaking. keeping her tits under the water to help ease the itching.

She was thinking of Jack, a man she dated once for a little while. He had a nipple fetish, and loved to suck them for hours. She was thinking she just might have to give him a call in a day or so.

The next day she was sitting outside on the porch looking at the lake. She had nothing on but an above the knee length T-shirt wrap, split down the middle and held together with three tabs of Velcro. She had been sitting there rubbing her nipples under the wet T-shirt giving them some relief from the itching.

The shirt was drying out so she walked down towards the lake to take another dip to cool down and wet her nipples. She was standing in water up to her knees when she heard Maggie asking her if she were going for a swim? She turned around and there stood Maggie holding a basket.

"I thought I would drop off these cookies and buns I made this morning and invite you over for lunch tomorrow, " she told Lacey.

"I would love that Maggie. Oh shit forgive me but I have to get wet! Lacey dove in the water and as she came up she was rubbing her tits as she got out of the water. When Lacey got on shore she asked Maggie to forgive her but she was going nuts if she didn't keep the shirt wet.

She went on to explain to her about the medicine and the reaction she had gotten from taking it. Telling her the only comfort she got is if she kept on a wet shirt and rubbed them.

Lacey didn't realize that she had her hand inside the top rubbing her nipples as she was talking to Maggie. She told Maggie it was just driving her crazy, then without thinking she told her about Jack and how she had thought she might just have to give him a call.

Lacey went into the house to get her and Maggie a glass of ice tea. Maggie was sitting at the table waiting for her. Maggie had been looking at the piece of Cross Stitch Lacey had been working on.

"I see you like to Cross Stitch too," she said.

"Yes, it helps relax me, I like to listen to some good blues music while I am," she told her referring to the music coming from inside the house.

"I'm usually making something for my two niece's," Maggie was saying. Paul's oldest daughter is expecting her first child and I have been busy making all kinds of things for the baby," she told Lacey.

So one of the brothers was married, yet he was still fucking his sister. Strange family Lacey was thinking to herself. No wonder Mrs. Green had said that they were not real sociable. They probably didn't want anyone to get to chummy and find out the family secret.

Lacey had been rubbing her tits again without thinking about it, and Maggie had been watching her trying not to be to obvious that she was watching. I better get going she thought to herself, watching Lacey was driving her crazy.

Lacey was sitting on the big covered bench that went along the length of the front of the porch. What an excellent way to provide more seating without crowding up the porch with more tables and chairs Maggie was thinking.

Lacey was leaning back against one of the support beams with one leg crossed in front of her and the other leg on the floor of the porch. From where Maggie was sitting she could just get a glimpse now and then of Lacey's crotch when she moved.

Maggie was just about to excuse herself and be on her way when Lacey turned to her and told her she was going to have to cut their visit short that she had to go soak her tits in some water to stop the itching and burning.

Maggie hadn't intended to do what she did next, before she realized it she had went and sat next to Lacey and told her she could help her fix that.

"Do you have some kind of cream or something that will stop this damn burning and itching," Lacey asked Maggie?

Well, she had gone to far to stop now so Maggie told her that she could do for her what she had said she might call an old boyfriend to do.

Lacey just stared at her for a moment not saying anything. "Maggie, I've never done anything like what your suggesting, " she said.

"Look Lacey I will stop at any time you ask me to, if you don't like it or it doesn't help I will stop," she told her.

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