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Fancy Series: Idle Fancy


Spoilers: Everything from "Lovers Walk" on is fair game. And I have mixed around the facts to suit Spike's. . .er. . .my story's needs.

Summary: This follows "Passing Fancy". Spike comes back to Sunnydale for what he left behind. Takes place during Season Four before "The Initiative"

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Background: I'm assuming that Spike came back to look for the Gem of Amarra AND Willow. He is not dating Harmony.


Willow peered out into the darkness from the safety of the french doors in her childhood bedroom. She just couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching her. She had been feeling that way for days now. She'd catch the barest glimpse out of the corner of her eye of a shadowy figure who would disappear back into the night. She often felt like eyes were on her as she went about her daily routine. She shook her head. What would Giles say? An idle fancy. Why would anyone be watching her anyway?

It was Saturday night and her parents were gone to some conference as usual. The Scoobies were all taking a much needed break. They'd just fought a Kloq demon recently and were in need of some peace and quiet. She'd turned down an invitation to go to the Bronze tonight in favor of her own company.

Willow laid down on her bed and turned up her stereo. She was listening to one of those soothing collection c.d.s of nature sounds and classical music. She closed her eyes, letting the scent of her vanilla incense waft over her. She had just taken a warm bath in the tub. She'd soaked in there for nearly an hour and gave herself a facial while in the tub. Willow had even scented her bath with vanilla bath salts and eucalyptus beads. She had put on a flowing purple skirt which came to her ankles and a matching shirt. They were comfortable as well as complimenting to her features.

Willow and Buffy were sharing a dorm room now and she rarely had opportunity to rest and relax by herself. She loved Buffy but sometimes it was fun to be on her own too. She wasn't used to sharing a room with anyone, never had to at home. In fact, she often had the whole house to herself. Like tonight. She and Buffy were getting together tomorrow to go shopping at the mall. Willow was looking forward to buying a beaded skirt she'd had her eye on.

Willow heard a 'thud' outside her door. It sounded like two feet hitting the floor of the balcony. Willow put a pillow over her face to stifle a groan. She really wanted to be alone right now. It was probably Xander, he probably wanted to have an all-night vid fest again.

Willow threw open the door. "Xander, are you out there?"

"No, luv, it's someone much more interesting."

"Spike." She focused in the darkness and then blinked, in case her eyes were malfunctioning. He walked into the glow of the security light. He was dressed in his trademark leather duster, black shirt, and jeans. "Spike?" She quavered under his intense scrutiny. "W-w-what do you want?" She hope she sounded calm.

He grinned wickedly. "Now, that's an interesting question. Miss me, pet?"

Willow reigned in her fear and the treacherous burst of happiness she felt at his appearance and held her ground. Her mind was racing, recalling the last time they'd seen each other, when he'd. . . This couldn't be happening. "What do you want, Spike?"

He cocked his head to the side, seeming inordinately pleased for some reason. "I must say, I was surprised to find out you live with the Slayer." He leaned against the wall. "Thought you'd want to stay here. Not like your parents are home often, Willow."

How did he know her name? And why was he so curious about her living arrangements? She bit her lips before he spoke."W-well, I wanted to have the whole college experience."

"Hmmm." He walked over to the invisible barrier between them and ran his hand along it. "From what I hear, you're a straight 'A' student. The apple of your professors' eyes."

Willow flinched but didn't back away. He'd been talking to her professors? What kind of game was he playing? "What do you want, Spike?" She said through gritted teeth.


"Me?" Eep! He meant to kill her last year and he was back to finish the job.

He gave her a winning smile. "Invite me in, pet."

She stared at him. "Um, gonna have to say no to that. I have this thing about being alive. I kinda like it." Did he think she was an idiot?

And then an idiot did appear. Harmony. "Hi, Willow." The blond said and gave her a small wave. Harmony looked at Spike who moved away from the door to stare at the newcomer."I hope I'm not interrupting anything, Willow. Is that your boyfriend?"

The empty headed ex cheerleader didn't know she was in trouble. Willow reacted instinctively. "Get in here, Harmony. Now!"

Harmony calmly walked in the door, seemingly oblivious to the urgency in Willow's tone. She embraced Willow in small hug and then let her demonic features slide over her face. "You wouldn't believe how much I've changed since high school, Willow." She grabbed Willow by the waist and pushed her out the door and into Spike's arms.

Spike chuckled as he watched his beautiful redhead's astonished expression. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting to do this, Willow." He leaned down and gave her a plundering kiss, putting all of his passion and longing into it. When he was done, he pulled away to run one lean finger down her trembling cheek. He locked eyes with her deliberately and said in a husky voice. "Mine."

Willow could only gape at him. *******

Willow sat in the front seat of the Desoto, wedged in between the two blond vampires. Spike had his arm draped over the back of the seat. She hadn't been able to get away from the two of them while on her balcony. Willow thought that she must be an idiot too, why would Harmony just be waltzing across her balcony anyway? If only she could be meaner, then she wouldn't be caught in traps like this. She hadn't even been able to use a spell on them either. Spike had simply draped her over his shoulder before he vaulted to the ground and placed her inside the car.

"So, uh, is H-Harmony you're new girlfriend?" Willow asked in halting tone, the silence was killing her. Not literally of course.

"Not bloody likely!" Spike said and then chuckled. "She's just a minion."

Harmony rolled her eyes. "You don't have to be rude about it."

Spike glared at the girl. "As soon as I get Red inside I want you to go. I don't care what you do. Feed or shag or whine. Makes no difference to me, but don't do it at the mansion."

Harmony pouted. "But Willow and I went to high school together. We have a lot to catch up on."

"Shut up, you stupid bint." He pulled Willow closer. "Sorry you had to hear that, luv."

"Will Drusilla be there?" Willow asked, wondering if she was about to be dinner for the insane vampiress. Spike had a habit of bringing her 'take-out'.

"No, she's dust now. Spike staked her because he's always mooning about-"

"No one asked you, gel. So shut your effin' gob before I do it for you. . .permanently!"

Willow faltered at his tone and the anger in his face as he glared at the other vampire over her head. A furious Spike was a bad, bad thing. "It'll be okay, Harmony. We'll catch up later."She said, seeking to soothe the tension in the air. What did she want to catch up on anyway? Willow still hated her for all the years of put-downs and snide remarks the Cordettes had heaped on her.

When they reached the mansion, Spike opened his door and held out his hand for Willow. She took it automatically, his grip was firm but not bruising. It gave her a silent message -- don't even think about trying to run. He tucked her arm through his. Harmony flounced out of the car. "I guess I'll come back tomorrow night, Spikey."

Spike threw his cigarette to the ground. "I told you not to call me that, you dosey mare." She burst into tears before she headed off into the night. Spike shrugged.

"I just know you're gonna love this place, pet." He said as he escorted Willow inside the Crawford St. mansion.


Willow was astonished by what she saw in the dining room. The table was at least 8 feet long. Two ornate candelabras provided light for the meal that was laid out on the table. Spike escorted to a chair near the end of the table and held it out for her as she sat down. He sat at the end of the table. He pulled the two silver covers off their plates to reveal shrimp stir fry. "My favorite." Willow murmured.

"I know." Spike said as he watched her reaction with glee.

Spike uncorked a bottle of white wine which had been chilling in a bucket of ice and poured them each a glass. They began to eat in silence, Willow was surprisingly hungry. She sensed she was not in imminent danger. He must want something from her.

Willow plucked at her linen dinner napkin, not understanding everything that was going on. Were she and Spike on some kind of date? "Spike? You aren't, uh, planning to," she placed a hand to her vulnerable throat, " have me for dessert?"

Spike grinned like the cat who ate the canary as he leaned back indolently in his chair and slid his eyes over every inch of her body. "You caught me. I do intend to have you for dessert, pet. Do you remember the last time I 'had' you, pet?"

"I remember." Willow flushed as she began to feel traitorously warm. She remembered last time all too well. The things he had done to her body. . .Goddess. She realized afterwards that while she loved the werewolf, she didn't desire him. They had broken up and were still good friends, though Oz was on the road with his band. She had stopped things with Xander as well, she only had a childish crush him anyway. The two had gone back to being friends once more. Xander and Cordelia had broken up anyway though because she'd gone to L.A. to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

A minion appeared and placed all of their dishes on a wheeled cart which he took away. There was nothing on it now except the table cloth and the candelabras. Spike whispered something into the other vampire's ear and he nodded at his sire's instructions. Then, he came back with a silver tray filled with various sauces and held a small pillow in the crook of his arm.

The minion stood at attention next to Spike's chair. He was an unlikely servant, dressed in acid washed blue jeans and a "Motley Crue" t-shirt. Must be an 80's vampire. "You can go, Frank. Remember what I said. . .stay away from the mansion tonight."

"Are we alone?"

Spike listened for the tell-tale sound of the door closing. "Completely." He took her hand a brushed a kiss over the back of it.

Willow shivered. Just from that small contact. She looked at the various sauces -- chocolate, butterscotch, caramel, raspberry, and honey -- which were lined up on the table. "What is that for?"

He got up to stand behind her chair."You gave me a wonderful idea, luv. We were going to have a taste test of all of these poured over ice cream for dessert. And I'm still in the mood for a tasting but," He nipped her earlobe and whispered. "I want to have you for dessert too."

Willow felt wetness begin to pool between her thighs. He pulled out her chair and turned her around to face him. With gentle eyes he looked down on her upturned face. "I've dreamt about you for months, pet. " He caressed her face as he spoke to her. "You are so beautiful. I know that last time, I pressured you into-"

"I wanted you too, Spike." She said as she covered his hand with one of her own. It was the first time she was able to admit it. She hadn't told anyone that she'd been with him. Though, Angel had known from Spike's scent on her skin. He attempted to speak with her about it but she had forestalled him. To his credit, the other vampire never mentioned it again.

"You did?" Spike's face lit up in a genuine smile.

She leaned up on her tip toes and gave him a sweet kiss on the mouth. "Still do."

It was enough for now. She wanted him. He'd gather the rest of what he wanted from her later. Spike was selfish, he craved all of her. . .heart, mind, body, and soul. "Now, I think I need some dessert. I'm feeling a bit peckish."His voice was husky with desire.

Willow trembled as his deft hands made short work of the buttons on her blouse. He slid it off to reveal a lacy green bra. He undid it expertly and pulled the straps down her arms. His hands shook a little as he slid them down to the waist band of her skirt. He pulled it off, taking time to admire her smooth abdomen and the scrap of green lace between her thighs. Spike kneeled at her feet and removed her sandals with care. With hungry eyes he stared up at her. His hands skimmed her thighs as he made his way to the sides of her panties. He hooked his thumbs in them and pulled them from her quaking body. She now lay bare to his gaze.

Willow felt her stomach clench, it had been nearly a year since she'd been with him. No one had touched her since. He put his arms around her waist and sat her down on the table. "Lean back." He said hoarsely. She did so and he placed the pillow under her head.

He took the bottle of chocolate sauce and anointed one nipple. On the other, he smeared butterscotch. He ran a line of caramel between her breasts. On one hipbone he slathered the raspberry sauce and the other he placed honey. When he was finished he stopped to look at her and survey the results of his handiwork. His mouth was watering.

Willow was quivering with excitement. The various sauces on her body were cool, the area between her thighs was warm and moist, and she was blushing with her own boldness. She, Willow Rosenberg, was lying on a table waiting to be 'devoured' by a vampire.

Spike moved to her right side and slid his hand under the nape of her neck. He kissed her deeply. "You look good enough to eat, pet." He licked his lips. "In fact. . ." he trailed off as he bent over her chocolate covered nipple. He lapped at it with cat-like strokes. When it was gone and her nipple was turgid, Spike seemed to mentally evaluate the taste. "Mmm. Never had chocolate covered Willow before."

He turned his attention to the thin line of caramel between her breasts. His tongue made short work of it, licking a cool path up her body. When he was finished he winked at her. "Caramel Willow is good too. How am I going to decide what I like best?"

Willow moaned. "Should I be calling you 'master' again?"

He grinned. "We'll play those kinds of games later, pet. 'Spike' will do for now." He gazed at her body once more. "Now, where was I?" He moved to her other side and began to lick the butterscotch away. He never took her nipple in his mouth, he merely licked the sauce away. Willow's hands clenched the side of the table. He stopped. "Maybe I'm doing something wrong." He flicked his tongue over her nipple as he held her gaze. "I know. You're supposed to suck on butterscotch candies, aren't you?" He sucked her nipple into his mouth and Willow cried out. His hand played with her other nipple and he leaned across her body to pay homage to it too.

When he was finished, he began on her raspberry covered hipbone. He licked it clean and then began to nibble on it. He caught her eyes again. "Willow's raspberry sauce tastes good too." He licked his lips. "I shouldn't be surprised though, I liked the cherry I had last time."Willow shuddered at the rush of wetness between her thighs.

Willow's legs were shaking now, she wanted him inside. He put his hands between her legs and held them open. She wanted him to touch her THERE but he didn't. He just traced an imaginary line with his tongue across her abdomen, merely brushing the copper curls between her thighs.

He began to feast on the honey. It was thicker than the other sauces, his tongue had work harder. Willow began to imagine that tongue inside her, lapping at her juices as it slid over her folds. When the last of it was gone, he stood between her legs. "I like honeyed Willow best."

Willow was trembling with need now. "Please, Spike."

He sat down on the chair at the head of the table and pulled her sex to his mouth by hooking his arms under her legs. Willow groaned as his tongue plunged into her aching quim. She was teetering on the edge of orgasm, ready to explode and he had just begun to touch her.

He pulled back to look at her once more, her juices on his face. "I definitely like honeyed Willow best." He began to lap at her once more. Then he took the swollen nubbin into his mouth and sucked. Willow came screaming his name.

His face changed and he sank his fangs into her thigh, savoring the piquant taste of her blood mixed with her juices. He only took a few mouthfuls, he was painfully erect. "Red." He whispered, weltering in the agony of his need.

Willow had recovered. She slid off the table and to her knees between his thighs. With delicate hands, she eased him out of his jeans. She grinned up at him wickedly as she licked a tiny pearl drop from the head. "I remember how much I like the taste of this." It was his turn to groan. She sucked him into his mouth. It didn't take him long to give into the persuasiveness of her mouth. He came with a roar.

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