tagRomanceFamily Responsibilities Ch. 02

Family Responsibilities Ch. 02


As the first month draws to a close I realize that I have not heard a thing from my brother. I half expected him to come to my rescue when he realized that I had not come home that first night. I guess I was hoping against hope. For the most part I cannot complain about my treatment here. William has been courtesy itself towards me. Since that first night he has taken me only at night and only in his bedroom. Yes, there have been times when we are in the study that he will loosen the bodice of my gown to caress or suckle upon my breasts. When he does that I have learned that he will be very forceful at night.

I turn from my thoughts when I hear a carriage pulling up to the door. I glance up through the open portal and freeze in shock when I see my uncle, the vicar, climbing down. Before he can notice me though I scurry up the stairs. William is just coming out of his room when he sees me pressed against the wall. "Maranda, what is it?"

"William, the vicar is here."

He hesitates before answering, almost as if he is waiting for me to continue. "Is there a problem with him being here?"

Nervously I turn toward William. "The vicar is my uncle. I am not completely sure, but I think he is also my guardian until I am 21."

Shock registers on his face. "You are not yet 21?" I shake my head. "How old are you?"

Quickly I put his mind to rest. "I am 20. I will be 21 in three months time."

"Joshua should have told me all of this. I would have done things very differently if I had known that you are still under a guardian's care."

"Do not worry about that. He has not even acknowledged our existence since coming to the funeral of my parents." He looks a little skeptical so I try again to set his mind at ease. "I would be willing to say that he does not even know when my birthday is, so if you were to tell him that my birthday is past, he would probably believe you."

Smiling, he places his hands on my shoulders and looks into my eyes. "Maranda, if what you say is true, then I am sure that he is not here because of you. He is probably here to get a donation for the vicarage or something. Now, I don't want you to worry yourself.

"I have a special night planned for us, but you have to be very relaxed to get any enjoyment out of it. I have ordered for a hot, scented bath to be to be awaiting you in your room. After that you are to lay down and rest until your maid comes to dress you. I have already instructed her as to what you are to wear. So, Maranda, just relax for the rest of the day and let me do the worrying."

I smile at him and he gently places a kiss on my forehead. "Thank you, William."

"You are welcome, my Dear." With that, he proceeds down the hall to the stairs. I hear him going down the staircase and greeting my uncle before I go into my room.

After a very long nap I am awakened by the feeling of hands running all over my body. Upon sensing that I am awake he kisses me hard.

"Maranda, I need you to get on your hands and knees." At my look of disbelief he chuckles. "Yes, you heard me right. On your hands and knees." This time his voice had a sliver of steel going through it. Without questioning I get up on my hands and knees.

Before I realize what he has in mind he has rammed himself into me drawing a startled scream from me. Roughly he pounds into me again and again. Each time it feels like he gets harder. Finally, with a shout, he rams into me one more time and then he is still. When he pulls out I fall forward on the bed, crying.

"Maranda, are you okay? I am so sorry about being so rough. You do not know it but I was watching you while you were sleeping. Watching you I became so aroused that I needed you right away." As I look at William there must have been some fear showing on my face because he is instantly contrite. "Maranda, I am so sorry. I would never hurt you deliberately. Please, Maranda, please say that we are still okay and that you will still stay with me."

I get up off the bed and slowly walk to the fireplace. Thankfully there is a small fire going because all of a sudden I am very cold. After contemplating the small flames flickering against the wood, I turn back toward the bed. "William, I cannot say that I enjoyed that, but I understand that I cannot say no to you. What you tell me I must do. Even if I do not like it, I must do it."

Thoughtfully, William looks at me. "Maranda, how much do you mean what you just said?" I can see that he has something in his mind and I tell him to please tell me what it is. "Maranda, tonight I was going to do something to you, but considering what I just did, I am thinking that we should postpone it. I just do not think it would be wise."

"William, what were you going to do?"

"Maranda, I was going to do something tonight that would have felt very wrong to you. It may even hurt you. Therefore, upon thinking it over again, I will hold off on that for now."

When I inquire as to what it was that he was going to do, he informs me that he was going to initiate me into taking his cock in my backside. "Would that not hurt?"

"It would hurt you to much, I am thinking, so that is why I am going to rethink that. Tonight I have other things planned. First though, why don't we get you dressed, then I am going to show you the sheet that I keep track of everything on and show you how much you have earned toward your brother's debt." Getting up he goes over to the closet and chooses a dress that buttons up the front. It is almost a peasant style with a red bodice and skirt over a white blouse. Intricate embroidery encircles that base of the skirt.

"William, I have never seen anything so beautiful, let alone owned such a wondrous dress. Thank you so much!" Walking over to him I reach up and give him a kiss.

"You are very welcome, My Dear."

After helping me to get it fastened correctly he leads me into the parlor. "Maranda, we need to talk." I sit down in chair across from him. "That first night, it seems so long ago now, I told you that I had a list with all the values on it. Here is the list." Handing me a sheaf of paper he continues. "On the second page and following is what you have earned so far. Tonight's activities are not figured in there yet." As I look over the list on the first page I see that there are a lot of things listed on there that I have no idea what they are. Glancing up at William I can see that he is watching me and he has that look in his eyes again.

"Maranda, I can't help it. Tonight I can't seem to get enough of you. Please stand up and go over to the side table and bend over it." Doing as he says, I feel almost like I have no control over my own body. He speaks and I obey. Laying my torso on the table I pull up the back of my skirt. I can hear him behind my loosening his trousers. Without any warning he slams his manhood into me harder than he has ever before. Screaming in surprise, I tense up a bit. "Don't tense, Maranda. That will just make it worse." Pulling out I hear him sigh. Harder and harder he slams back into me until, blessedly, I feel no more and I fall forward in a dead faint.

When I open my eyes I see him sitting there next to where I am now laying on the rug in front of the fire. "Maranda, are you okay? I am so sorry that I was so rough with you."

I try to sit up, but find that I am very sore. Slowly I try again and this time prop myself up with my elbows. "Yes, William, I am fine. I don't know what came over me."

"Just as long as you are okay, that is all that matters."

"I am okay. Please don't worry about it."

"Okay then." Standing up, he goes over to the papers that I had left on the chair, but somehow they got moved to his desk. "While you were out, I did a little bit of figuring. From what I have learned about you today, and what you have allowed me to do tonight, you are almost there in getting your brother's debt paid off. I will say that it will only take you another week or so to finish it off."

I stare at him in astonishment. "William, you were talking, at the beginning of this venture, that this would take months, not weeks. What changed your mind?"

I can see that he is searching for words. Finally he makes up his mind. "To be very honest with you, it is your age. I did not realize that you are as young as you are. If I had known that at the outset, I would not have agreed to this plan. I would have found another way for the money to be paid back. After tonight, you only have £10,000 left to repay. As I said, that should be paid off in the next couple of weeks.

After my conversation with your uncle today, I am quite assured that he does, indeed, know nothing at all about our deal. However, he did tell me that I had better not, in any way, compromise you because you have been betrothed since you were an infant to a wealthy neighbor's son. If that betrothal should have to be broken for any reason then it would cause, and here I am using your uncle's words, such a scandal that she would never live it down." He pauses as if to let me understand what he just told me. When he sees that I do he continues. "Seeing as how you have been already compromised, what would you have me to do for you?"

I think for a minute as to who it could be that I am betrothed to, since this is the first time I am hearing about it. Suddenly it hits me. It has to be that one boy that none of the neighbors like. He is the only one that I can think of. Without any more hesitation I look at William and give him my answer. "I want you to compromise me in such a way that there is no way that he would ever take me to be his wife. I would rather die than marry that person."

William thinks for a moment before responding. "If you are sure about this, then I will do just as you have asked. I will compromise you so that no one will want to marry you. You are sure that is what you want though, isn't it? You would never marry, and when your brother does marry, you will go to live in one of the houses on the estate. Does that meet with your satisfaction?"

"Yes. Do what must be done. As I have said, I would rather die than marry that man. I would rather spend the rest of my life a spinster than be married to that man, for I know that I would not live long married to him."

"Then it is agreed. Tomorrow we shall start your public compromising. Do not be surprised at anything that I do then or ask of you, for I may ask you to service me in places that would not normally be used for such."

A shiver of anticipation courses through my body. "I agree to your terms."

Coming down on the rug next to me, he gently takes me into his arms and kisses me. "Now that we have that decided, what say you to a lovely dinner?" I nod. Getting up, he reaches down his hand to help me to my feet. "I will fetch your cloak for you, if you will meet me by the front entry-way." I agree and we part ways.

A few moments later, as we are riding through the countryside in an enclosed coach, I realize that I feel no apprehension in the agreement that was finalized tonight. I know that William would never seriously injure me, and that is my only concern. I have never feared William as I would Robert. Robert is known, far and wide, for his cruelty to children and animals alike. It is said that he killed a young lamb with his bare hands for just walking across his path. Having heard this and other rumors that were no less terrifying, I must do something that will keep him away from me permanently.

Breaking into my thoughts I hear William's voice. "What are you thinking about so seriously? I hope that you are not having second thoughts over our agreement?"

"No, William. Quite the opposite in fact. I am thanking the gods that you are going to save me from having to marry him."

"Do I get to know who this monster is that you are so terrified of that you would rather be publicly used and compromised than marry him?" I hesitate for a moment before answering. "It is Robert. He is such a beast that no one else would have him for a husband. He has been horrible since I can remember."

"If he is so horrible, then why would they agree to betroth you to him?"

"Because, by the time that I was born he was already showing some signs of being an inhuman monster, but everyone thought that he would just grow out of it. He didn't. He has gotten worse by the year. I can vaguely remember my parents talking between themselves as to how they could break the betrothal and afford it. My uncle is the one that made it."

Nodding, William sits back in the corner of the coach. "Well, don't think about it for tonight. We have a special treat awaiting us, and I am sure that you will like it. You see, there are gypsies that camp on my land every year when they come through. I give them some work and they earn some money, and they, in turn, let me bring someone to their camp. I never have, until tonight. There is going to be a large feast and dancing as it is the chief's daughter's wedding night. You will see others making love, and I am told that the music of the gypsies stirs a woman's being so that she can not help but fall into her man's arms so he can carry her off to the nearest place they can make love."

I have to chuckle a bit. "So my public compromising starts tonight, does it?"

With a voice that is a bit sharper than I have heard before, he denies that theory. "That wasn't my plan at all. I am just saying that if it happens, not to be surprised." So saying he settles back in the corner again and refuses to say any more.

When we arrive at the gypsy camp I am at once in awe of the women. It is obvious who the chief's daughter is, since she is wearing a dress similar to mine, but the number of coins that she has around her forehead is greater than any other of the women. William opens the door to help me out and instantly every eye in the camp is drawn to us. A man, who is bigger than any man I have ever seen, comes over to us with outstretched hands. "Welcome to our humble camp, Sir William. It has been entirely to long since you have graced us with your presence. We welcome you and your lady as we welcome a long lost family member. Welcome."

"Thank you, Ranulf. We appreciate your warm welcome and your hospitality. We have brought a little something for the bride and groom." Reaching into the coach he pulls out a cloth bag that is full of bread, cloth and wine.

"Sir, you need not bring a gift. After all, you are the founder of this feast! If it were not for you generosity in letting us camp here every time we come through, we would not be celebrating this marriage. You see, 19 years ago, when we came through and stayed here, my daughter was conceived. So you see, your family has been good to us. Now we would repay the kindness with kindness." Turning to the men who were standing behind him he made a motion and they pull out instruments of every kind. When they start to play William and I find a place to sit down on the ground a little bit apart from everyone else.

When a woman appears, as if from nowhere, and hands us two plates that are piled high with food I am not even surprised. The music had begun to weave it's spell over me already. Without paying attention to what or how much I was eating I quickly finished my plate. Looking over at William I saw that, he too, had finished.

Reaching his hands out to me I never even try to stop him as he unbuttons my bodice and my blouse. In turn I reach out and take off his shirt. When dancing starts around the fire it completely captivates me. The movement of the women's bodies as they keep in time with the music is almost hypnotic. I somewhat notice that most of them are not wearing any tops. Their bodies move in time with the music almost as if they were making love to it instead of just dancing to it. Closing my eyes I let the spell of the night wash over me.

I never notice when William lays me back and removes the rest of my clothing. When I feel him gently enter me I sigh and press my body up close to his. "Maranda, I never thought you would be this passionate." Gently he thrusts his body against mine and mine answers in kind. "Ohhhhh, Maranda, I never knew that you could be like this. You are perfect." Matching his rhythm, I keep in time with him and with the music that seems to fill my whole being. This is not the hurried coupling that happened earlier tonight. No indeed, this is a slow, gentle, methodical, merging of two souls. Again and again he thrusts into me and I press back up against him until with a shout I feel him go still inside of me and it is almost like an explosion has gone off inside my body as behind my closed eyelids I see the brightest flares I have ever seen in my life. Simultaneously we cry out in unison. Covering my body with his he kisses me again and again. "Maranda, you are the best thing that ever happened to me."

I can hear what he is saying, but I am feeling so out of touch with everything that is going on that I find I couldn't answer if I wanted to. Wrapped in William's strong arms I fall fast asleep.

Much later in the night I awake to find myself being carried, naked, toward the awaiting coach. Very gently William lays me on the back seat as he takes the other one, after covering me with his cloak. Murmuring, I roll a little farther back on the seat and go back to sleep. I never notice when we arrive back at his house or when he carries me inside and up the stairs to lay me gently on my bed and cover me with the down filled quilts that are awaiting my return.

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