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Fantasy and Memory


My Dear Sweet Man,

When I woke this morning, I imagined you there. The length of your body pressed against mine. Laying on my left side, I pretended could feel your entire body following the curve of mine. Your chest pressed tightly against my back, your hips in accord with mine, your legs forming the same arch as mine, even our feet pressed against each other's.

Best of all, I would feel the strong heat of your morning excitement pressed into the small of my back. Before even opening my eyes, I'd reach behind myself and let my hand explore your stiff morning wood. I'd let my fingers run over it, allow my entire hand to hold it firmly.

Then I'd press your hard dick against the small of my back again, moving and adjusting it to press against my bottom. I'd slap my ass with it a few times, in a playful way. By this time, you'd have started to wake, reaching your hand around my hips to let your fingers rest in the warm moist folds between my legs.

You'd rub and reach for a moment before lifting my leg up and over top of yours, so that you can reach more easily into my moist waiting pussy, eager for your touch. My moans would get louder as you spread my lips further, and as you'd reach in deeper.

Gathering my moisture on your fingers, you'd offer me a taste. The flavor of my own juices creating such intense stimulation and excitement, I'd push myself farther onto your hard cock, sliding it between my legs. You, still with your hand reaching into me from the front; me, trying to force your cock into me from behind; us, moaning in unison to this early morning ecstasy that is building.

Your throbbing member would make its way into my dripping wet pussy which makes my head tilt back further, and my back arch. The warmth, the pleasure, the intensity of your cock in me, fills me with such excitement.

I can feel you kissing the back of my neck, as you position yourself to better stroke your dick in and out of my warm wet hole. You'd grab onto my shoulders and force me to totally impale myself on your sweet cock. The intensity would build for both of us, as you'd fill my wanting well with your raging stiffness. Pushing yourself deeper and deeper, riding me in and out, with such an amazing rhythm.

My mind still foggy from sleep mixed with pleasure, I'd cum all over your sweet cock and balls, while you'd continue to enjoy pumping your heat in and out of me, reaching deeper, filling me entirely. My groans and moans becoming louder and louder as this orgasm just doesn't end. I'd cum over and over in a fit of pleasure, which eventually sends you spiraling into ecstasy as well.

Eventually after feeling my pussy throbbing around your cock for an endless amount of time you'd explode with great passion as your juice squirts deep inside me. Our bodies shake and quiver together. Mmmmm, good morning!

Yes, I was definitely letting my imagination run away with me this morning.

You know what else I was thinking about today? (Yes, it has been a very horny day for me.) Remember when we drove to the beach last year? I'm sure you do.

It was a hot sunny day. We were riding along in your late model Caddie with the top town. We were on that long straight road and hadn't passed another car for miles. I slid across the big bench seat and pushed my sweaty body against your bare arm. When you slid your hand up my thigh and moved the flimsy material of my skirt, I shivered. I love the feeling of goose bumps in hot weather.

By the time you eased your fingers into my panties I was squirming all over the seat, kissing your ear and neck wildly. As my moisture grew, my craving overwhelmed me and I quickly reached to undo your pants. I tore them open as fast as I could and got a firm hold on your stiff cock.

I pulled it free from your pants as I laid across the expanse of old leather. While my mouth enjoyed your raging heat, your hand exposed my ass for your view. You massaged my cheeks while I sucked and enjoyed your throbbing piece. My hands were making you feel so good while my mouth enjoyed driving you wild.

You couldn't keep from looking at my head bobbing up and down over your waist while you cruised the highway at a speed that should have been reconsidered. The visual impression of me sucking your dick and my ass exposed to the sun was too much to bear and you pulled over so you could toss me down in the backseat and fuck me like no other, in the heat of the day.

That really was a great ride, wasn't it?


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