tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFamily Secrets, I Know All Ch. 02

Family Secrets, I Know All Ch. 02


I'd like to thank Steven for giving me the inspiration to write this story.

Michael gives Tiffany a cum bath while his next door neighbor, Christine, watches and masturbates.

"Bend over and say Ahh," laughed Tiffany to Michael while holding her blue, rubber gloved finger in the air.

Immediately he obeyed by standing in front of his unshaded bedroom window and bending at the waist to stick his naked ass in his new neighbor's face and immediately Tiffany responded by reaching around him to stick her gloved finger in his ass. He could see Christine even from this angle with his head cocked backwards and to the side. She was still sitting in her bedroom chair across the way and in direct view of their bedroom window while watching them playing their sexy games.


"Christine is leaning forward in her chair watching you Michael," said his wife.

Without hesitation, as if she was a doctor giving a hypodermic needle by distracting her patient first, she inserted her finger in his anal cavity.

"Ouch! Gees, Tiff, take it easy," he said recoiling from her touch. "You could have at least lubed your finger first before sticking it up my ass."

"Sorry. I was so excited for Christine to watch me milking you that I forgot the lube," said Tiffany pulling out her finger to lube his anal cavity and to put some lube on her finger. She reinserted her gloved finger up her husband's ass again. "How's this?"

"Better," he said. "It's cold but I've grown accustomed to the cold first and hot sensation later. Only take it easy with your finger Tiff or you'll have me cumming too fast and the show that I want to give Christine will be over too soon."

Rather than milking him, no doubt wanting to delay the show by having him take his time cumming while stroking himself, Tiffany removed her gloved finger from his anal cavity sooner than she wanted. As if she was the director of a pornographic movie, she directed her husband.

"Let's see if we can get her going. Slowly masturbate yourself Michael while turning to face her. Allow her to watch you playing with yourself. Let's see her reaction when you cum," said his wife. "I'm dying to see the look on her face."

Michael looked from Christine to look at his wife with a mixture of sexual excitement and nervous concern.

"Are you sure? I don't even know her and with me standing here naked and having not yet even meeting her, she may call the police to tell them that I'm naked and masturbating in front of her," he said with uncontrolled sexual excitement while continuing to stroke himself in front of his neighbor and wife.

When it came to sex, it was Tiffany who was in control and he did everything that she asked of him.

"Trust me," said Tiffany with a dirty laugh. "I seriously doubt that she'll call the cops on you for undressing and/or masturbating in your own bedroom. Being that she could move from her perch and not sit across from our bedroom window, she could just pull her shades if she didn't want to see the show."

"You're right," he said.

"It takes two Michael and you're just unaccustomed to the change in your role. With the tables turned this time and with you being the exhibitionist instead of the voyeur, she's the voyeur. She's the one who's watching you Michael. She's the one who's looking for and wanting to see more," said Tiffany. "You aren't doing anything wrong by undressing and/or masturbating in your own bedroom."

"You're always right. Okay," said Michael stroking himself faster.

Only just as Michael was beginning his masturbation show, Christine turned off her bedroom light.

"Damn. Too late. Show's over," said Tiffany with obvious disappointment. "She just turned off her bedroom light."

"Damn," said Michael figuring that her not wanting to watch had nothing to do with him. "Maybe she was turned off by me masturbating. Maybe she's a lesbian," said Michael. "Maybe she'd rather watch you than me undressing and masturbating."

"Well that sucks," said Tiffany. "Not nearly done yet, I still wanted to play."

"Play? Why? Why even bother?" Feeling rejected, he looked to his wife and shrugged. "Obviously she's more interested in watching you undress and masturbating yourself than in watching me undress and masturbating myself. Now, I'll never know if I turned her on or turned her off," said Michael.

"Wait Michael. Not so fast," said Tiffany peering out her bedroom window. "I can still see her from the dim streetlight. She's sitting there in the dark while watching you and she hasn't removed her eyes from your cock."

"Really? No way! Oh my God, Tiffany, this is so exciting. I can't believe she's staring at my cock. I can't believe she's watching me masturbate. She's our sexy, dream, voyeuristic and exhibitionistic neighbor come true," he said.

"Here we go Michael. Here we go. I can't believe it. I told you. What did I tell you? She's unbuttoning her blouse. Can you see her? She just removed her blouse. She's sitting there in her bra watching you masturbate. She's feeling her breasts and fingering her nipple through her bra. Do you see her?"

"No, I don't see her," said Michael.

"She just stood up to unbutton and unzip her skirt. There goes her skirt," said Tiffany with sexual excitement in her voice. "Wow! She has such a hot body Michael. Doesn't she?"

"Oh my God, I wish I could see her hot body. This is so exciting. I can't wait to cum Tiff. I can't wait for her to watch me cum," he said.

"She's sitting there in her panty and bra Michael while watching you masturbate. She's sitting there in her sexy underwear and touching herself while watching you playing with yourself. Can you see her Michael? Do you see her? She's so hot. She's so sexy," said Tiffany.

"I can't see her. No, I don't see her," said Michael peering through the dark. "Where is she? Oh, wait. There she is. Yes, I see her. I just needed time for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. She's right there," he said. "Damn, she has a hot body. Damn, she does have big tits."

"Stroke yourself Michael. Let her see you playing with yourself and maybe she'll masturbate herself too," said Tiffany. "That would be so awesome for the both of you masturbating for one another at the same time."

Michael started fondly his cock before slowly stroking himself again and before stroking himself harder and faster.

"Oh my God, Tiff, I'm too aroused. I'm so frigging horny. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum. I swear to God, Tiff, I'm going to cum," he said. "I'm going to cum."

* * * * *

"Don't cum Michael. Not yet and not until I give you my permission to cum. Your cock belongs to me. It's up to me to tell you when to cum," she said with a sexy laugh. "Being that I saw her first and have been playing our sexy little games all week with her, this is my game to play. Slow down. Slow down. Don't stroke so fast. Don't cum yet Michael. Not yet."

"Oh God, Tiff. I don't know if I can stop what I've already started. I'm so ready to cum," he said.

"Stop stroking yourself for a minute and take a breath," she said looking down at his prick. "Now wait. Just stand there without touching yourself for a minute. There, see? Now had you already ejaculated, I suspect her show would have been over too," said Tiffany.

"Okay," said Michael.

"In the way she always did before when it was just the two of us undressing in front of one another and masturbating, I want to see if she'll undress," said Tiffany. "I want you to see her naked first before you cum. Just as she's watching you masturbating yourself, I want to watch her masturbating herself too," said his wife.

"I'll hold out for as long as I can Tiff but I can't stop myself from cumming too much longer. I'm ready to explode now," said Michael beginning to slowly stroke himself again.

"Wait Michael just a little longer. Oh my God, I don't believe this. She just removed her bra and she's fingering her nipples. Look Michael. Look. Do you see her big tits?"

"God yes. She has nice, big tits and big nipples too," he said. "I'd love to suck those big, Japanese melons."

Tiffany paused in her blow by blow description to look at her husband enjoying himself with their new neighbor before speaking her thoughts.

"So long as she agrees to having you suck her big tits, maybe I'll allow you suck her tits if I can watch," said Tiffany with a sexual excitement that he's never seen coming from her before.

"Really?" Michael looked at his wife with lust. "You'd really let me have sex with Christine?"

"I don't know Michael. That's a big step for us. We'll see," she said. "It's up to Christine and not up to us anyway," she said. "Maybe we can just start with her masturbating you while you touch her and feel her tits."

"Can I kiss her too while touching her and feeling her?" Michael looked at his wife.

"Kiss her?" She stopped her surveillance of her neighbor to look at her husband. "I don't know. That may be a little too personal. Sex is one thing but intimacy is something else. I don't want to lose you to her. I don't want you falling in love with the woman Michael," she said looking at him with concern.

"I only love you Tiff. I'll always only love you Tiff," he said. "It's just fun to think about having sex with her, even if I never have sex with her," he said not only lying to himself but also lying to his wife.

Only, he wasn't fooling anyone, not himself and especially not his wife. Not satisfied with the possibility of having Christine masturbate him while he touched and felt he tits and fingered her nipples, he wanted to kiss her too. Obviously having sex with her wasn't enough, he wanted to make love to her. Then, from one sexy step, he took another giant leap.

He wondered if Tiffany allowed him to have sex with Christine, that is, if Christine wanted to have sex with him too, if she'd allow him to have sex with Susan, his wife's best friend, that is, if Susan wanted to have sex with him also. Maybe this new neighbor is just the first step that they both needed to embark on the swinging lifestyle. Already so close to swinging by allowing others to watch them parade around naked while having sex, they were still so very far from letting themselves go to the pure and utter debauchery of having sex with other couples.

How hot would that be for him to have sex with Christine? How hot would that be to have sex with other couples? How hot would that be for him to have sex with Susan? Only for him to have sex with other women was easy. The difficulty was in allowing his wife to have sex with other men. Only, unless his wife was more interested in women, which he didn't think she was, he never heard of a swinging arrangement where the husband had all the fun with other women while the wife just watched without having fun with other men.

He'd have to lose his jealousy and possessiveness for him to enjoy a quid pro quo sexual arrangement with his wife having sex with other men too in the swinging lifestyle as a swinger. He didn't know if he could do that. Already knowing that his wife had reservations of him having sex with other women, just as he had reservations of his wife having sex with other men, he wondered if his wife had reservations of having sex with other men.

* * * * *

"She has better boobs than I do. After having breast fed two babies, her boobs don't sag as much as mine do," said Tiffany with a laugh while looking down at her sagging breasts and cupping each one in her hand before allowing her fingers to move across her nipples. "Yet I'd never trade the experience of breast feeding my babies for having prouder breasts. Maybe one day, a plastic surgeon can lift my tits up to where they used to be and were they should be," she said pushing up her tits with her hand as if her hands were a pushup bra.

"I love your big tits honey just the way that are," he said leaning over to kiss her.

"Thank you Michael. You're a sweetheart," she said looking over to stare at Christine's perfect boobs. "She does have beautiful breasts."

"Can I cum now? Please? I really need to cum Tiff," he said ignoring his wife lamenting over her breasts for the sexual satisfaction sake of himself. "I need a release."

"No, not yet," said Tiffany turning from watching Christine to focus on her husband's sexual needs. "Don't stroke yourself so fast. Slowly stroke yourself. Pace yourself Michael. Pace yourself. Haven't I taught you anything about prolonging your ejaculation for you to cum more and to cum harder with even more erotic excitement and sexual satisfaction?"

"I'm trying Tiff. I'm trying not to cum but I'm so ready to cum," he said.

Tiffany turned from her husband to stare out her bedroom window again.

"There go her panties. She's naked Michael. She's naked. Do you see her? Can you see her pussy? This is it. Hopefully, she'll start masturbating."

"Yes, I see her," said Michael. "She's stunning."

"Oh wow, she's shaved. She was trimmed last night. She must have shaved her pussy this morning. Even from here, I can see her pussy glistening in the moonlight. You made her wet Michael. You made her so wet," she said.

"God Tiff, this is torture. You're making me crazy with all the blow by blow detail of her watching me and now of her stripping herself naked. I'm ready to explode," he said. "I really need to cum Tiff."

"Tell me Michael. I really want to know. I need to know," she said looking at her husband. "What would you do if you were there with her right now with the both of you naked?"

"What would I do? What do you mean what would I do?"

"If I gave you my permission, what would you do sexually with Christine?"

"This is just pillow talk right," said Michael.

"Yes," said Tiffany. "Hypothetically if you were there with her now, what would you do?"

"You won't get mad at me and I won't get in trouble for saying how I truly feel?"

"No, of course not," she said looking at him with sexual excitement. "I'm the one who asked what you'd do if you were with her right now and if you were both naked."

"Hypothetically speaking," he said qualifying his response, "if I was there with her right now, I'd finger her shaved pussy before eating her bald pussy. I'd lick her naked pussy before fucking her and having her blow me afterwards."

Only, watering down his real responses, he didn't dare verbalize all of his thoughts. He didn't want to anger his wife by making her possessively jealous. If he were there with Christine right now and if they were both naked, he'd be kissing and kissing her while touching and feeling her where a faithful husband should never kiss, touch, and feel another woman. He didn't say what he truly felt for fear of ruining his chances of having sex with other women and with having sex with Susan by admitting too much too soon that he wanted to try the swinging lifestyle.

"She's touching herself," said Tiffany ignoring her husband's dire and sexually frustrating situation. "She's rubbing her clit. She's finger fucking herself while watching you masturbate Michael. Do you see her playing with herself?"

"Yes, I see her. This is so hot Tiff," he said.

"As if she's sitting there watching a private CFNM review, you've made her wet with your striptease, masturbation show. Having stripped herself naked in front of you, she's masturbating herself while watching you masturbate yourself. How hot is that?"

"I see her but I really need to cum Tiff," he said stepping closer to his wife. "God I really need to cum. I swear I'm going to explode now in a mass of cum if I don't cum soon."

"Don't move Michael. Stay where you are. Out of her view, she won't be able to see you and watch you cum if you stand too close to the bed. I'll move closer to you," said Tiffany kneeling in front of her husband to look up at him with her big, blue eyes. "Now let's give her something really hot to watch," she said smiling wildly before taking her husband's cock in her hand and before taking her husband's cock in her mouth.

* * * * *

"Oh baby," said Michael putting a gentle hand to the back of his wife's blonde, pretty head. "Suck me Tiffany. Suck my cock. Oh yeah, this is exactly what I need," he said.

"Let me know when you're ready to cum Michael because I don't want you to cum in my mouth," she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak while looking up at him. "Okay?"

"Okay," he said.

"I want you to cum all over my face and all over my big tits," she said stroking him while sucking him. "I want you to give me a real cum bath Michael and her a real cum bath show," she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak again. "I want Christine to see your cum dripping from my face and coating my breasts," said Tiffany looking over at Christine.

"Okay. Okay. Yeah, sure, I can do that," he said staring down at his wife while watching her sucking him and stroking him.

Tiffany sucked her husband while watching her next door neighbor. When she turned to look at Christine, she was sitting there fingering herself while sucking on a dildo as if she was sucking on his cock.

"Michael, Christine is sucking on a dildo as if she's sucking your cock. I don't believe her. Do you see her?"

"Yes, I see her. Oh God, you're both driving me crazy. I'm ready Tiff. I'm ready to cum. I can't hold it back any longer," he said as if trying to hold back a gushing oil well or if he was Scotty on the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek unable to keep the Starship from exploding.

He turned to watch Christine again. She was really going at her dildo now. Moving her Asian pretty head back and forth and up and down, she was sucking that dildo as if she was sucking a real cock and as if she was sucking his cock.

"No, not yet Michael. Hold," she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak. "Hold," she said again as if she was Mel Gibson playing William Wallace in Braveheart with the English running towards him. "Hold! Hold!"

"Christine is sucking her dildo as if she's sucking my cock," said Michael repeating what his wife had just said for the sexual titillation of hearing it again in his head. "She's driving me crazy with lust for her."

Painfully holding back his ejaculation, while waiting for his wife to give him permission to cum, he grimaced in pain before receiving pleasure.

"I saw her. She's such a slut," said Tiffany with a laugh. "I bet you'd like to cum in her mouth wouldn't you."

"Fuck yeah," he said. "I love slutty women," said Michael. "They make me so hot."

"I bet you'd love to cum in Susan's mouth," she said.

As if she read his mind, he couldn't believe his wife said that. Suddenly, he imagined Susan there on her knees sucking his cock instead of his wife. If Susan was there instead of Tiffany, he would have already unloaded his cum in her mouth. A game his wife likes to play is to see how long he can go before cumming.

"Oh my God," he said while imagining cumming in Susan's mouth. "Yes, I'd love to cum in Susan's mouth he said but stopping himself from asking, 'May I?'

Sucking him deeper, she took him in her mouth again while stroking him faster and harder. Then, obviously ready for her cum bath as if she was Joan Fontaine telling Cecil B. DeMille that she was ready for her close up shot, she released her husband's cock from her mouth again.

"Okay Michael. Now! Cum all over me. Give me a real cum bath," she said closing her eyes, puffing out her chest, and tilting back her head to offer up her face to him as if she was bravely and fearlessly facing a firing squad. "Do it now Michael. Do it. Do it now. Explode your cum all over my face and tits. I can't wait to see her reaction."

As if his cock was an oil well, a real gusher, there was a moment of silence and nothingness where the cum, instead of coming up from his testicles, bubbled up and exploded up from his toes. As if it was the fourth of July, as if they were at the Kennedy Space center and had just counted down from ten to zero to launch their penis rocket, Michael was ready to explode his cum all over his wife's face and tits. Tiffany turned her head just in time to face Christine and with Michael turning to look at his new neighbor while aiming his cock at his wife's head, he unloaded an unprecedented volume of cum all over his wife's face, hair, and tits.

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