tagBDSMFamily of Three Ch. 04

Family of Three Ch. 04



Jane again. Rachel's a chatty one, isn't she? About time she let me do some of the talking. Now where was I? Oh yes, the next session.

At my place. I decided we were ready for something a bit more stringent, so I made a couple of additional preparations. Lots of chains, leather cuffs, padlocks (different keys for each, just to make things interesting), and two pair of special vibrators. Very special.

I started in the bedroom by leaving most of the keys to the padlocks on the bed, along with our clothes. Then we headed out to the kitchen, locking the bedroom door behind us.

The bedroom key was frozen in a container in the freezer. Once we made our way into the kitchen we could pull it out, but would then have to wait for it to thaw. A rope was tied to the handle of the freezer; the other end was frozen in the container with the key; we could pull it out with this. I took the other container out of the freezer and headed out to the garage.

This container had one end of a long string frozen in it. In the middle of the back of my garage I had installed three eyebolts; one in the ceiling and two in the floor under it, about four feet apart. I set the container on the floor under the eyebolt, threaded the string up through the eyebolt, and tied one of the padlock keys to it. This would keep it out of reach until the ice melted.

I looked at her; she was already prepared. A leather gag filled her mouth; a leather blindfold covered her eyes. Both were secured with padlocks. Clamps, screwed tightly, gripped her nipples and pussy lips. A leather collar encircled her neck; a key was clipped to it. Her wrists were held in padlocked leather cuffs; these in turn were locked to the back of her collar by another padlock, which secured the collar as well, pulling her arms up behind her back.

A leather belt around her waist was padlocked in back; the same lock secured a strap through her crotch which held two of the special vibrators in her pussy and rear. Her ankles were held by leather cuffs padlocked together, as were her knees. She made a lovely sight.

I prepared myself in a similar fashion, then put the finishing touches on her. I made her lie face down on the floor, then locked her ankles to her waist with another padlock. I locked a short chain to the front of her collar and pulled it through one of the eyebolts on the floor, then locked the other end to another short chain, which I fed through the other eyebolt. I laid down on the floor and locked that chain to my collar. I reached behind me and locked my ankle cuffs to my waist with another padlock. I locked my blindfold into place, then put my arms up behind my back and, with considerable effort, locked them in place.

There we were; hogtied, gagged, blindfolded, and chained to an eyebolt set in the floor. We could, by wiggling around, just reach the lock holding our collar chains together, but not anything else. The key to that lock was hanging suspended above us; until the ice melted we were trapped.

Once it melted we could unlock that lock, freeing ourselves from the eyebolts. The key on her collar would free my ankles from my waist, permitting me to stand or walk; the one clipped to mine would do the same for her. (Of course we couldn't reach them until we were free of the eyebolts.)

Once we could stand we could hop out to the kitchen and pull the other container out of the freezer. Once it melted we could unlock the bedroom door with that key, then free ourselves with the keys lying on the bed. At least that's what I told her.

What I didn't tell her was why those vibrators were special. They were controlled by a transmitter hooked up to the computer in my study with a special program. It was set to randomly deliver either a one second shock or ten seconds of stimulation via a randomly chosen vibrator every thirty seconds or so. Soon it would begin; I smiled to myself in anticipation.


We squirmed a bit, but the bondage was just as I had planned; no way could we escape until we could get the keys. Suddenly she screamed and jerked, then began to moan; the program had started. I stiffened as pain shot through my rear, then yelped as my pussy was shocked. I had set it to the lowest setting, thankfully; if I had set it higher, wow.

It kept on going; shock, vibration, pussy, rear, no pattern, no warning, for two hours. We struggled and wiggled and whined and pleaded in vain; it was relentless. Finally it stopped; we lay sweating and panting on the floor.

A clink; the key had hit the floor. I wiggled around until I touched the string, then maneuvered it into my hands and pulled on it until I had the key. Then I wiggled some more until I found the chain, then backed away from the eyebolt, pulling Rachel up against hers.

It took me several more minutes to find the lock, then get the key into it and turn it. Finally I had it off and we were free of the eyebolts. I wiggled over to her and rolled over so that my hands were against her body. A slight adjustment; there. I had the key from her collar.

But it did me no good. I couldn't reach the lock; it was just too far from my hands to my waist. I thought for a moment, then crawled around behind her and pressed the key into her hands, hoping she would understand. My heart was in my mouth as I maneuvered my ankles up against her hands and waited. If she didn't get it ...

I felt the key turn in the lock. Bless her. She slipped it off and I could straighten my legs. A few minutes later we had freed hers as well. We lay on the floor and stretched our legs.

Not a moment too soon. I yelped as pain shot through my rear, then she did the same. The damn thing had started up again. I had intended to set it for a single session, but apparently I had gotten it wrong. We flopped around like fish trying to escape the pain, the pleasure. Finally it shocked me five times in a row and I passed out from the pain.


I have no idea how long I was out. I moaned and shifted; no response. No Rachel. Where was she? If something had happened ... I got to my feet, making as much noise as I could, hoping for an answer. Nothing.

A breeze; the door to the house was open. I hopped over toward it, continuing to make as much noise as I could. Answering yelps; she was in the house.

In the kitchen. I made my way over to her and leaned up against her in relief. Then I checked the freezer; she had already pulled it out. Nothing to do now but wait; I sat down in a chair and laid my head on the table.

She moaned and sagged; I yelped as my pussy and rear were both shocked, and fell off the chair. We flopped around on the kitchen floor while the infernal thing went through its paces again.

It finally stopped; we lay on the floor aching, exhausted. We must have lain there for half an hour, panting and moaning. I heard movement, then a clink; she had the key. She crawled off toward the bedroom door; I followed as best I could.

I found her in front of the door, whimpering; she could not get to her feet. I took the key from her, then managed to stand up and get the door unlocked. I turned the knob and pulled it open only to have my knees buckle; I promptly fell on my face. For a few minutes all I could do was lie there.

Eventually I struggled back to my knees and crawled back into the bedroom. She crawled in behind me and lay on the floor next to me as we both gasped for breath. I got to my feet and flopped onto the bed; she tried to follow, but could not stand; she sat back with a whimper.

About fifteen minutes later I had freed myself; I removed her bonds and helped her into the bathroom, then put her to bed. I relieved myself, then climbed in beside her.


The next morning; oh, am I sore. There was not a muscle in my body that did not ache. I hobbled out to the kitchen; not bad for a ninety year old woman.

By the time I had breakfast made I merely felt about seventy. I set two places, then took a glass of water and a multivitamin back to the bedroom. She was awake; after downing the water and vitamins she looked at me.

I swallowed, then started in. "Look, I apologize. I got carried away this time; I had no idea those vibrators would be that strong, or that the program would go on that long. I'm sorry." She stopped me with an upraised hand. "It's all right. I'm not hurt, just a little sore and a lot tired. No harm, no foul. Now tell me; why didn't the damn thing keep going?" "The batteries were run down. It shuts them off if it detects that." "I see."

I looked at her. "When I woke up in the garage, you weren't there. What happened?" She smiled. "When it stopped I didn't hear you moving; I thought maybe you had hit your head or something. When I put my head to your chest your heart was fine and you were breathing normally, so I figured you had just passed out. I made my way into the kitchen to get the container out before your demonic program started up again. Sorry if I scared you." "It's okay. But, after we've had something to eat, I suggest we go down to the clinic and get checked out. That was quite an ordeal and I want to make sure we're okay." "Fine. But first I want something to eat, and if I don't get it I'm going to bite your leg off." I grinned. "After you, lady."

Driving home from the clinic I started to laugh. "What's so funny?" "You see the way she looked at us?" "Yes." "And it's a long weekend, right?" "Yes." Rachel began to smile. "Probably thought we were a couple of cheap whores. If only she knew, right?" "Right." We laughed the rest of the way home.


It was about three weeks before we were ready to try it again. This time we were at Rachel's place; after a green salad and enchiladas washed down with iced tea we were ready to start.

We shed our clothes, then went down to the basement. An interesting setup; the basement is unfinished, so is empty. In the middle of the ceiling was a row of four eyebolts; there was an eyebolt in each sidewall in line with them. On the floor were two more eyebolts under the outer ones on the ceiling. I looked quizzically at her. "You'll see." I shrugged. She smiled at me. "You first."

A pair of handcuffs, locked around my ankles and padlocked to the eyebolt on the floor. A leather harness around my waist and through my crotch, holding lubed dildos in my ass and pussy. A leather collar, tied to the eyebolt on the ceiling, holding me upright. Handcuffs on my wrists, tied to the eyebolt on the wall behind me, holding my arms straight out behind me. Tight clamps, connected by a thin chain, gripping my nipples. A leather gag, with a large insert, filling my mouth completely and covering it completely as well. She produces a block of ice; a handcuff key is frozen inside. A string leads from the key, through the eyebolt on the ceiling in front of me, to the cuffs around my wrists; she ties it off there. She smiles sweetly at me, then produces a bucket. She ties a rope to it, feeds it through the same eyebolt the ice is hanging from, then ties the other end to the chain connecting my nipple clamps.

The bitch. The bucket is right under the ice; as the ice melts it will fill up the bucket, which will get heavier and heavier, pulling harder and harder on my nipples. And I can do nothing about it; I can barely move. All I can do is stand and watch it drip.

In a few more minutes she is in the same situation I am; now we wait. The afternoon wears on; the buckets get heavier, pulling harder; the pain gets worse. We're sweating, straining, moaning, whimpering, squirming, desperately seeking relief, but there is none. Just more pain. My eyes glaze; my vision clouds. The strain; the pain ...

I pull on the string, for the umpteenth time; the remaining ice falls into the bucket with a splash. I pull the key to my hands, then get the handcuffs off as fast as I can. I cannot get the clamps off fast enough; the bucket crashes to the floor. The collar is untied from the ceiling; I squat down and unlock the cuffs from my ankles, then lie back on the floor as I remove the harness and dildos.

A few minutes there to let the pain subside; I sit up. Rachel is kneeling across from me; she nods toward the stairs. I nod, yes; we go back upstairs.

Coffee, dessert, and intimacy. Someone to rub my sore nipples to make them better ... ah.


"Are you sure about this? Suppose somebody's there? Like him?" "We'll check it out before we go. If we see anyone, and I mean anyone, we call it off. Okay?" "You're playing with fire." "Yeah, a little. That's part of the fun; knowing that, in spite of our precautions, we might get caught." "I'm going to regret this ..."

We drove out to the woods. The same ones where Alex had scared me before. I had seen no sign of him, or anyone else, in the area since, so I figured it would be safe. We had a look around first; nobody but us. I looked at her. "Well?" She looked at me, then shrugged. "Okay, I guess. Let's get on with it."

We left our clothes in the car and sauntered up the trail. It was a bright sunny summer day, not a cloud in the sky. Perfect. I had locked all the keys to our bonds in the trunk of the car along with our clothes, so we were committed. After a few minutes we reached the spot by the pond. "Here we are. Pretty, isn't it?" "It certainly is."

A few minutes later we were done. A ball gag on a chain, padlocked in back. A leather collar, padlocked in back. Tight nipple clamps, with large weights. A chain, locked around the waist. Dildos in our pussies, held in by another chain locked to the one around our waist; the key to that was clipped to the collar, should the other wish to gain access. Hands cuffed behind us; the cuffs locked to the waist chain. Handcuffs around our ankles, connected by a short chain. Another long chain locked my ankle cuffs to hers; we had wrapped it around a nearby tree so that a padlock would keep it locked to the tree, but when that was removed we would be free of the tree.

On the ground between our feet was a Tupperware container. Frozen in it were my car keys and the key to the padlock holding the chain to the tree. Once the ice melted we would be free of the tree and could walk back to the car, open the trunk with the key, and free ourselves. In the meantime we could enjoy the beautiful surroundings, fine weather, and each other's company.


We quickly forgot about the scenery; or maybe it was the thrill of the situation, I'm not sure which. We began to rub against one another and wound up rolling around on the ground. Then suddenly Rachel sat upright, eyes wide.

I froze. Footsteps, approaching. Damn. I looked at her, my heart pounding; now what?

We're trapped, that's what. With our ankles chained to the tree we cannot even hide, let alone flee. Gagged as we are pleading will be impossible as well; we can only hope and pray. I certainly did. We cowered against the tree, hoping that somehow he wouldn't see us.

Alex, of course. He walked down the trail and right up to us. "Good afternoon, ladies. Fine day, isn't it?" Shit. He had been the gentleman before, but now that he had us like this? I nearly fainted; I could feel Rachel trembling, her heart pounding away.

He came over to me and looked me in the eye; I shrank from him. He reached down and took the key off my collar. "And what might this be for?" I didn't move; I was frozen with fear. He looked at it, at the locks, then inserted in the lock holding the chain through my crotch. He nodded and relocked it, then put the key back. "So, an invitation. I can accept that invitation if you wish. The choice is yours, of course; I will not force anything on you. Do you wish me to accept that invitation?" He looked me in the eye.

That gaze; as if he could see right through me. He's attractive ... but I don't really know him ... still, he hasn't taken advantage ... and if I refuse, will he accept that? When he could so easily force me? Those eyes ... and that face ... I took a deep breath, held it for several seconds, then nodded, yes. "He smiled. "Thank you."

He moved over to Rachel, who had sat through the whole thing wide eyed, unblinking, not making a sound. He reached out and held her key in his hand. "Her answer does not bind you; you are free to make your own choice. The same question applies to you. Do you wish me to accept this invitation?" He looked straight at her.

She sat there frozen, paralyzed. Finally she seemed to shudder, then nodded, yes. He smiled at her. "Thank you. Thank you both." He stood up. "Now, if you'll excuse me, there are a couple of things I need to take care of before we start. Wait here, ladies; I'll be back in a bit. He picked up the container and walked off down the trail.

We sat there and looked at each other. Wait here indeed; without the key we could not get free of the tree. We had no choice but to wait until he returned.

He was only gone about an hour, but that was the longest hour of my life. The condemned prisoner, awaiting execution. Finally he returned and unlocked the padlock that held the chain around the tree. "This way, ladies." He led us up the trail; we had no choice but to follow.

On the way he chatted a bit. "Introductions. I'm Alex, as you probably already know. And you are Jane and you are Rachel." What! I knew he knew my name, but how did he know hers? Had he been following us, stalking us? My God, what sort of man is he? I whimpered with fear; so did she.

He looked back at us. "You're thinking I've been following you, stalking you. No. I have security cameras all over the place; keeps the kids from tearing up the property. When I saw her on the cameras I recognized her face but couldn't place it. Then I remembered. A convention in San Diego. Your company hosted it; you were one of the hostesses. I was one of the guests, just another face in the crowd, but I have never forgotten you."

We arrived at the cabin; big, bigger than it looked on the map. Two full stories, with a porch running the entire length of the front. My car was parked in front of it, along with his. "I took the liberty of moving it; that way you don't have to walk so far when its time to leave." He ushered us into the living room.

He had retrieved our keys and clothes from the trunk as well. A few moments later he had removed the chains and dildos from our crotches and ushered us into the bathroom, where we relieved ourselves. After cleaning us up he brought us upstairs to the master bedroom.


I'm lying on the bed in the dark, nude, gagged, blindfolded, and bound. I can hear her near me; she is in the same predicament. He is busy now; cooking, cleaning, having dinner. When he returns, we will make good on our promises; he will have us. My nipples harden at the thought; I grow wet. Please hurry; please come back. Please ...

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