tagIncest/TabooFamily Secrets, I Know All Ch. 03

Family Secrets, I Know All Ch. 03


There are no underage characters in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18.

I'd like to thank Steven for giving me the inspiration to write this story.

Susan, friend, & business partner, knows all of this family's secrets.

As if they were looking through an endless array of mirrors with one lined up behind the other, in the way that Christine was watching Michael and Tiffany stripping naked, Michael didn't know that his two children were watching him having sex with his wife too. Like father like son and like mother like daughter, chips off the old blocks, he didn't know that that his 18-year-old son, Brett, and his 19-year-old daughter, Erin, were exhibitionists and voyeurs too. He didn't know that they were aroused watching Mommy and Daddy stripping naked and having sex. He didn't know that his children were obviously aroused by their parents' public displays of naked sexuality by watching while masturbating themselves.

With his windows wide open and unfettered without the encumbrances of shades and curtains, and with him and his wife walking around naked with the lights on, Michael should have known that his children would not only see them but also would be watching them too. Being that they were always so openly exposing themselves, how could they not see? If only out of curiosity, why wouldn't they watch? All they had to do was to go outside and look up at their bedroom windows to see Mommy and Daddy naked and having sex with one another. It wasn't as if Michael and Tiffany were hiding anything or being careful for their children not to see and watch them playing.

Sub-consciously, maybe Michael wanted his daughter to see his cock. A telling sign, if she was watching him stripping naked and masturbating himself, maybe she wanted to do more than just look and watch. Sub-consciously, maybe Michael wanted to have sex with his daughter in the way that his daughter, Erin, evidentially wanted to have sex with her father. Sub-consciously, maybe Tiffany wanted her son to see her naked. A telling sign, if he was watching his mother strip naked and suck her husband's cock, sub-consciously, maybe she wanted to have sex with her son, Brett, in the way that her son wanted to have sex with his mother.

Only now too focused on Christine to notice, Michael didn't know that Brett, was watching his mother strip off her clothes while Erin was watching her father masturbate. Tiffany didn't know that both of her adult children were watching her suck off their father for him to give her a cum bath. Hiding behind a tree in the darkened backyard and masturbating while, no doubt he wished that he could have sex with his mother too. In the way that he leered at her and always undressed her with his eyes, it was no real secret that Brett was sexually attracted to his mother.

Always looking to see what he shouldn't see of his mother, Brett was always looking while staring at his mother sashaying around the house in her flimsy housecoats without wearing any underwear beneath. He was always leering when she walked around the house while wearing her, short, low cut, and sheer, nearly see-through nightgowns without wearing a robe. Obviously by the way she so immodestly and immorally flashed her beautiful body to her son, no doubt, she must have known that he was looking at all that he could see and at all that she was showing him.

A sexy game that mother played with her son, Tiffany wasn't shy about flashing her son seemingly accidental up skirts glimpses of her panties, up nightgowns views of her pussy, down blouses peeks of her bra, and down nightgowns peeps of her breasts. Something she does to pass the time when her husband isn't around, apparently she didn't want to be deemed the incestuously wicked mother that she was. Obviously for Tiffany to flash her son so very many peeks of her panties, pussy, bra, and tits, she must have found showing herself to her son erotically titillating and sexually stimulating.

Yet, possibly believing that his mother would never have sex with him, if only giving him masturbation fodder by flashing him, it was enough for Brett to watch his sexy MILF of a mother strip herself naked while he masturbated himself behind a tree. In the way that he watched his mother sucking his father while he masturbated, obviously he wished his mother would suck him. No doubt, he'd give anything to give his mother a cum bath in the way that his father just had.

An incestuous family of voyeurs and exhibitionists with lots of sexual secrets, Erin hid and stayed quiet while observing two sexual acts at the same time. Little did Brett know that Erin was watching her little brother masturbating himself from the treehouse above him while watching her mother sucking her father's cock. In the way that Brett wished his mother would suck his cock, no doubt for Erin to watch her mother and father having sex, obviously, she wished she could have sex with her father and suck his cock too. Starting with her father, perhaps Erin wanted to have that kind of control over men in the way that her mother enjoyed. For her to be watching her mother milking her father by sticking her gloved finger up his ass, undoubtedly she wished she was the one milking her father instead of her mother. Obviously in the way that Brett wished he was giving his mother a cum bath, Erin, no doubt, wished her father would give her a cum bath too.

More focused on Christine's bedroom window across the way than wondering where they're children were and what they were doing, Michael and Tiffany were unaware that Brett and Erin were watching them having sex. Would they have stopped having sex if they knew their children were watching them? Probably not. Would they have pulled their shades to deny their children the exhibitionistic view that their parents obviously enjoyed in exposing themselves to their neighbors? Doubt it. Or maybe they knew that their son and daughter were watching them while they were naked and having sex. Maybe with both of them being incestuously perverted, perhaps father and mother wanted their children to see them naked and having sex.

Perhaps they really didn't know that their 19-year-old daughter was watching her mother milking Daddy's cock before sucking his cock and before giving his wife a cum bath. Perhaps they really didn't know that their 18-year-old son had watched his mother strip herself naked for the teasing pleasure of her voyeuristic next door neighbor. Perhaps Michael didn't know that his son was lusting over his mother's naked body while masturbating and no doubt wishing that he was the one cumming all over his mother's face and naked tits. Perhaps Tiffany didn't know that her daughter was lusting over her father's naked body while masturbating and no doubt wishing that he was the one coming all over her face and naked tits.

Adding to the insatiable incestuous lust that this son obviously had for his mother and that this daughter obviously had for her father, staring at his exposed prick while he masturbated, Brett didn't know that his sister was lusting over him in the way that he's always lusted over her. If only Brett knew that his sister was sitting in the treehouse above him while watching him masturbate, maybe he would have climbed up and had sex with her right then and there. Not the first time that their children have seen their parents naked while playing their sexy games, games that have grown more provocatively sexy lately, they both appeared more mesmerized by it than disgusted by it.

* * * * *

Obviously, if only from her personal notes written in her private diary, wishing she could take things an incestuous step forward with Brett, Erin wondered if she could get her brother to privately masturbate for her in the way that her father masturbated for her mother and for their new neighbor, Christine. In the way that her mother loves watching her father cum, her sexual fetish, she'd love to watch her brother cum too. Filled with an unbridled lust for semen, Erin had an unusual curiosity for cum volume.

From her diary entries, she was fascinated by the way that her mother was able to milk cum from her father by sticking a rubber gloved finger up his ass and by delaying his ejaculation by persuading him to hold from cumming longer. Her mother was able to keep her father from cumming long enough for him to give her mother a huge cum bath. So much cum, her father ejaculated so much cum that she wondered how much cum she could milk from her brother while delaying his ejaculation. Perhaps able to inspire her brother to cum more in the way that her mother inspires her father to cum more, Erin could only imagine the cum bath her brother would give her. She'd love to kneel naked in front of her brother when he was poised stroking himself and ready to cum all over her face and tits.

Having read a story once on Literotica about measuring cum, she'd love to measure her brother's cum. In the way that her mother milks and measures her fathers' cum by forcing him to wait until receiving her permission to cum while inspiring him to cum even more, she'd love to try that with her brother. Of course she could find out about cum volume by going to Google, but it would be so much more fun to suck the cum right out of her brother's big prick and spit it in a measuring cup. If her brother was sexually nice to her, she'd be incestuously nice to him.

If her brother gave her oral sex, if he fingered her pussy while licking her pussy, and if he gave her an orgasm, she'd reciprocate by sucking his cock and giving him an orgasm too. Not appalled by her brother's cum, but fascinated by it, she'd even allow him to cum in her mouth, that is, so long as she could spit out his cum in a measuring cup to see how much cum he had. She imagined sucking him every day to see if she could persuade him to cum a little more in her measuring cup.

* * * * *

Susan sat in her car on the darkened street away from the street light. With her car angled away from the house while parked in her preferred parking spot where she could see and monitor everything through Michael's and Tiffany's bedroom window, Susan watched the sexual festivities as if she was watching a porn movie. Too focused on watching Mommy milking Daddy through their bedroom window, the children didn't know that their family friend and mother's business partner, Susan, was watching them watching their parents having sex while she was masturbating too.

With her blouse unbuttoned and her hand in her bra playing with her nipples, Susan's short skirt was hiked up to her waist with her hand in between her legs. She pushed her panty aside with her index finger to rub her clit and finger herself while watching Tiffany sucking Michael. In the way that Tiffany was sucking her husband, Susan wished that she could suck her best friend's husband too. In the way that Michael gave Tiffany a huge cum bath, she wished Michael would give her a huge cum bath too.

From where she was sitting in her car, she spotted Brett hiding behind a tree while masturbating over his mother stripping naked, sucking his father, and giving his mother a cum bath. Then, when she saw movement above Brett, she spotted Erin sitting in the treehouse masturbating herself. She watched Erin watching her mother sucking her father, her father giving her mother a cum bath, and her brother hiding behind the tree below her masturbating over all that he was seeing too.

If only they knew that Susan could see them watching their parents' sexy striptease and erotic masturbation show too, she wondered what they'd say. If only they knew that Susan was watching them masturbate themselves while watching their parents having sex, she wondered what they'd think. Would they be embarrassed, she wondered, or would they be brazen in their lust for one another not to care who saw them and who was watching them?

Yet tonight was different from all of the other nights that she sat out in her car watching them, a new twist and a new wrinkle, Susan watched Tiffany strip naked for her new neighbor after watching Michael stripping naked too. Now wondering if Tiffany had a healthy dose of bi-sexual curiosity in the way that she's always had an imbedded bi-sexual curiosity about making love to another woman, she'd love to make love to Tiffany. She wished they'd strip naked and masturbate for her in the way they stripped naked and masturbated for Christine.

A real sexual triangle, she'd love to have a secret affair not only with her best friend but also with her best friend's husband before having a threesome. Expanding their little, secret sexual triangle, perhaps later, as an aside, so long as the parents were okay with including their children, she wouldn't mind doing both Michael and Tiffany's children, Brett and Erin. With Christine in the picture now too, maybe the six of them could get together for some hot, group sex.

Without doubt, being that he was always so horny and always looking for what he could see of her, Susan knew that she could easily seduce Brett. In the way that Tiffany flashed her son, Susan flashed Brett too. Without doubt, being that she was such a little slut and obviously was bi-sexually curious to be so enamored in watching her mother strip naked, Susan already knew that she could easily seduce Erin too. Seemingly too, Erin appeared fascinated not only by her father's cock but also by her brother's cock too. She's such a hot little vixen, a real minx that one. She wished she could see in the future to know what she'd be like in a few years when Erin was a woman instead of a 19-year-old girl.

Something that she'd love to do since the first time she met Michael, she'd love to suck his cock. Unable to stop herself from masturbating herself right there in her car and on the darkened street, Susan watched Tiffany blowing her husband. She continued fingering her nipples, rubbing her clit, and fingering her pussy while watching Michael unload an eruption of cum all over Tiffany's face and tits. Obviously wishing that was her instead of Tiffany, she'd love for Michael to cum in her mouth. Obviously wishing he'd make love to her before fucking her, really fucking her and pounding her pussy, she wished that he'd give her a cum bath too. Maybe one day, if she teased him enough and played her cards right, he would. Maybe one day, they'd both would agree to a menage a trois.

* * * * *

Steven, the neighbor across the way, was out walking his dog when he couldn't believe his eyes. He's seen Tiffany before in all manners of dress and undress, in her sexy nightgowns, in her bra and panties, even topless, but tonight she was standing in front of her window naked. Naked, naked, naked, his beautiful, sexy neighbor was standing in front of her bedroom window naked. Shocked and excited, he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Partially obscured by a tree while waiting for his dog to do his business, with the shades up and the lights on, he watched Tiffany stripping off her clothes as if she was giving him a sexy show instead of giving her next door neighbor, Christine, a striptease show. Now he wondered if they were both lesbians. He wondered if Michael knew that his wife was exposing herself to Christine, that is, until he saw him standing there naked too.

"Wow," he said for no one to hear but his dog. "What the Hell? I wish my wife would give our neighbors a show. Only, no one would want to see my wife naked. She looks nothing like Tiffany," he said mumbling to himself.

Ever since Tiffany moved in years ago, obviously by him always looking and watching when out walking his dog, he's always been attracted to her and now here she is naked. Standing there with his dog, Santiago, Santi, for short, a black lab puppy, while still waiting for him to do his business and still partially hidden behind a tree, he couldn't believe it when Tiffany fell to her knees and started sucking her husband's cock.

"Damn, I wish my wife would give me a blowjob. Holy shit! Look at that. Instead of having to cum in a tissue, Tiffany just allowed Michael to cum all over her face and tits. Wow! Oh my God," he said for only the dog to hear.

He made a note to himself to buy binoculars and a video camera. With the show nearly over and his dog wanting to go sniff another tree, he couldn't believe it when he saw Susan, the family friend, sitting in her car while masturbating herself. With him positioned at the back corner of her car, she didn't see him watching her.

"What the Hell is happening here? Has everyone gone crazy? Is everyone in that house a pervert?"

Normally, he's seen Erin making out with her boyfriend in the car in front of her house. He's even seen Brett making out with his girlfriend late at night but Susan? He never thought he'd happen upon beautiful Susan masturbating herself while watching Michael and Tiffany having sex. He wondered who it was that Susan was masturbating over, Tiffany or Michael.

Even more beautiful than his neighbor Tiffany, he'd do anything to have sex with Susan. So glad that his old neighbor Mrs. Thompson sold her house to these people before she checked into a nursing home, there's never been as much sexy, sexual excitement in his neighborhood. Every time he ventured out at night to walk the dog, he was graced with sexy show of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Only now, already out too late, not wanting his wife coming out looking for him, he gave up watching Susan to head home.

"Steven! Where did you go to walk the dog? China?"

"Oh, um, he was trying to find the perfect location to take a dump," he said to his wife.

* * * * *

With their door always open to her, Tiffany made up the spare bedroom for Susan to stay overnight when working late together on their home business. Later that night with Tiffany already gone to bed, Susan know that Michael was still there sitting in the living room across from the spare bedroom. Staying up late on the pretense of not being able to sleep and on the pretense of watching TV in the dark, she knew that he was always looking and watching to see what he could see of her. Like father like son, they were both always undressing her with their eyes. No doubt, they both masturbated over her too and obviously she did her best to stoke their fires to enflame their desires for her.

Sometimes, when she was horny enough and when she could make it appear accidental, while pretending that she didn't know Michael was sitting there in the living room across from her bedroom, she'd undress with her bedroom door opened just enough for him to see her. Acting oblivious to him sitting there in the dark watching her, she paraded back and forth in her room in her underwear, topless, and/or naked on the pretense of getting ready for bed. Being the horny, sexually frustrated old maid that she was, whenever Michael wasn't home and on a business trip, she enjoyed playing the same sexy game with his son.

Then whenever Michael and Tiffany were away for the weekend and especially when Erin wasn't around, whenever she's alone in the house with him, acting as more the house sitter than the babysitter, she's given the same sexy show to Brett, but a much longer version. Later, a sexy game they both enjoy playing, he's returned the favor by leaving his bedroom door open enough for her to watch him masturbate from the darkened hall. Even though he couldn't see her, no doubt he knew she was there fingering her nipples and rubbing her clit while watching him stroke his cock before cumming to her delight.

As if they're having innocent girl talk, laying the groundwork for a sexual interlude later with the three of them, in the same way that Erin has walked in on her, she's walked in on Erin while she was undressing and getting ready for bed. In the way that Michael, Tiffany, and Brett have seen her naked, Erin has seen her naked too. As if she was the go to sexual conduit between family members, it was only a matter of time before Susan would be having sex with not only Michael and Tiffany but also with their children, Brett and Erin. She'd like nothing better than for the five of them to have group sex. Who knows, maybe Christine can join in the sexy sexual fun too?

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