tagMatureFantasy Football Ch. 02: Extra Points

Fantasy Football Ch. 02: Extra Points


Chuck almost tripped on his way to the truck, fumbling to tuck in his shirt, find his keys and look at his watch, all at the same time.

Holy crap, he was late.

He tore open the door, wrenched the ignition and started backing out of the driveway before he could even find his seatbelt or slam the door shut.

Skip was gonna kill him... Skip was gonna kill him... Skip was gonna kill him...

Ah, but what a morning for an execution.

In his mind's eye, he could still see the beautiful Ms. Roxy, straddling his hard cock in the soft light of dawn... big pendulous breasts swinging closer and closer to his face... that incredible voluptuous ass slamming down on his lap... "Oh, fuck me, Chuck! Fuck me - "

His cellphone rang, and Chuck groaned.

No need to even look at the screen to see who was calling.

"Hey, Skip," he said, wearily.

"Harper, where the hell are you?" the speaker blared. "Just because the Cocks win a football game doesn't mean there isn't work to do!"

"Yes, sir," Chuck said. "Just, um... overslept. I'm on my way."

"Get the hell in here!"

Chuck drove like a madman.

Roxy might be a goddess, he thought. But if he really had his mind set on a career in sports information, the job at the University of South Carolina was more important.

He pulled into the parking lot, at last, and found his way upstairs to Skip's office. Doug Brantley, the other assistant, was already weathering Skip's wrath.

"And let's get the damn packets out on time, for once," Skip was saying. "This is a helluva team we're promoting here. Let's treat 'em as such."

Doug looked relieved to see Chuck stumble through the door. He beat a hasty retreat to his cubicle as Skip turned his sights on a fresh target.

"Well, Mr. Harper," he said. "How nice of you to join us."

The phone on Skip's desk chirped, but the fiery little man was just getting warmed up.

"Can you please tell me why you have to sleep in on Monday after a football game that was played on Saturday afternoon?"

The phone chirped again, and Skip held up a finger to keep Chuck in place while he reached down to answer it.

"Skip Carpenter," he said briskly. "Yeah. Yeah, I've got some background on that. Can you hold on for just a minute?"

He looked up at Chuck.

"I've gotta take this," he said. "Close the door and go help Brantley. See if you can get some work done before next season."

Chuck turned and shut the door, joyously relieved by the interruption. Thank you, God, he prayed, silently.

It had been a glorious weekend. First, meeting Roxy as he delivered wine to a pre-game party. Then, the Gamecocks' win. Then his sexual adventures with Roxy in the home of her brother Robert Cunningham, for whom she was house-sitting.

Chuck put his wallet and keys in a drawer at his cubicle and reached over to pick up half of the large stack of newspapers Doug was sorting through.

"You look like hell, dude," Doug said in greeting.

"Thanks a lot," Chuck said. "Yeah... just a long weekend."

He pulled a pair of scissors out of a drawer and started clipping. Even after 20 years, the internet age had barely made a ripple in the way Skip liked to handle post-game mail-outs.

"Nobody ever clicks on links," he reminded his minions 10,000 times a week. "Send 'em the real deal... in color... to their doorsteps. That's what gets attention."

Today's media packets were going to be especially important. The bowl invitations would go out in less than a week. Not only was it imperative to make a good impression on the members of the bowl committees. It was just as critical to keep the Gamecocks on the minds of national writers.

Good press generates good press, Chuck thought - another one of Skip's platitudes.

Then he smiled. And a 42-17 win over Clemson is about as good as it gets.

His phone vibrated and Chuck looked at it warily. He didn't receive many calls or texts at work.

He slid his finger across the screen and saw a new text entry:


"Just made coffee and felt a big ol' glob of your secret dick sauce drip down my leg," he read. "Mmmmm. So rich and bubbly!"

Chuck's face flushed, and he quickly threw the phone in a desk drawer.

"So how'd things go with Cunningham and the bubbly?" came a voice from behind him.

It was all Chuck could do to keep from falling out of his chair.

"Bubbly?" he managed to croak. Christ, was Skip reading his text messages?

"Yeah," Skip said, looking puzzled by Chuck's reaction. "You know, the champagne or whatever. I forgot to ask you about it Saturday. Don't tell me you screwed up that, too!"

Chuck's relief was so instant, he wanted to laugh.

"Oh, that," he said. "No, not champagne... some other fancy wine. Went great, went great. I even got there early. Mr. Cunningham seemed happy."

"Well, that's good to hear," Skip said, softening his tone just a bit. "Look. Um... I'm still pissed about this morning, but thanks for making the run to Charleston. Like I told you before, that whole family has been very generous to South Carolina athletics. We want to do everything we can to keep the Cunninghams happy."

Chuck flashed back again to a vision of Roxy Cunningham's long red nails clawing his chest as her hot wet cunt set his cock on fire. "Oh... sweet... Jesus... baby!" she had wailed. "God, you make me cum... so fuckin' hard!"

"You can count on me," he told Skip. "I'll do everything I can."

"That's what I like to hear," Skip said. He smiled, then went back to his office.

Chuck and Doug focused on the clipping chores in earnest. The idea was to trim the stories and photos as tightly as possible. Once they had finished with all of the newspapers before them, they would color-copy all of the articles and put together a batch of clips to go out in the afternoon mail.

Even on a normal football weekend, South Carolina's football team drew plenty of media attention. But the amount of ink practically tripled after the Clemson game.

"Man," Doug said after a while. "Feels like we've been doing this for weeks, and we've hardly made a dent in the pile."

"I know," Chuck answered. "It's a glamorous life, isn't it."

Doug stood up and stretched.

"Coffee?" he asked.

"That would be great," Chuck said. "Thanks."

Doug headed down the hall to the break room.

Chuck let his thoughts drift for a minute back to the long Sunday of lust. Clipping stories wasn't much fun, he thought, but he almost welcomed the break after some 18 hours of off-and-on lovemaking.

He heard his phone vibrate inside the metal desk drawer. Chuck took it out and swiped the screen.

"Roxy bored," it read. She had typed a frown symbol afterward. Chuck couldn't help but smile. She's a pistol, he thought.

The phone vibrated again as Chuck was looking at her text. This time, a photo appeared.

He clicked the picture to bring it full screen. Then he swallowed hard and froze.

It was clearly Roxy, though he couldn't see much of her face. Just her crimson lips and tongue tickling the big juicy nipple of her left breast. A large drop of saliva dripped from her bottom lip to her tit, splashing over the Gamecocks decal still pasted to her big fleshy boob. Chuck could see how wet her nipple was from the way it was shining.

Holy Jesus, he thought.

"Wanna play?" read the accompanying text. This time with a smiley face.

Chuck felt his cock stir in his khakis. Roxy was at least 15 years older than he... probably more. But never had he seen a sexier sight intended for his eyes only.

"Would love to," he texted back after a minute to think. "Can't wait til tonight!"

After another minute, the phone vibrated again.

"That's too long," she responded. "Kitty needs cock."

Chuck involuntarily held his breath. He had a pretty good idea what was coming next.

The phone vibrated with another picture.

Roxy's wet, tawny bush... legs spread wide... long garnet fingernails holding open the petals of her pink, pulpy twat.

"Come fuck my horny hole, baby," her message read.

Chuck groaned out loud.

"Everything ok out there?" Skip called from his office.

"Yeah, yeah," Chuck replied. "Everything's cool."

He suddenly wished for the ability to stop time - a super power that would allow him to freeze the entire world, drive like a demon back to the Cunninghams' house and bring Roxy out of suspended animation with a kiss. They could make love and laugh and talk about football for the next hundred years. Then... one day... he would return to the office, snap his fingers, restart the world and resume work as if nothing had happened.

Instead, he painfully texted back: "I wish I could, sweetheart. Promise I'll make it up to you later!"

He put the phone back in the drawer just as Doug returned with the coffee.

"Thanks, man," Chuck said.

They relaxed and talked for a few minutes about Saturday's game and future bowl possibilities. In the rush of press box duties during the Clemson win, there had been little time for conversation.

Inwardly, Chuck marveled at the new, stark extremes of his life - a busy career ladder in sports information by day... a voluptuous sexual dynamo begging for his attention at night.

And then, he thought, there is the overlap...

His phone vibrated again inside the metal drawer.

"Can't find a dildo anywhere in this place," Roxy texted. "Am borrowing a big banana from the kitchen."

Followed by another smiley face.

There was another pause before his phone vibrated once more. Oh, god, Chuck thought. Another picture would likely push him over the edge.

No photo this time, but a new message: "A good boyfriend would call and talk dirty while I fuck myself."

Despite the wild sexual adventures of the previous day, Chuck's balls began to ache for a new release. He had never met anyone who could trigger his desire in so many ways at once.

"I'm going to grab a bite for lunch," he told Doug. "Be back in a little bit."

He practically jumped downstairs and hurried toward a storage room. Once inside, he found a chair in a corner and took a minute to catch his breath before pressing the call button.

Roxy's voice sounded soft and sexy. She didn't bother with "hello."

"You are so sweet," she said. "Are you getting into all kinds of trouble just to play with me?"

"Maybe... a little bit... I just... " Chuck said. "Good lord, Roxy, those pictures were fucking incredible!"

She laughed as he stammered. He was so cute.

"You bad boy," she said. "You deleted them, right? To protect my reputation?"

"Not on your fuckin' life!" he said quickly.

They laughed in unison.

Roxy lowered her voice an octave.

"Did they make your dick hard?" she asked. "Is that why you called me? To get your rocks off with Roxy?"

Chuck practically growled.

"That's right, baby," he said. "Did you really find a banana?"

"Mmm-hmm," she replied. "It's big and firm. Turgid. Like your wonderful cock."

"Where is it now?" Chuck asked.

"It's right here beside me," she said. "I washed it off. I'm a little scared. Like I said, it's... big."

"Too big for your hot little pussy?" Chuck asked.

Roxy groaned softly.

"Give it a little kiss," Chuck urged. "The way you kissed my cock when you woke me up this morning."

Roxy's breathing grew short and heavy.

"Did you like the way I sucked your big rod, baby?" she asked. "Tell me what you liked."

It was Chuck's turn to groan.

"I was dreaming about you," he remembered. "Dreaming about watching football with you... naked. It was so cool because I was only vaguely aware of how hot and soft your mouth was on my prick. Until the dream just kind of rolled away... like a wave at the beach. And I opened my eyes and saw you licking and sucking me. God, I was so fuckin' hard."

Roxy interspersed her ragged breathing with short small grunts and moans.

"You looked so sexy and beautiful," he continued. "Your hair tangled around your face. And you locked your eyes on mine. It was like you were just eating my fucking cock."

Chuck unbuckled his khakis and took out his dick. His breathing grew ragged, too, as he jacked off.

"And then you slid up my lap," he said. "I could feel how wet your dripping snatch was. And you leaned down and kissed me. God, your skin felt so good. So soft and warm. And I reached down and cupped the cheeks of your ass. And my dick just urged up into you... into your hot wet cunt... and you moaned into my mouth... and we fucked."

Chuck heard a small cry. He pressed on.

"Do you remember how we fucked, baby?" he asked. "Not so fast and urgent this time. Not like we did the first time yesterday. This was soft and wordless. Just two souls melting into one another. Your pussy like a beautiful wet flower. And my hard cock straining to rise to meet it. Like two inner parts of our secret selves pushing aside all the thoughts that clutter our heads in everyday life. Finding each other in that beautiful fucking bed."

Roxy somehow managed to catch her breath as she plunged the lush fruit in and out of her juicy twat. She loved this... this dance Chuck was creating with words. She waited for him to pause, then joined in.

"I remember how fuckin' hard you were," she said. "And how you tasted - musky, manly. And how you felt when I pushed you into my hole and shoved my hot wet honeypot down on you. Like a big hard poker, so strong and threatening. Such a beast invading my sweet little kitty. Oh, god... Chuck!"

She felt the skin of the banana beginning to break and the sweet pulp of the fruit inside splitting apart, no match for her hard thrusts.

"Oh, god, oh Chuck!" Roxy moaned into the phone.

With little warning, his cock began to spurt great ropes of cum all over the wall of the storage room.

Across town, Roxy's pussy swallowed chunks of banana as she fucked herself to orgasm.

She gave a great sigh.

Chuck laughed.

On a pressure-packed day of coffee and deadlines, the carefree spontaneity of the phone call felt like a secret crime... one they had gotten away with.

"That was beautiful," he told her. "And so are you."

"See you tonight," she said.

Chuck hung up the phone, wiped off his cock and returned to the office upstairs.

* * *

They made deadline.

It took both of them to carry the postal crates down to Chuck's pickup, but they loaded the bed of the truck, and Chuck turned the key in the ignition. He had 30 minutes to spare.

"Way to go!" Doug said before he left.

"You, too, man," Chuck answered. "See ya tomorrow."

He drove to the mail center and put the crates on the counter in front of Beth, one of the clerks.

"Helluva game Saturday," Beth said with a smile.

"Don't you know it!" Chuck said.

"The usual - bulk media?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am," Chuck said.

"Gotcha covered," she said. "See ya soon."

Chuck climbed back into the truck just as his phone rang.

"Whatcha doin'?" Roxy purred.

"Getting ready to pull out of the parking lot," he said.

"Come home to Mama," she said softly. "Mama needs your big dick."

For the second time that day, Chuck drove like a motherfucker.

* * *

He entered the foyer and peeked into the greatroom. No sign of Rox. The TV was off.

He wandered into the kitchen and found a note on the counter.

"There's beer in the fridge," it said. "Come on up and see me."

She had drawn what looked like a heart under the message. It was upside down. Then Chuck realized what it actually was - a caricature of Roxy's big tits. She put a smiley face beside them.

Chuck climbed the stairs two at a time.

In the candlelit bedroom, he found her. She was lying lazily on a chaise lounge in the corner, eating what appeared to be a bowl of ice cream.

She wore a black fishnet body stocking. Chuck heard his breathing grow heavy.

"Hey there, gorgeous," Roxy said with a smile. "I missed you today."

Chuck walked over to the chaise. Roxy swung her sexy legs to one side to make room for him to sit. She dipped a spoon into her bowl and offered him a taste.

"Mmmmmm," he said, licking the spoon. She had mixed up some banana with pecans and whipped cream. It was good.

"You like it?" she asked, with a sly smile.

"Yeah," he said. "It's delicious,"

"I'm so glad," she said. "That came straight out of Mama's honey hole."

Chuck froze and stared.

"You mean... " he started to ask.

"Well, of course, silly," she said. "Couldn't let all that juicy fruit go to waste after our lunchtime phone fuck. Which, by the way, was fan-fuckin-tastic."

Roxy idly put her hand in Chuck's lap and scratched his dick with her long nails.

"Want some more?" she asked.

Chuck tried to catch his breath.

"Sure," he said hoarsely.

Roxy spread her legs wide on either side of the chaise lounge. The body stocking was crotchless. Her swollen pussy lips glistened in the candlelight.

"Go for it, lover boy," she said in a sexy whisper.

He could smell her cunt even before he fell to his knees. Her scent was lush and steamy. Her hairy bush, soft and damp.

Roxy reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart with her crimson-tipped fingers.

"Eat my fuck hole, Chuck," she said. "Clean up Mama's kitty."

Chuck plunged his tongue into Roxy's wet pink twat. She threw her sweaty thighs over his shoulders and ground his face into her pussy.

"That's right, you hot fuck," she said. "Eat Mama's cunt."

He could taste bits of banana as he devoured her hole. Roxy wiggled with delight as he tongue-fucked her sweet pussy. Her moans and cries were louder now. Chuck felt his big cock turn into iron.

"Oh, fuck yes!" she cried. "That's it, baby. Fuck my juicy twat with your handsome face!"

Chuck fingered her swampy hole while his tongue pummeled her clit. She couldn't have been any wetter if she had just gotten out of the bath, he thought. Her taste and smell made him punch-drunk. Roxy tweaked her nipples and moaned while Chuck continued to fuck her with his mouth.

"Oh, that is so fuckin' good, baby!" she said. "I got so hot and nasty with you on the phone today. Mama's pussy is all sweet and buttery for you."

Her moans grew louder and she became less coherent. Chuck knew she was getting close.

He raised his eyes to watch her. Roxy was pinching her nipples and making soft cries. Her gorgeous blonde hair was a tousled, sexy mess, splayed all over the back of the lounge. Chuck found her clit again and battered it with his tongue.

"Oh, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!" she wailed. She had her hands on the back of his head now, bucking her pussy into his face as he rushed her into orgasm. "Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

Her thighs twitched around his neck. Her soft plump legs felt hot and sweaty. Chuck tongue-fucked her cunt until at last she fell back - limp, wet and exhausted - away from him.

"No, more baby," she whimpered. She gave him a weak smile. "Holy fuck, that was amazing."

Chuck couldn't help but laugh at the contrast. She was a far cry from the cougar who had seduced him so completely just a short while earlier. She curled up on the lounge like a little girl.

Chuck stood up and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Think I'll take a shower," he said.

Roxy sat up and brushed back her blonde hair.

"I think I'll join you," she said.

"Well, that sounds like fun," Chuck said.

They laughed and finished undressing, then walked into the master bathroom. Roxy smiled and flirted with her eyes. Her big tits jiggled whenever she moved, and Chuck's cock stayed hard.

"You're dangerous with that thing," Roxy teased.

Chuck pulled her close and kissed her. Her soft belly felt warm against his stiff rod.

They stepped into the shower and turned on the water. Chuck reached for the soap and began scrubbing his chest and arms.

Roxy squeezed some body wash into her hand and hugged Chuck from behind. He could feel her big thick nipples pressed against his back as she reached down and massaged his cock.

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