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Family Ties, Family Lust


The following is total fiction

* * * * *

As a product of the 1960's, Steven Keaton believed in Free Love. This applied to his family as well as everything else.

Steven always had a smile on his face when he arrived home to his wife Elyse and his children. He would say hi to his son Alex and say hi to his baby daughter Jennifer as well.

"Where's Mallory?" he would ask as he wondered where his middle child was.

"Oh, she's in her room talking to one of her boyfriends," Jennifer would say in a manner that all little sisters talk about their older sisters.

"I see," Steven would reply as he scratched his beard and walked towards the bedroom. As he did he glance at his son Alex and saw the devilish look on his face. The son knew what the Father was all about.

When Steven entered his daughter Mallory's room he found the 18 year old yakking away on the phone. The Father smiled at this and nodded to Mallory as he approached her as she laid on her bed. Mallory gave her father a smile as she looked over her shoulder at Steven and Steven for his part said nothing as he sat on the edge of her bed.

With Mallory talking about her boyfriend Nick to one of her girlfriends she felt her Father's hand on her butt as she laid on her stomach on her bed. She reacted to this by smiling and turning over on her back so she could feel her Father explore her body with his hands and massage her breasts as well as pull down her jeans and stick his hands into her panties. Fingering her pussy while all the while remaining silent. Letting Mallory continue talking to her friend as he had the time of his life.

Steven Keaton was proud of the fact that he had a loving relationship with his oldest daughter and he often told Alex to do the same and he also told him that he should ask his Mother if she needed any company on the nights that Steven worked late and she was all alone.

"Your Mother is an attractive woman," Steven would tell Alex. Alex would say that he knew that and would often steal her panties from the clothes' hamper and masturbate into them whenever he had the chance.

"Good for you, Alex," the Father told his son. He then said that if he were him he would make a play for his Mother as soon as possible.

"Be my guest," Steven said. Giving his son permission to do as he pleased.

A few days later Steven Keaton came home and when he walked into his bedroom he found his wife Elyse on her knees giving Alex a blow job.

"Goddamn this fucking bitch is hot," the son said as his mother sucked on his dick and licked his balls and even gave his asshole a good licking.

At first Steven was shocked by the way his son was talking but then he understood that when a young man feels the tongue of a hot lady on his balls and ass he is not responsible for what he says.

For a few moments Steven watched his wife go at his son and he even instructed his son as to how he should handle his wife Elyse.

"She's your bitch," the Father instructed his boy. He then walked over to the closet and got a wire hanger from the clothes rack and handed the hanger to Alex.

"Don't be afraid to go to the whip," the Father instructed his boy. Alex P. Keaton nodded his head to this and when Steven left his wife with their boy he could hear Elyse Keaton cry out in pain as her son whipped her with the wire hanger as she made sure she did what he wanted her to do.

* * * * *

Life in the Keaton home was very interesting once Steven introduced to his son the sexual pleasures of his mother.

Every night he came home to find his son Alex laying in bed with Elyse or he might find the two of them in the living room French kissing like they were two teenagers.

Steven loved seeing this because when he came home he headed straight to Mallory and couldn't wait to rub his hands all over her hot, young body. By now she was going out with Nick but since she couldn't see Nick as much as she wanted she still had time for her Father.

It was around this time that Steven sat down with Alex one night and as the two of them ate ice cream, the Father suggested that they have fun with Elyse and Mallory.

"What kind of fun?" Alex asked his Father as he put a spoonful of ice cream in his mouth. Steven said he did not know what kind of fun they could have but they would come up with something.

"Let's use our deviant minds," Steven Keaton said with a devilish look on his face. The son smiled at this and nodded his head. Within twenty-four it was Alex who suggested they take the mother and daughter to the shopping mall and have them feel each other up in the lingerie section of a department store and do it in front of a female clerk.

At first both Elyse and Mallory refused to do this and Elyse even announced that if her husband and her son insisted on acting so childish she and Mallory would leave and refuse to come back to the house.

Much to the satisfaction of his Father, Alex Keaton reacted to these words of protest by ordering his Mother into the bedroom and closing the door. For the next half hour all Steven and Mallory could hear were the pitiful screams of Elyse Keaton as Alex let her have it with the wire hanger. When the mother and son finally emerged from the bedroom Elyse was all black and blue and her eyes were blood-shot from sobbing and she was shaking like a leaf. Still afraid she would be whipped. Upon leaving the bedroom Alex announced that his Mother had changed her mind and she would do as she was told.

"That's my boy," Steven Keaton said with obvious pride. As he patted Alex on the back.

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