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I got married at a very young age and both my wife and I were virgins. She was raised in a very strict environment and believed sex was for having children. Although I was a virgin, I knew that sex was also for pleasure and enjoyment. For years I had been masturbating and having sexual fantasies. On our wedding night I must have fucked her 3 or 4 times, but just straight sex in the missionary position. I was delighted on how tight her pussy was. She did not have an orgasm. But over the next few weeks she achieved her first orgasm. And she came to realize sex could be enjoyed.

During the early days of our marriage, I was content with having straight sex, but as time wore on I wanted more. Much more. I wanted her to suck my cock, I wanted to fuck her in the ass and I wanted to eat her pussy. But she resisted all of my attempts. She believed anything but straight sex was dirty and bad.

This did not stop my fantasies. My first big fantasy about my wife was to watch her get fucked. Since I was average size, I wanted to watch her get fucked with a much bigger cock. My best friend had expressed to me his desire to fuck her. It took a while for me to get up the nerve to broach the subject, but when I did, she freaked. I thought for a while she was going to divorce me.

Over the years my fantasies continued with me masturbating to some very good orgasms. But our sex had become mundane. Then one day during a good fuck session, I was able to get between her legs and fasten my mouth to her pussy. At first she resisted very strongly, but the more I sucked her clit and licked her pussy, the less she resisted and started bucking her tight cunt up against my face. She achieved a thundering orgasm and moaned more than I ever had heard before.

I then tried to get her to suck my cock, but it was a non-starter, she just adamantly refused. I thought it would be just a matter of time, but she would always refuse my attempts to get her to suck me or let me fuck her ass. She did let me eat her pussy. And over the years, even after having two boys, her pussy remained very tight.

Our fuck sessions became less frequent and my fantasies only increased. I started becoming more and more interested in watching porn to satisfy my fantasies. I particularly liked videos of men watching their wives getting fucked by very large cocks. I would masturbate as I watched and pretend it was my wife getting fucked. I often had very good orgasms during these fantasy interludes. Something curious happened, I began to really enjoy looking at the very large cocks in the videos.

I knew I just had to make it happen. I started talking to my wife about the fact she had never experienced a big cock and I wanted her to have that experience. She would say it was never going to happen and she was happy with my cock, which was a mere 5.5".

My fantasies continued with a new twist. I not only wanted to see my wife fucked with a big cock, I wanted to see her suck it too. And finally I wanted to see her take a cock up her ass. I continued to bring the subject up, usually when I would eat her pussy, as she had learned to love having me go down on her. She seemed to have her biggest orgasms when I ate her pussy. But to my dismay it remained a non-starter.

My forays into porn continued with me becoming more aware of my desire to suck a cock. A new and decidedly different fantasy than I had ever had before. But my fantasy to watch my wife get fucked was as strong as ever.

My curiosity got me to viewing gay and bisexual porn. I saw a video where a guy watched his wife get plowed with a very big cock and then he took the cock in his mouth and sucked it clean. Damn I had a new fantasy. I started having fantasies of men fucking my wife and then me sucking them clean. Tasting the residue of my wife and her lover. I even started having dreams about it. It was starting to become a compulsion. But alas, I felt it would never happen. I actually started having wet dreams, something that had not happened since I was a teen.

One day I found a bi/gay site on line and joined. I started chatting with other men my age and some younger. I opened myself up and told them of my fantasies. One guy with a particularly nice big cock, who lived not far from me, offered to let me have my first cocksucking experience. He said I could suck him, but he could not host as he was also married. I was conflicted about really sucking a cock. I knew I was not gay. But he would go on CAM and show me his big cock and I realized I wanted to suck it. Then an opportunity presented itself. My wife was going out of state to visit a sick cousin. Her cousin lived in the next state about 250 miles so my wife would be driving and be gone 3-4 days. I immediately let my new young friend know. I told him when she would be leaving and asked that he wait about 2 hours and then come over to my house.

I was nervous as hell while she was preparing to go and tried my best to act normal. Finally she left and I anxiously waited for my online friend to arrive. I jumped when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, I was surprised how tall he was and how young he looked for 38. After exchanging pleasantries, he said would you like to see my cock now. I stammered a little as I said yes. He opened the front of his slacks and pulled out a semi-hard cut cock that appeared to be about 7". I couldn't take my eyes off it as he said touch it. I took it in my hands and felt the warmth and it gave a slight jerk. I was mesmerized, I felt his hand on my head pushing it down as the pressure on my head increased I felt my knees go weak and I sank down on my knees. That gorgeous cock was now at face level and growing. The hand on my head started pulling me toward the cock, which was now standing straight out. And with out saying a word, he inched it forward against my lips. I parted my lips and he pushed the head into my mouth. I was in a state of bliss as I realize I was starting to suck the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen. He pushed and more cock inching into my mouth. I had taken about 3 inches of cock in my mouth when he started slowly withdrawing and inserting fucking my mouth. He picked up the pace and inserted more cock each thrust till I had at least 5 inches of cock in my mouth.

Then I heard a loud cry of "oh my gawd!" He quickly pulled out of my mouth and turned as we both saw my wife standing near the door with a look of total disbelief on her face. A deep fear tore thru my entire being as I looked first at her and then at him. She stood rigid and he stood tall with 8.5" of hard cut cock sticking straight out.

Then I saw her eyes stray downward till they were fixated on his cock and the expression on her face was indescribable. I'm sure she had never seen a cock so big. Like me she was mesmerize by the sight of it. With out saying a word he slowly walked toward her, and when he reached her, he placed his hands on top of her head and pushed her head down, and like me she sank to her knees. He placed his cock at her lips and pushed in as she opened her mouth. And like me, she tasted a cock for the first time. She moaned as he inserted more cock and slowly began fucking her mouth. I heard him softly say: "I love you sucking my cock, but I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you as your hubby watches. I want to give something he never has, a real man's cock." He took her by the arms and raised her up as his cock slipped from her mouth. He turned to me and said "which way to the bedroom?"

I meekly said follow me. I lead the way as he had my wife in tow and she was not saying a word. When we reached the bedroom, he took my wife and led her to the bed and began undressing her. Her eyes were open wide, but not a word came out of her mouth. When he removed her panties she stood naked in front of another man for the first time. For a middle aged woman she looked remarkably well. Her tits size 35B had a little sag and her middle had a hint of excess weight, but all in all for 59 she did look good.

She stood motionless as he began to undress. Her eyes widen as he finished. He looked absolutely stunning even to my eyes. His erect cock standing straight out had my mouth watering. Her gaze was fixated on his cock as were mine. He then spoke and said to her "you do want me to fuck you, don't you?" She whimpered very softly yes.

I was flabbergasted. All these years of fantasies only to be rebuffed at every turn and now my biggest fantasy of all, was about to come true. He laid her back on the bed and crawled between her legs and went straight for her pussy with his mouth. She moaned loudly as he licked her pussy and sucked on her clit. My cock was harder than it had been in years. I began stroking my cock. Her eyes were closed as he continued his oral assault on her pussy. She began bucking her cunt up into his face saying "eat me eat me." Then she yelled "I'm coming I'm coming." Something she had never done with me. Her orgasm seemed far greater than any she experienced with me.

With out a word he moved up her body till his huge cock was pressing against her tight pussy. I could tell he was easing it into her pussy stretching it far beyond anything she had ever experienced. Her moaning and whimpering increased and got louder as he started fucking her. His strokes lengthened and the pace picked up as he was pounding her pussy harder, faster and deeper. While he continued to fuck her, I could tell she was having multiple orgasms and she would yell out each time "I'm coming." My cock ached for release. I was about to cum, but tried hard to hold on. Here was my wife getting the fucking of her life and I was watching and jerking off. Then I heard him moan as his cock exploded in my wife's cunt filling it with hot warm seed. He then pulled his cock from her pussy with a pop and he motion for me to come near. He simply said "suck it clean." I went down on his cock and tasted a combination of my wife's juices and his thick salty semen. My fantasy had cum true, as I came on myself.

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