tagGroup SexFantasies Anonymous Ch. 01

Fantasies Anonymous Ch. 01


"I can't believe we are going through with this," said my wife Jessica as we got out of the taxi cab at the resort that was to be our home for the next week. "I'm so excited I can't stand it!"

"Hold onto that thought, babe," I replied, winking at her. I couldn't help but stop to admire her figure as she walked towards the resort. At 5'8" and 170 pounds, Jessica was a lady with just the right amount of curves. Her nearly black hair fell halfway down her back, swinging in rhythm with her succulent, round ass cheeks as she swayed in her naturally sexy walk. The white shorts she had on hugged her in all the right places, letting onlookers admire her shapely legs -- she had long since stopped playing sports, but did enough working out to keep her assets maintained. Speaking of assets, her breasts were a full and perky D-cup, and the turquoise halter top showed off her cleavage in its best light when she turned around to smile at me.

"You bet I'll hold that thought!" She gave the girls a playful swing before she turned back around, making my penis twitch at the thought of being sandwiched between such a lovely pair of flesh mounds.

While Jess checked us into the resort, I checked the mirror to make sure the beginnings of my hard on weren't too obvious. Not that it would matter much at a place like this, but more on that later. The bulge in my khaki shorts was barely noticeable yet. I noticed beneath my polo shirt that I was too pale for a beach-y place like this ... both of us were truthfully. Dark haired and blue eyed and pale, we belonged indoors more likely than on the beach. I mentioned that Jess was tall and so was I -- 6'3'' to her 5'8". My physique was average; lightly toned with broad shoulders. Since I gave you the details on my wife, I supposed I should mention that my cock is a nice 7" when standing at attention, average in length but a bit thicker.

At first glance, the resort lobby was pretty standard. However, Fantasies Anonymous was, underneath its façade, a themed sexy vacation resort where guests could go to live out some of their hottest fantasies with other consenting adults. There are themed rooms and cars and clubs, and when you reserve your room, the resort requires guests to fill out an online survey indicating your sexual interests and fantasies. The results of the survey are turned into a wearable armband, which theoretically Jess was picking up now, with symbols and color coding to let other guests know what you are into and what you're not. As much small talk as you are interested in, which probably works great for some people. For instance, my wife Jess is one hell of a kinky sex animal, but doesn't really want to get to know any additional partners we have. The intimate part of a relationship to her is knowing the person, and she has no desire to be intimate with anyone but me.

The resort itself was all-inclusive (meals, alcohol, sex, entertainment, everything), and due to its unique nature, very expensive. Jess and I had been to various swing clubs and participated in group sex encounters frequently for the past few years, but we had been looking for something that might take things to the next level, and we were willing to pay a bit extra for that. I couldn't wait to spend a week here!

Jess practically bounced over to me with our room keys and a bag of goodies after check-in. "Let's go check out our room! It's ocean side!" She took me by the hand and we rolled our suitcases down the hall in the direction of the room that would be ours for the stay.

Once in our room, we plopped down on the bed to rustle through our goody bag from the front desk. Jess pulled out two bracelets. One had each of our names on it, on the inside facing our skin. The bracelets were more like leather cuffs with a bunch of different shaped LEDs. For instance, both of ours had the blue universal symbol for male and a pink universal symbol for female to indicate that we were both bi-curious. Both of us also had a yellow water drop on our bracelets, and a green knot, to indicate that we enjoyed watersports and bondage play, respectively. Jess's bracelet had an orange O, A, and V on it to indicate she was open to oral, anal, and vaginal sexual encounters. Mine had simply an O and a V. I was pretty certain that men's bracelets could indicate both anal giving and receiving somehow, but since I was not a participant in either of those acts, neither showed on my bracelet.

We both snapped our bracelets on our wrists, and looked at each other as if to say "What's next?" I glanced at the clock -- 4pm.

"Why don't we start this week off right with a nice sexy swim before dinner?" I suggested, as I began to pull my shirt off over my head.

"I suppose we could do that," Jess agreed as she too began to undress.

The resort had dress codes in some of the nicer restaurants, but otherwise guests were pretty much free to be as dressed as they wanted to be. Since it was our first foray out since we arrived, we both opted for swimsuits, just in case. Not that Jess's white halter top and thong left much to the imagination. My plain black swim trunks were ordinary compared to her getup.

Jess took my hand, smiled coyly, and led me out the sliding glass door of our room and onto the beach. We passed a few couples in the pool, some at the bar, even a couple rolling around on a towel in the sand dunes of the beach.

"Grrr, that's hot," whispered Jess as we watched the guy pound his hips into the woman missionary style. I glanced at my wife's body and noticed she was glistening with just a touch of sweat and her nipples were pushing hard against the confines of her halter top bikini.

"You know," I began as I dropped our towels on the sand and took off my flip flops. "Those two don't have bathing suits on." I grinned.

"Actually," said Jess, as she began tugging my shorts down, "it's just the guy that's naked. The girl still has her top on. It's a shame really, I'd love to see those titties of hers."

I loved that my wife had bi-sexual urges, and that she didn't mind when I had them as well. I hadn't worked up to anal sex with another guy yet, but I didn't mind oral. "Well, I would love to see those titties of YOURS!"

I reached around her back and pulled tight on the tie. The bikini top jumped up to hang closer to her neck as the ladies came tumbling out of their confines. My trunks were trying to hit the sand as well, but had gotten stuck on my stiff pole along the way. Jess adjusted and my shorts fell to the ground, and I took the bikini top over her head and tossed it in our pile on the sand.

"I'm not even sure why we bothered with clothes," said Jess as she shimmied out of her thong. "What were we worried about, that we wouldn't have enough things to carry back to the room with us after our swim?"

I laughed as I led my gorgeous naked wife towards the waves of the ocean, my prick leading the way. A few heads could be seen amongst the waves as the sun began its trek towards the horizon.

We made it about waist deep into the water before I stopped, turned, and sunk down to neck level. Jesse started to do the same, but I caught her waist with my hands and began licking and kissing the soft round bottoms of her breasts. Her nipples were even perkier now, with tiny little goosebumps around her areolas as I licked and flicked my tongue over them lightly, teasing her in a way I knew drove her crazy.

I was rewarded with a quiet gasp from my wife. She immediately grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tighter to her chest. I began to nibble lightly around her nipple, kissing and sucking it every now and then, blowing on it a little.

I heard a light splash as someone entered the ocean water nearby. A giggle followed. I began to believe there were two someones. Jess noticed as well, and immediately grabbed my cock with one of her hands beneath the water, letting me know she was turned on and completely okay with visitors.

Barely a few moments later, Jess's moaning had increased in intensity. I thought it was due to the amazing ministrations of my tongue and lips on her breast, but when I opened my eyes I immediately spied a stranger's mouth suckled over the nipple of my wife's other breast. A more thorough glance informed me that the stranger was female, and out of the corner of my eye I saw the tip of another penis sticking out of the water, being massaged by its owner's hand as he watched the hedonics on display before him.

The girl kissing my wife's other breast sent a trail of kisses from nipple to neck and focused her attention on my wife's ear to chin line, until the two met in a passionate kiss on the lips. It was hard to stay connected to the nipple I was kissing, so I let go and just watched the fun of two sexy ladies enjoying each other's bodies. My wife was pale with dark hair, completely the opposite of the other woman who was nearly bleach blonde and tan. Jess's tits were bigger, but the other girl had a good handful, about a B-cup I would say.

As if on cue, Jess decided it was time to explore the other girl's breasts herself, and she latched herself onto a nipple like it was her job. The girl threw her head back in apparent ecstasy, a groan escaping her throat as my wife caressed her nipple with her teeth and tongue.

It was too much for me to take. I slowly sloshed my way towards the back end of the hot blonde who was kissing my wife and stuck my cock between her thighs under the water. She barely gave me notice, just a tiny squeeze of her thighs as she was wrapped up in the attention her breasts were getting from Jess.

I decided that was permission enough to rub my rock hard cock between her ass cheeks as she enjoyed her moment. I heard sloshing as the woman's partner walked up behind my wife. A moment later, I heard a squeal from the other woman as Jess bit her nipple just a tad too hard ... the other man had surprised my wife, grabbing her breasts and tweaking her nipples from behind while Jess sucked on his wife's boobs.

The other guy and I glanced at each other and nodded, acknowledging each other and granting each other permission to continue our sexual pursuits. The other guy had medium length brown hair and a tan body, a bit more muscled that mine without going too far. His prick had to be slightly longer than mine, 8 inches I'd say, but thinner.

After our shared nod, I positioned myself and thrust deeply into the blonde woman in front of me. She gasped loudly in surprise, then moaned. My wife gave up her ministrations of the blonde's breasts and made similar sounds of surprise and excitement as the other man's dick entered her pussy. The two ladies were bent over more now, and as we continued our happy thrusting into these sexy goddesses, they took the opportunities to share some kissing and fondled each other's breasts.

Jess decided to move forward slightly and thrust her hand forward under the water, beginning to play with the blonde's clit while I fucked her from behind. Blondie's moans got louder as my wife rubbed her button and I kept shoving my cock into her tight hole. The louder moaning made me feel even closer to blowing my load and I grabbed her hips and started pulling her onto my cock even faster and harder than I already was. The splashing around us in the ocean was intense; good thing it was a calm day with just gently rolling waves.

"Oh God," the blonde whispered. "Don't stop, I'm cumming!" Both Jess and I urgently continued out motions, her hand flicking faster and my cock pumping harder as Blondie climaxed, falling gently forward into the water in delight.

"That was wonderful," she declared, and pulled herself off my dick, much to my dismay. She must've seen a look on my face when she turned around cause she said, "Don't worry, Cutie. I won't leave you hanging."

Grinning, she leaned in and began sucking and licking my pulsating member as I stood there, slightly less than waist deep in the ocean. Jess was looking very bothered as the other man continued fucking her from behind. She seemed to become even more entertained as the blonde began sucking my cock. My wife loves watching others suck me off, and today was no different.

"Bring him closer," Jess directed the blonde. We moved closer to Jess's face and the two women both began administering kisses and licks to my prick. They were in the middle of French kissing each other over my cock, both of them moving up and down its shaft in sync when Jess stopped for a moment and moaned lightly. The other man had started pushing his cock into her ass. She leaned back against him, slowly taking him in, getting used to the sensation.

Blondie had renewed her sucking of my cock with vigor, her tongue running up and down the length of the shaft, and occasionally stopping to circle its hood, which drove me crazy. I could feel my orgasm getting closer. After one particularly excellent circling, she dove down on my cock, its entirety disappearing down her throat. That was all it took to finish me after this erotic scene; I began spewing spunk down her throat as she backed off my cock, some of it spewing out of her mouth and down her chin as she used her hand to milk my dick dry. She gave my lollipop one last lick and dunked under the water quick to clean herself off.

Meanwhile, the other guy had completely sunken his dick into Jess's ass. She was biting her lip in ecstasy as he slowly pulled it back out and plunged it back in.

"Ohhhhh," moaned Jess as he pumped faster and faster. "I'm so close!" Blonde went over and started fondling her breasts, twisting her nipples as Jess's climax got closer. I could tell the other guy was getting close too, because, well who wouldn't be about to blow their load after watching the rest of today's water scene unfold AND being inside the ass of a sexy woman?

Jess stuck her hand under the water and rubbed at her clit to finish herself off as the other guy sent one final deep thrust of his penis into her ass. Both of them grunted in satisfaction as they orgasmed.

I glanced at the horizon as we all recovered and Jess ambled over to me for a hug -- the sun had just dipped below the horizon.

"Well, I guess our afternoon is over," I said as I hugged my wife.

"Yeah," agreed Jess as we started making our way back onto the sandy beach. "But the night is just beginning! Let's go find something to wear to dinner!"

We had reservations at the Mexican restaurant tonight. "I has to be something small or something sexy," I said. "And preferably, BOTH!"

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