tagIncest/TabooFamily Vacation Ch. 1

Family Vacation Ch. 1


Lisa Meyers was standing in front of the full length mirror looking at her nude body and thinking that she looked pretty good for being thirty-nine. She had just gotten out of the shower and was getting ready to start packing for their family vacation when her sensual curves had caught her eye.

Her long, light-brown hair framed a pretty face that had only the first signs of lines around the eyes and mouth. Her neck was long and sensual (made for kissing, she thought). Her breasts, while not as firm as they had once been, were still large and shapely. And while she knew that someday they would sag, at thirty-nine they still were firm. As she admired her breasts, her nipples began to tingle and hardened in response. It felt good and sent a pleasant thrill to her crotch.

Lisa's belly showed only faint reminders of the two children she had bore many years ago. Work outs at the club three days a week kept her stomach muscles firm and her waist trim.

Letting her gaze drift lower, she reviewed her pubic area. The neatly trimmed patch of hair (she kept it shaved in order to wear the briefest of work out shorts) was darker than the hair on her head but only slightly. Her pubic hair was not coarse as she had noticed a lot of other women's at the club was, but instead was soft and fine. As such, the delicate folds at the center of her groin were readily visible.

The brief thrill that had connected her nipples with her clitoris earlier coupled now with her own admiring inspection was bringing pleasant results. She could feel her clit becoming more sensitive and begin to swell slightly. Her fingers delicately spread the first fold to expose the center of her pleasure. She tipped her hips and spread her thighs in order have a better view in the mirror. The cool air of the room made her clit even more responsive.

Keeping her clit exposed with the first two fingers of her left hand, she delicately touched it with her right index finger. As always, Lisa gasped a little in response to the contact. It always felt better when her husband, Mike touched it with his finger (or better yet his tongue) but still she knew she was capable of bringing herself remarkable pleasure. Mike was at work at the moment and unavailable. Her two children were still out and she had some time alone. She might as well enjoy herself, she thought.

Slowly, the finger stroked her clit and she let herself savor the tingles it brought. She could feel the heat inside her pussy increase. Within minutes, her cunt was fully responsive to the practiced touch of her own fingers. She changed the position of her hand. Now, Lisa shifted her thumb to her clit, and used her index finger and ring finger to spread the inner lips of her pussy to open her cunt to her middle finger. This finger dipped between her labia and made contact with the moisture she knew she would find. She luxuriated in how her finger slipped easily into the moist tunnel of her cunt.

Lisa could then use her pussy juice to lubricate her hardened clit for her continued caresses. As she let her fingers move in small circles on her clit, she became aware of the response in her tits. Her nipples were now fully hardened and yearning to be sucked and nibbled on. Her left hand left her pussy and crossed her chest to her right breast. She pinched her nipple and pulled lightly. She moaned softly at the new, added pleasure.

As her pussy became wetter and the moisture increased to liquid, Lisa became aware of the familiar, but still wonderful, aroma that rose from between her legs. She had loved the smell of her pussy in heat since she first discovered masturbation at the age of twelve. The smell of course, reminded her of the taste. She let her left hand leave her breast reluctantly and dipped her finger deep into the center of her cunt. She slid it in and out a time or two to ensure it was fully coated with her juices. She then extracted her finger from her pussy and inserted it into her mouth. Her tongue savored the flavors it found on her finger. She loved the taste of her pussy. For years, she wondered if her pussy tasted like the pussies of other women. Then one day at the health club she had somehow ended up in an incredible session of sixty-nine with Lori, the club masseuse. The back rub had turned into a front rub and Lori looked so good. Lisa's pussy got wet and needed relief. Lori had asked if there was somewhere special that Lisa needed rubbed. It was obviously an invitation and Lisa accepted it. She discovered that at least one pussy tasted similar to hers.

All of these thoughts flew by too quickly to be truly coherent. More and more, her mind focused on the demands of her body. Her right index finger now remained in constant contact with her clit. Her left finger alternated between being in her pussy and being in her mouth. Soon, however her pussy won out. She kept one finger deep in her cunt and let her middle finger find the tight pucker of her asshole. Using her pussy juice and twisting her wrist she could insert her fingers in her tight back door and her now freely flowing cunt. The double sensation was powerful and made her imagination run wild.

She had never been double fucked but had often fantasized about it. On occasion, Mike would fuck her in the ass while she had a dildo in her cunt. She figured that was probably the closest to a double fucking she would get but it was still pretty damn good. As her fingers slipped in and out of her pussy and asshole, an image formed in her mind.

She could visualize two men sandwiching her between them. One of the men was Mike. The other was a mystery lover, some young stud with a nice sized cock, and balls just bursting with cum. Mike was in her cunt, stretching it with his dick and filling her completely. The mystery stud was behind her, his cock up her ass, heating her bowels. She imagined she could feel the thin wall between the two cocks stretch as the two cocks rubbed against each other in her hot insides. They were fucking her laying down at first and then her imagination changed the scene. The three of them were now standing. Because the two men were taller than her, she was almost suspended in the air by their hard dicks. Gravity forced the swollen organs even deeper into her. She only wished that her fingers could fill her to the extent her imagination could.

By now she was deep into her masturbatory fantasy. Her tits heaved with her rapid breathing. Her fingers deftly manipulated her clit, her cunt, and her asshole. Her knees were weakening. Like it or not, she was going to have to lay down. Since she had to stop for a moment, she decided to change her method.

Lisa quickly stepped over to the chest of drawers, opened her lingerie drawer and reached to the back to find some help. There it was, the eight-inch life-like dildo that she had used so many times before. She spread herself before the mirror with a pillow under her ass to improve the view.

Lisa licked the head of the rubber cock as though it was real. She imagined the clear drop of semen appearing at the head of the dick. She moved the dildo over her lips as she wished she could do to a real cock. Her lips parted and she fed the big sex toy into her mouth. Quickly, the artificial cock became more realistic as it gained warmth from her mouth. She smiled thinking that if it was warm now, how much warmer would it get when she slid it into her cunt.

With a pillow under ass and a pillow under head she had an excellent view of her pussy and its wetness. After all of her finger work, the entire area between her thighs, from pubic hair to asshole, glistened with her secretions. She wished she had someone there to fuck her or eat her pussy or do anything at all to her.

Lisa then went to work with the dildo. It easily parted her slick, wet labia, easily entered the velvet tunnel of her cunt, and stopped only when it lightly caressed her cervix. Her right hand worked the rubber cock in and out of her pussy. She was able to reach lower with her left hand and seek out her asshole. One finger easily slid in. She paused with the dildo while she slowly worked in another finger. With the fat rubber cock in her cunt, two fingers up her ass, and her eyes focused on the beauty of her womanhood, she lost herself in her pleasure.

She was so focused in fact, that Lisa did not hear the car pull into the driveway or the door to the house open and close.

David Meyers, Lisa and Mike's twenty year old son had left classes at the university early that day. It was a beautiful August day, so he stopped to put the top down on his convertible. He wanted to get his packing done early so he could go out to be with his girlfriend before leaving on the family vacation. At twenty, he did not really want to go. But because he still lived at home while going to college, and because it would probably be their last real family vacation, he thought he should go.

He knew it would probably be the last vacation together because his little sister, Debbie, had just been accepted into UCLA, clear across the country. Debbie was eighteen, almost nineteen, and a real fox. David assumed that she would soon meet someone at college, that would be followed by marriage, and so on. Because there was only about a year and a half difference in their ages, he and Debbie had always been best friends and confided in each other regularly. He was going to miss her when she left for California. These thoughts were going through his head as he pulled into the driveway.

He stopped the car and jumped over the door instead of opening it. It was a move he had practiced for a long time but could now do it smoothly. He went around to the back door of the house and went into the kitchen. The first thing he noticed was how quiet it was. Much quieter than was usual. He was certain that his mom was home because the door had been unlocked and she would never leave the house without locking its doors. Because it was so quiet, he thought that his mother might be taking a nap.

He took his shoes off and tip-toed up the steps to the second floor to head to his bedroom to pack. At the top of the steps, being quiet, David became aware of a soft sound he did not recognize at first. He paused to listen. It seemed to be coming from the first bedroom, that of his parents. It occurred to him that it must be his mother's breathing while napping. Then there was a soft moan. He took a step toward the partially open door and listened. Then he recognized the sounds he was hearing. It was the sound of heavy breathing and the occasional slurping sound of a wet pussy. It was the sound of someone getting fucked!

He paused and wasn't sure what to do. His first inclination was to turn and leave as quietly as he had arrived. While he thought about what to do, the quiet sounds coming from the bedroom only reminded him of what was going on. It clearly was the voice of his mom. Yet, he couldn't hear any other voice. He inched toward the bedroom door and listened. The wet pussy sounds were distinct now.

Then he heard his mom's voice whisper, "Oh god, baby, fuck me hard. Fill my cunt, baby. Fuck my ass, stud"

He stopped stone still at the edge of the door. It was cracked open a couple of inches and he knew he would be able to see into the room if he peaked around the corner of the door. He wasn't sure if he was prepared for whatever it was that he might see. As he stood there with a thousand thoughts going through his mind, he continued to listen.

"I love your cock in me, baby. Fuck me harder" He heard his mother whisper. He then became aware of the fact that his own cock was starting to respond to the sounds coming from his parents bedroom.

Lisa moaned. David's cock expanded.

Lisa's pussy made a wet, squishy sound. David's cock throbbed.

His mind was made up.

David slowly positioned himself so that he could begin to peak around the door into the room. He wasn't really prepared for what he saw.

There on the floor in front of the full length mirror was his mother. She was completely naked and masturbating. David could see her legs spread wide open. He could see her feverishly working what appeared to be a dildo in and out of her cunt. He could see that she had two fingers up her ass, frigging herself wildly. He could see her beautiful tits gently rocking to the rhythm of her self-induced pleasure. He could see her face contorted in ecstasy, her eyelids fluttering. He could see everything.

As he took in this sight, he forgot that the writhing woman on the floor was his mother. All he could see was an incredibly sexy woman bring herself much pleasure. He had known that his mom was attractive, but never imagined how sexy she was. Then he remembered this was his mom, naked before him. Shouldn't he be repulsed or appalled or something negative? He wasn't. He loved his mother very much. Of course, she was beautiful. Of course, she had physical needs. David was certain that his parents had a healthy love life but didn't everyone masturbate at sometime? He supposed correctly that he had simply stumbled onto his mother's "sometime".

Man, she is beautiful, he thought. She really is in to it and obviously knows what she is doing.

By now David's cock was rock hard and straining at his cut-off jeans. There was no doubt that his mom was one sexy lady. He found that his hand was rubbing his crotch. What the hell, he thought, if she can do it, so can I.

David stepped back away from the door long enough to unzip his fly and pull his cut-offs down a little. His eight inch dick instantly sprang free and swelled unencumbered. That in itself felt better. He then moved back to where he could watch the action on the floor before him.

His right hand was now on his cock. Just watching his mom fuck herself had brought a clear drop of semen to the head of his dick. He took his finger, wiped that drop off and brought it to his mouth. His hand then return to his rigid dick and began to work the shaft. His left hand caressed his cum heavy balls.

His mother seemed to be complete oblivious to the world around her. Her hands and fingers seemed to be everywhere on her crotch at the same time. He almost came when he saw her briefly remove the dildo from her cunt and slide it over her lips and tongue. She hungrily licked her pussy juice from the fake cock. During this David got a full open view of the pussy from which he had been born. But he didn't think of it in those terms. It was a beautiful, fully aroused pussy belonging to a beautiful fully aroused woman. He could see the juices glisten on the inside of her thighs. He saw the wonderfully engorged clitoris framed by neatly trimmed pubic hair. He could see the wet hole that led into her cunt. He wanted to fuck it.

He hardly believed the thought that had crossed his mind. He wanted to fuck his mother. She was sexy, had a hot wet pussy and well rounded tits with erect nipples. She obviously enjoyed licking on cocks. Why not his?

This was getting too weird.

But it was real. Now his mom had returned the dildo to her pussy and seemed to be working on a major orgasm. Her face, her whole body indicated she was on the brink. She wasn't the only one.

David's hand now stroked his dick passionately. He focused on the wonderful sight before him, his own mother fucking herself in the pussy and ass at the same time. His cock swelled even more. He knew it wouldn't be long now. It wouldn't be long for either one of them.

It occurred to him that he couldn't just shoot his cum on the hallway floor or wall (as much as he wanted to). He didn't want to leave his mother's show to finish or to get a tissue. He would have to catch his cum in his hand.

He could tell by the way his mom's hips were thrusting at the rubber cock and by the way her breathing was getting shallower, that her orgasm was almost there.

She whispered again. "Oh baby I want you to cum. I want your cum in my pussy. I want your cum up my ass. I want it on my tits and my face...in my mouth...everywhere..." Her hand worked the dildo hard and deep into her cunt.

David lost it when he heard his mother whisper. He knew that she did not know that he was watching her but he imagined that the words were whispered for him.

He removed his left hand from his balls and moved it to the head of his swollen dick. The clear semen now hung off the end of his dick in a glistening thread. He quickly wiped it off and brought it to his lips.

He felt the first twinge that told him his own orgasm was about to happen. Deep in his balls he felt the thick white cum begin to move. He didn't know where to look. He wanted to watch his load fly out of the head of his dick. He wanted to watch his mom cum. His senses overloaded and he came.

Making a cup of his hand he begin to catch his cum. The first stream was a small amount of the thick white liquid. But then a second large stream shot out, missing his hand altogether. He didn't care but did move his hand to catch the rest. Then a third and fourth stream shot out. His hand worked his cock to get more. A fifth shot left his cock, about as much as the first one. His hand slowed down. He squeezed a couple of final drops out. His knees were weakened by the intense orgasm he had had. He had tried to watch his own cum and that of his mother at the same time.

His mother was clearly in the middle of a massive cum. Hers must have started right after his began. Her hips spasmed wildly, not knowing whether to push out or pull back from the rubber cock. She now had the dildo in both hands driving it hard into the depths of her cunt. A dozen times she drove it into herself, each time somehow harder and deeper. Then she slowed down and laid still. Trying to catch her breath. David could not take his eyes off of the beautiful, sexy woman, his mother.

He felt the come start to drip off of his hand. It had been a massive load, well inspired. Not being ready to leave this scene before him. He raised his hand to his mouth. He didn't normally do this, though he done it many times before. His tongue snaked out and scooped up the thick white cum from the palm of his hand. It was smooth and salty. A clear strand stretched from the tip of his tongue to the palm of his hand. He licked his palm and fingers clean of the fruit of his balls.

He felt he could stand and look at his mother's beautiful body for hours. Already his thick cock was starting to grow again. His fear of getting caught made him step back away from the door quickly. Quietly, he crept down the steps and back out the kitchen door. He sat on the hood of his car to catch his breath and get his thoughts together.

In the bedroom, Lisa, David's mother, got her thoughts together after her incredible series of orgasms. Her first thought was "So, I am not the only member of the family that loves the taste of their own juices!"

The memory of David licking the cum out of his own hand was very vivid in her mind.

Lisa had first become of someone in the door when some movement in the mirror had caught her attention. She could see that it was a tall handsome male and she initially thought that it was Mike, her husband playing some voyeur game with her. She had decided to play along. It wasn't until the man had been jacking off for several minutes that she realized it wasn't Mike at all, but instead it was her son, David. She had almost stopped her masturbation at that point but decided that she would be embarrassed and worse yet, David would be embarrassed. She loved her son and did not want to do that to him. She almost faked her cums to end it early, but the more she was able to sneak peaks in the mirror, the more excited she became. Her son was actually jacking off watching her play with herself. David was a young stud and could probably have almost any woman he wanted. Here he was stroking his cock at the sight of her.

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