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Family Pictures

bySally forth42©

It was an overcast day yet it was bright enough to take pictures in the back yard. Denny had posed me on a toweled covered chair. The back drop was my flower garden. He stood behind his tri-pod mounted camera. He has been in the business for yeas and has photographed many women in his time. But why he wanted to take pictures of me a forty two year old woman I had not a clue.

When he first suggested that I pose nude for him I laughed. But then he told me how much I could make posing nude I changed my mind. From what he told me there was a demand for nudes of older women. But when I thought about it I remembered how even young men had looked at me last summer when I wore my new very skimpy bikini.

True I am slim with over sized breasts and in general a pretty damn nice figure even if I do say so my self. No I don't work out and I don't do much in the way of special diets. What I have is all natural and comes naturally. My waist in smaller than my hips and my legs are slim and shapely over all I guess I look good to the males regardless of their age. With out a bra my breasts do hang down a little more than they did a few years ago. But age will do that to a girl. My ass fills out a pair of tight jeans so that I get a few cat-calls from time to time.

Denny had me do one thing that I liked even though I had already done the bikini shave. He had me shave my pussy completely. Then before we started he inspected my shave job to make sure it was hair free and smooth.

I had walked out of the shower where I do my shaving. Denny was sitting on the bed naked playing with his hard on. He does have a most interesting cure to his erection that can, if placed just right make a girl feel a very wonderful sensation. But that was not going to be this afternoon. No all he wanted today was to lick me to a climax and taste my "Nectar of the Gods" as he calls it. But as they say what is good for one is also good for the other so after he brought me to a climax I playfully rolled him over and repaid the pleasures.

Oh, hell yes I do love oral sex and have for as long as I can remember. However, I did not start on boys. My first taste of the sweet joys was with my sister. Nora was older than I and when she came home from boot camp she showed me what she had learned in her first days in the Army.

It was summer and I had my first job. So I did not go with Mom and Dad when they took off to my Aunts for a few days. Much to my surprise Nora got a few days off and came home.

I was just eighteen and ready to explore the world of sex and adventure. Nora showed me how great oral sex came be and also how it feels to masturbate one's self or another. She even showed me how strange it can feel to have a finger inserted in the butt hole. Strangely enough we found this sensation wildly exciting when done as part of an oral sex experience.

Nora and I had three great days all to ourselves right up to the moment our brother walked in on us. Nora had no problem with Steve joining the fun. However, I was still a virgin at that point. Well except for Nora's fingers and tongue. Steve had me watch as he fucked Nora for about twenty minutes. They started with Steve on top of Nora and then she mounted him and they jointly finished with Steve behind her doing her doggie style. After he pulled out of her I had to suck his cock so I could taste his cum and Nora's together. I also licked her pussy to get what was dripping from her pussy.

When I got between Nora's legs Steve got hard again and took my cherry from behind. It was not so bad in fact before he was done I was screaming for him to "Fuck me." That night I watched as Steve got behind Nora and forced the head of his cock into her little asshole. Nora said it hurt at first but once he was in her it was almost better than getting fucked in the pussy. Nora had to go back to Boot Camp the next morning leaving Steve and I to fine many more ways to enjoy one another.

Steve asked me if I liked to suck his cock. I told him I did and I liked the taste of his cum. He asked me if I liked to feel his cock in my pussy. I said sure it was great and he made me climax a lot. Then he asked me if I liked it when we licked each other at the same time. Again I told him it was very exciting and I did love it. Everything I had learned from both he and Nora was wonderful. Then Steve asked me it I thought I would like to feel two cocks in me at the same time. He said one in my mouth and one in my pussy. Two guys fucking me at once. Wow, now that gives a girl something to think about. Steve had fingered my pussy and sat up so I could suck his cock at the same time. That was fun so I thought why not have two cocks to play with and enjoy. "Yes" I told Steve I thought it would be fun.

The next day when I came home from work Steve met me at the door. He said an old buddy was here and that Steve had told him I was willing to try two guys at one time. I smiled and said Ok.

I wanted to shower and cleanup first. Steve and his buddy Dale sat in the kitchen drinking beer while I showered. I slipped into a thin see through white dressing gown with nothing under it. True I was even slim back then but my breasts were firm and pointed straight out. Not so much any more.

I walked into the kitchen to fine my Dad and Mom seated drinking beer with Steve and Dale. I was shocked and frozen to one spot. All eyes were on me. Mon said come on in Sweetheart your brother as been telling us all about how you have been entertaining him.

I wanted to run but my legs would not move. My Dad got up and came to put an arm around my shoulders. I moved as if in a stupor till he seated me between Mom and Steve. Mom took my hand and said "Sally we are so happy you have joined the family I loving ways. Your Dad and I were just waiting till you were old enough to become a loving member as are both Steve and your sister. Nora called us before she left and told us how wonderful it was for her to get to enjoy you. Plus Steve has told us how he has shown you so many ways to enjoy sex. Now your father and I want to welcome you into our families loving ways."

So that was how it all started. Until I left home at twenty two I screwed my father and brother plus Mom taught me to enjoy many special things girls can do for one another.

But here I was now nude in my forty's having my picture taken by my girlfriend's husband after we had oral sex. Gee, not much has changed in all these years. Denny took several pictures of me nude. Karen came home before we were done and quickly stripped so she could join the fun. Denny got all worked up and before long he was screwing Karen from the rear while she licked me to a climax. God it is nice to have friends.

Later that night Karen and I were nude resting on the bed when the phone rang. My Mom called to say my sister Nora was going to be in our town in a few days. I told Karen about my early life at home and all of a sudden Karen was eager to meet my sister. I thought how nice it would be to see Karen and my sister joined is sex. Hell maybe we could have a daisy-chain three ways each licking a pussy. Girls can have so much fun…

I was late getting out of my office, traffic was a bitch so by the time I got to Karen's my sister and her boyfriend had been there for over an hour. I had not known about the boy friend till I walked in the door.

Casper was tall, broad shouldered, muscular all over and dark brown all over. When I walked in Denny was screwing my sister and Karen was getting the biggest, thickest, longest cock in her doggie style I had ever seen. It was black and Karen was taking it up her white pussy and loving ever inch of it. Denny was screwing Nora but his eyes were fixed on that monster cock going in his wife's cunt.

Well never let it be said Sally did not do her part when she joined a sexual party. I got screwed by that monster; I sucked off that monster and could not sit comfortably for three days. My God how did Nora take that thing every day and how the hell did she take it up her ass at all.

Well that is it for now but I do need to tell you about our trip to Los Vegas. We made six stop on the way across country. These were people Karen met on the inner net and wanted us to stop and just say "HI" as we pass through. Well let me tell you it was more than a "HI" in most cases. But we did meet some very nice people. Karen had a great time with three guys in New Orleans as I and Denny watched….

More later...

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