Family of Incest Ch. 01


"Ooooooh Rachel, your the best sister ever!! OOOOHHH FUCK SUCK ME! I'M GOING TO CUM!"

Rachel smiled the best she could with all Luke's cock in her mouth, she came back up and lapped her tongue round his head, then plunged her mouth back down and continuously repeated.

"You better pull off now Rach if you don't want a mouthful of cum, 'cause I'm about to cum!!"

Rachel just continued to suck her brothers cock.

"You want to taste your bothers cum? Hmmm? You want a mouthful of your brothers sticky gooey cum?"

A few seconds later Luke let go, Rachel pulled her mouth to the top of his cock and sucked it like an ice lolly, then her mouth began to flood with her brothers cum, she loved the taste, she couldn't get enough of it.

"Mmmm, your cum tastes soooo good, I think I'll become addicted to it Luke." said Rachel after swallowing all her brother's cum.

"Well there's plenty more where it came from sis, you ever need a mouthful of cum again just ask, I'm happy to oblige to fill my sisters mouth"

"Mmmm... but right now I am starving, I'm going downstairs to cook us some lunch, you coming?"

"I will do in a minute sis, I'm going to relax for 10 minutes"

"Okay see you soon Luke" said Rachel, she kissed him then went downstairs.

Luke laid back on the bed with a big grin on his face I've finally fucked my twin sister, I've finally fucked Rachel, that was better than I imagined, god she is so beautiful. He lay for ten minutes re-playing everything that's happened in his mind. Then he finally went downstairs to see what Rachel was cooking.

Luke was immediately erect when he walked in, there was Rachel completely naked cooking what looked like pasta at the hob. Luke thought his sister looked so sexy cooking naked. He silently walked up behind her, and grabbed her tits from behind and pulled her back into him, kissing her on the neck.

"Mmmm something smells good, I can't decide whether its you or the food" joked Luke

Rachel slapped his arm and said; "You better think its me, or no pasta or sex for you!"

"You won't be able to resist my cock" Luke replied, whilst rubbing his cock in between the crack of her ass.

"Mmmm perhaps not, but I can restrain from giving you pasta"

"Well I'll just have to eat something else then won't I" said Luke whilst rubbing his sisters pussy.

Giggling Rachel replied; "Indeed you could, but now, sit. Let me finish this. Then we can play some more."

"Yes miss, just give us a kiss and I'll behave." said Luke whilst still groping his sisters tits.

Rachel turned round and gave her brother a quick kiss then pulled his hands off her tits and went back to cooking the pasta. Luke gave her ass a slap then sat down at the table and watched with a smile on his face, his naked sister cooking.

"You've no idea how sexy it is to watch you cook naked" said Luke

Eventually the pasta was ready and Rachel served it. She went to sit down on the seat next to her brother.

"Uh uh uh! Your seat is here missy!" said Luke pointing at his lap, or erect cock.

"Oh my mistake, I'm sorry" said Rachel as she sat sideways on his lap and his cock was enveloped by her pussy. "There we go, all better?"

"Mmmm much, now lets eat" said Luke, as he grabbed his fork and stabbed the first bits of pasta. As they eat their pasta, Rachel started to rise up and down slowly on her brothers cock, soon her tempo got so high they both forgot about their pasta as they lost themselves in the pleasure of their union. Rachel was soon bouncing up and down as hard and fast as she could.

"Urgghhh, that's it sis, ride your brothers cock, you love your brothers cock don't you? Ooooohhh I am going to fuck you soooo hard Rach"

Luke then grabbed his sister, pulled her off him, bent her over the kitchen table and rammed his cock back inside her, banging her into the table.

"Yeesss Luke, fuck your sister, urrrghhhh your fucking your sister where our family eats! Ooooh god Luke fuck me, fuck me, oooooh fuck mmeeeee"

Luke continued to hammer his sister into the table staring at her ass, the part of her he found the best. He began to squeeze her ass cheeks.

"Your best feature is your ass, its perfect, god I can't stop looking and touching it" said Luke

"You like your sisters ass? Urrghhh... Are you going to stick your.... OOOOOHHH..... cock inside it Luke? Are you going to fuck my ass? YEESSS OOOOH FUCK I'M CUMMING" Rachel said moaning here and there as she tried to speak.

"Yeeesss, ooooh.... I am going to fuck your ass Rach, ooooh I'm going to cuuummm toooo" moaned Luke.

Rachel spun around and said "Cum all over me Luke, cum all over your sister!" as she squeezed her tits.

Luke pulled out and came all over his sisters face and tits, Rachel just lay there feeling her brother cum cover her. When he finally finished Luke collapsed into his chair and watched as Rachel scooped his cum up with her index fingers and sucked the cum off and into her mouth then swallowing. As Rachel finished clearing up, Luke went to clear away their plates, he then grabbed the cloth to go wash the table but stopped I think I'll let our cum dry on the table, god that'll be so hot when we have dinner, only me and Rachel will know

"I'm going to go see what's on Sky, come when your done" said Luke as he walked out of the kitchen to the living room. He laid down naked on the sofa as he flicked through his favourite channels, Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Three, FX, Dave, Paramount Comedy and E4, finding nothing of interest on any of them at lunchtime he went to the movie channels and saw the American Romance Comedy, Knocked Up was on, so he flicked down to Sky Movies Comedy and pressed Select on the remote.

Rachel then walked in and lay down with him, grabbing his cock to play with.

"What we watching?" asked Rachel

"Knocked Up, but now your here I'm watching you" replied Luke

Rachel giggled and kissed him, then began to watch the film and she started to wank his cock as it came back to life.

"You just can't leave my cock alone can you?" laughed Luke

"Not after 5 years of wanting it, nope, me and him need to catch up on lost time" replied Rachel as she got off the couch "I'm just going to get the cover, encase anyone comes home".

Rachel went and got the cover, came and laid back down and pulled the cover over their naked bodies. She grabbed her brother's dick again and resumed playing with it, after about 10 minutes into the film Luke pushed his cock into his sister's pussy.

"This is perfect" Rachel said dreamily.

Luke put both his hands on her tits and caressed them; "Now it is perfect" said Luke

They resumed watching the film, slowly fucking on their sides on the family sofa and Luke was squeezing his sisters tits. Then they heard the front door opening.

"Hello! Were back from Ikea" they heard their father yell.

I wonder what it would be like to have daddy fuck me wondered Rachel; "Were in the living room daddy" Rachel yelled back.

They then heard the living room door open as their father came in, the first thing he noticed was his kids lying on their sides, with Luke cuddling his twin sister under the covers. He smiled at how close they were if only they'd finally start fucking each other he thought. Then he noticed the sound of the couch creaking slightly and they were moving in a slow rhythm together wait.... they are fucking, oh god I have to tell Ellen, she'll be delighted. But first he needed to act natural.

"What are you two watching then?" asked Peter; a man 40 years old, black hair and fairly muscular from various chores out here in the countryside.

"Just some.... mmmAmerican... comedy dad, uuuuhhh" replied Luke, trying to not moan as his sister fucked him right there in front of their dad.

"Well I'll leave you two alone, I'll let Lucy and David know your watching a film, they might come and join you"

"Okay.... dad..."

Their dad left the room shutting the door behind him.

"Do you think he noticed what we were doing?" Rachel asked Luke

"I don't think so, if he did he didn't show any sign of revulsion."


"Why? you wanting daddies dick too now?" asked Luke teasingly

"Mehbeh...." laughed Rachel.

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