tagIncest/TabooFamily Nudist Camp Ch. 02

Family Nudist Camp Ch. 02


* * * * *

Author's Note: "Family Nudist Camp" is a bisexual series. This story contains male-on-male sex scenes, as well as male-female and female-female sex. If this bothers you, please go read something else, rather than sending me nasty anonymous emails.

* * * * *

Carol Clayton-Maryville pulled up to the Lone Star Ranch gate in her white Toyota Highlander hybrid SUV. It was mid-afternoon on the day after her sons, Frank and Joe, had arrived from college.

"It's really good to be home," Carol thought as she punched the remote and the gate swung open. It had been an enjoyable and productive three days in Dallas, but she was tired of big cities and clothes.

She stopped by the office to greet Anne Bullock, the manager. "Hi Baby!" Anne cried, embracing Carol. Anne was a tall voluptuous black woman in her early forties, dressed only in hiking boots and a leather tool belt holding keys, PDA, phone and several pouches.

"Sexy Mama!" Carol purred, kissing Anne passionately and fondling her heavy chocolate breasts. "I've missed you!"

"Oh yeah Baby!" Anne muttered as her nipples hardened under Carol's touch.

Just as Anne was reaching for the buttons of Carol's blouse, "Play the Funky Music, White Boy!" burst from the phone on her belt. "Shit!" she exclaimed, checking the display. "That's the plumber. I have to talk to him about the septic tanks."

"That's okay, Mama!" Carol answered, giving Anne a quick kiss. "We'll get together REAL soon."

Anne waved as Carol drove on to the big house. She knew Carol's sons Frank and Joe had arrived from the east coast two days early, but they and Carol's husband Bill were going to surprise Carol. Anne grinned, thinking about the way the men would probably do it.

She slipped a hand between her legs as she answered the phone. "Hi, Honey," she purred in an exaggerated accent. "You da man who got what I need!"

Carol parked the Highlander in the garage attached to the big two-story log house. Nobody was home. When she carried her briefcase and suitcase up to the master bedroom, she found a single long-stemmed rose in the center of the bed.

A card was attached to the rose. "Welcome home, Honey Bear," it read. "I'm waiting for you on the island. We'll have a nice INFORMAL party. Don't worry about dressing for the occasion. -- Love, Black Bear."

Her nipples tightened as she thought about her husband's ruggedly handsome face, tall muscular body and big thick cock. Even after 21 years of marriage and two grown sons, she and Bill made love as often and enthusiastically as teenagers.

She quickly removed her business shoes and clothes, inhaling her own hot scent from her moist panties before dropping them to the floor.

Naked, Carol faced the mirrored closet doors, examining her reflection. She was 40 years old, but appeared to be in her mid-20s.

Her trim body was 5' 10" tall, with the sleek build of a runner and swimmer. Carol lifted weights for strength training.

Carol's C-cup breasts were firm and round, with her thick brown nipples and wide tan areolas pointing slightly upward.

Her curly shoulder-length brunette hair was matched by a thick triangular pubic thatch, pointing toward her hairless mound and neat brown folds. She had a smooth over-all tan, with no white patches.

Carol took the meadow path, walking naked and barefoot through the soft grass. Her breasts swayed as she worked her long arms and legs, rapidly covering the 1-1/2 mile distance from the family compound to Mystik Lake.

It felt so good being one with the sun, wind and earth! No matter where she went, her real world was right here.

In the early days of the Lone Star Community, Bill's father, Tiberius Claudius ("TC") Maryville, persuaded the members to build a dam, converting a lazy stream winding through gentle hills into a big hourglass-shaped lake.

Two rocky pine-covered hills in the middle of the basin became islands. "Cave Island" was big, flat, and horseshoe-shaped. Its south end was a wide sharply curving beach.

"Spear Island," stretching south from the mouth of Cave Island's bay, was a long narrow ridge, flaring into a broad tip. From the air, the two islands bore a fanciful resemblance to a penis approaching a vulva.

Families with children used the beach at the south end of the lake and stayed away from the islands. Cave Island's big beach was popular with heterosexual lovers, while lesbians met in a big clearing at the island's center. Spear Island was a gay cruising area.

Carol went past the canoes at the south beach and continued north to the stream which fed the lake. She slipped into the pleasantly cool water, letting the current assist her strong crawl stroke as she headed for the secluded beach at Cave Island's northern tip.

After the lake filled in, TC had cast a spell to bind the little beach to the Maryville family. Neither Carol nor Bill believed in magic, but none of the ranch guests rowing and swimming past ever set foot on the beach, even though it was clearly visible.

Carol rose from the lake like a sea goddess, barely breathing hard after her half-mile swim. Water streamed over her breasts and buttocks and ran down her legs. She squeezed the water from her thick curly hair as she looked around.

The beach was 30' wide and 20' deep, framed with rough boulders on the sides and a forest of pine and juniper trees in back. The family canoe was pulled up on the shore. A cooler and picnic basket sat on a blanket spread in a small shaded clearing behind the first row of trees.

There was nobody in sight and Carol's nipples tightened as she froze in place, listening intently. The normal forest and water sounds filled the air. There was nothing else, but she knew Bill was near.

Almost unconsciously, she reached between her legs, running a finger along her folds. They were already puffy and reddish-brown and her interior was hot and wet. Bill liked to surprise her and she loved being taken quickly and roughly. Grinning with anticipation, she plunged into the forest.

The trees thinned out into a tiny clearing after she'd gone a few dozen yards. Carol's only warning was a slight stirring behind her. Strong male hands grabbed her, gripping her breasts hard enough to leave finger marks as he forced her to her hands and knees.

"Oh fuck!" she gasped, feeling his familiar broad plow-shaped head, flaring to 2-3/4", burrow into her folds and stretch her wet pussy mouth. "Oh yeah, Black Bear! Give me that hard cock!" Carol cried as his 7" long, 2" thick pole filled her with one quick thrust.

"Fuck yeah, Baby!" she cried as he drove his swollen rod in and out of her grasping cunt, pushing her to a screaming orgasm. "Yeah sexy Black Bear! Shoot all your hot man juice deep inside me! Oh fuck!" she moaned as he slammed her spasming snatch, releasing another thick pulse of cum with each rough thrust.

"Oh Bill!" she sighed. "That was wonderful, as always! I really needed it! I've only been away for three days, but it seems like it's been much longer."

He was still rock hard with his entire length inside her. He gripped Carol's shoulders and lifted her to a kneeling position, keeping her firmly impaled on his swollen tool. "That's only the beginning, Baby!" Bill growled, picking up a blindfold. "I've got a surprise for you."

Carol lowered her head and let her curly brown hair sweep down toward the ground as Bill covered her eyes with the thick strip of black cloth and tied the ends behind her head.

"Are we going to keep fucking?" she asked hopefully, working her hips and clamping Bill's stiff cock as she lifted her head, letting her thick hair cascade over her shoulders. Somehow, she could taste the semen her convulsing uterus had sucked from the rigid pole inside her.

"Sorry, Honey Bear," he answered as he pulled out of her pussy. "You'll have to wait, but I don't think you'll be disappointed."

She remained kneeling, motionless, awaiting his next command. "Put your hands behind your back," he ordered. When she complied, he bound her wrists with a soft cord. "Stand up."

Bill gripped Carol's shoulders and turned her around until she was thoroughly disoriented. "This way," he said, taking her forearm and guiding her deeper into the forest.

He steered her around trees until they reached a wide clearing with a blanket spread on the ground in the center. "Stop here," he commanded when she stepped onto the blanket.

Carol stood still, feeling the air against her bare skin and the warm soft blanket under the soles of her feet. The wide tan areolas in her big firm breasts were swollen into domes and her thick brown nipples had grown long and hard. Her hairless mound and puffy purple-brown folds were slick with her juices and Bill's cum. The semen taste in her mouth was stronger than ever.

It started with butterfly kisses, on her forehead, cheeks, ears, lips, throat, randomly moving between sides and locations, gradually proceeding down to her belly, buttocks and thighs while avoiding her breasts and pubic area.

Her nipples were painfully hard and the juice leaking from her vulva was running down her thighs. "Oh Black Bear, you're driving me crazy!" she moaned. "I need another good hard fucking SO badly!"

He became more aggressive, kissing and fondling her firm breasts, sucking her swollen nipples and slipping his fingers into the hot wet spot between her open legs, pushing her to the edge of orgasm before silently moving away, leaving her tense with anticipation.

Carol purred with pleasure as strong male hands returned to her breasts, then gasped in surprise as lips closed on each nipple. She wasn't sure who Bill's companion was, but he knew she liked her nipples bitten hard with lips but no teeth.

"Kneel, Baby!" Bill growled, pushing her to her knees on the blanket. An instant later, a cock pressed against her lips. She took it eagerly into her mouth, licking the broad plow-shaped head before taking its length down her throat.

Although the stiff penis she was sucking was similar to Bill's, Carol knew it belonged to the other man. It was slightly shorter and thinner than her husband's rod. His pre-cum tasted familiar, but didn't have Bill's distinctive flavor.

She felt Bill lie on his back and slide his head between her spread knees. His tongue slid effortlessly between her neat brown folds into her hot female center, its tip stroking the super-sensitive spot just inside her pussy mouth, making her moan with pleasure against the cock in her mouth.

Carol sucked the stranger as Bill ate her to orgasm, clamping her lips on the man's swollen head and shaft, moving rapidly up and down until the stranger exploded, filling her mouth with thick pulses of hot semen. She came even harder, gushing onto Bill's face.

The three remained frozen in position for a few moments, regaining their breaths. Their athletic bodies recovered quickly. The stranger pulled his still-hard dick from Carol's mouth and moved away.

Bill slid up under Carol until his hips were between her knees and his swollen cock-head was pressing into her slick folds. She lowered her pussy onto his rigid pole, taking his whole length and girth in one long smooth slide.

As she rode his stallion, Bill played with Carol's tits, squeezing her big firm bouncing mounds while pinching and twisting her swollen nipples.

Somehow, Bill's touch and rhythm were slightly off. Even his long thick cock felt different. She decided it was the blindfold, the strong taste of the stranger's cum in her mouth, and her knowledge that the man was near, silently watching and planning his next move.

The stranger pressed a slick finger against the little puckered brown hole between Carol's buttocks, slipping it easily inside and lubricating her anus.

A moment later, the finger was replaced with a stiff prick, entering her rosebud and gliding up the muscular tunnel between her firm round buttocks.

Carol worked her hips in a smooth rolling motion, clamping the stiff dicks in her cunt and asshole as the men fucked her steadily towards another orgasm.

The man behind Carol untied her wrists and she ran her hands over Bill's muscular shoulders, arms and chest.

Suddenly, a third man pressed his cock-head against Carol's lips. It was broad and plow-shaped, exactly like Bill's. Her freed hands gripped his long thick shaft and caressed his hairless balls.

Carol recognized Bill's taste as soon as her tongue touched his cum-slit. Forgetting the familiar strangers fucking her, she turned her attention to her husband, stroking his long thick shaft and playing with his balls while licking and sucking his swollen knob.

Bill gripped the back of Carol's head to hold it in place and worked his stiff pole in her mouth. She normally didn't like being restrained, but submitting to Bill excited her.

The men below and behind her rammed Carol's pussy and ass as Bill fucked her face, driving his throbbing rod deep into her throat.

She came violently, jacking Bill's rod frantically and squeezing his balls roughly as she gulped his thick rich juice, letting a little run down her chin and drip on her bouncing breasts.

The strangers shot in Carol's spasming pussy and tightly clenched asshole, pushing her to an even more intense climax.

Finally spent, Carol let Bill's softening penis slip from her mouth. The man behind her pulled out of her butt. Her knees were shaky. The man she straddled had to grip Carol's waist and lift her off his still-hard cock.

Carol collapsed onto the blanket, sprawled on her back with her arms and legs open, limp from her extended orgasms.

Bill removed the blindfold and Carol stared up at the three men kneeling over her. Her vision was blurred for a few seconds, then Bill came into focus, along with their sons Frank and Joe.

"My boys!" Carol screamed, pulling Joe down onto her and kissing him passionately. After several minutes, she gently pushed Joe away and greeted Frank with equal enthusiasm.

"What a wonderful surprise!" Carol finally whispered. Frank and Joe were sitting cross-legged on either side of her with their knees pressing into her hips. She held her young muscular sons' hands while resting her head in Bill's lap.

Frank was 6' 2" tall and 21 years old, with buzz-cut black hair and brown eyes. Joe was two inches shorter and a year younger, with curly dark brown collar-length hair and bright blue eyes. Both brothers had the sculpted muscles of competition body-builders.

Bill was a young-looking 42, Frank's height, with short thick black hair lightly sprinkled with gray He was as muscular as the brothers.

All three men had bulging shaved balls and long thick cocks with broad plow-shaped heads and flaring Vees running down to their deep corneal rings. Bill's rod was the biggest, 7" long and 2" thick. Frank's tool was 6-1/2" long and 1-3/4" thick. Joe's penis was 6" long and 1-1/2" thick.

Frank had closely-cropped pubic hair, while the other two men were shaved clean.

The family remained still for several minutes, enjoying each others' nude closeness in the sun-drenched clearing, cooled by the gentle lake breeze.

"Mom," Frank finally broke the silence, feeling his softened cock springing back to life. "You've got dried cum on your breasts."

"And on your pussy mound, too!" Joe added, popping an instant boner.

"I know, Babies!" Carol purred, taking a son's swollen pole in each hand. "I'd like you to lick it all off me, but I'm tired and hungry. I saw the picnic supplies back on the beach. Let's go eat. We'll have lots of time to play after that."

The family took a quick swim to cool down and clean off, then settled on the blanket in the clearing behind the beach. After devouring the luxurious meal and several bottles of local wine, they spent an hour laughing and catching up.

Frank was going to start his senior year at Columbia in the fall, while Joe would be a junior at Harvard. They were both business majors and had ambitious plans to get more funding and expand Lone Star Ranch. Although they were excited about college, they missed Texas.

The conversation turned to more intimate subjects. Frank had a girlfriend named Sandy. Her family lived in Manhattan and he'd been seeing her several nights a week. She was planning to visit later in the summer. Joe's girlfriend Linda had broken up with him two months ago after Kathy, Linda's roommate and lesbian lover, seduced him to spite Linda.

There was also sexy young Tyra MacDonald, who'd given the brothers a ride from the bus station to Lone Star Ranch when they'd returned home unexpectedly. She managed the nearby Rocking M Ranch, which was owned by her grandmother, Michelle ("Mike") MacDonald.

"Tyra really got us turned on," Frank agreed. "Joe and I both had boners. She knew it, too!"

"She's hot for us," Joe agreed. "Her nipples were hard and we could smell her pussy. She's coming over to swim this weekend. I'll bet her clothes will come off as soon as she gets here. After that, she'll relax and nature will take over."

"Bill and I have met Tyra," Carol said. "It'll be nice to get to know her better. She IS Mike's granddaughter. If we play it right, we ALL might get to know her a LOT better."

The family was sitting cross-legged on the blanket with their knees touching. Bill was facing Carol, while Frank was on her left and Joe was on her right.

Carol looked at her husband and sons. All three men's cocks were stirring, gradually growing longer and thicker, lifting from their relaxed positions. She felt the warmth building between her legs and the tightness in her nipples.

She took a deep breath and arched her back to push her breasts forward, while spreading her legs wider, opening her puffy purple-brown folds and pressing her knees more firmly against Frank and Joe.

"You're all so beautiful!" Carol whispered, looking from one man to the next, admiring their muscular bodies, lust-filled faces and rigid poles with pre-cum gleaming on their flaring cock-heads.

"So are you, Honey Bear!" Bill answered, pressing his middle finger between Carol's folds and slipping it smoothly into her pussy. Frank and Joe bent to fondle and kiss Carol's breasts while Bill added a second finger.

"Oh fuck!" Carol moaned as Bill slowly stroked the sensitive spot just inside her cunt-mouth. She grasped her son's stiff rods and jacked them frantically as the heat spread from her crotch through her body.

Frank and Joe each had one hand pressed against Carol's back, holding her in a sitting position, while playing with a breast with the other hand, squeezing her firm flesh and pinching her swollen nipples.

The brothers lowered Carol onto her back. Releasing their throbbing dicks, she uncrossed her ankles and opened her legs. Frank and Joe rose into kneeling positions as Bill moved between Carol's spread thighs.

"Yeah! Give it to me hard!" Carol moaned as Bill took her with one long thrust. She rocked her hips in a rapid rhythm.

"That's right, Black Bear!" Carol screamed, stroking her sons' rigid shafts and running her fingers over their swollen pre-cum slick cock-heads as Bill's thighs slapped against hers. "Fuck me, Lover! Drive your cock up my hot hungry snatch! Fuck me hard while I play with our boys' big beautiful dicks!"

Frank and Joe were both getting close. Each brother was playing with one of Carol's breasts, growing more rough as her body shook and her screams increased in pitch and intensity.

"Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she gasped as the orgasm rolled over her body. Her sons moaned with her as they sprayed hot cum on her breasts, pushing her climax to another level.

Bill slammed his throbbing pole deep into Carol's cunt, releasing another pulse of boiling juice with each thrust. He stayed hard even after spending himself and continued fucking Carol, keeping her climax rolling along until she collapsed on the blanket, limp and gasping for breath.

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