tagSci-Fi & FantasyFantastic World Ch. 07

Fantastic World Ch. 07


All became silent, save for the clang of a heavy sword striking its target... over and over again.

"Callia?" the white-haired dark elf softly questioned, his cerulean blue eyes took on a startled, concerned, grey cast. Was she not aware that the battle had ended; that they had emerged triumphant? How could that be so? Yet, she fought on, swinging her sword as savagely as she had during the long battle. Dropping his weapons, he strode quickly to where Callia continued her assault on the now dead troll king, Kagard and his daemonfaey companion, Naerynth.

"Callia?" he all but whispered again as he gently reached out to touch her shoulder. To his credit he hardly flinched, but took a step back, as she, reacting instinctively to his touch, swung her mercurial greatsword his way... the gigantic sword poised to strike inches from his heart. Time seemed to stand still as her bright blue eyes met his. The instant of recognition was apparent on her face, as her eyes widened and then dipped to take in the sight of her blade aimed at his chest.

"It is over, ussta ssinssrigg," Jaz'rin said, bringing his hand up to cover her lead hand.

"Jaz'rin?" she choked out, letting the tension slip from her body and stepping to him. As her hands began to drop, she handed the concerned dark elf her sword, fell heavily to her knees, and then pitched forward... her face hitting the rough rocky floor of the cave with a resounding thud.



Callia groaned softly as she regained consciousness. She felt a dull ache throbbing in her head, causing a slight fuzziness that clouded her innate senses. A shiver coursed through her body and she looked down at herself. She was completely naked and bound to a large X by heavy chains with her arms and legs widely spread. She blinked and shook her head, trying to get her bearings. It took several long moments for her elven eyes to adjust to the darkness of the cavern.

Through her muted senses, a frisson of awareness suddenly crept down her spine. A few hairs stood up on the back of her neck. She knew she was not alone. Someone was watching her...Immediately her long, silky hair slid forward as she dropped her chin to her chest, hiding her alertness. Keeping her head in that position, her eyes glanced up through the veil of her hair. The trolls seemed to be gathered around something, but she could not make out what it is. They were not paying any heed to her, but something or someone was. Could it be Jaz'rin or Ethilathain?

Angry with herself for falling and being caught, Callia tested the chains that bound her to the wooden post. She was not surprised when the chains did not give and knew she would not be able to break free. Her thoughts quickly turned to her companions. They were not here with her that she could see. Had the trolls discovered them? Were they dead? Could the trolls possibly be gathered around one of their lifeless bodies?

No, she mentally scolded herself. No, they couldn't be dead. She knew Jaz'rin well enough that he could hide anywhere, even in his own shadow. And Ethilathain could reduce them to ash with a few fiery gouts of flame. She had witnessed his firepower outside of the caverns.

Methodically, she tested the chains again. Her thoughts centered on how to escape. She didn't want to die at the hands of some troll king. Nor did she relish experiencing the multitude of other horrors she imagined these trolls had in store for her before they killed her. She didn't want to become a meal for the troll king or worse yet, a bed warmer.

She raised her head ever so slightly, scanning the pitch-black depths for any sign of her companions or her gear. It wasn't easy to see, though she could distinguish a few distinct shapes. A gasp caught in her throat as a pale light illuminated the darkness. The mob of trolls parted and revealed a striking bronze skinned, golden blond haired daemonfaey with glowing fiery red eyes. Callia flinched. The fine scales that covered the exposed part of the being's upper torso glinted in the dim light while a long prehensile tail swished to and fro behind it.

And it was coming straight towards her.

She shivered slightly, her eyes never leaving his approaching form. Any other time she would have been extremely attracted to him. She liked the way he moved. He stalked like a cat.

The daemonfaey circled her; his long delicate fingers traced her bare flesh. Callia gritted her teeth, willing herself to stay still. She must not betray the fact that she was awake. A small part of her feared what would happen. What would he do to her? She bit her lip sharply and stifled a gasp as his hands caressed her breasts. He cupped the voluptuous mounds, squeezing each ever so slightly.

Then he cruelly pinched her nipples, his long sharp nails digging into her sensitive peaks. Callia yelped. The daemonfaey pressed against her body, molding himself to her shape. He let out a hiss in her ear and clawed her peaks even harder.

Callia groaned in pain and shook the chains that bound her. She had to escape him.

"I will break you..." the daemonfaey evilly chuckled, raking his claws down her body. She screamed as he tore her flesh. "You will beg for death before we are through with you. If you beg well enough, we may even grant it."

"VITH'OS!" She spat, glaring at him with defiant eyes.

Though he knew not what she had said, he could tell from the tone of her voice an expletive had been muttered. He chuckled again, drawing his hand back to slam it into her mid-section. Air left her lungs and she glared up at him wide eyed.

"You will enjoy becoming meat for all."

Callia screamed as he gripped her with one strong hand and invaded her with the other. It was the only preparation he gave her before he dropped his trousers and thrust into her. He let out a howl of evil laughter as he ripped into her. He knew he had hurt her. Her elven body was just too small to accommodate his barbed demonic cock, a gift, along with his horns and tail, from his half demon father. He slammed up into her as hard as he could, feeling her rip and tear around him.

She squirmed, yanking on her bonds in an effort to free herself, but it was no use. They were far too strong. She screamed again, feeling the daemonfaey pound into her. Never before had she been that stuffed full. Her rage gripped her. She yanked again and again as the creature ravaged her body. Her cries of pain and howls of anger filled the cavern.


All hell had broken loose once Callia had been freed from the post she was chained to. Jaz'rin had quaffed a draught of invisibility and crept to her side, deftly picking the locks on the shackles that bound her. He handed her the large mercurial greatsword he had liberated from her captor's possession. Callia accepted it from him and held it to her naked breasts. Her sword. She was elated to have it back in her possession.

Jaz'rin tapped her shoulder and pressed himself to her backside. He felt the shiver that ran through her. "How do you feel? Did they hurt you?" he whispered in her ear as he softly stroked her curvaceous hips. He had noted the smeared blood that coated her thighs.

"I'll be fine," she gritted out, not wanting to think about what had happened to her at the hands of the daemonfaey. "Where's the dragon?"

"Clinging to the ceiling of the cavern. He is poised to attack once you are free of the blast zone."

"NO!" she growled gutturally, "It's my vengeance."

Callia unleashed an ear-splitting wail as her rage gripped her. She pulled away from Jaz'rin and charged toward the daemonfaey, her sword at the ready to strike the instant she slammed her body into his.

Naerynth barely had time to draw his weapons before the screaming naked elf reached him. He felt the impact as she collided with him. It left him staggering and winded. Raising his swords, he ducked, avoiding her gigantic sweeping blow, and danced away from her, making a short jab at her exposed side. He nicked her, grinning evilly when blood oozed from the shallow cut. Callia growled at him, and swung her sword once more. Naerynth jumped back, evading another wide-arced attack then circling around the elf, waiting for the opportune moment to drive his dagger deep into her flesh.

Callia sensed what he was about to do, however, and spun about just before the daemonfaey got the chance to drive his blade home. Naerynth dodged the incoming sword and instead of pressing his attack, he continued to back away from the raging female barbarian. He hoped to draw her into the midst of the trolls.

"You should have killed me!" Callia roared as she attacked.

Naerynth went into a semi-crouch. "Why would I do that when torturing you was so much fun?"

Callia swung her big sword wildly, but the weapon hit rock and sparks went flying. Naerynth parried the awkward strike deftly with his dagger and launched a counter-attack. His rapier caught the elven barbarian in the ribs, drawing even more blood.

"Demonspawn!" she spat.

He unleashed a cackling laugh.

"I'll kill you yet, you fiend!" Callia shouted, swinging her beloved sword with all the might she possessed. It connected, opening a wide slash that spanned his chest. "Take that, you monster!"

She lunged, swinging the heavy blood stained sword again. "Did you think I'd just take it?"

It was more a cry of anguish then a battle cry. She breathed in sharply and gnashed her teeth, "You had no right!"

Callia felt old rage and pain rising up inside herself. Old ghosts flooded her and her thoughts drifted back to Amakiir. This was something he'd do to make her suffer. She thrust her sword, its deadly point sinking into his shoulder, and unleashed a scream to match his.

She spun around, changing her direction and slammed the sword deep into the gullet of a troll trying to sneak up behind her. She howled as the daemonfaey jabbed his rapier low at her and nicked her arm. Callia stepped back, her face a contorted mask of outrage.

"Did you think you could ruin me? Ruin me but not kill me. Do you enjoy my suffering?"

"Very much so!" Naerynth cackled and launched himself into attack, his fury now matching the barbarian's in full.

"Then you shall die!" Callia countered with both her words and her blade.

"Foolish slut," he roared and parried. "You can not kill me."

"Do not underestimate me," she growled back. Naerynth barely managed to dodge her next attack. The next one, he failed to block. Blood sprayed from his side as her sword dug in deeply. Blood lust gripped her and she lunged again, stabbing the sword at his torso. Naerynth twisted aside, but was not fast enough as the edge of her blade sliced across his chest. Screaming at the elf, he flicked his wrist and his rapier drew out a short gash over her forearm as he fell back from her. In the next tense seconds, she screamed and jumped to the side, sending her sword flying straight at him. The huge weapon went spinning through the air and only swift reflexes saved the daemonfaey from being impaled by it.

Naerynth felt the air leaving his lungs as Callia slammed into him. He collided with the wall of the cavern and tried to bring his dagger up and stab, but he never made it. Tightly clenched fists pounded furiously into his face. Another hit caught him in the ribs, kicking out what little air he had left. His vision blurred. The elf kept driving her fists into him relentlessly. He felt his legs giving in under him. He slipped down, but she grabbed him by the throat, hoisted him up, and slammed him against the rock wall once more.

Callia pulled him away, spun him about, and smashed his face against the rock again. Barely conscious, Naerynth went down. This time, she let him fall, even pushed him, her knee pressing hard against his back.

Naerynth's head jerked back as Callia pulled him by the glorious golden hair, nearly snapping his neck. He gasped for breath.

"And now... You're going to pay." She stretched to snatch up his dagger and gripped it in one of her bloodied hands.

Callia unleashed the wail of the damned and drew the dagger back. In one clean sweep, she brought it down swiftly, jaggedly slicing his throat wide open from ear to ear. He gurgled his last breaths as Callia slammed the bloody dagger into his back. She knew this would cause the trolls to attack at once. Let them come, she thought.

Retrieving her discarded sword, she stood over the daemonfaey and held her sword out before her. With a scream, she quickly decapitated him and spit on the remains of his body. Then she hoisted his head high and screamed again, a high-pitched dark elven oath spewing forth from her lips. She threw the severed head at the troll king and charged into the mass of trolls separating her from him.

"DEATH!" She screamed as she swung her sword wildly.

Callia became caught up in the intensity of the battle. She swung her sword almost blindly, randomly connecting with the flesh of one troll or another. She had taken many hits herself and blood flowed from the multitude of cuts and gashes, but she refused to quit. Callia fought on, growling like a feral beast. Faster than a speeding arrow, she cleaved her magnificent sword through one troll and into another, the burning image of the daemonfaey violating her still lingering in her mind. She let out a howl of fury as claws dug into her arm, piercing her flesh. She deftly switched the sword to the other hand, swinging at it. The heavy blade impacted the sickly colored troll's flesh with a resonant crack of snapping bone.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of Jaz'rin, his whirling blades flashing in the dimly lit interior of the cave. His twin rapiers had already tasted the gross flesh of two trolls' throats. He seared their flesh with fire and acid while sizzling gurgles of blood marked their death as they slumped towards the ground, dark oblivion already taking them.

The dark elf's cloak flew back revealing stark, white hair and an ebony complexion that reflected his gleaming cerulean eyes. His elven features accentuated in the light made his grim visage even more menacing. The six trolls surrounding him mobbed him, their startled features betraying their cowardice. This hesitant state led to two more dead trolls littering the ground. As a weak defense, one of the remaining drew a rusty sword and flung it at the dark elf. Easily sidestepping the missile, Jaz'rin brought his rapier in to puncture the thrower's heart at the same time.

Two more drew weapons, one a sword and the other an axe. The last of the three staggered back to the rear wall of the cave, perfectly content to let his companion's battle and die. With a glance from one to the other, a twisted grin on his face, the dark elf feigned a move to the right. Quicker than the trolls could fathom, a blur flew between them as Jaz'rin tumbled around. Before landing expertly behind them, he skewered both trolls, as fire and acid consumed their flesh. They fell forward, shocked expressions frozen on their faces that looked even sicklier in death.

Jaz'rin whirled around, an instinct telling him that the remaining troll was attempting to cry out for help to its king across the way. It would do the beast no good. The troll king wouldn't have heard him even if a blade hadn't gouged its throat, silencing it forever. Attacking recklessly with both rapiers he ripped the flesh of the remaining troll to shreds in accordance with Callia embedding her greatsword into another troll's body. A deep, yet fine line ran from right shoulder blade to the lower left hip, blood soaking the filthy hides. A wail of agony burst from his wretched mouth as a quick slice of Jaz'rin sliced both legs muscles and tendons of the troll. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

A sudden burst of adrenaline forced another troll raging up behind the dark elf. That charge was soon crushed with a deft twist of Jaz'rin's upper body, practically slicing the troll's upper torso in two. Flipping backward over the dying troll, the dark elf managed to avoid blood splattering his armor or black cloak. Another twist of the body before landing set the dark elf ready for more. He relished the thrill of the killing.

Callia intercepted yet another troll in her bloody rampage to reach the troll king. She knocked the blocking sword wielded once in the left hand of the creature to the rocky cavern floor. She whirled, dodging the dagger attack with his right hand, before swiftly severing the troll's dagger hand at the wrist. A rough shout of pain and anger escaped the troll's mouth. Stepping back, she let out a roar, and with a measured swing of her sword slashing the troll's throat, she brought his death quickly, slaughtering the vile beast.

Eleven running trolls came bursting out of the cave, from a side cavern, enraged at missing out on the battle. Seeing exactly whom their attacker was sent six of the trolls charging at her. Standing still, Callia lofted her sword into the air and sent it hilt over blade through the air to embed itself in a stampeding troll's chest. She dodged an attack by a troll to her left while yanking her sword from the troll's body and screamed for Ethilathain.

The dragon sent out a burst of flame as soon as he noticed she had managed to push her way through the mass of trolls, using the size of her blade as a means to knock down the beasts. The reign of fire he brought down upon them charred them all to crisps, leaving behind the largest of them all... the troll king.

Callia circled around the cave, avoiding the hot spots left over from the dragon's blast. She directed all her remaining primal fury at Kagard who met her head on. Her sword collided with one of his axes, and sparks flew.

Callia's mind was running on a rampage of death. The line between reality and illusional thoughts was growing thin, dangerously thin. Her inner thoughts were all but washed away from her mind. She had to kill Kagard. It now became an obsession to her. The troll king snarled at her. He drew his axes back, coming forward in an attack position. The two approaching axes on each side seemed as if in slow motion to her. Both hulking pieces of wood and metal were parried with the wicked length of her greatsword, quickly snapping back to decrease the force of the brute's strength that was used in the axe attack.

The urgency of the situation not 5 seconds ago became fully under control as Callia channeled her inner rage into a controlled focus. To the troll king though, this pale-skinned creature seemed like a madwoman as she swung her weapon with an ease that spoke of expertise beyond anything he had ever seen.

The battle would appear a blur of movements. The firestorm that continued to rain down was now in full strength, blasting the remaining dying trolls with gouts of incinerating flame. Each time the cavern was lit one or both of the combatants appeared to have a few more nicks, a red stream dripped from their many wounds. The troll's fury rose with each wound inflicted. Power surged through its pounding arms as its axes swung faster than ever before. Legs kicked out towards Callia to shatter her bones. She did her best to deftly dodge both of the mighty axes. If one were to touch her, especially with the power behind the swings of the angered king, she would surely be flung across the cavern. That was not an option in order to survive this fight. Each move was based on instinct, expecting the attacks before they were even carried out. Kicks from large legs were avoided and rolled around, each attack allowing her greatsword to sink once again into his flesh.

Now enjoying the thrill of ridding this realm of such a creature, Callia smirked as she performed her deadly dance. Drawing out the pleasure of the kill as her focus hummed throughout her body.

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