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After my father passed away my mother thought it best if we moved back to her home. I had only been there to visit once or twice when I was just a child.

Mom was left her family home after her parents died and so that is where we moved. It is a large house with three floors and a basement. It is too much house for just Mom and me so she decided to rent out the top floor. The third floor has its own outside entry plus there is also stairs on the inside leading down through the house.

Mom advertised the rooms and got a lot of response. After a week of picking and choosing she came up with a lady a little older than Mom’s forty-six years. I am twenty, Mom married late in life. Even though my Dad was older they managed to burp me out. I am an only child.

I helped our new lodger move. I carried her bags and a few boxes. She told me to call her Darlene. I told her to call me Chuck short for Charles.

I just finished school and was looking forward to my first year at the junior college. That was still two months away so I had lots of time on my hands for the summer.

Darlene was tall dark haired with just a few silver hairs on one side above her eye. Her eyes were dark blue and very large. I could not help but take a good look at her long legs the day we moved her in. She was wearing shorts and no bra under a jersey t-shirt. It was hard to keep my eyes off a perfect ass. So round, so firm and so fully packed. I wished I could pack it with my golden rod.

I was not yet an expert at judging breasts sizes but she had larger boobs than Mom and I had seen the label on Mom’s bra. She was a size thirty eight C. So I guessed Darlene was about a forty D. I am six foot one and over two hundred pounds. I work out and am in great shape. Darlene was nearly as tall as I am. Twice during the move-in she caught me looking at her and she only smiled. I got the crazy idea that maybe if I played my cards right, maybe, just maybe I could get into Darlene’s bed.

Mom told me to clean out the garage so Darlene could park her car inside next to Mom’s Volvo. I was to park my old rusty pick up in back off the alley.

Mom had gone off shopping and Darlene was at work at the hospital. I had the whole place to myself. I had been taking out trash for an hour and the old burn can was red hot. I came across a small metal box that was like a fishing tackle. I got it opened and to my surprise it was full of old black and white photographs. They were not your normal family pictures these were all nudes. My grandfather and grandmother were very sexy and I was guessing from these pictures they were also swingers.

The pictures were from the time they were maybe thirty till they were well into there fifty’s or more.

Granddad was hung like a stallion and Grandma was one sexy gal with big tits and a great ass. They were in many pictures with other people. Grandma was into oral sex and she often had two men entertained at the same time. She seemed to enjoy anal sex as well and oral sex as much as normal straight old fucking. I was horny as hell looking at these pictures so I pulled out my old pal and buddy. My dork was not as larger as my Grandpa’s but the few girls I had screwed at the young age seem to enjoy it fully.

I was sitting by the back door playing with my hard-on and thinking I wish I had known Grandma. But both of my Grandparents had passed away before I ever got to know them.

I was about half way through the box of pictures when they started to be colored Polaroid. The first one I picked up was not my grandparents but my mother. She was about eighteen and she was posing nude by a lake. There were several pictures of Mom and at eighteen she was a knock out. Great firm pointed tits and a smooth shaved pussy. I really got hot then as my cock started to throb. I was near exploding my balls were ready to burst. The next picture was Mom on her hands and knees with a guy with his cock up her pussy and her Dad, my well hung Grandfather in front with his cock in her mouth. Wow, holy shit my fucking mom was sucking her own fathers cock while getting fucked from behind.

I looked at this one for a few minutes and with out knowing what I was doing I shot cum all over my hand and jeans. I shot cum a foot high into the air letting it land where ever it wanted to. My cock blew like a
small volcano what a waist of the largest load in my life. I said out load “Mom this load is for you.”

My eyes were closed and I was seeing my cock disappear into my Mom’s fine pussy. Something touched my cock, there was a hand on my hand and I felt fingers circling my shaft. I slowly opened my eyes to see an arm coming over my shoulder. This long slim arm was muscular it was Darlene’s arm.

I did not move I let her take a tight grip on my cock. My breathing increased one hundred percent. My cock jerked back from the brink of going soft and rose to a new state of readiness. Darlene pulled on my cock as I left go. The juicy sperm filled cum was still draining out as she milked it slowly. Then she moved around to my side and bend over taking my cock head in her mouth. My cock jerked again and I shot off again in less than a minute after the first time. Darlene was an expert at sucking cock, she never missed a drop. Darlene sucked me dry and licked my cock clean before lifting her head out of my lap.

I smiled and she smiled back at me.

On shaking legs I stood to see my mom’s Volvo turn into the drive. I jerked my jeans up and Darlene stepped back out of the way. I stood there as Mom drive up to but not into the garage. Darlene had parked out in back in the alley. She walked around the side and met my mother as she stepped out of the car. I slipped the tackle box under a shelf and went out to say Hi.

Accepting a bag of groceries I followed the ladies into the house. Darlene and Mom were chattering like old friends. I sat the bag on the kitchen table and as I watched my Mom move around the kitchen my cock started to get hard again.

For the first time in my life I really took note of my Mom’s figure and in particular her ass. She moved with the grace of a lioness on the prowl.

Darlene noticed me watching my Mom’s every move and Darlene just smiled and said she had to change for a date later that night. As Darlene passed me on her way out the door she let her fingers trail softly across my cock at was pushing out my jeans.

Mom and I ate in the kitchen two hours later and I still had a fucking hard-on. It was hard hiding it from her. But I thought this was not the time to bring up the pictures. But I was going to let Mom know I had seen them and see where that leads.

It was still light as I stepped out on the back porch to enjoy the evening breeze. Darlene was coming down the back steps from her apartment. She was a knock out. She was dressed to kill. She wiggled her ass and she said “Good-evening Chuck” but she walked straight to her car. I let out a moan loud enough for her to hear. I heard a laugh as she turned the corner of the garage.

I had gone up to my room, showered, shaved and slipped on a pair of cut off sweats, no jockey shorts and a t-shirt.

I heard the TV on in the den so I went down to spend a few minutes with my mother. She looked up as I entered. I said “Does this old house have a lot of memories for you Mom?” she smiled back up at me and said it did. I asked what it was like for her to live here now. She just smiled and said she had been so happy here as a girl being home again just made it better. I thought maybe I would test the waters so I asked “You did not meet Dad until you moved to the city. But you must have had a few boyfriends here too?” she looked up over her reading glasses and smiled a shay grim. “You’re asking a lot of questions. You never seemed interested in family before? So why now?”

I wanted to say “Gee Mom I saw this picture of you fucking and sucking your father’s cock care to explain that to me?” But I felt my cock once again move unrestricted under my cut offs. So I said “Nothing special I guess it is just that this was your home and now it is my home too. You know; I think more about it now.

The soft cotton sweats started to poke out so I turned away but not before I was sure Mom saw I had a hard-on. I said over my shoulder “Think I will get dressed and take a turn around town.” Half way up the stairs I looked back down into the den Mom was still looking at me. I think she may have been smiling.

There seemed to be a lot cars at the Riverside motel and lounge so when i pulled in. I parked my truck off in the rear of the lot and walked in the side entrance to the bar.

I took a seat at the end of the bar next to the waitress station. There were three girls working the tables. One was a short blonde with a chubby body made for long hours of total enjoyment. I guessed her to be early twenties. The second girl was a slim dark haired girl. Small breasts, small waist and a fine round tight ass. She was not as pretty as the blonde but I would not turn her out of bed. The Third was older, heaver, fuller and when she walked she said was saying “I have been there and I can still give a guy a good time.” There was something about her that reminded me of Darlene. That older sexy radiance that comes from years of showing off your wares.

Between watching all three girls I still had time to look around the room. There was a three piece playing dance music. The sun was down now so the glass doors were open so people could walk out on the balcony to look down on the river.

It was very dark in here now but I saw Darlene and her date walk in. Darlene was stunning in her light dress and dark hair. She was taller than most men in the room. She moved rather than walked across the room to be seated near the open balcony doors. Her date was an older man, slightly heavy around the waist. Mostly gray hair. I wondered if he would get her into his bed tonight.

That thought brought a throaty laugh from my lips. The older lady was standing waiting for a drink order and she said “What’s so funny.” I said with out even thinking about it. “I see a lady I had” I chocked up and did finish my statement. She smiled and asked “So you had her today and she is out with another guy tonight? Well that does happen.” She said as she picked up her drink order and moved away.

It is not my nature to be jealous or a snoop. But it did occur to follow Darlene and her date when they left to see where they go. It had been nearly four hours since Darlene had left the house. She had driven off in her own car so maybe they had already been to his place. Oh well none of my business any way. Just because she had sucked me off does not make her anything special to me.

Just the same I left by the side door and waited in my truck. I did not wait long they came out laughing, his arm around her shoulders. They walked to her car where he kissed her on the cheek and walked off.

Darlene sat there a few minutes till he had left the parking lot. I got out of my truck and walked up to her car. She jumped when I knocked on her widow. But when she saw it was me she smiled as she lowered the window. “Hi” are you alright?” I asked.

“Oh yes Charles, I was just waiting a moment to see if I wanted to drive home or take a cab. I have had few drinks.” She said

“Darlene; leave your car here and I’ll drive you home. We can come back tomorrow and get it.” I told her.

She said she had to go to work early so it would be better if I let my truck here and drove her car home for her. Looking at my watch I saw it was just after eleven so it was not all that late. I said OK to her idea and opened her door so she could get out. I helped her to her feet and she came to rest against my chest with my arms around her. I held her a second then kissed her. Her lips were warm soft and parted slightly. I let my tongue slip into her mouth where it found her tongue waiting to do a dance with mine. I cupped one of her generous breasts and squeezed it gently.

She seemed to go limp in my arms so I cupped her ass with my other hand. It was firm as my fingers dig into the crack of it. She pulled back and looked up at me. She said “Not here. Let’s go home. You can come up to my room.” I said Ok and helped her around to the other side of the car.

She leaned on me as we went up the back stairs to the third floor and her rooms. We did not turn on a light but I found her bed and laid her on it. I dropped my clothing as she tossed her dress and things across the room into the darkness.

There were no preliminaries at all. She parted her legs and welcomed me to her. My cock was fully awake and hard as a rock. It found her pussy wet, warm and eager to be taken. I went to the hilt on the first thrust and bounced my balls off her ass. It felt good and she let me know she was enjoying this as she let out a little controlled scream. Then as I drew back to ram it to her again her pussy closed around my cock like a vise.

She had total control of what I was going to do. She would grip me like a tight hand if I went too fast and milk my cock on the back stroke like one would the teat of a cow. What a great fuck she was. I was going go explode too fast but she said she was going too also so we shot off together. She cried out as she shivered and bounced up under me and I strained to force every drop of cum out of my quivering cock.

We lay in one another’s arms gasping for breath. My cock still held in her pussy grip. “Oh, My God Darlene that was great.” I weakly moaned. She said “Chuck you have a wonderful cock, it is so hard and so large you gave me a hell of a climax.” We laughed and parted. Five minutes later I was back I my own room.

In the morning I woke slowly still dreaming of the night before. My cock was erect and I was slowly stroking it, remembering the blow job and that great fuck all at the same time. My clock said it was after eight but I had all day to finish cleaning out the garage. So I laid there with my eyes closed playing with my friend. I felt it grow and get harder I thought why not, hell go ahead and jerk off like I did yesterday while I was looking at my mother’s picture. I sat up ”Shit” I had forgotten about the pictures. I had better get up and retrieve that tackle box so I can look at the rest of the pictures. But I laid there for another minute or so thinking of my mother sucking her Dad’s cock. My cock got even harder. I wanted to fuck my mother and watch her suck my cock.

My mother really is a beautiful lady with a great figure. Why she had not dated since Dad died I did not know. But I knew now I was going to make her an offer she could not refuse.

I pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of cut offs. No underwear. I liked the feeling of my balls and dick hanging loose, unrestricted, feeling the air cools them off as I moved around.

As I entered the kitchen Mom was at the sink with her back to me. Her jeans were tight and showed off her fine ass. My cock jumped as I watched her move. She turned and said “Morning Dear, I did not hear you come in last night.” There was a question hanging in the air. So I told her I had a couple of drinks at the Riverside lounge. She reminded me the legal age to drink in this state was twenty-one. I reminded her I did not look my age. She simply said ‘I wish you would not drink till your of age.” Enough said. We moved on.

After coffee and a roll I told her I was going finish cleaning out the garage. She said she was going to do laundry and asked me to bring down any dirty cloths I had in my room.

When I came back down from my room with an arm full of dirty cloths Mom was already in the basement. I tossed the load down the stairs and yelled that I was going out to the garage. As I stepped off the back porch I happen to look through the basement window. Mom was holding the cloths I had tossed down. She held a pair of my underwear to her noise. I knew it was the pair I wore last night. I had wiped my cock off on them after Darlene and I got up. Mom now knew I had gotten laid last night she just did not know to whom. I smiled to myself and headed for the garage.

I fished out the tackle box and opened it. Quickly getting down to the Polaroid’s the next two of three were of Grandma and some guy doing a sixty nine. Mom was standing next to them with her hand on the guy’s ass.

Then there was one of Mom sitting on the bed, leaning back with the guy standing over her and she had her head back with his cock in her mouth. Grandma had her head between Moms’ legs. Wow now that was a picture.

Then I saw a few of Mom with Granddad and Grandma standing in the den. All were naked. But the one that really turned me on was the one of Mom licking Grandmas’ pussy and Granddad with that over sized cock of his buried in Mom’s ass. Yes that is right Mom was taking that monster up her ass. There were several close ups of his cock in her ass.

My own cock was again throbbing and strain got get out of my cut offs. So I let it out. God damnit, it was so fucking hard it hurt. I thought what the fuck, what am I waiting for. I should go and confront Mom and tell her I want some of her ass too. I was so hot I was nearly out of my mind. My cock hurt and I was so fucking high on testosterone I really did not know what I was doing.

Taking a hand full of sexy pictures of Mom I walked into the house. I went down the stairs to the basement. She was bent over a pile of dirty cloths. I came up behind her and jerked her around. Holding her tight with one arm I showed her the pictures. She said “Let me go.” I yelled “I’ll let you go when my cock is up your fucking ass.” I jerked my cut off down and let her see my hard-on. It was bouncing as it throbbed. “Here this is what I want to give you Mom.” She pulled back and looked at my hard-on. “No, Charles, don’t do this. This is all wrong.” She said.

I yelled at her “Oh I see it is OK for you to fuck your Dad but not for me to fuck you. Hell Mom I love you too.” Something pulled me back from the brink of a moment of insanity. I looked at the expression on her face and dropped the pictures. Turning I ran up the stairs and my bare ass flashing her as I went.

I went to my room and flopped on the bed. I wanted to cry but I was a man and would not do that. I must have fallen asleep because I was still bare ass lying across my bed when I heard Mom call my name. I rolled over to see Mom standing in the door way.

She stopped by the bed and looked down at me and my hard-on. She only smiled. I smiled back as I reached up to take her hand. Mom came down into my arms and we curled up together. I hugged her and she buried her head into my chest. My cock was jerking as it fit up between her thighs. Her shorts were loose and the head of my cock passed up the leg a ways before is bound up. I a voice almost unheard she said “Charles you do love me don’t you?” I whispered “Yes I do. Of course I love you Mom. But I also want to make love to you. I want to see your eyes as I enter you and see you face as you climax for me.”

She only let out a low moan as I felt her hand grasp my erection through the leg of her shorts. I took my time in loosening her short and pulling them down. She did not move as I removed all the clothing till she was naked beside me. I pull off my t-shirt as rolled her over on top of me crushing her tits into my chest. My cock rose up between her legs and was rubbing the length of her very wet pussy.

Mom sat up, raised her self up and sat back down over my cock. She was tight and small but after a few attempts she got it all in her. It was the strangest thing I was looking up into my mother’s face and she was looking down at me. For that moment was the moment I knew what true love was. I loved my mother not as my mother but as the true love of my life and she knew it too. I was in love with my mother. She slowly lowered her self down to once again rest peacefully on my chest. I don’t know how long we lay like that. Mom; still as a mouse, my cock buried in her throbbing to the beat of my heart. Maybe ten minutes maybe thirty I really don’t know.

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