tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFamily Nightmare Ch. 02

Family Nightmare Ch. 02


Alana Scott prepared dinner for her family in the same manner she always had. She was cooking the same meal they had the week before on Saturday. In fact they had had this meal every Saturday for the past month. She felt some comfort from her routines. As long as nothing out of the ordinary happened she was almost like a robot. She had even managed to almost completely block out what had happened four months ago. From what she could tell, her son James had come to terms with what had happened, and their relationship with each other was back to normal. She was still a little worried about Sam though. She could count the number of times he had spent the night during the last few months on one hand, and when he did he couldn't look her in the eyes.

"Hey mom, what's up?" James said bounding down the stairs and walking into the kitchen.

"Oh.... nothing really. Just getting dinner ready." Alana said.

"Say, I was wondering how Sam is doing. I haven't seen him in a few weeks." Alana said as she continued to set the table.

"Fine I guess. I think he just needs a little more time to.....you know." James said.

He knew that what had happened still weighed heavily on his mother, whether or not she wanted to admit it. He had done his best to act normal around her but it was hard for him to look at her the same as before. Just a few months ago he had seen his mother raped by two men and forced to have sex with himself and his friend Sam. He stared out of the corner of his eye as Alana bent over to place the plates on the table. Her tank top revealed quite a bit of cleavage and he could not help but to look. Also hard to ignore was the way her ass looked in the tight pair of Capri pants she was wearing. He thought that maybe she wouldn't be as open around him after what had happened, and in a way he was glad she still felt comfortable around him. He loved his mother and what had happened was not her fault.

"I understand. Maybe you should invite him over for dinner. It might help him to be around people and not all alone in his room. " Alana said.

"Yeah, I might just do that." James said.

"I'll be back in a little bit mom." James said standing up from the table.

"Good, I'll have dinner ready by then." Alana said.

Alana looked at her son and in the first time in months she hugged him. It was a weird moment for both of them. It was the first time in a while that James had hugged his mother. The contact, while not unpleasant, felt really different than it did before the incident. Since then Alana had made a conscious effort to not change the way she dressed or acted. Her tank tops and hip huggers remained the staple of her wardrobe. It was another way for her to block out what had happened. The less she changed because of what happened the easier it was to forget about. As she hugged her son her breasts pushed against his muscular chest. Alana, while aware of the contact, still allowed the hug to go on longer than normal.

As their embrace ended Alana stared at her son. Almost searching his eyes for forgiveness for what had happened between them. She did what she did to spare him bodily harm. If she hadn't had sex with her son he would've been hurt or worse.

"Bye mom." James said turning and walking out the door.

Alana stood there for a few minutes thinking until her husband walked into the room.

"Something smells good." Greg said wrapping his arms around Alana and kissing the back of her neck.

"Thanks sweetie." Alana said.

"It'll be a couple hours before its ready though." Alana said turning to face her husband.

"A few hours huh? Guess I'll see what's on the old tube." Greg said grabbing a bag of chips from off the counter.

Alana watched as her husband left. Their relationship was still a little shaky in her mind. While Greg was none the wiser she had a hard time playing the role of dutiful wife like before. When they were in bed together she would accept his advances like any wife would, but to her something was wrong. She just wasn't there emotionally.

Just a couple of blocks away James' friend Sam was right in the middle of what had become his only hobby. At least two or three times a day he would go into his closet and dig out an old shoebox. Inside that box were his prized possessions, a collection of James' mom's panties. He had quite a few, fifteen in fact, that he had pilfered over the years. Not even James knew, but Sam had kept the pair of panties that one of the men who raped Alana had slung at him. While he was beating off Sam would bring the panties up to his nose and smell them. They still smelled of Alana's perfume. Sam used to beat off with Alana's panties once or twice a week, but now he was doing it every couple of hours. Since the incident Sam had become almost obsessed with Alana. Before he had a crush on her but now he couldn't get her out of his mind. Every time he closed his eyes images of Alana being fucked or her sucking his cock would flood his mind. With Alana's face burned into his mind Sam moaned and shot six ropes of cum, one after the other, high into the air. Just seconds after he had cleaned up he heard the door open and James shouting to see if he was home.

" Yo Sam you here?" James shouted up the stairs.

"C'mon in man." Sam shouted back.

James made his way up the stairs and walked into Sam's room to find Sam sitting on his bed starring at the floor.

"What's up?" James asked.

"Nothing much, being bored is about all I ever do anymore." Sam replied looking up.

"Well if your not doing anything I was gonna ask if you wanted to come eat at my house tonight?" James asked.

Sam's mind worked quickly to try and decide what to do. On one hand he did want to see Alana but on the other he didn't know if it would help any. He figured that maybe if he went long enough without seeing her that his obsession with her would fade, but deep down he knew he wasn't getting over anything. He just needed to see her again so he accepted the offer.

"Sure man, that'd be cool." Sam said.

James was happy to see his friend wanting to get out of the house, even if it was only for a couple hours.

"Cool. Mom said it'd be a couple of hours before the food's ready so take your time. I'm going to go catch me a quick nap. I'm beat." James said turning to leave.

About an hour went by and Sam just lay there on his bed thinking. He knew that later when he saw Alana he wouldn't be able to look her in the eyes. He thought about telling her what was going on. Maybe she would be cool with it. Maybe she would be flattered.

"Yeah fucking right." Sam thought.

The more he thought about Alana the more he wanted her. She was so hot. The feeling of her lips on his cock all those months ago still kept him up at night.

"But she's your best friend's mom, what would she want with some dumb kid?" He reasoned.

"There's gotta be a way, I just have to fuck her." Sam thought to himself.

As the minutes went by Sam began to formulate a plan, a plan that would hopefully end with him fucking his friend's mom. He would blackmail Alana into having sex with him again. He knew he couldn't prove anything had happened before but maybe he didn't have to. If she just thought what had happened might become public knowledge she might be willing to do whatever he wanted.

Then a light went off in Sam's mind and he jumped up and set up his digital video recorder. In about ten minutes he taped himself telling the story exactly as it happened. How two men raped Alana and forced her to have sex with himself and her son. He transferred the recording to his computer and quickly made some copies. He would tell Alana that if she didn't do what he wanted he would send the discs to her husbands boss, her church pastor, the local news, and any number of other people. Even without proof, just the idea would have people talking for months.

Back at James' house dinner was almost ready. Alana finished up setting the table and started fixing everyone's plate for them. James and Greg, awakened by the smell of food, made their way into the kitchen and sat down at the table. The table was square in shape and Greg sat at on one side with Alana on the opposite side. James sat on one side and Sam's plate was across from James.

"Is Sam coming over tonight?" Alana asked.

"He said he was, but......."

Before James could finish there was a knock at the door and then Sam walked into the kitchen.

"Thanks for inviting me to dinner." Sam said to James.

"No problem man." James replied.

"Take a seat kiddo and dig in." Greg said as he pulled out Sam's chair.

"Thanks Mr. Scott." Sam said.

"How have you been Sam?" Alana asked glad to see that Sam had finally come out of his room.

"Fine Ms. Alana." Sam said without looking at her.

Sam sat down and everyone began their meal. From time to time Sam would see Alana looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

"He still can't even look at me." Alana thought to herself.

Little did she know that the reason Sam wasn't looking at her was because he was trying to work up the nerve to set his plan into motion. Sam's thinking was interrupted when he felt Alana's leg brush against his. Slowly a mischievous idea began to form in Sam's head. He could probably do anything right now with the tablecloth masking his actions. Alana wouldn't be able to say or do anything with James and Greg sitting so close. Also it would let him know how much she wanted to keep everything that had happened a secret. If she shouted at him in front of James and her husband he wouldn't go through with his plan but if she kept quiet he would know that she didn't want anyone finding out about what had happened.

"Just be calm man, the worst thing that can happen is getting thrown out of the house." Sam tried telling himself.

The family went about their meal as usual. James and Greg could hardly keep their eyes off of the T.V. in the next room. Sam looked up and glanced in Alana's direction. Noticing she was being watched Alana looked up and for the fist time in months made eye contact with Sam. Both just starred at each other for a few moments. Not knowing what to say Alana just smiled.

"God she's hot." Sam thought to himself looking at Alana's beautiful face and pink lips as she smiled.

Sam blushed and looked back down at his plate. After a few more minutes Alana was startled by something. Someone was playing footsy with her. At first she thought it was Greg but quickly realized it wasn't him because his eyes hadn't moved from the T.V. Neither had her son's and that left only one other person but she couldn't believe it.

"What in the world is he doing?" Alana thought to herself.

She didn't do anything or even look in Sam's direction, not wanting to embarrass him. But after a few minutes he hadn't stopped, in fact he had started blatantly rubbing his foot up and down her leg.

"I bet she thinks I'm crazy." Sam thought to himself.

Alana looked at Sam and coughed slightly to let him know she knew it was him but he didn't stop what he was doing. Alana tried moving her legs but there wasn't enough room for her to get out of range.

"I don't know what he's trying to do but he'd better stop it." Alana thought to herself.

Alana tried to ignore what Sam was doing and for a while it worked until she felt a hand on her knee. Her eyes widened and she gave Sam a startled look. Sam could hardly contain his anxiety.

"No turning back now." Sam thought to himself.

To Alana's horror Sam's hand started slowly creeping up her leg. The thin material of her pants gave little insulation from Sam's actions. Alana's heart started beating faster as she tried to think of something to do. She couldn't say anything or make a scene because she didn't know how Sam would react.

"He might say something about what had happened in front of Greg." Alana worried to herself.

Alana slowly dropped one of her hands under the table and grabbed Sam's wrist. In a show of unusual cockiness Sam flashed a slight grin toward Alana, now knowing she was trying to keep what he was doing under wraps.

"That little shit, what the hell does he think he's doing?" Alana thought.

What Sam did next made Alana's heart almost stop. His hand was now on her thigh and he gave her leg a firm squeeze. Then he began to rub her thigh in a circular motion that under any other circumstance would've felt good. Alana was lying to herself, it did feel good and she was starting to feel flush. She tried to stop him but Sam was too strong. Alana first checked to make sure her son and husband were still engrossed in the T.V. then she glared directly at Sam and mouthed the words "Stop it."

Sam just grinned and gave Alana's thigh another squeeze. Alana was sweating now and her breathing had become quite fast. Sam's hand was inches from her crotch and she could do nothing should he decide to go further. The boy she had been feeling sorry for was now taunting her in her own house.

Turning his hand just a bit Sam slipped his hand between Alana's thighs. Using his middle finger Sam began rubbing his hand up and down the crotch of Alana's pants.

"Oh my god! He wouldn't?" Alana thought to herself.

Alana tried blocking out the feeling but as Sam kept up his assault she could feel herself starting to get turned on. Alana bit her bottom lip hoping Greg and James wouldn't notice anything.

"I know you like it." Sam silently mouthed towards Alana.

Sam's cock was straining the button on his pants as he watched Alana's facial expressions.

Without thinking Alana's legs fell apart and Sam didn't wait for her to close them. Trying his best not to give himself away Sam managed to get his thumb under the elastic band of Alana's pants.

"Oh my god.....he's.........." Alana thought to herself

Alana's eyes opened; startled that Sam's thumb was about a half inch from her pussy. She had always trimmed her pubic hair really short and the feeling of Sam's thumb so close to her pussy made her body tingle all over.

"Please stop!!!" Alana silently mouthed to Sam.

She thought about stopping Sam but any sudden moves might draw unwanted attention to what was going on.

Sam looked her straight in the eyes as his thumb made first contact with Alana's clit.

"Ohhhhh....." Alana quietly hissed. Cursing Sam for what he was doing to her.

Alana's eyes clinched shut as she felt her pussy getting wet. She was powerless to stop Sam's attack, all she could hope for is that whatever show her son and husband were watching kept going and how glad she was that the volume on the T.V. was always way to loud.

Sam kept his thumb going in a circular motion on Alana's clit seeing that what he was doing was causing her face to contort in pleasure. At first she tried to push his hand away but what Sam was doing to her made her almost unable to breathe let alone muster the strength to fight him off. Slowly the pressure on Sam's wrist loosened and he could feel Alana's body jerk involuntarily every so often.

"Oh....my god....." Alana thought as she began to grind her ass backwards and forwards in her chair. She was scared out of her mind that someone would notice.

"That's it...c'mon...." Sam thought to himself as he watched Alana's beautiful face.

Alana was breathing very fast now and she knew if Sam didn't let up she would cum right there at the dinner table. In one last ditch effort Alana looked at Sam and through gritted teeth she whispered "Please.....stop."

Unfortunately for her Sam had no intentions of stopping. He had made up his mind that he would see his plan through until the end. Sam starred intently at Alana. Her nipples were very obviously pushing against the material of her tank top. Her breasts rose and fell faster and faster. Alana's mouth was open slightly, with her face framed by her dark hair. Just then Sam felt Alana's legs clamp shut around his hand. He smiled as he watched Alana do all she could to keep from screaming as her body shook.

"Oh.....fucking......shiiittttt......" Alana silently hissed as her orgasm rushed through her body.

Alana's mouth fell open even more as Sam starred at her. When she finally released her death grip on Sam's wrist he put his thumb up to his mouth and licked it clean as if there were barbecue sauce on his thumb. After a few minutes Alana's breathing had slowed and her mind cleared enough for her to fully realize what had just happened. She glared at Sam with a look that would scare most anyone as she watched him calmly finished his meal.

"That little shit has some serious explaining to do. What if someone had noticed!? I can't believe he would do this!" Alana thought to herself still feeling flush.

After few more minutes the T.V. show that James and Greg were watching went off. One by one James, Greg, and Sam stood up and took their plates to the sink.

"That was delicious sweetie." Greg said.

"Yeah mom, top notch." James added.

"Finger lickin' good.' Sam said smiling.

"Your welcome." Alana replied to everyone still trying to reason why Sam had done what he did.

As they all filed out of the kitchen Alana finally stood up. She looked down and noticed a wet spot on the crotch of her pants. Furious she put her plate into the sink and went to her room to change. As she pulled her pants down a bomb went off inside of Alana's mind.

"Oh no...." She thought.

She slowly remembered that before the incident she had been flirting with Sam a little. There was nothing wrong with what she had done. The boy had a crush on her and she didn't see any harm in brightening up his day from time to time. But what if Sam had a different idea now after what had happened. She had hoped that they could all just forget about it and it would go away. But now more than before that idea seemed very unrealistic. But what was she supposed to do. She couldn't let anyone know what had happened. It could ruin her life. Once something like that becomes public knowledge your life is pretty much over.

"Maybe if I just talk to him calmly, adult to adult, maybe I can reason with him." Alana thought.

Alana slipped on a new pair of panties and some old pants, then she took the damp panties and pants to the bathroom and threw them into the hamper. All she had to do now is figure out a way to get Sam alone long enough to talk to him. However, any idea she might have had went down the drain as she heard Sam tell her son goodbye and then the front door shut.

"Damn it, now what do I do?" Alana thought to herself.

The fact is she knew there was nothing she could do. She would just have to wait until she could corner Sam.

Later, back at his house Sam was reveling in the excitement of his plan working better than he could've wanted. Just knowing that he had made Alana cum in her own kitchen with her family right there and that she didn't do anything to stop it had Sam more psyched than he had ever been before. He knew that he had crossed an invisible line though. He had to carry out his plan and his relationship with Alana would never be the same again.

"Now for step two." Sam smiled as he lay in bed that night.

He knew the family's schedule all to well. Tomorrow was Sunday and every Sunday like clockwork Alana would go to church and James and Greg would go to the golf course. He also knew that from about noon until at least four-o'clock Alana would be alone. "Tomorrow she's gonna know how serious I am." Sam thought to himself.

Tomorrow when she was alone Sam planned to tell her what he wanted, then if she got angry or threatened to tell, he would let her hear the recording he had made. If what had happened earlier was any indication she would realize that she had no choice.

Back at James' house Alana was deep in thought. She just didn't know what to expect. Because she had thought that Sam was so shy what happened earlier took her completely off guard. For minutes at a time she would stare out the kitchen window trying to think of something she could do.

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