tagGroup SexFantasies Can Come True

Fantasies Can Come True


Today was the day. Two of my fantasies were about to come true. I wasn't even trying to make them happen it just all fell into place. For both of them to happen at once was better then I could ever have dreamed of.

It all started on line. I started to chat with this chick. Well I should say she started to chat with me. She was a little older then me. At the time I was 30, and she was 42. It started as a friendly chat, just getting to know the others life. After a few chats it started to turn into sexual talk. Our likes, dislikes, what we want, and things like that.

She was telling me about how she is into D/s. At the time I had not a clue what that was. What it really involved. Then she started to tell me. She was a sub, and she had a Dom. She was at his beck and call. She did what he wanted, when he wanted. He was her Master, she was his slave. When she didn't listen to him, or do what he wanted, she got punished. She loved the way she got "punished." At times she said she did things wrong just so she could feel his wrath. Not that he beat her, but more or less he would make her do things to make her feel humiliated, which she loved.

Hey that's all well and good for her. To each his/her own I believe. That's just not for me. What was for me was that she was looking for another female to join them in some fun for the first time. Now this was for me. I have always wanted to be with another woman. Just to see what it was all about. I have also wanted to have a threesome. This was just gonna be too good to be true.

I chatted with them both on line to get the feel of where they were coming from, to see what they were both into, and what they wanted from me. We were all getting comfortable getting to know one another. We laid down some ground rules. We set up a lunch date. Just to see if we would all click.

I met them in a restaurant. They looked like an ordinary couple, except she had on a dog collar. She wore it like a piece of jewelry. She was about 5'4, chunky, not very pretty, but not a dog either. The one thing about her that I really liked was her breast. She had these two Hugh, full breast. She didn't wear a bra, and they were hanging very low from the weight of them. She had on a zipper blouse and the zipper was down low. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. There wasn't anything special about him to make him stand out. He was about 5'10, thin hair, kind eyes, normal looking. I guessed he was around 46 years old.

I could tell they both liked what I looked like. I am 5'3, chunky also, sexy smile, and busty. I am very confident, and it shows. I take pride in me. That day I wore a really low cut dress, showing off my two best features.

Lunch was going great, the drinks were flowing, we were all starting to get sexually turned on by the other. They asked if I wanted to go back to her place to relax. I just said, lead the way. I followed them in my own car, I just wanted to be able to leave when I wanted and not depend on them, in case things got out of hand.

She lead the way into her place with me next and him in the rear. When I stepped inside I stopped in my tracks. Hanging from a pipe in the ceiling was handcuffs and chains. They said not to worry its not for me, its for when she doesn't listen, when she needs to be punished. I sat close to the door just in case.

She went and got drinks for us, and I noticed on the coffee table were all different sexual toys laid out. Now this got my attention. They started to tell me all about them and how to use them the right way. I picked up a few and was looking at them, and I could smell her scent on them.

He then took charge. In a no nonsense voice he told her to stand up and walk to the middle of the room and bend over. She did as she was told. She did this with her back to me, so as she was bending over, I could see she didn't have panties on. She grabbed her ankles as she told her to do. He picked up a flat leather flogger, and whacked her on the ass. She moaned softly. He did it again. I saw her pussy get wet as he started to spank her.

He then told her to face me and strip. She wasn't wearing much so I knew it wouldn't take her long at all. She started with her skirt first. She wiggled out of it and it fell down her bare legs. She braced her legs apart and I got to see her hairy cunt. Next came the zipper on her shirt. She slowly pulled the rest of it down, and her breast just popped out. They looked like they wanted to break free. They were so beautiful, so big. They were laying right above her tummy. He stood up and told her to walk to the chains and put her hands above her head. She did as he told with no questions asked. He connected the chain to her collar, and handcuffed her. He then took this bar and made her spread her legs. He shackled this to her legs. So this way she could close her legs. He got another leather flogger and started to gently whip her. She looked like she was creaming. She was moaning and gently moving her body.

He started to caress her. Rub his hands all over her body, pulling and pinching. By this time I was up from my seat and standing so close to her. I felt her breath on my face. I asked him if I could touch her.

My first touch I just stroked down the side of her breast. She felt so soft. Then I started to caress her breast. This was the first time I ever touched another woman. I was so nervous, but more excited. I was squeezing her breast making her nipples pucker up. I was pinching them the way I like mine played with. I flicked out my tongue and she moaned when it touched her nipple. Then I just went to town. I couldn't get enough of her into my mouth. As I was working on one breast, I had my hand on the other. I put my face between both and just pushed her breast together.

I started to kiss her, slipping my tongue into her mouth for my first taste. She was moaning into my mouth. We kissed for so long, that I didn't even know he unchained her hands and she was holding me. My hands went down her body and felt the outside of her hairy pussy. She pushed into my hand. I was holding her up since her legs were still shackled. My fingers slipped inside of her. She was soaked. Her pussy was dripping. She felt so silky and smooth inside. I felt her knob right away. It was rock her. I started to rub it like I liked mine rubbed. She came for the first time right away. All over my fingers. I felt her legs shaking. Good thing I was holding her up.

I looked over at him, and he was smiling. He was rubbing his cock thru his pants. He had a big bulge going on there. We unchained her legs and I walked her to the bed and laid her down. I took off my clothes while they both watched me. I was still a little nervous so I left on my wet panties. Then I started my kissing all over her body. I started at her neck and worked my way down slowly. Kissing and licking and biting. I could see the wetness where I kissed down her body, my trial was headed down. As I got closer, I could start to smell her. Her scent was calling me, pulling me in.

I snaked out my tongue and touched her pussy for the first time. I liked what she tasted like so I went back for more. I just let my instincts take over and do to her what I like done to me. I was licking her from back to front, nice long licks. Slowly at first. Just slurping her up. Then I stopped at her clit. I felt her in my mouth that way, I started to suck on her. She was pushing into my mouth. I put a finger into her pussy hole. She was humping on my finger. I felt when she was ready to cum, I felt her tighten around my fingers, her knob so hard ready to burst. Then she just let loose. She was moaning and screaming. I couldn't believe I was making her feel this way. I wouldn't stop licking her. I was drinking her up.

By this time he was naked. His cock was rock hard. Sticking straight out. I moved out to the way and he slipped right into her. Slamming her hard. He was fucking her for all he was worth. He had her legs up and spread and holding her ankles. I was watching as his cock was sliding in and out, wet from her juices. I sat back and slipped my fingers into my pussy, pushing my panties to the side. My other hand was on my breast, pulling at my nipple. I couldn't take my eyes off of them. He was watching me as he fucked her.

He seemed like he could go on forever. I grabbed a toy off the coffee table and pushed it into my pussy. I was fucking myself with it. She reached over and grabbed my tits. Pulling on my nipples, pinching them. I couldn't take anymore. I needed to feel her mouth on my pussy.

I just stood up, ripped off my panties and sat right on her face, facing him. I spread my pussy lips and she put her tongue on my spot. I was grinding my pussy into her and watching him fuck her. He didn't take his eyes off her licking my pussy. I knew he was close by that time. So I started to tell him to "fuck her harder." "Ram her pussy." "Make her scream into my pussy." He screamed, " I'm gonna cum," that's when I came. I couldn't hold it any longer. I came when he did. It was unbelievable.

I collapsed on the side of her and him on top of her. We were all sweaty and breathing hard. We were all happy that's for sure.

I needed to leave soon, so I jumped into the shower to clean up. We made plans for our next play session...

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