Family Nightmare Ch. 03


"God I'm acting like a fucking whore." Alana thought to herself.

It was all she could do just to keep herself from fingering her pussy until she came. She was just afraid of what would pop into her head as she did it.

The next morning Alana awoke groggy and generally out of it thanks to a sleepless night. After slipping on her house coat Alana made her way to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face. She deliberately avoided looking towards her son's room afraid of what she might see. Alana reached the bathroom door and walked in with her eyes still half shut because of the crud in them. As she entered Alana was surprised by what she saw. There in front of her was her son James completely naked with his head and arms inside the towel closet.

"Oh for god's sake." Alana said as she couldn't help but look at her son's exposed cock.

"Jeez mom! Can't you knock before you barge in?" James said startled by the sound of his mother's voice.

Alana was so tired, both physically and mentally, that she made no effort to turn away. She simply walked over to the sink and began to brush her teeth. James was genuinely surprised that his mother had barged in on him but he didn't mind. In fact, he found the situation kind of funny. Regardless he decided to have a little bit of fun. As Alana brushed her teeth James walked up beside her and stood with his hands on his hips.

"Where is my towel?" James asked.

Alana tried to avert her eyes but the mirror in front of the sink gave her an eyeful of her son's naked body. The sight of her son's dangling cock started getting to Alana and she knew she had to get things under control.

"I don't know, just please, cover yourself up." Alana said.

"Hey, you're the one who came in uninvited." James said smiling.

"Very funny, now get a towel or something on for god's sake. You shouldn't be naked in front of your mother." Alana said after she rinsed.

"I tried to find a towel but the only ones clean are your girly pink flower towels and I'm not using one of those." James said.

Alana reached into the cabinet and grabbed the first towel her hand came in contact with. "Here." Alana said as she threw the towel to her son.

James grabbed the towel and unfolded it. In her haste Alana had grabbed a hand towel. It was about half the size of a bath towel. James grinned and wrapped the towel around his waist. The towel was so short that half of his cock was still exposed.

"Thanks mom." James said sarcastically.

Alana couldn't help but laugh at the situation. After a few good chuckles she reached back into the cabinet and grabbed a pink towel and threw it to her son.

"Not a word. Just put it on and let me finish cleaning up." Alana said.

James reluctantly put the towel on and went to his room. Alana washed her face and put her hair up into a pony tail before going downstairs to make breakfast. As she went about her business making some food Alana started to remember what happened last night. She could hardly believe she let her son do what he did. Still, this morning everything seemed alright between them. Even seeing her son naked wasn't as jarring as it could've been. On the bright side, as far as things got, technically nothing happened that was so bad she should lose sleep over. As she made breakfast Alana was so lost in thought that she didn't here her son walk up behind her.

"Happy birthday beautiful." James said as he wrapped his arms around his mother. Alana was taken by surprise by her son's sneak attack. She decided to play it cool though, he wasn't doing anything wrong.

"Thank you honey." Alana said waiting for her son to release her.

"How come you always smell so good?" James asked as he put his chin on Alana's shoulder.

"Because I'm made of sugar and spice." Alana joked.

After a few more second James was still holding on tight to his mother. He was tempted to kiss her on the neck but he didn't know if he should push his luck so early in the morning.

"Can I finish making breakfast now?" Alana asked.

"I guess so." James said as he let go of his mother.

Right as her son was letting go of her Alana was shocked as she felt him kiss her on her neck right under her ear. A tingle ran down her spine causing Alana's mouth to open slightly. Not sure what to say Alana just continued making their food. Finally dragging himself away from his mother James made his way to the living room. Just as he turned the corner James heard a knock on the door. James walked into the living room and looked out the peep hole on the front door. He smiled as he saw the UPS man standing there. After opening the door and exchanging pleasantries with the man James closed the door and ran back up to his room. There was no need to open the package because he knew what was in it. The only thing left to do was attach the fake birthday card he had made out yesterday. The card took a little time to make as James had to write it pretending he was his father. The card said that Greg was sorry about missing Alana's birthday so he bought her some clothes to wear when James took her out to dinner with the money that was with the card.

"That outta do it." James said as he put a one hundred dollar bill inside the card.

Then quickly James ran back downstairs and put the package on the front porch. About this time Alana was setting the table for breakfast. As she turned to get the milk from the refrigerator a sharp pain coursed through Alana's neck.

"Owwwww!!!!!" Alana groaned as she rubbed her neck.

Last night with all the tossing and turning Alana inadvertently fell asleep with her head turned too far to one side. The result had just presented itself to her. Alana walked to the living room to tell her son that the food was ready. As she walked up to the couch Alana couldn't resist resting for just a second. Alana sat on the opposite end of the couch from her son who was watching T.V. James looked over at his mother who was obviously in pain.

"What's wrong?" James asked.

"My neck is killing me. I think I slept with my head turned last night." Alana said rubbing her neck.

James hopped up off the couch and walked up behind where Alana was sitting.

"What are you doing?" Alana asked as she looked up at her son.

"Helping you with your neck, now sit still." James said smiling.

Alana turned back around as James leaned forward over the back of the couch. From his vantage point he could clearly see down Alana's house coat. As she breathed Alana's breast rose and fell in an almost intoxicating rhythm. Finally snapping out of his daze James put his hands on his mother's shoulders and started to massage her sore muscles.

"God that feels good." Alana said.

After a few minutes James' hands began to move down little by little, a fact that Alana was all too aware of.

"Oh great here we go again." Alana thought to herself.

She let him continue because his massage felt so good, and besides, she could stop him at any time. James' heart was beginning to beat faster as his hands inched downward towards his mother's breasts. Just as he felt his fingers came in contact with the top swells of his mother's breasts Alana tensed up slightly. After a few seconds James continued. After James had touched the top of Alana's breasts a couple of times and she didn't say anything he became bolder. Alana for her part saw what her son was doing as a win win situation. He got a cheap thrill and she got one heck of a good massage. About ten minutes went by before Alana leaned forward.

"Thanks, but I think I've had enough." Alana said.

"Suit yourself." James said a little bummed that his fun was over.

After a few minutes of awkward silence James decided to tell his mother about the package at the front door. He was very anxious to see his mother try on the outfit he'd carefully picked out for her.

"Hey I think I heard someone knock on the door." James said.

"Really? I better see who it is. God I don't want to talk to anyone right now." Alana said as she walked to the front door.

James waited patiently as his mother opened the door and examined the package. When Alana came back into the living room she had a very big smile on her face. James breathed a sigh of relief. At least his mother seemed to think there was nothing funny about the package.

"What's that?" James asked.

"I don't know, but it's from your father." Alana said as she read the card.

"Well don't just stare at it, open it." James said.

"Ok ok." Alana said all too eager to see what her husband had gotten for her.

James starred intently as his mother opened the package. He could hardly restrain himself as his mother removed the packing paper. Finally his patience was rewarded as Alana's faced lit up.

"Isn't it gorgeous?!?" Alana asked as she held up a black satin dress.

"Yeah, I bet the cost an arm and a leg." James said happy that his mother seemed to like the dress.

"What else is in there?" James asked.

Alana put the dress aside and reached back into the box and after a few seconds she pulled out a pair of glossy black high heels. They were a little different than the type of heels Alana usually wore. They were elevated about two inches. Alana starred at the shoes wondering what in the world her husband was thinking when he ordered them.

"Those are niiiiiiiiice!" James said.

"You would think so." Alana said not at all surprised that her son liked the heels.

"Well what else is in there?" James urged.

Alana put the heels aside and did some more digging. James noticed his mother's face turn beet red as she looked inside the box. He knew she must've found the thong he picked out for her. It was a black thong with a sheer front. You could see right through it if it wasn't for the little red heart embroidered right in the middle. Alana was a little shocked at the underwear her husband had picked out.

"Maybe I should've opened this in my room." Alana thought to herself as her son looked on.

"Well?" James asked.

"Uh........I think that's it." Alana said.

"C'mon mom, what are you hiding?" James said as he snatched the box from Alana.

"Hey! Give that back!" Alana yelled.

James reached into the box and pulled out the thong and dangled it from his index finger.

"Well helllllllo, what have we here?" James said smiling.

"That's for your father and me. Now give me my underwear or do you need some new panties?" Alana said as she grabbed the box and the thong from her son.

"Calm down mom, I was just teasing." James said still with a slight smirk.

"Hey mom, it says I'm supposed to take you out for dinner tonight." James said smiling as he picked up the card that had fell on the floor.

"I don't know. Maybe I should wait until your father comes home." Alana said not thrilled with the idea.

"Awww mom, dad wanted you to go out and have a good time for your birthday. The dinner reservations are already made. Don't make me call him." James bluffed.

"I'll think about it." Alana said as she picked up her package and went up the stairs.

James was thrilled that his mother seemed to think the package was from his dad. His plan was going along quite nicely. Tonight he would take his mother out for dinner and get her a little drunk to loosen her up a bit. Then he would take his plan to the next level by using the alcohol as an excuse to be a little more daring with his mother. If last night was any indication tonight after a few drinks his mother should be ripe for the pickings. Upstairs Alana was trying on her new clothes. Alana took off her housecoat and slipped the panties on before taking a moment to look at herself in the mirror. The panties were very small and considering Alana's usual attire that was saying a lot. The front of the panties dipped so low that if she wasn't completely shaved her pubic strip would be visible. As she stood there with nothing on but the black thong Alana blushed. The little red heart made the reflection in the mirror very erotic to Alana's eye. After a few seconds she slipped the dress on over her head. As she pulled the bottom of the dress over her shapely rear end Alana noticed that the dress was very tight also. In fact, after she got the dress on and looked at her self in the mirror, Alana was slightly thankful that the thong was so small. The material of the dress clung so tightly to her skin that Alana was hesitant to be seen in public in it. As she surveyed herself in the mirror there was one undeniable fact though, Alana was a very beautiful woman, and she knew it.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Alana thought to herself as she slipped on the high heels.

Alana turned around and looked at her backside in the mirror. The heels had her standing almost on her toes, and this in turn, made the muscles in her legs and ass tighten. As Alana debated even going out of the house in the dress she wondered why on earth Greg would order such a dress for her to go to dinner with her son.

"I bet he ordered the dress before he knew he'd miss my birthday." Alana reasoned.

Alana debated going out to dinner with her son but finally decided that she should go out and enjoy herself. Her husband went to a lot of trouble to set this evening up and she would feel awful if she ruined all his hard work. The only thing that bothered Alana was having to keep her son under control. She had to be very careful. At least she was feeling like herself and not all worked up like the night before. Alana walked down the stairs to tell her son that she would go out like her husband wanted her to do for her birthday.

"And wear something nice." Alana said after tell her son she would go to dinner.

"Yeah, I need to look as good as my date." James said excited at the news.

They both went their separate ways for the rest of the afternoon, both getting ready for their night out on the town. As Alana took her time getting ready James decided to make a quick trip to the mall to get something to wear. As he walked around he bumped into a few friends. They exchanged pleasantries and a couple people asked if he and Sam would be coming to the party tonight on the lake. James explained that Sam was out of town and that tonight he was taking his mother out for dinner because it was her birthday. After James had finished his shopping he made his way back to his car. On his way home James starting thinking about the party all his friends were going to. He'd been to a bunch of parties on the lake and they were some fun times but he had bigger fish to fry. About five miles from his house James saw the old liquor store where he and his friends got all their alcohol. Just as he was about to pass the store a light bulb went off in his head. He quickly whipped his car into the parking lot. His ideas was to buy some vodka and Everclear for a before dinner toast with his mom. The vodka was for him while the Everclear was for Alana. His mother liked vodka and cranberry juice so it couldn't be that difficult to get her to have a drink with him. The thing was that Everclear was so strong that after a couple drinks his light drinker of a mother would be nice and loose.

Later that night Alana had just gotten done with her shower and now she was in her room getting ready for her birthday night out with her son. As the day had gone on Alana had relaxed a lot and she was even looking forward to the date with her son. As she let her towel drop to her feet Alana looked at herself in the mirror. A swell of pride washed over her as she looked her toned body over. Alana slipped on the slightly inappropriate thong she thought her husband had gotten her before again looking herself over in the mirror.

" got back." Alana laughed as she looked at her ass in the mirror.

Alana then sat down at her makeup table. She applied some dark eyeliner to match her black dress. A liberal amount of eye shadow was followed by some glitter lip gloss that she'd never worn before. Alana never liked bright red lip stick and Greg had told her that the natural tone of her lips was sexier. Alana slipped on her dress and began the long process of curling her hair. After about an hour Alana had her hair arranged into an elegant tangle on the top of her head. As she looked at herself in the mirror she thought something was missing. After putting on some silver dangling earrings she put on a black choker to top off her already killer outfit. After slipping on her heels and grabbing her pocket book Alana was ready to go.

James had been ready for hours. He was wearing a white button dress shirt with black slacks and shoes. He paced back and forth waiting on his mother to come down so he could get her to have a drink before dinner. While he paced he didn't notice his mother until she was halfway down the stairs. As he turned James' mouth fell open in awe. Alana stopped and smiled. Her son's reaction had made all her hard work worth it.

"Well?" Alana asked.

" look gorgeous." James said.

"Awwww.....thanks honey, you look pretty good yourself." Alana said as she walked into the living room.

"Geez mom, you'll be the prettiest thing no matter where we go." James said still in shock.

All the compliments started to make Alana's head swell a little but that was fine with her. After a few more moments of starring at his mother James finally remembered his plan.

"Hey mom, we should have a drink before dinner. It is your birthday after all." James said walking to the kitchen.

"I guess one drink wouldn't hurt. But you better not drink too much, you've got to drive." Alana said as she sat down on the couch.

"Don't worry mom, I'm Mr. Responsible." James said as he went about making the drinks.

He grabbed two glasses from the cabinet and put about a shot of vodka in one of them. In the other he liberally poured about two shots of Everclear. Afterwards he filled both the glasses the rest of the way up with cranberry juice. James then quickly took a small sip of his mother's drink to make sure it wasn't overly strong.

"Just right." James thought to himself.

"Here we go." James said as he made his way into the living room.

"Thanks." Alana said as she took a glass from her son.

"Here's to the most beautiful mom in the world." James said raising his glass.

Alana smiled and after touching glasses she took a sip of her drink. After a few tense seconds Alana continued to drink her drink as her son talked. James for his part was grateful that his mother didn't seem to think anything was funny about her drink. The two talked for a while as James waited for his mother to finish her drink. After about ten minutes Alana had finished her drink and James could tell she was ready to go.

"I think I need one more." James said as he finished his drink.

"What time are the reservations?" Alana asked worried about the time.

"We've got plenty of time. Enjoy your birthday and quit worrying." James said as he grabbed his mother's glass.

In the kitchen James fixed his mother another drink this time adding even a little bit more alcohol. He poured himself just a glass of cranberry juice. He then made his way back to the living room and handed his mother her glass. Alana began to sip on her second drink not feeling the effects yet because she was sitting down. After a few more minutes Alana finished her second drink.

"I guess we'd better get going." James said knowing that now his mother should be very buzzed.

"Yeah, I'm starved." Alana said standing up.

As she stood up Alana felt light headed. After a couple seconds she regained her balance and thought that once she got some food on her stomach she would be alright. As they walked to the car James just starred at his mother's ass as she walked. The satin dress clung tightly to Alana's ass and left very little to the imagination. When they neared the car James ran ahead and opened the door for his mother

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