tagRomanceFantasies Come To Reality

Fantasies Come To Reality


Tonya awoke that morning it was a beautiful day. The sun was shinning and the birds were singing. She opened up the shades to allow the warmth of the sunlight stream inside. She was alone that day her children were away at school and her husband was working.

She stepped into the shower as she washed her hair she thought today was a personal day for her. She would spend the day pampering herself. It was rare when she ever had the opportunity to do small things for herself. She was always pleasing everyone else before herself. Today was her day, as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. Washing her body off feeling the smoothness of the soap and lather over her body felt sensuous and erotic. She thought after she was done she would draw a bath and relax for a while. Stepping out of the shower dripping wet she took the towel and began wrap herself leaving the beads dripping from her soft tanned skin.

She walked directly into her sunken in tub, turned on the water and began to fill. She poured in her favorite oil mango and got out her razor. Lit the candles that surrounded the bath took in a deep breath and inhaled the fragrance. It was like an aphrodisiac. She dropped the towel and stepped into the bath. As she settled into the warm water she smoothed the fragrant water. Dipping deep till her chest was covered with water her nipples protruded erect straight out of the water. It felt so good to relax in the water and be one with herself. She took the razor and shaved her leg's first, then under her arms. Moving her legs apart she decided to completely shave her pussy normally Tonya only trimmed herself but today she wanted it all off. As the plunged the razor between her legs she felt the swells develop even in the water she could feel the silkiness of her juices ooze out. Once she was completely shaved her pussy now felt like a baby, soft and warm.

Her hands moved from her fresh shaven pussy to her breasts as she caressed them with care then began to flick them like a man would flick her clit. Fast and furious, this sent even more desire to be filled with more than just a finger. She wanted to feel a man's cock deep within her. She sat relaxed touching herself but not coming close to climax. Her thoughts went straight to her dildo beside the bed.

How wonderful that would feel inside her dripping pussy right now, she thought.

Stepping out of the tub dripping water everywhere she walked into her bedroom opened up the drawer and pulled out her 7" vibrating dildo. With her dildo in hand she walked into the living room water still beaded on her soft skin. She had her towel in hand and set it on down on the chair underneath her. She sat down putting her legs on either side of the arm rest. Opening up herself wide she began to feel her pussy lips spreading the silky juices all over from the top of her clit down to her anus. Moving her other hand over her breasts pinching the nipples and once again flicking them while her fingers found her clit. Simultaneously she began a rhythm between both her clit and nipples. The only noises you could hear was the birds outside chirping. She took the dildo and turned it on moving it over her nipples to her mouth inserting it deep inside her mouth getting it wet. She moved it back toward her anxious waiting pussy first finding her clit and rubbing it back and forth. Her clit was now hard and erect, her hips began to move and her moans began to come out of her mouth. She took the tip of her dildo and found her vagina only inserting the tip of the dildo head. In and out slowly as she met it with her hips.

************ Jay was outside weeding his garden that nice warm day. He was listening to the quiet of the morning, which was routine for him now. He loved the solitude of working in the garden. It wasn't until he stood up and stretched that he saw movement inside the house next to him. The window was facing his stance. Inside that very window he'd watched his neighbors make savage love to one another. He often went to the garden just to catch a glimpse of her. He too wanted to make love with her.

On this day he saw his neighbor Tonya through the window. He'd always found her attractive with her long blond hair and long legs. Only acquaintances till that day, he stood mesmerized by what she was doing.

It was like a fantasy, he rubbed his eyes to get a better fixation inside the window. She was totally naked and alone sitting in the chair with those long luscious legs propped up on the arm rests. He could see her full body and what she was doing. He immediately got a rise from just the thought of what she was doing to herself in that chair. He dreamed of being in the chair underneath her while she was fucking herself.

He looked around his yard to make sure he wasn't being watched. He pulled off his gloves from his hands and rubbed the hardness that rose inside his shorts. It had been a month since he'd had sex, since his girlfriend just broke up with him. He was in his 20's and loved the thought of an older woman.

He wanted to feel her hair cover his body while she sat on him. As Jay continued to rub himself he felt the pre cum ooze from the head of his cock. He unzipped his shorts and let his young manhood out into the fresh air. He took it into his warm hands and began to stroke it while watching her. He had never watched a woman aside from porn movies do anything remote to what she was doing. Another thing he noticed is how much she was enjoying herself. Her hips moving and he could hear her moans over the birds.

As the dildo slipped further inside of her pussy it disappeared, except for the end where her fingers guided it in and out. She pressed it deep inside her and began to move it in circular motions trying to push it deeper inside. He wanted to be inside her like the dildo was, but he wanted to taste her nectar that was being created from her stimulation. The faster she moved the dildo and moaned the closer he came to his own climax. As she let out a squeal as she climaxed, that was all he needed to make him cum all over the brush. One shot after another came out. He'd not come that much in a long time.


She plunged the dildo deeper inside her and moved it in and out. Her climax came quickly as she let out a loud squeal. The orgasm fell smaller and smaller she kept moving her fingers over her clit but at a slower rate, but the dildo stayed inside her while she worked herself through her climax. It almost startled her when she heard a noise coming from outside the window. She sat up and looked through the window she thought she saw a figure behind the fence.

Oh, no! She thought. Could it be her young neighbor? Did he see her?

She pulled out the dildo from her and moved closer to the window. Trying to see if it was indeed Jay her neighbor. Again, she saw movement behind the fence.

It had to be him. She called out. "Jay! Is that you?" Nothing. Again, she called, "Jay!"

Jay was caught by surprise as he saw her approach the window and call his name. He wasn't quite sure if he should reply or not. Finally, the thought to himself, I have nothing to lose.

"Yes, Tonya it's me." He replied.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

Jay replied. "I was doing some weeding, till something caught my eye."

Tonya felt her face turn three shades of red. "What was it that caught your eye, sweetheart?" She said.

"You!" He replied.

"Well, why on earth are you still hiding in the brush? Come out my dear. Do you like what saw?" She asked.

He moved to allow her to view him. He had forgotten he still had his now limp cock peering through his shorts.

"Oh, yes!" Tonya. He replied.

As she saw him step out into view she noticed the flesh peering through. She was very hungry and had fantasies of having a young man. When she knew he had watched her and enjoyed himself while doing so, she asked him. "Would you like to come over for a closer look?"

He gasped, in shock. The words stumbled out of his mouth. "Of course I would, as he hoped over the fence with his cock still hanging from his shorts."

She watched him almost gallop to the house his once limp cock began to harden as he came closer to the house watching her in the window the entire time.

Tonya told him to go ahead and find his way inside the screen door was unlocked. She heard him walk through the kitchen into the living room. His heart was beating a hundred miles a minute as he looked down and noticed his cock was hanging out of his shorts. He began to fumble putting it back inside.

"Oh, please don't! Now that you saw me I'd like to get a better view of you." She said. "Come closer my dear."

He walked very slowly staring at her naked body. This was his fantasy he had thought about many times before today.

Jay was a foot away from her and she reached out with her hand and caressed his face. Taking her once wet fingers across his lips. It was just enough to leave him her scent on his lips. Jay's cock was hard sticking straight out almost touching her thigh. Jay stood motionlessly while she touched him moving her hands down his chest to his shorts. She pulled them down and kneeled before him admiring his young cock. She kissed the head and looked up and yes he was watching her.

"Was today the first time you've watched me?" She asked.

"I have watched you and your husband through the same window making love." He replied. "I want to make love, Tonya. I've wanted you since that day I saw you and him in the window."

"What was it you were doing in the bushes while you watched me Jay?" She asked.

"I was masturbating while I watched you. I couldn't just watch and not touch myself." He said. "You are hot Tonya. I want to make love to you, now!"

She took his cock head into her mouth and her tongue swirled around it as she sucked it.

He pulled his cock out and said once again. " I want to make love to you Tonya."

"Slowly, my dear until the time is right, then you can do whatever feels right." She coached. She took his cock back into her mouth. She watched him as his hips began to push into her mouth slowly. She grabbed his ass with one hand and pulled him into her mouth deep, cupping his balls with the other.

He began to thrust slowly in and out of her mouth. Never had he gotten a blow job like she was doing. It felt so good with her hands controlling him.

Jay pulled away from her once again. This time he was gentle in he took her head and pulled her up to his face and kissed her. First, it was sweet and gentle, then the second kiss came and he probed his tongue inside her sweet lips. Their bodies were touching and he could feel her breasts touching his chest. He moved his hands all over her back and found his way to her nipples. He moved his lips and began to kiss them first and then suck them. One at a time, flicking the nipple with his tongue slowly taking them into his teeth and putting a little bit of pressure on each one pulling them out and letting go.

Tonya was enjoying his touches and wanted more as he showed her what he wanted and how he wanted it. He was taking control. He moved his hand between her legs and felt the hot juicy pussy that he watched just minutes ago. He guided her back to that chair he watched her. Then moved his lips directly to her pussy, he wanted to suck all the cum from them. He sucked and drank the juices he took his fingers and probed inside her pussy. Fucking her with them, he saw the dildo sitting next to her and picked it up and puts it inside her as he continues to work on her clit. Again, he could hear those noises he heard earlier coming from her. This time he knew it was from him. He pulled out the dildo and spreads the juices all over her using the dildo from her clit to her anus. Her hips began to move to coach him inviting him inside. He told her to move onto her stomach.

Tonya did what he said. She was under his control and totally trusted him. She wanted him just as bad as he wanted her. He took his firm cock and pressed it against her clit and smoothed it from the top to her anus. He pressed his cock inside her pussy, slowly. His entire cock was buried deep inside her hot juicy pussy. Once it was all the way in, he thrust himself deeper to feel the bottom of her. When she let out a small squeal when he did this, he did it again. The more he did it the more noise she made. He loved hearing her voice.

"Oh my, I'm going to cum! Jay!" She squealed.

He took his finger and got it nice and wet and found her anus and put the tip of his finger inside. He felt her pussy begin to contract around his cock. He thrusted harder and harder inside her pussy while he kept his finger in her anus moving it just a bit. Her hips began to press harder onto his cock while she shook on him and moved like a wild cat. She was cumming so hard and for such a long time. He wasn't stopping and her waves were uncontrollable with him inside her. It had been a long time since she had an orgasm last this long.

He felt her waves around his cock and it only made him want to make love to her that much more. There was no stopping him, as the sweat began to bead from his forehead. He wanted to give her more than she could handle but found the more he gave her the more she needed. He was just about to release all inside her when he felt her climax a second time. This time there was such a force contraction around his pulsing cock that he had no choice but to hold back as long as he could. The panting between them was music that played over and over.

Finally she turned her head toward him. "Have you cum yet my young stud?" She asked.

"No, but I'm ready to fill you." He said.

Please feed it to me I want to drink you! She asked.

He pulled out of her and moved his throbbing cock to her luscious lips. She turned and pulled him quickly into her mouth and began to dip him deep inside her awaiting mouth. She sucked and moved her head up and down his shaft. She cupped his balls and felt his hard sack begin to twitch as the first load was released. The next load filled her mouth to the brim. Some oozed out of her lips and dripped down her chin. As she swallowed his loads a third was shot as he continued to pump inside her mouth. She drank him leaving her lips wanting more.

She looked up and smiled as her fingers went to pull in the drippings that fell down her chin. "You taste wonderful." She said as she licked her fingers off.

"So do you." He replied.

Tonya sat back in the chair once again and propped up her legs on the arms. Jay fell fast between them and sucked all the juices out of her again.

He moved up to her lips and kissed her lips as their tongues met passionately intertwining one another. He pulled away and asked. "Will you perform for me in front of the window more often now?"

"Now, that I know you're out there watching, it will become habit. If you see me alone here like you did today, please find your way inside. You are always welcome in my home." She said with a smile.

He pulled up his pants and kissed her one last time as he moved back through the kitchen and back door. He pondered the thought of his fantasy has just become reality.

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