tagBDSMFamily of Three Ch. 05

Family of Three Ch. 05



Ah, good evening. I'm Alex; the others are Jane and Rachel. You've met us already. At the moment they're unavailable, so I'll take over the narration for the time being.

I first met Jane the day she showed up on the trail while pursuing her ... hobby. I decided to scare her a bit, to let her know how dangerous it was. As for the flowers, I ran her registration and found out her name, from which I found out where she worked. Easy enough.

Apparently she wasn't scared enough, because she showed up again with a friend. I decided to abandon subtlety and confront them; we wound up at my cabin.

They're upstairs at the moment; after I've finished fixing dinner and tidying up I'll go up and take care of them. Don't worry; they're fine. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.


All finished. Now to go and check up on them; up the stairs we go. I have to admit; I'm enjoying myself. It's not every day you have two willing women waiting for you in your bed, after all. Yes, I'm a lucky bastard. Get over it.

Lovely. They struggle so invitingly, don't they? Jane's the brunette on the left; Rachel's the dark haired one. Oh, a description. All right.

Jane's about five six, maybe one hundred ten pounds; lovely brown hair and eyes. Medium build; not too thin, not too plump. At the moment her eyes are covered by one of my bandannas; a leather gag covers her mouth. Her waist is encircled by a chain; her hands are locked behind her in handcuffs locked to the waist chain. Her ankles are locked in another pair of handcuffs; these are separated by a short chain.

Rachel is lying next to her, bound in an identical manner. She's about an inch shorter and ten pounds lighter than Jane; dark hair, dark eyes, cute Latina face. They make a lovely pair. I took the chain they had used to connect their ankle cuffs for a slightly different purpose; it's locked to the headboard at one end and the footboard at the other, and their waist chains are locked to it with yet another padlock. Keeps them from falling off the bed or wandering off; wouldn't want them to get hurt.

Me? I'm Caucasian, five nine, one sixty (a little thin, maybe, but okay looking). Light brown hair, hazel eyes; a little Irish in my ancestry. The cabin and the surrounding land have been in my family for over a hundred years; my great grandfather originally bought it. When my father died he willed it to me; the rest of my family had moved away, so they didn't mind. I did well in school, got my MBA, then worked a few years for some large corporations until I got my own investments going.

Now I make enough from my investments that I don't really have to work for a living, although I do put in a full work week anyway. I track my investments and make necessary changes, and sometimes advise others as well. I've started putting out a newsletter, but I'm no writer; it needs a lot of work before it's ready for the public.

Enough of that; time to get matters moving. I removed the padlock holding them to the chain and unlocked the chain from the bed. No need for that now.

I laid down between them; they snuggled up against me. Does it get better than this? I don't think so.

First one, then the other. I took my time, slowly bringing each to climax, then switching to the other. A couple of times for me, as well; a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Afterward I released them, then put dinner on the table while they washed up and dressed. Hot soup, lots of garlic bread, a huge green salad, iced tea and lemonade; they downed it all. I ate my share, of course; I get hungry too.

We finished with hot coffee and cuddling on the couch, then they kissed me good night and left. Ah, what an experience. I didn't expect them to return, but that one night I would never forget.


A few weeks later I was working away, looking at stuff online, when there was a knock at my door. Strange. I didn't think any of my friends were in town; even if they are they usually call first. Who could this be? I switched to the cameras.

It was the two girls, of course. Standing on the porch, nicely dressed, carrying a couple of packages. Hmm. I wonder what this is about? I threw on a shirt, combed my hair, and went to the door.

"May we come in?" "Of course." We went in. "What's the occasion?" "Happy birthday." They kissed me. I had totally forgotten, to be honest; I don't usually pay much attention to it anyway. They opened the larger package; a cake.

I made coffee while they cut it, then we had coffee and cake. Jane handed me the smaller box. "Go ahead, open it." I did; four vibrators, a transmitter, a small manual, and a CD. I looked at her; she smiled and explained what it was for.

Computer controlled vibrators. They could be set to shock or vibrate, for various lengths of time, at various intervals, and for variable length sessions as well. Wireless, with a range of a hundred yards or so. "I see. We will definitely have to try these out. Later, though, after I've installed the software and read the manual." I set that aside.

"There is one more present." "And that is ...?" Rachel smiled and handed me a ring with two keys on it. "We are your last present. We are yours, for whatever you wish to do with us for as long as you wish to do it, from now until Monday morning." I looked at them. Each wore a collar locked with a small lock; the keys were in my hand.

"Thank you, ladies. Shall we start?"


Jane is lying on my bed, nude. Her mouth is stuffed with a hand towel, held in with a bandanna; another blindfolds her. Her wrists and elbows are bound behind her with rope; more holds them tight against her body. Tight ropes encircle her waist and crotch, rubbing against her sex whenever she moves. Rope binds her knees and ankles; more binds her ankles to her thighs. A rope ties her elbows to the headboard; another ties her knees to the footboard. She can barely move; her noises are muffled. She cannot escape.

Rachel is standing naked next to me. A towel fills her mouth, held in by yet another bandanna. Her wrist and elbows are bound behind her; rope holds them firmly against her body. I let her admire the scene for a moment, then blindfold her with another bandanna and lead her away. Behind us Jane struggles and moans as I close the bedroom door.

Down the hall; there are a couple of guest bedrooms on the second floor as well as the master bedroom. I took her into one of those. A minute later I had her tied spread eagled on the bed, still gagged and blindfolded. I stripped off my clothes and climbed onto the bed. She responded immediately, moaning and squirming, trying to encourage me to get on with it.

Of course I took my own sweet time about it, teasing her and caressing her until she was almost wild, then backing off while she whimpered in frustration. After several minutes of this she was ready to burst; she came almost the second I entered her. A couple more climaxes and I came as well. I eased off after one more climax, then climbed off. I kissed her good night and left the room, closing the door behind me.

Back down the hall to the master bedroom. Jane moaned when she heard me walk in; she must really be sore by now. I rubbed her pussy; dripping wet. Good. I began to untie her legs.

The moment her legs were free she spread them and thrust her hips at me. Slut. I whispered in her ear. "Ready, are we?" An emphatic nod. "Thought so." I began to caress her; she moaned and whimpered. I slowly entered her; she immediately tightened on me, then began to pump her hips; I joined in, matching her rhythm. A few seconds later she screamed as a climax shuddered through her. Several more; I came as well. A long while later I eased off and withdrew.

I left her in the other guest bedroom, naked, tied spread eagled, gagged and blindfolded. After tucking them both in I collected my clothes and went back to my room for a good night's sleep.


In the morning I tidied up and made breakfast, then went up and released them. After they showered I toweled them dry, then bound their hands behind them, tied rope around their waists, inserted lubed vibrators in their pussies, secured those with crotch ropes, blindfolded them, and brought them downstairs.

They're sitting at the kitchen table, bound to their chairs. I'm sitting between them, alternately eating and feeding them. This takes some time; fortunately I'm not in a hurry. When we're finished I tidied up the dishes, then gagged them and attached clamps to their nipples.

Time for my chores. I puttered around the cabin, cleaning and straightening, pausing every time I passed them to give a little pat, or caress, or twist one of the clamps, according to my whim. They squealed and moaned and wiggled while the vibrators hummed away; a pleasant way to spend a morning.


Saturday afternoon. After a leisurely lunch I brought them into the den. "I took the liberty of making a few improvements while I was cleaning this morning. Allow me to demonstrate." They stood there, naked, while I started.

First, I tied their hands with rope to eyebolts in the ceiling above their heads. Then I tied their feet to eyebolts in the floor. A wad of cloth in the mouth, then duct tape over the mouth to hold it in. More duct tape over their eyes.

"Ladies, I also installed the software and read the manual for your little gift. I believe I'm ready to try it out." Muffled protests; too late now. I lubed the special vibrators and slipped them into place, securing them with more duct tape. "There we go; all set."

I sat down at the computer; I could hear them vainly struggling and protesting behind me. "All right ladies, let's get started." I started the program up, then began checking my email and the status of my investments.

I had set it for a single three hour session; just right for getting my work done. I typed and clicked away, to the pleasant accompaniment of yelps and moans. By the time I finished and the program shut off the yelps and moans had changed to whines and whimpers; they were hanging limply from the ceiling.

I took them into the living room, toweled them off, removed the vibrators, and retied them with their arms behind them, kneeling on the floor in front of the couch. Time for a little fun. I removed Jane's gag, then thrust my member into her mouth when she tried to speak. "Get to work."

She did, licking and sucking it as if it were a giant popsicle. In no time at all she brought me to a climax; she was really good at it. Once I came I withdrew and replaced the gag, then it was Rachel's turn. She was equally skilled; a few more minutes and I came again. I withdrew, replaced her gag, and went into the bathroom to clean up.

I finished by giving each of them oral sex; after several climaxes each I stopped and went into the kitchen to make dinner. When it was ready I went in and released them; they washed, dressed, and we went in to eat. After dinner we went into the den and surfed the net for a bit, then I decided to have one last session before turning in.

Back upstairs to the master bedroom. They're lying on my bed, eyes and mouths duct taped, wearing bras and panties for a change, hands tied behind them and roped to their waists. Rachel's left ankle is tied to Jane's right ankle and to one bedpost; her right is tied to Jane's left and to the diagonally opposite bedpost. Jane's neck is tied to Rachel's; her elbows are tied together to the bedpost behind her; Rachel's elbows are tied to the one behind her. Under their lingerie dildos fill their pussies and clamps grip their nipples.

Stretched out like that they can't move more than a few inches. The panties and bras make sure that they can't get the dildos out or remove the clamps. Now for an hour or so of television while they struggle.

By the time I returned they were nice and wet. I removed the rope from their necks and laid them on their backs, then caressed them while strategically maneuvering the dildos around in their pussies. After a couple of climaxes each I untied their legs, removed their lingerie and the dildos, and had my way with them, with their cooperation, of course.

It's bedtime now; they're back in the guest bedrooms, nude, hands tied to the headboard, feet tied to the footboard, duct tape over their eyes and mouths. Pleasant dreams.


Sunday I let them sleep in a bit; they needed the extra rest. While they snoozed I took care of my chores and made brunch. Then I went in and released them from the beds, but retied their wrists and elbows behind them. A communal shower; I scrubbed all three of us down thoroughly. A brisk toweling off, then downstairs to eat.

I tied them to the chairs and blindfolded them, then served brunch and fed it to them as before. (I'm beginning to like this.) When we were finished I gagged them, then cleaned up while they sat there and waited. Once that was done I released them from the chairs and took them into the den.

I've thought up a good one this time. Jane is standing, nude, her hands tied up behind her back, her arms bound against her body, her mouth and eyes duct taped. Her ankles are tied to an eyebolt on the floor; a rope tied around her waist passes through her crotch and up to an eyebolt on the ceiling. I pull it tight; she's up on her toes, trying to relieve the strain on her pussy.

Rachel is here as well; nude, her hands bound up behind her back, her arms bound to her body, mouth and eyes duct taped. I pulled her right leg up into the air and tied it to the other end of the rope from Jane's crotch, then tied her left ankle to the other eyebolt on the floor. I finished by tying a rope from the second ceiling eyebolt to her shoulders to keep her upright.

Now I went to work giving Rachel oral sex, followed by taking her until both of us climaxed. Of course her movements in response to my stimulation had the effect of constantly tugging on Jane's crotch, producing lots of yelps and moans from her, to my vast amusement.

Once I had finished with Rachel I switched the bondage around so that the rope was tugging on her crotch while I amused myself with Jane; can't play favorites, you know.

After I finished with Jane I took pity on them and let them down. I even untied their feet; of course I immediately tied their ankles to their thighs to keep them from running off. Their pussies were sore; I kissed them to make it better. Then ...

After an hour and a couple of climaxes each they were sufficiently recovered for me to make love to each of them again right there on the floor of the den. After I had enjoyed myself sufficiently I released them and we went in and made an early supper.

I'm going to have to buy a lot more food if this keeps up; the ladies disposed of everything in no time. They even did the dishes for me, which I appreciated.

That night I kept them in my bed; nude, hands tied behind them and tied to their waists, and blindfolded. After a long slow session of lovemaking I gagged them, then tied Jane's neck to one bedpost by the headboard, then Rachel's to the other. A nice long night's sleep followed.


Monday morning; all good things must come to an end. Over a nice big breakfast I thanked the ladies for their wonderful present. "In return I have a present for you." They looked a little surprised; I smiled and handed each of them a pair of keys. "The one is for the front door, the other is to one of the guest bedrooms upstairs. You are welcome to come here whenever you wish, by yourself or together, and stay for as long as you wish; the guest bedroom is yours while you are here."

They smiled and thanked me, then kissed me goodbye before getting into their car and driving off. I'll say this; they know how to throw a birthday party. Wow.

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