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Family Love


The cry of a newborn babe could be heard all around our home and my other children came running.

"It's another girl," I cried happily from the porch, leaving the midwife to deal with the messy bits and say goodbye. The midwife knew, of course, that she would be back here again in less than two years!

My 26 year old sister had just given birth to her fifth daughter. OUR fifth daughter I should say!

I was ecstatic -- as I had been with all the other births. They were now Annabel (8), Bethany (7), Caitlin (5) and Davina (3), Our new one would be called Edwina.


There was just the two of us -- me and Lindy. She was just 13 when our parents had died in a car crash. I was ten years older and had finished at college and gotten a good job in the city. I put Lindy into a good boarding school and she spent all the holidays there -- us having no close relatives.

My parents had left us relatively well-off and I had always planned that as soon as Lindy had done with school, we would move out of the city into the country and buy a small-holding -- just the two of us. My future plans had always included my little sister ever since our parents had gone!

I found a fertile, arable farm high up in the hills with a small crofters' cottage. It was ideal for the two of us so I sold my apartment and on the day Lindy finished school I moved us, and all our furniture and belongings into our new home.

Lindy wasn't too keen when she first saw it. It hadn't been habited for a while and the land was in need of considerable work. The house too needed attention. It was very small (only one bedroom) but had possibilities. I hoped that within weeks, she would come to love it as I already did!

Yawning after dinner that first night, Lindy asked where we were both to sleep. Reaching out for her hand I said, "well honey -- it's like this. You're 18 now and all grown up. Grown up enough to give me what I want. What I've always wanted. You're old enough now to be my woman. We're going to live here together -- for always!"

She looked shocked "but Simon -- you're my brother. We can't do that. What would people say?" Surprisingly her argument didn't include the fact that she didn't want to! I guess being 10 years my junior, she had always looked up to me -- her big brother -- like a kind of hero worship for a knight in shining armour!

Still holding her hand I said "no-one will ever know we're brother and sister honey. Everyone will just think we're married to each other. Now come over here and take off that dress. I want to see what I've got," and she did. She stood there in a very demure white bra and panty set -- presumably chosen by her teachers at school. I hadn't seen Lindy naked since she was about 10 but my little sister sure wasn't little anymore!

Turning her around, I saw that she was nicely rounded (not fat but certainly not thin) with a good size ass on her, good child-bearing hips and curvy, womanly breasts. I was very glad that I had had the foresight to send her to a renowned, strict convent boarding school -- very sheltered -- I knew she was still a virgin!

I reached out and started to touch her -- face, neck, breasts and her belly to the top of her legs. I spoke again "very nice. Now take off your underwear sweets. Let's see what you're hiding under there" and again, without question, she complied. She stood there, unashamed, in all her naked glory. And glory it was indeed!

She had a bushy triangle of dark red hair, a rounded belly (just right for filling with babies) and size 34DD full breasts with large cherry nipples. She was purpose built to be a mother. I reached out and pinched both nipples -- she gasped as they instantly hardened. I moved one hand down and pushed her legs apart. I felt the opening of her pussy but it was dry and very tight.

I pulled her in towards me and started to suck gently on one cherry-red nipple whilst kneading her buttocks with both my hands. I slipped one finger into her crack and found her tight little rosebud. As I sucked, I probed the hole with one finger and pushed it inside.

Again she gasped but she didn't try to pull away. Encouraged, I moved my mouth to her other waiting nipple and dropped one hand between her legs, whilst keeping the other hand caressing her ass with one finger still in her asshole. After a few minutes I inserted the tip of one finger into her dry, tight pussy and then pushed it all the way inside as far as it would go as she tensed and cried out.

I removed the finger and then inserted two fingers as far as they would go -- forcing them all the way inside her maiden womanhood. I could feel my fingers rasping on her dryness and she started to cry softly.

In a coaxing voice I said, "it's alright honey. I'm just getting you ready for me sweets. You're too tight at the moment -- I'm too big for you - it will hurt too much. I need to stretch you first. I don't want to hurt you more than I have to."

And with that, I carried on finger-fucking her gently until I managed to get three fingers in her pussy plus the finger still in her ass -- at the same time. Then I said, "ok now honey. You're as ready as you're going to be. Let's go upstairs now," and I led her to our bedroom.

I laid her gently on the bed and quickly got naked myself. I pushed her legs open as wide as they would go and looked at her beautiful, hairy, pussy and I knew no other man had (or ever would) touch it! I bent my head and started to lick at her tight, resistant hole gently.

She flinched but I just held onto her legs and pushed my tongue all the way inside -- she tensed again but I gently started to fuck her with my tongue. After a while I started to suck on her pussy lips and then on her clit. Eventually she moaned softly and began to move a little bit.

Finally, having got her juices flowing, I quickly knelt up and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I leant forward and spoke, "sweetheart, this will hurt a bit, but it's worth it -- I promise." With that, with one almighty plunge, I forced my cock all the way inside her pussy and straight through her hymen in one go.

I kissed her on the lips as she would have cried out -- the first time I had ever kissed my sister as a lover. I pushed my tongue (still coated with her juices) deep inside her mouth. I started to fuck her slowly with my cock and my tongue until she finally started to move against me and meet me half way.

After that, our fucking became faster and harder. She was now moving her body in time to mine instinctively -- as though she had been doing this all her life. She cried out as I climaxed deep inside her and still inside her I said, "You really enjoyed that didn't you -- you dirty girl! I hope there's a baby growing in you. I want to plant lots of babies in you my darling baby sister."

I scooped up some of our combined juices (along with her maiden blood of course) and popped my finger into her mouth saying, "taste us Lindy. This is making a baby inside your belly right now honey. That's right -- you eat us. Just think. By your next birthday you're going to have a baby in your arms and another one in your belly my darling baby sister!"

I flipped her over onto her stomach (noting the blood stain on the sheet with glee), positioned her on her hands and knees and said, "I'm really going to bust you today honey. I've done your pretty little pink pussy -- now I'm going to open your beautiful dirty little ass."

With that, I again scooped up some of our combined juices and this time I smeared it around her virgin hole. I said, "this will hurt -- a lot -- but it's worth it girl. I love ass fucking. There's nothing like it - so tight, like heaven. We'll need to do it when you're too swollen and loose with child for me to fuck you in your pussy."

I positioned my cock at her entrance, held onto her belly tight and without warning pulled her back onto my shaft. She screamed and her legs buckled as I forced my erect cock all the way inside her tiny, tight, dry, virgin asshole in one go.

It was bliss! I was in heaven! It was so tight and she was shaking and crying as I rammed in and out. I started to pound in and out hard pulling her back and forwards onto me as she continued to scream loudly.

I eventually ejaculated deep into her bowels and again stayed there while I said, "now honey -- wasn't that good? Didn't you enjoy that? Now you're properly busted my darling sister. Now you're mine sweets -- for keeps! Here -- taste this too," and I dipped my finger in her used asshole and gave it to her to suck.

I did this a few more times and she obediently sucked it off my fingers each time. From that day to this she has loved to be ass fucked just as often as she likes to be fucked in her pussy. I was right, she was a purpose built mother BUT also, a purpose built slut. XXXX

From that day, we have lived as husband and wife, no-one ever knowing our secret. We have never joined in with the community -- choosing to keep ourselves separate -- partly out of choice and partly because of our life-style! Our children don't attend school but are home-schooled by Lindy. She says just living with us is an education in itself!

The only person we saw with any regularity (other than shopkeepers and the like) was the midwife! Lindy was pregnant within three weeks of moving here and had Annabel 6 weeks before she turned 19. And, as I had predicted, by the time she celebrated that birthday, there was another baby already growing in her belly (Bethany)!

She has got pregnant with a baby every year since. She has suffered three miscarriages (strangely enough all boys) between having our daughters over the last 8 years. The midwife said there was no physical reason for this and I have continued to get her pregnant since and will continue to do so for as long as possible. She certainly isn't showing any signs of drying up yet!

I do love to see my sister (I never forget that she IS my sister) all swollen up with my child. Her belly stretches (she gets bigger with each child) and fills up with the baby and her glorious breasts have got bigger with each subsequent pregnancy.

She has fed all our children and is currently still feeding Caitlin and Davina -- as well as this new one now! She says she feels like a milking cow with udders -- but she always has a smile on her face whilst doing it! I don't think I have ever walked into our house and not found her feeding at least one child -- often two at a time!

I can't remember the last time Lindy wore a top in the house, or on our surrounding land. Probably after the second birth I should think when she started feeding two at once -- Annabel and Bethany only being 10 months apart in age! She always has her beautiful, full, veined, pendulous breasts hanging naked -- the children just go up and help themselves to the milk -- as, of course, do I!

The other day I found Annabel (who is almost 9) having a feed at Lindy's tits. When I queried it she said, "oh daddy. Everyone else sucks mummy's tits -- even you - I just wanted some too," and we all laughed. Then Bethany had a go too and loved it. You could say we are a milk drinking family!

And Lindy -- well Lindy loves it! She loves feeding all our daughters (and me) and our home is always full of laughter -- we love each other very much and we love all our beautiful daughters. She often says, "you know Simon -- we are so very lucky!"


Ten years later, we awoke to the sound of birdsong outside our bedroom window, as usual. Over our life together, as our family grew, we had extended the cottage so that it now boasts four bedrooms, a big kitchen (where we spend most of our time) a lounge and a proper bathroom.

As usual, I turn to my beautiful sister and give her a deep kiss, whilst caressing her bare bottom. We both sleep naked and always have done. The children take nudity in their stride and are used to seeing Lindy's beautiful, milk-filled, pendulous breasts hanging naked all the time. They are also used to walking in on us fucking, as we have always fucked at least three times a day and don't believe in closed doors!

Our last children had been born five years earlier, when Lindy was 31. The last four were now Francesca (8), Georgina (6) and finally the twins Helena and Isabella now 5.

Thinking about my beautiful family, I stroke Lindy's breasts which are still full of milk because she is still feeding the twins thrice daily (even though they are now five) and Georgina once! We have never weaned any of our children off Lindy's breasts, they just give it up as and when they want to. They all still sometimes suckle -- especially if hurting or upset.

A little drop of milk gathered on the end of each nipple and I leant forward and licked it off gently. I moved on top of her to start the day with our usual morning fucking. We still fuck at least three times a day and hope that she might again fall pregnant.

Her body stopped getting pregnant after the twins but the midwife said there was no medical reason for it because she was still too young to be menopausal. So we still have hope.

When replete, we lay facing each other with me still deep inside her and Lindy strokes my face and says, "when do you want to do it?"

I know what she is asking. Today is Annabel's 18th birthday and today I will take our firstborn's virginity and plant my seed deep inside her womb to make a baby, as I had done with Lindy at 18.

We have never spoken of this but we have both always known that it would happen. This, of course, was why I had been so happy each time the new baby proved to be a girl! If we had had sons, I would have had to share my spoils!

I had always known that as soon as each girl reached 18, I would take her for mine and keep her impregnated -- like I did their mother -- my own sister.

I now had 9 daughters all of whom I will lovingly (with their mother's full knowledge and consent) commit incest with from the time they reach their 18th birthdays.

Lying there, Lindy says, "if she's like me, Annabel will fall quickly. By the time you take Bethany, hopefully Annabel will have a baby in her arms and a new one in her belly!"

Lying there looking to the future she wonders out loud, "wouldn't it be nice if they could be pregnant and go through it together? Then they can both feed the little ones, as can I, regardless of whose children they are. I wonder how many children there'll be in 10 years time? By then, you'll have seven of them with three still waiting in the wings! We'll have to extend the house again!"

I looked deeply into my beautiful sister's eyes and say, "to answer your original question, tonight after I finish working the land. Will you talk to her today? Do you want to be with us?"

Eyes shining, Lindy answered, "you know I've waited for this for 18 years. Yes, I'll talk to her today and yes, I want to be there with you. You may need my help -- she's a lot smaller than I was!" So after work I showered, put on a clean robe and then looked across the room at Lindy. She nodded and said, "Bethany -- you're in charge of the little ones -- everyone outside until supper time. Daddy, Annabel and I have something to do for a while."

And with this, she smiled at Annabel, took her hand and said, "honey -- it's time now. Daddy wants to show you how much he loves you sweetheart," and she led Annabel upstairs to our bedroom, with me following on.

Lindy helped Annabel undress and laid her gently on the bed, stacking two pillows underneath her bare little rump to raise her a little. I quickly dropped my robe and stood facing the bed -- my erect cock pointing straight. Annabel gasped and said "Daddy -- you're so big! That won't fit inside me! I can't take it! Please don't do this!"

Before I could answer Lindy said, "now baby girl. I've told you -- Daddy has to do this to make you a woman, his woman. That's what we want isn't it?"

Lindy knelt on the bed by Annabel's head and pushing one of her full, naked, milk-laden nipples into Annabel's mouth said, "here baby girl. You suck on this while Daddy does what Daddy has to do. Now baby, spread your legs for Daddy and bend your knees -- there's a good girl! Let Daddy show you how much he loves you, like Daddy loves me!"

With this, Lindy nodded to me and I gently advanced on the sobbing, shaking girl on the bed. Annabel was by far our smallest daughter in stature -- now fully grown but only standing 4'8" and very slight with it but she had inherited her mother's full, curvy breasts. Because of my size, I knew this would hurt her -- a lot.

I knelt between her trembling knees and, as I had done to Lindy all those many years ago, leant forward and started to lick her virgin, hairy little pussy. I pushed my tongue all the way inside her tight little hole -- probing inside and then started to tongue-fuck her gently. All the while my hands were kneading her buttocks and probing her other tight little virgin hole!

I found her untouched pussy lips and licked them hard and then I sucked her tiny little clit deep into my mouth, trying to make her juices flow like her mother's had. Finally, with me sucking her pussy and probing her asshole and Lindy pinching both her nipples hard -- she finally made a small amount of liquid.

Seizing my chance, I put my cock head at the entrance to her tight little pussy and with Lindy holding Annabel's shoulders down on the bed and me holding tight to her hips, I plunged into my own daughter, breaking through her hymen as she cried out in real pain.

As I would have stopped, Lindy said, "no don't stop now Simon. I'll hold her. Put a baby inside her now. Please!"

So I did. I decided quick was probably best as she was so much tighter than my sister had ever been, so I started to pound in and out of her tiny little hole knowing, all the while, that I was really hurting her.

She cried and sobbed loudly which seemed to spur me on -- all the while sucking on her mother's breast -- I could see her swallowing her mothers' milk. Eventually, I climaxed deep into her teenaged womb -- filling it up with her daddy's sperm -- and hoping that she would soon be swollen with her daddy's baby!

As I pulled out, I leant forward and kissed my daughter on the lips for the first time -- forcing my tongue between her closed lips -- and explored her mouth. Then, as I had with her mother, I stirred the contents of her pussy with my finger, her juices and my cum and her blood, and scooped some out. I put it in my daughter's mouth and said, "taste us darling. This is you and me darling. This is making our first baby -- right now -- deep inside your belly! I love you so much Annabel!"

I knelt up as if to get off the bed but Lindy stopped me saying, "no, not yet Simon. I want you to ass fuck her too. You know how much I love it -- she will too!"

I gasped and said, "but Lindy! She may be 18 but she's so small. I'll split her in two!"

But Lindy was adamant, "I want you to do it Simon. You did me when I was 18, now I want you to do Annabel. If she splits open, she'll heal!" With this, Lindy sat down leaning against the bed head, put Annabel over onto her hands and knees facing her mother (she was now wailing loudly and shaking her head vigorously) and again fed in one of her large milk laden tits into Annabel's mouth.

All the time she was saying, "suck on me again baby girl, suck Mummy's tit, drink Mummy's milk while Daddy fucks you in the ass. You have no idea how good it is baby girl. We love you so very much -- that's why Daddy is doing this. Now Simon, do it now!"

I smeared the hole and my cock with the juices that were dripping out of my daughter's overflowing pussy, grabbed her hips, positioned my cock at her entrance and with a nod from Lindy I pulled my eldest daughter straight back onto my shaft.

Even with her mother's breast in her mouth, Annabel still managed a blood-curdling scream of pain. She screamed and bucked (in obvious agony) as again, egged on by Lindy, I started to plunder my own daughter's hidden treasure hard. I knew I had split her rectum -- I could feel it!

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