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Family Tent Swap


Sethp 2010 all rights reserved

(Many thanks to Pennlady and Meg1 for amazing proofreading and editing! They are the two finest ladies I know! Also a special shout out to the living room and everyone in it. You know who you are and you know how special you are to me. Enjoy!)


Robert had been busy preparing for the family camping trip all day. It was the last vacation before school started up, and the only time they had been able to go camping all summer. Even his sister was coming down from college to go with them. They had been close before she went away to the university.

This is going to be awesome! He was rolling up his sleeping bag as his mother walked into his room.

"Hey Robert," she said. "You all ready?"

"I am." He smiled up at her.

"I'm sorry it's been a rough summer around here with your dad and me fighting so much," she said placing a hand on his shoulder. "It has nothing to do with you. You understand, right?"

"Yes." Robert looked down. He always hated these heart-to-hearts. His mother was right; it had been a rough summer. His parents had been at each other's throats all summer. He couldn't stand the way his dad had been treating his mother. She deserved so much better. Although it seemed like things were settling down. His parents had even been joking around with each other this evening. Robert was determined to make the best of it. He smiled up at his mother. She was so beautiful. His gaze started to drift down to her chest but he stopped himself in time. God! What is wrong with me these days?

"Your sister will meet us here in the morning and we'll be off," she said. "It will be good to see her again. Good night, Robert." She leaned over giving him a kiss on the forehead and then left the room shutting the door behind her.

Robert finished rolling up his sleeping bag and then re checked his pack and laid out his clothes for tomorrow. It's going to be both good and bad to see Tammy again.

He thought back to the last time she had come down at Easter. They were only two years apart. Robert was eighteen and going into his senior year of high school and she was in her second year of college. Tammy had started developing breasts in high school and they had just kept on growing and growing and growing. Even though she was his sister, Robert couldn't keep his eyes off of his sister's chest. His hormones were completely out of control and it didn't help that his sister liked to wear the tightest tops she could fit into. It wasn't fair.

Robert turned off the lights and slipped out of his clothes and plopped down on his bed. Now he couldn't get Tammy out of his mind. To make matters worse he had noticed tonight that his mom and Tammy were spitting images of each other. They were both the same height and weight, with the same thick blonde hair. They even had almost identical bodies. Robert had to admit though, that his mother's boobs were much larger than his sisters. This is going to be a long weekend unless I can sneak out and whack off somewhere a couple of times a day. He dreamed all night about his mother and sister taking turns offering their massive tits to him and alternately slurping on his cock.

The alarm went off at 6:30 the next morning. Robert's dad liked to get an early start to get the best campsite. Robert showered, dressed and grabbed his gear, and quickly rushed downstairs. His parents were already there eating breakfast. His mother had prepared a big plate of pancakes and sausages for him.

Everyone turned as the kitchen door opened, and there stood Tammy. She looked even more amazing than she had the last time Robert had seen her. She was wearing very short, denim shorts and an amazingly tight tank top that clung to her massive chest like a second skin. Robert could feel his cock start to twitch. He frowned and silently berated himself. You're sick, sick, sick!

"Tammy!" His mother squealed and ran over squeezing Tammy in a tight embrace. "You look so good!"

"Mom!" She squealed back. "You look great yourself. I missed you."

"Hi, Tam." Robert's dad smiled.

"Hi," Robert chimed in, using nearly superhuman effort to keep his eyes from dropping to her chest.

"Hi, Dad. Hi, Robert." She smiled. She walked over and gave her dad a kiss on the cheek and then surprisingly she pulled Robert out of his seat and gave him a big hug. He nearly went into shock as her massive chest pressed against him, but somehow he managed to not lose consciousness and fall twitching to the floor.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Nothing." She said smiling at him. "I just missed everyone, even you!" She laughed.

Robert smiled. This was nearly a perfect moment in time. How much better could life get?

"Got a girlfriend?" Tammy asked as she poured herself some coffee.

"I'm working on it," Robert said staring down at his pancakes. Thankfully the conversation turned towards the trip ahead and away from him. He had been working on it but he was too painfully shy. It wasn't looking too good for the coming year either.

An hour later they were all on the road. Robert's dad was driving, his mother was in the front seat and Robert and Tammy were in the next row back. All of their camping gear was in the back of the spacious SUV. Tammy was leaning back with her eyes closed listening to her mp3 player, giving Robert a great view of her expansive chest. He tried not to look, but he just couldn't help himself. I'm such a pervert.

Two hours later, they reached the campsite. Robert had to admit that his dad had picked a good one. It was isolated from the other sites in the area, but still close to the showers and bathroom. It was totally private, with a couple of logs by the fire pit and a private path down to the river.

"Hey, sport!" his dad hollered. "Let's get these tents set up, while your mom and Tammy unload the rest of our gear."

Robert hurried over to his dad and grabbed one of the two tents from the back of the SUV. That's when it hit him. Where was everyone going to sleep?

"Hey dad." Robert said as they put down the ground cover.

"Yeah?" his dad said distractedly.

"Are you and I sharing the big tent?" Robert asked hopefully.

Robert's dad laughed. "Um, that would be a big fat no." He said, handing Robert one corner of the big tent. "Your mom and I need to share some quality time and do some talking. You and Tammy will be sharing the smaller tent. She's not as snotty since she went off to college," he said chuckling. "I think you'll be fine."

"I think you're right dad," Robert said, inwardly thinking that it could get a little awkward. This certainly wasn't what he envisioned when he was thinking of the camping trip last week. They continued on in silence until both tents were up.

Robert stood and admired their work. The smaller tent wasn't so bad. It was a two-person tent, and it would be a little cramped, but it would be fine. He was looking forward to sneaking a peak at his sister while she changed clothes, and he would have plenty of opportunity to relieve himself in the woods. Yes this trip would be fine. You have to look at the glass as half-full.

The rest of the evening was great. Robert's dad started a roaring camp fire, and his mom cooked up a great supper. Then they all sat around the fire and talked. Tammy talked about college and how much she missed everyone. Robert talked about how excited he was that it was his last year of high school. Robert's dad mentioned that he might be getting a new job soon, and his mom was just happy that everyone was here.

The fire started dying down and Robert's mom and dad said their goodnights and headed into the tent. Tammy went and got a towel, telling Robert that she'd be back after a quick shower. Robert told her that he would probably be asleep by the time she got back.

Robert was planning on catching a glimpse of his sister, but he fell asleep almost as soon as his head touched his pillow. He was startled awake by a noise. He sat up in the tent rubbing his eyes.

"What was that?" he asked, talking to himself mainly.

Tammy had been in the middle of buttoning up her pajamas. She just barley pulled it across her exposed chest as Robert looked around. He snapped his head around in the other direction.

"Oops...sorry!" he yelped.

"It's ok," Tammy laughed at him. "I thought you were asleep."

"I was," Robert said. "I thought I heard something."

"You did, silly." Tammy said still laughing. "That was mom."

"What?" he asked still groggy. "Did she fall or something?"

"I swear, you are so dense," Tammy said. "Just listen."

Robert closed his mouth and listened. He could just barely hear it. Muffled screams and grunts were coming from his parent's tent.

"Oh, my God!" Robert gasped. "Are they...they're...he's..."

"They're fucking Robert," Tammy said snorting with laughter. "You know. It's what married people do. They fuck."

"Well yeah. I know," Robert said. "I'm not an idiot. It's just that I've never heard them or anything. I guess I just didn't think they would... here with us so close."

Tammy had crawled up near the front of the tent so that she could hear them better. Robert did the same and stuck his head out beside his sisters. "Keep quiet," she said, elbowing him in the ribs.

They kneeled there listening to their parents fuck. Robert had to admit that it was pretty intense and erotic. His cock was twitching in his boxers. "Oh that's it! I'm gonna cum!" Robert's mother grunted. They could hear her moaning as she orgasmed. They were both shocked at what they heard next. "Oh. God that was so good. Yes, bring that big cock up here and cum in my mouth baby," Robert's mother said huskily.

Tammy pulled back inside the tent and Robert followed. When he turned around, he thought he saw her glancing at his crotch but she quickly looked up at his face. It must be just my imagination. He quickly got into his sleeping bag, hoping that his shorts were baggy enough to hide his erection from her. This was becoming the weirdest camping trip in the history of mankind.

"That was crazy," he whispered to Tammy.

"You've never heard them fucking at home?" Tammy asked him incredulously.

"Well no." He was embarrassed at his lack of awareness. He was also feeling uncomfortable at his sister's constant use of the word fuck. College had definitely changed her.

"Okay, I know your room is on the other side of the house but come on little bro." She said laughing. "Remember, my room was right next to theirs" She continued. "They try to be sly about it but I could still hear them."

"Well at least they're getting along." Robert chimed in hopefully. He had been getting worried that they were heading for divorce.

"Yeah," his sister said distractedly. "Good night."

"Good night, Tam." Robert said and fell asleep again quickly.

The next morning Robert woke up with a raging hard on. Normally he would have jacked off and then went about his day, but with his sister sleeping right next to him, he wasn't able to do that. He tried thinking about baseball and American Idol. That helped a little bit. When he was at half mast he reached into his pack and got dressed. His cargo shorts were loose enough so that his aroused state wasn't that noticeable.

He was the first one up, and went to the bathroom to take a leak. That helped the situation, although he ended up pissing on the wall a bit. He thought about jacking off in there but the smell was too bad. He couldn't force himself to do it.

When he got back to the campsite his mom was up starting breakfast. She was dressed in tight khaki shorts that clung to her round ass, and she had a shirt tucked into them that was at least two sizes too small. Her breasts strained against it and Robert's cock started to twitch. Oh, God. Not now. He hurried over to the picnic table and took a seat. He had never thought of his mother sexually until this weekend, but he had to admit that she was a walking wet dream. He would be thinking of her today when he went off into the woods. I'm so sick.

"Oh good morning, Robert," she said cheerily. "You're up early."

"Yeah. I love the morning air down here." He replied, but all he could thing about was her asking his father to cum in her mouth last night. Baseball, baseball, baseball, Clay Aiken, Ryan Seacrest. It wasn't working.

"Me too," his mother replied. "How did you sleep?"

"Great!" He replied. "I'm going to take a hike after breakfast." And jack off thinking about your giant tits wrapped around my cock and then me cumming in your mouth. I am so going to hell.

"Are you feeling okay?" She asked. "You look a little flushed and clammy."

"Yes." He said looking down.

Robert was saved as his father walked out of the tent. "Well good morning you two! You're up Robert? Breakfast smells wonderful honey!" He walked over and gave Robert's mom a big kiss on the lips.

"Do we have any coffee?" Tammy said plopping down at the picnic table right beside Robert.

"You betcha!" Robert's mom replied, pointing to a pot on the camping stove. "All hot and ready to go."

Breakfast was almost unbearable for Robert. His gaze kept drifting between his mother and sister's chests. He was tempted a couple of times to take his fork and stab his eyes to keep them in line. He didn't. After breakfast and with a painful erection that he hoped nobody noticed. Robert told everyone he'd be back by lunch and took off for his hike.

There was a trail that went off into the hills just on the other side of their campsite. Robert had probably hiked about a mile when he decided to veer off to the left. He made his way through the trees and into a clearing.

Robert unfastened his shorts and pulled out his rock hard cock. He was so horny that he could barely stand it. Precum was already dripping off of his shaft... He started stroking his cock thinking about his sister's lips sliding up and down his cock. Sorry Mom, but Tammy beat you out this morning. He had never done anything like that with a girl but he had seen plenty of porn online.

Robert was so busy relieving himself that he didn't notice someone crouching on the other side of the trees watching him. He didn't notice that she gasped when he said her name out loud as he came, and he didn't notice her sneak back through the woods after watching him blast his cum all over the clearing.

Robert stuffed his cock back into his pants and blew out a sigh of relief. He would be able to control is eyes around the female members of his family now. He didn't know what had come over him these past couple of days. He was hornier than he'd ever been, and he just couldn't get enough of his mother's and sister's boobs. That's all he could think about.

He made his way back to the trail and then felt so good that he continued his hike. He was gone the rest of the morning and when he returned he found the campsite empty. He made himself a sandwich, grabbed some water and went on another hike. He loved being away from the city and being surrounded by nature. He could have hiked and sat by the river all day. When he returned he found his family getting ready for dinner.

"Long hike eh, boy?" his dad asked.

"The best dad!" Robert replied sitting down at the table. "I could hike all day up here."

"We know." His mom chimed in handing Robert his plate. "You did!" Everyone laughed.

"What did you three do?" He asked.

"Well your sister went on a hike this morning as well, and your dad and I walked the park and ran into Uncle Bill and his wife." Robert's mom said. "They invited us over for drinks tonight."

Tammy had remained unusually silent during supper and then said that she was going to take a shower after dinner. Robert's mom and dad left to go have drinks with Uncle Bill as the sun started to set. His mom yelled back over her shoulder that they probably wouldn't be back before midnight.

Robert went into his tent and took out a book and started reading. He was surprised when Tammy came in a little while later. She hadn't been gone long. Her hair was wet and hanging loosely over her shoulders and she was wearing a skin tight leopard print tank top. He could see her thick nipples poking at the fabric, and his cock started hardening. I guess I always knew it wouldn't last all day. At least I'm safe in my sleeping bag!

Tammy put her bag in the corner and then turned around and zipped up the front of the tent.

"Hey, it's going to get hot in here." Robert told her.

"Shut up." Tammy said coldly. She plopped down beside him causing her braless boobs to wobble under her leopard print tank top. She has to stop doing that!

"Uh..." Robert stammered, his eyes riveted to his sisters massive chest. He pulled his gaze up to her eyes quickly.

"It's too late for that." Tammy told him. "You've been ogling my tits all weekend and you haven't been very sneaky about it."

"I...I'm sorry...I..." Robert stammered, his face turning beet red.

"You've been mentally undressing mom as well, you little pervert." Tammy continued.

Robert wasn't sure where this was leading, but he knew it was nowhere good. Denial was probably the best course of action. "I didn't do anything and I having been looking at either you or mom. You're mental," he said with a slight trace of indignation. It was the best he could manage.

"Ha!" Tammy laughed. "Maybe I should tell mom you have the hots for her?"

Robert's resolve of denial broke. He had never been more uncomfortable in his life. Tammy had him and he knew it. He just looked at her and said nothing.

Tammy's face softened. "Look Rob, I'm not trying to grill you," she said. "I don't know what I'm doing." She continued. "I followed you this morning."

"You what?" He asked. Her demeanor might have changed a little for the better, but the conversation was taking a turn for the worse.

"I followed you on your little hike this morning, and I watched you in the clearing," she said. Robert noticed her eyes drift down to his crotch.

"You were following me on my hike?" He asked, still hoping to steer this conversation back to reality.

"You're so dense." Tammy replied. "I saw you stroking your cock in the clearing. I watched you cum. That was a huge load of cum Rob, and it came out of the biggest cock I've ever seen. I know you were thinking of me when you did it. I heard you call out my name." She smiled as she finished. "Please show it to me."

"Um...what?" He managed.

"I just told you to show me your cock." Tammy insisted. "Here," she said simply, peeling off her tank top. Tammy's huge tits flopped into view. They were so large and firm, jutting out in front of her.

"I...they're...wow!" Robert sputtered, practically drooling. His cock was beyond hard, threatening to burst through his shorts. He peeled back his sleeping bag and grabbed his shorts, pulling them down just enough to let his cock spring free. He wasn't wearing any underwear.

Tammy gasped. "Oh, my God!" She exclaimed. "You're huge. I mean you're hung like a fucking horse." Tammy then reached over and turned out the lamp.

"What if..." Robert started.

"Shut up." Tammy cut him off.

Robert nearly yelped as he felt Tammy's hand wrap around his cock. Until this point he had only dreamed of having his cock stroked by a real girl. It was more than a little weird that it was his sister but he wasn't going to complain now.

Robert's eyes were adjusting to the darkness, and he watched Tammy remove her shorts. "Take yours all the way off," she said. Robert did as he was told. "Just lay back," Tammy told him, and he did.

Tammy leaned over his crotch and Robert gasped as he felt Tammy take his cock into her warm mouth. Her boobs brushed against his leg as she took just the head of his cock into her mouth, continuing to stroke his shaft with her hand. Then she started working more of it in between her lips until she was bobbing her head up and down the better part of his long shaft. It was the most incredible feeling he had ever experienced and he knew he was going to cum soon. Tammy must have sensed it too. She pulled her mouth off of his cock.

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