tagIncest/TabooFamily Vacation

Family Vacation


All people depicted in this story are of at least 18 years of age, as noted in earlier stories. The age of the two newest people will be better established contextually in Chapter 2.

There were fine sets of tits as far as the eye could see. I had always heard that nude beaches were just a lot of fat ugly people trying to see attractive people naked, and being very disappointed at the complete absence of people worth seeing naked. But Truro Beach couldn't have been further from that stereotype.

Like any beach most people were laid out, soaking up the suns rays. Some were reading some were playing volleyball or munching on snacks, and few brave soles were venturing into the cool New England waters. And I think I caught a glimpse of a couple of chicks a little ways down the beach petting each other in a very intimate way.

The difference was that they were all naked. Well, not all of them, and not really naked. Almost all the women I saw were topless, and a few were sporting a bare bottom as well, and I don't just mean their ass was visible around their thong, but rather walking the beach as God intended.

There were a fair number of men on the beach as well, most were average, some were fat, and just looking for hot naked chicks, and there were a couple that were down right gorgeous. They were also mostly naked, which I only somewhat appreciated. A man's cock is not that interesting a thing when it's hanging limp in a thick mat a hair. Had they all been walking the beach with thick boners standing from their pelvis's I would have been very excited about it. But alas that was not the case, although I'm sure that most of the guys were helped a little by the sea of fine tits and asses swaying around them.

"So what do you think of setting up here?" Dad asked.

I turned back to see my parents surveying a open spot on the sand a good distance from anyone else on the beach and well back from the high tide line so we wouldn't have to move later in the day. "Looks good to me," I chimed in.

No one else had any concerns. "Good, it's settled then," Dad concluded, dropping the bag he was carrying and sticking a wide umbrella into the sand. Mom and my older sister, Ali, grabbed blankets and started spreading them under the umbrella.

Jim turned to me. "Let's go check out the rest of the beach," he proposed.

Looking around it appeared that the others had everything well in hand and that 'Camp Fuckerson' would soon be complete. "Sure," I replied.

Since Dad hadn't told us that we were coming to a nude beach we were all dressed up in our bathing suits and street cloths. I pulled my T-shirt up over my head discarding it in a canvas beach tote. My skimpy skirt quickly followed along with my bikini top. I always liked the fell of the open air on my tits. I wasn't sure I was ready to parade around in front of such a large crowd completely naked and opted to keep my bottoms on for the time being.

Jim on the other hand had no such inhibition. He was standing there without so much as a stitch on him. "Come on sis," he prodded, when I told him I was ready to go. "It's a nude beach. That means your suppose to be naked."

"No, that means I can be naked," I replied. "And I very well may take that option later, but for now I want to keep my bottoms on, so shut your mouth and let's go."

"You're not going anywhere without some sunblock," Mom admonished, tossing a bottle towards me. "The last thing you want is a sun burn on your cock," she said, looking right at Jim.

She was right of course as mothers often are. "Hold out your hands," I directed Jim. Who in turn took his cock in hand and held that out for me instead. "Put that thing down," I scolded, "We're in public for Christ sake."

"No one knows you're my sister," he countered, "Besides no one is even paying any attention to us, now give me a good squeeze right on my cock."

Realizing it was easier and quicker to comply then to argue I squirted a large puddle of lotion onto his limp manhood cradled in his hands. "God that's cold," he cried as he tried to collect enough lotion to coat the rest of his body. I took great pleasure in his momentary discomfort.

After coating as much of myself as I could reach I moved over to Dad, as the others were all occupied with their own lotion application. "Can you help with my back?"

"Of course honey," he said talking the bottle from my hand. I felt the cool of the lotion spread across my back under the warm hands of my father. He quickly and expertly covered my full back. When he got down to my waist he slid the band down slightly to make sure he didn't miss anywhere, and then shifted to the exposed flesh of my ass, massaging lotion into my supple backside. His hands felt good on my ass but I knew that I shouldn't let him go too long, or his enjoyment would start to show. I waited a few more moments watching Mom and Ali helping each other with their lotion.

Reluctantly I pulled away, "Thanks, Dad."

"Anytime pumpkin," he replied.

A minute later Jim was fully coated in sun block and ready to go, his limp cock swinging from thigh to thigh as he walked. "Isn't this great," he asked. "There are just so many hot women to look at. Like see that one over there with the blue hat on? What I wouldn't give to get a hand on one of those tits. My God."

"Yeah I know what you mean," I replied. "I could happily suck on those nipples all day. And I'll bet her pussy tastes pretty sweet too."

I watched row upon row of copper toned bodies pass by as we walked, in every manner of shape and size. Every woman seemed to have her top off, and the variety of breasts was as wide as the selection of names for them. Though, I was being drawn to the tufts of hair between their legs, those that chose to be fully clothing free, and the small clefts that hid beneath. I wasn't sure what was giving me such a desire for pussy today, but there was no doubt that I wanted nothing more then to push my tongue between the tender folds of a tight wet cunt. Although I wouldn't have turned down a hard cock if there was one or two of those around either.

My eye's slid over the crowd around us, and settled on a slim brunette sunning herself only two spots from where we now stood. Her figure was perfect to my tastes, and her full breasts rose and fell with each shallow breath. With every step I took my view improved. Her areolas were small and perfectly round, each topped with a small firm nipple. My eyes roamed down her body drinking her in, as I wished that I could explore her form with more then my eyes. She was completely nude and her bare cunt was topped by only the slightest triangle of pubic hair. The effect was incredibly sexy. Her time in the sun had produced a thin sheen of perspiration that made her whole body glisten. It made her pussy look as though it was ready for action.

All these thoughts of stiff cocks and wet pussies were having an effect. My own cunt was starting to feel very warm and a little slippery. I glanced down and noticed that Jim seemed to be having a similar problem. His cock was starting to thicken.

"Hey," I whispered harshly at him, "You better watch that thing or people are going to get uncomfortable with you, ask you to leave or something."

"Is it that bad?" he whispered back. "I was hoping it wasn't that noticeable. But there are some bodies around here that are causing me to respond."

"Ok, let's duck back in the woods and I'll help you get some relief," I suggested. I took his hand and we slipped up into the nearby woods.

We quickly found a small clearing that was pretty well obscured from prying eyes. I took my brother's cock in my hand as I dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock rose to full mast as I stroked his throbbing shaft, while massaging his balls in my other hand. Pointing his member at the sky I ran my tongue from the base to tip, and then swallowed his full length in one quick motion. I gasped for air as I removed his massive tool from my throat. Taking only his head into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around him and then started to suck on my brother's tasty tool.

Jim moaned softly as I worked his cock. Massaging his balls and buttocks alternately as I continued to feed his length into my wanting mouth. My pussy was fully on fire at this point and demanded some attention. I slid a hand under my waist band and was greeted with a familiar dampness. My fingers played across my clit and pussy as I continued to suck my brother's cock.

"I need you inside me," I gasped releasing him from my lips grasp. Without hesitation Jim dropped down to his knees as I turned to offer him my ass. I felt his cock stab into the soft flesh of my ass, his hands slid over my backside moving my thong aside. Jim's hand slid down to my pussy.

"Oh God, Justin fuck me."

We both froze exactly where we where, the voice had come from very nearby, and we had been so engrossed in our own sexual exploits that we had not even heard the approach of our new neighbors. We strained our ears to listen and could make out the muffled grunts of pleasure coming from somewhere nearby.

"They seem to be busy," Jim whispered, his fingers resuming there motion over my entrance.

"I think we should go take a look," I replied, pulling away from Jim, his fingers sliding out of my slippery pussy.

"What are you thinking?" Jim asked as we both climbed to our feet. His cock was still at full staff. I thought that this was a little mean to him, but I didn't want to pass up a chance to see the action and if all went well, taste some pussy.

I started to move slowly in the direction of the noises. As we moved through the tall grass, and sparse tree growth I was able to make out the figures of two people fucking. I slide closer. Jim eagerly followed; excited now that there was something to see.

We crouched behind a small scrub pine. On just the other side of the brush was a slim brunette with short dark hair startling a well muscled guy, lying on his back, who we assumed must be Justin. Her small tits bounced with the intensity of her movement. His pelvis drove up in time with her downward motion. Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the cock penetrating her.

I wondered who they were, and knew there was really only one sure way to find out. Looking down at my brother's lap I noticed that his manhood had lost none of its rigidity. I quickly slipped out of my thong so that I was completely naked. Taking Jim by the hand I stood up and walked around the dwarf tree.

"Oh, my," I gasped as if we had just stumbled on to the scene unaware.

The brunettes eyes opened and looked us over as we stood there watching them fuck. After several seconds she beckoned us toward her with three slow curls of her index finger. Her hands moved to her pert boobs which her fingers started to massage.

We walked closer slowly somewhat unsure of how to join in. Thus far, the guy the brunette was impaling herself on seemed complete unaware of our presence.

We came to within a foot of the couple and the brunette reached out for Jim. Her hand encircled his still stiff erection. Gently she pulled him closer, until she could close her lips around his shaft. The brunette's cheeks caved around Jim's cock as she sucked him fiercely, her head bobbing on his shaft.

I watched for several minutes as this sexy minx sucked my brother's cock, while never breaking rhythm with the cock she was fucking. My pussy burned with need. I slipped a hand between my legs and rubbed my aching clit. I ground into my burning pussy, pushing one and then two fingers inside me. It felt wonderful, but it was not the kind of attention I wanted.

Withdrawing my finger I sucked off the delightful slick. Slowly, I walked around the small cluster of gyrating bodies until I stood near the head of the man on the bottom. His eyes were closed, enjoying the sensations created by the tiny brunette's pussy sliding over his cock. I lowered myself down so that my pussy was directly over his face. When I was inches from contact I felt his sharp breath on my bear flesh, as he realized that he and the brunette were not alone.

I pushed my needy gash onto Justin's mouth. He tensed in reaction to our unexpected presence and then quickly relaxed as his arousal took over. I felt his lips twitch as they started to kiss my sodden cunt, his tongue probing my tender folds. I moaned softly as the warmth of his stimulation spread up my body.

Feeling myself loosing my balance I reached forward and grasped the brunette by the torso. Her skin was warm and smooth. Having fully regained my balance I slid my hands over the body of the slim brunette. I rubbed her back softly and slipped my hands under her arms to cup her pert tits. The rigid nipples poked at my palms. I gave the soft flesh a squeeze, and she gave a quiet moan. I took her thick nipples between my fingers and pulled at them. She pushed back against me with a slight gasp. I kneaded her tits paying much attention to her sensitive nipples as her man continued to tongue my pussy. His strong tongue seemed to move with a mind of its own, as it quickly played across my pussy. The result was pure delight.

While one hand continued to play with this adorable woman's tits my other slid over her taught stomach and down between her legs. I felt the thin line of a landing strip guiding me toward my destination. Just below, my fingers found the slick of her entrance. Her juices coated the entire vicinity. My fingers glided over her clit, causing a quick intake of breath. I let my fingers continue their exploration. The powerful shaft of the man eating my pussy was thrusting into her opening. His cock felt thick and potent as it slid between my fingers. I returned to her clit and vigorously worked the slippery nub while the cock continued to fuck her lovely pussy.

Above us Jim started to gasp. I knew from the sound he would not be able to hold on to his load much longer. I hoped that this sexy minx was ready for the mouthful of thick cum she was about to receive.

"Fuck," Jim cried, "I cumming!"

His hips bucked forward has he started to pump his deposit into the brunette's mouth. With no hesitation she tried to swallow what she could, though Jim was filling her mouth faster then she could get his cum down her throat. I continued to work on both her clit and her fist sized tits while my brother shot his wad into her wanting mouth.

After what seemed a very long time, Jim took a couple steps back, pulling his thick shaft from between the brunette's lips. His cock glistened with a combination of saliva and cum. I pulled the brunette's face toward mine, her lips pressed to mine. I tasted the heady flavor of my brother's cum in her mouth.

"I love the taste of Jim's cock on your tongue," I moaned.

She pushed her tongue into my mouth, swirling it around the inside of my oral cavity. Our tongues wrestled each other into the brunette's mouth.

A pair of hands pushed roughly up on my ass, separating my pussy from the hot lips that had been sucking me. "Fuck Andrea I can't hold it, I'm going to cum your fucking cunt," the guy beneath us cried. His unexpected movement of me had taken me completely by surprise. I was now further forward with my arms wrapped around the brunette, whose name I took to be Andrea, for balance; our kiss completely broken. I held her tightly, massaging her tits and pinching her nipples as she took the last furious thrust of cock leading to its eruption inside her.

After several minutes of sitting there playing with Andrea's tiny tits, I rolled off Justin, my arms pulling Andrea with me. She did not fight my invitation and actually turned in my arms so that we could continue to suck face. We ended up lying next to each other in the sand alongside Justin, our arms and legs intertwined while our tongues and hands explored.

As our tongues wrestled from one mouth to the other I slid my hand along her side down to the moist warmth between her thighs. My fingers glided over her slick lips, their pressure increasing with each pass. Andrea moaned into my mouth as her hips pushed back against my hand. I pushed one, then two fingers into her sodden trench. They slid into her steaming hole with ease.

I needed to taste her pussy more then anything. I could think of nothing but the beautiful woman wrapped in my arms. The wonderful scent that wafted up our bodies from her hot cunt was intoxicating as it mixed with my own arousal.

Breaking our kiss I pushed her down as I slide down her slim, tight form. My tongue flicked over each tight nipple sitting atop its pert tit as I slowly moved downward. Though her nipples were delightful I was anxious to taste her pussy and did not want to linger too long. Sliding over her hard abs the aroma of her excitement was noticeably stronger and it was driving me crazy. The whole time my fingers continued their work, pumping into Andrea's sloppy center.

Finally I made it to the top of her landing strip. My tongue darted out and flicked across the upper most hairs of the thin trail, damp with her slick musk. I inhaled her smell deeply, setting sparks off in my brain. I moved further down, drinking the droplets of her juices that clung to her hairs. Andrea's hips pushed and squirmed under me as she tried to mover her clit under my tongue. I lingered on her landing strip a moment longer, teasing the gorgeous brunette spread eagle before me.

My tongue pushed against Andrea's hooded clit. Her hips thrust up against my mouth, pushing her pussy firmly against my lips. No longer able to control myself with her fragrant juices smeared across my face, I hungrily lapped at her soaking cunt. My tongue darted along her slick folds, sliding up down her opening and pushing against her sensitive nub.

Sliding my fingers from her pussy I found that I had another treasure. My fingers were coated with the milky cream that Justin had deposited in Andrea's lovely cunt. I drove my fingers into my mouth, savoring the addition of Justin's cum to Andrea's flavor. Their combination was delightful. I greedily sucked every drop from my fingers before diving back into Andrea's steaming hole for more. I used my fingers to spread her folds as wide as I could and drove my tongue into her center. Andrea moaned and bucked against me. I hoped she would cum on my tongue as I attempted to burry it inside her.

My own cunt was throbbing as I tried to drink the cum from this horny little brunette's pussy. It needed attention desperately. I considered sliding one of my hands between my legs to provide some relief, but both were busy in assisting me devour Andrea's cum filled cunt. After only moments of consideration I realized how very much I wanted to feel Andrea's tongue sliding over my pussy lips. I quickly repositioned myself so that my pussy hovered just above Andrea's mouth, beckoning to her tongue with the heat and juices emitting from my saturated center.

I dove back into Andrea's juicy pussy, spreading her legs wide and eagerly lapping at her succulent folds. After long agonizing moments feeling her hot breath on my needy cunt, Andrea's tongue snaked from her mouth and tenderly slid over my moist lips. I gasped with relief as she started to lick me more aggressively slipping her tongue from the depths of my pussy up to my clit and back again.

Hearing a noise nearby I looked up to see Jim standing over us with his cock fully erect. He slowly stroked his length as he watch Andrea and I eat each other out. A delightful thought popped into my mind.

"Jim," I exclaimed, "Get that lovely cock of yours down here and fuck this pussy for me."

Without hesitation Jim dropped to his knees and scooted in close to Andrea and me. I help move her legs so that he could get his cock right in against her throbbing cunt. I helped him guide his thick shaft into her slick trench. He penetrated her with ease, her snatch was so saturated. As Jim established his rhythm, fucking Andrea with short deep strokes of his manly tool, I lowered my head back to her clit. My tongue lashed at her erect nub as my brother fucked her sopping cunt just below me. Every few strokes I would let my tongue wonder down and taste Jim's shaft as he pulled out, bringing more of Andrea's wonderful juices to my lips.

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