tagBDSMFantasy For Emma Ch. 02

Fantasy For Emma Ch. 02


My wish is granted.

"Just the vibrators first, Emma."

HE plugs the dialled boxes, attached to the wires trailing from between my splayed legs, into a pair of wall-sockets and . . .

("JUST the vibrators. I do not understand.")

. . . twists the left-most dials on the boxes half a turn.

The imitation cocks start to buzz and shake in my well-stuffed holes.

My cunt walls transmit the tremors through the membrane to my ass and my ass passage plays back the buzz of lust back to my cunt.

I writhe with pleasure and

As I writhe I pull against my bound arms

My bound legs

My bound, stretching nipples

My mummified extended tits.

"No master, no.1 can't stand it."

A wave of come stretches from my cunt to my ass-hole and back again.

"Oh please master, more. Give me more."

Begging for him to stop, pleading for him to continue, I hang there straining in a frenzy of lust and fear.

"More, more, more."

"Stop, stop, stop."

HE ignores my last request and turns the vibrators to their limits. I shake. I heave. My whole middle being turns to jelly.

As I come I scream with pleasure.

Then I scream with pain as the come wrenches my crucified body. And I scream again with pleasure

As the pole in my cunt tremors through my opening, closing fuck hole

As the vibrations in my ass reach down to my belly

As my ripples strain against the downward force, stretching, elongating, hardening, pulling against the anchor of my areolae.

And my tits, my bound, bulbous, swelling tits flop up and down, as if possessed,

As a searing wave of cum flows through my body.

It is only the first of many.

NOW . . .

HE twists the second set of dials

And the large pseudo-cock starts to move back and forth in my cunt.

I strain backward trying to escape its forward action and my tits and nipples stretch as I pull against their bonds.

I push forward to ease the tension on my tit parts and my arms and legs stretch as if I was on a rack of air.

The dildo in my rear buggers my inflamed ass-hole

And again I come with a violence that puts tension on every part of my body.

I am screaming his name, screaming for him to stop, screaming for it to never end. HE smiles at my pain, my pleasure

And reaches one more time in to the bag

"One last item for your delectation, Emma."

His smile is awful.

HE holds the object up to my sweating, mewling, leather-bound face and slides it across my lips.

In the pulsations of my orgasms I am unable to focus on the object and pass my tongue, my teeth, my chattering lips across the . . .

It tastes of leather!

And even as I orgasm, my eyes focus and my mood turns to fear.

"No master, no. Not that master. Not that. I can't take it. I . . . "

"Yes, Emma, Yes. You wished to submit. You said you would obey. This is what happens to a slave who ignores my words."

HE draws his arm back and . . .


The whip slashes across my back

I have never known such pain. A scream explodes from my throat. I feel a weal rise where the leather has kissed my shoulder blades.

Still the dildos fuck and vibrate in my holes.

My body refuses to accept the pain searing through my back and again I





"AAAAAAAAH, no mast . . . "


"You're killing meeeeeeeeeeeeee . . . "


I can't escape.

I am totally bound

My body jerks as HE draws a series of lines down my back with the spitting, biting whip.

And crack.

My body betrays me again. It surges in a wave of CUM as I shrink from the whip and


I get more.

How could HE ignore the swelling cheeks of my luscious, rotund buttocks?

HE doesn't.

Thhhhwack. Thhhhwack. Thhhhwack.

My tortured body lurches forward as it impotently tries to avoid the lashes criss-crossing my projecting ass cheeks.

The intensity of the blows flow through my bottom to the slender shaft ravaging my rear passage.

Its fiendish rape of my bowels transforms the searing pain of my glowing, weal-crossed spheres into grunts of desire and want.

"UUNGH (Thwack). Please don't. (Thwack). AAAAAHH. (Thwack). NOOOoooo! (Thwack). Don't. (Thwack). Don't. (Thwack). Don't. (Thwack). Don't stooop.!"

Another series of orgasms rockets through my spread-eagled torso. I recognise the pain of my humiliating lashing, but I can no longer distinguish it from the pleasure that it accompanies.

HE turns his attention to other parts of my body.

Now, the backs of my thighs. They shake as the lash hits home.

The rest of my body heaves as I come and come and come.

Now, the muscles in my outer thighs. Straining to help me maintain a sense of balance the tension converts the whistle and crack of the whip into . . .

"Aiiiiieeeee. The hurt. Noooo. The hurt. Yessss. Hurrrrt meeeeee."

The dildos churning and plunging inside my soft, accepting cunt, my tight, receiving ass-hole turn the tension to relief as . . .


The screamed delight of my orgasm is truncated as the whip whistles across my distended, swelling, belly.

The lash curls round my waist, falls free and again . . .


The swell of my stomach retreats from the lash; trying to escape its force and then, perversely, pushes itself forward, ready to accept the next onslaught. -.

And now . . .

And now . . .

And "No . . . w . . . oooooooooooo!!"

Not there. Please. Please not there.

Not my swelling, bouncing, straining, imprisoned . . .


But my tits betray me.

They try to shrink back from the swish of the leather, the slicing knots that cut across each distended breast.

In turn, the anchored, extended nubs of my hard, oh so hard throbbing nipples pull my retreating tit-mounds forward.

They redden and expand.

They wobble deliciously in front of my mask-imprisoned face.

Like over-filled balloons they feel ready to explode.

These, however, are not mere bags of air.

My tits are peaks of flesh, rising and falling madly.

They are sensitive, engorged, sacs of nerves, receptacles of pleasure.

So, though they shake from the torture, the sweet, sweet torture of the whip

They offer themselves, gladly, to the pleasure that each nerve-ending stimulates.

My tits, my voice, betray my mind.

"Ibeg of you, master. I can't take it. Pleeeease. Not my tits. Not my . . . My . . . My tiiiitts . . .

. . . Aaaah, yes, my . . . My . . . uuungh . . . tits . . . Ooooh, yeessss . . . My . . . tits . . . my tits

. . . beat me . . . beat me . . . beat my tiiiiiittttttts.!"

The assault continues down the heaving, slopes of my boobs.

The lash cuts the surface and scarlet oozes brightly from a fractured blood vessel.

The puckered tan of my areolae, contrasts against the ivory smoothness of my deep cleavage, the purpling 9f my bound, swelling tit mountains and the crimson flecks of sanguine, clotting liquid flecked across my bosom.

Even if I wanted to I cannot stop myself from coming

The coming masks the pain

And the pain makes me CUUUUUUUUMMMMM.

Impaled, beaten, bleeding, I will accept anything to make me come.

I will allow my master to do anything in order to make me submit to orgasm.

I am a slave, a weeping, screaming, submitting slave, controlled only by the man who ravages my accepting body and the dreadful lust that has taken over my whole being.

Once, I was a quiet suburbanite, my sexual longings were prim and ordinary.

Now, captured by one foolish thought of submission, I am an accepting harlot, slave to orgasm and needful desire.

I will accept anything to make me . . .

"CUM, make me cum, aaaaaahhhhh, make me cuuuuummm."

Invaded by vibrations, my sucking cunt will force me to ask for anything to satisfy its wet, pulsating need.

My plundered ass will send obscene messages to my belly and my brain; anything to make the rack of orgasm continue unabated.

And between screams my voice will turn my fear into yearning want.

I want him to . . .

The whip crashes down my breasts.

I want him to . . .

It fucks across my crinkled areolae that halo my hard, stretched, swelling . . .

I want him to . . .

"My nipples, master, my nipples."

I know the pain across the crowning glories of my tits will make me want to die.

I know the knots will cut into the suck-holes that dimple my engorged, fleshy nubs.

I know all this and still I beg . . .

"My nipples, master, beat my nipples, master . . . ooooooh yeeeeessss . . .hurt . . . mm-mm-mm-my . . . niiipppllles."

With each word the lash slices across my paps.

The exquisite, delicate papilla, jutting from the crowns of my breasts further than I thought possible, explode in fiery anguish.

The fire spreads . . .


and spreads . . .


ravaging my soul . . .


My head shakes wildly from side to side in demented pain.

Even my streaming, oozing cunt, fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked by the object churning inside my womb cannot divert me from the pain.

I want the pain . . . I want the pain . . . I want the pain . . .

To make me . . .


The orgasm is long, drawn out and explosive. My head slumps. I can take no more. I am finished?

I am not!!

Neither is HE.

HE will continue until I can take no more.

And HE does.

I hang there in bruised reverie, unsure of what is happening.

And the whip crawls up my sleek, inner thighs. Higher and higher

Nearer and nearer

("My ass, yes. My belly, yes. My tits, my nipples, yes, yes, yes. But not this. Not my c . . .")


HE cannot reach my cunt.

It is full to capacity, fucked to the limit, protected by the strip of leather that retains the dildos. But the leather divides my twat in two and my cunt lips, wet, steaming, naked and proud cannot escape from his bloody assault.

HE crouches, cracking the whip upwards to batter my heaving cunt-lips.

It fucks on the puffy, swelling labia cutting into the now pube-less flesh.

With his loose hand HE adjusts the final controls for the dildos.

What are those? What do they do?

Immediately, I find out.

The two, metallic heads in the dildos start to hum.

Even though they are buried deep inside me I can hear the drone and the spit of sparks as . . . From one silvery head to another . . .

Contact is made . . .

Through the thin membrane that separates ass and cunt;

The flesh and organs that separate womb and belly

The reason that separates fear from pleasure

Contact is made . . .

And . . .

Shocks . . .


of . . .


Electricity . . .


Spark around my stretched and sacrificed being.

I hang there, shaking, oozing sweat, reaching towards insanity, a sexual puppet whose limbs flail and jerk with pleading horror.

HE answers each jerk with a slash of the whip.


The tip of the whip bites into the naked swell of my erupting cunt-lip.


Unprotected, shaven, hairless, the other lip accepts the whip tip and froths with cuntal fluids. Jerk.

The left . . .


The right . . .

Bright red pain flashes from my swelling labia, along the wet, moist walls of my over-filled stretched cunt and collides with the shocks that penetrate my womb, my cervix, the very depths of my cunt.

The twin sources of painful ecstasy swirl in a maelstrom of agony and as a longed for, familiar, wanted feeling slowly builds from my very centre . . .

I slide into the pit of madness.

I know it is not real but I can feel my whole body, my total being, expanding and exploding, becoming one with the universe.

I see/I think I see . . . I think I feel/I feel . . .

My master's semen sliding from my gaping mouth, tumbling in a sticky torrent on my bulbous bound chest.

I see/I think I see . . . I think I feel/I feel . . .

His cum boils and steams as it hits my upper boobs. The force and the heat cause the already swollen dugs to expand outwards, stretching to a point of near explosion. The delicate blue veins that thread across my tits pulse and glow.

I see/I think I see . . . I think I feel/I feel . . .

My nipples erupt, miniature volcanoes of fleshy need. Milk spurts wildly from the centre of each nipple and splashes coolly on my belly and torso.

A river of clear, yellow pee pours from my cunt lips and drizzles down my gaping thighs.

A thick, mucous of spunk explodes from my puckered ass-hole and cascades, sticky, wet, alive coating my projecting buttocks in a thick, rich lather of come.

The stream of piss flowing from my aching cunt changes colour and consistency. It thickens. Now it is clear. My juices tumble from my fuck-hole. Now it is pink. The cunt juices slide eerily down my naked, spread thighs. Now it is . . .


Blood explodes from every opening in my body.

Blood bubbles at my lips, seeps from my ears.

Blood slides down the deep canyon between my breasts.

Tiny fountains of blood leap from the veins in my tits.

Geysers of blood shoot out from my engorged battered nipples.

I am awash in sweet, sickly, bubbling plasma.

The hallucination of the senses flashes wildly.

The blood changes hue, the blood changes consistency.

From red to translucent white

From a thin outpour to a thick, gooey, boiling spurt.

Cum cascades from my mouth, my tits, my nipples, my belly button, my ass and my cunt.

It runs down my face, my eyes, my nose and coats me in a thick, viscous layer of sperm.

As I jerk outside this sticky dream of madness . . .

Jerk to the shocks pulsing round cunt and ass.

Jerk to tension and nipples and tits.

Jerk to the pull on legs and neck and arms.

Jerk to the slash of the whip across my aching cunt-lips

. . . in my madness . . .

I see/I think I see . . . I think I feel/I feel . . .

I use each jerk to fill every orifice with the sperm that coats me.

My eye-lids pool with come.

My cleavage surges with a lake of sticky sperm.

Come erupts from my nipples and falls back through the tiny suck holes turning my once fleshy dugs to swirling, slapping, slurping reservoirs of come. I long for him to stroke, to caress, to squeeze my imaginary come filled tits.

Sperm pools in the centre of my stomach and drains inwards to fill my belly with come.

The streams from my holes magically reverse their flow and fill my ass, my cunt, my womb with come.

From my mouth, come seeps from my glands, swills round my mouth, whirlpools towards my gaping throat, splashing the sides of my gullet and slides, wetly, stickily, easily towards my centre.

A thousand hands reach out a smear the cum, in my hair, my eyes, my tits, my belly, my cunt, my ass, my thighs, my calves and the cracks between my toes.

I am covered from masked head to painted toe in come, come, come, come, come. . . . . . my master's come.

The realisation pulls me back from the edges of insanity.

But my mouth still babbles.

"CUM . . . oh, yes . . . CUM . . . SHIT, yes . . . CUM . . . FUCK, yes . . . CUM . . . YES, yes . . . CUM . . . FUCK me . . . CUM . . . SUCK me . . . CUM . . . CUM/OH CUM/OH CUM/OH/


The litany of obscenity has its effect on my mind and body.

Orgasms slowly rise from my centre.

Even though my body is stretched

My tits swollen

My nipples tied and bound.

My cunt and ass filled to every extremity

The force of my cum, the orgasm induced by my master, takes over every pore of my being. My come explodes with a force of pleasure.

And . . .

'AAAAAHHHHH . . . master . . . I'm coooming . . . master . . . I'm cooooommmminng . . . master . . . thank you, master . . . yesssssss . . . thank you."

It is the words HE has wanted to hear.

Fluidly, rapidly HE slashes my bonds, lifts me from the ceiling, unshackles my bracelets and releases my tits and nipples from their bondage.

HE reaches between my legs and, with a sucking sound, pulls the still vibrating, still pulsing dildos from my ass, my cunt, my gaping holes. My juices flow onto his fingers and HE sucks them into his mouth with relish, the thin stream from my ass, the thick mucous from my cunt. HE drops the dildos to the floor, kicks them to one side and removes the mask from my head. A halo of hair explodes around my face and HE lowers me to the floor.

I lie there naked, open, bruised, beaten, satisfied, waves of come still coursing through my body.

HE stands astride me whip in one hand, gorged, erect, extended cock in the other.

"You may finish it," HE says.

My hands travel rapidly down my body to knead my hard, glistening clit, but instead I offer myself to my master.

I spread my legs wide, impossibly wide and grasp the puffy lips of my cunt hole.

I pull them apart to reveal the pink inside, folded, layered, sweet and wet, oh so wet.

"It is yours master."

HE stands there cock in hand, the head rich purple, his balls welling, the veins in his shaft throbbing.

It is ready to plunge into my aching crevice, to fill my expectant cunt, to flood my hole with sperm.

But I am a slave, submissive to my master, a mere collection of holes to be filled.

I will have that cock, his delicious manly cock ploughing my offered vagina, but not yet, not yet.

I gaze towards his other hand, and pull my cunt lips further and further apart. I am totally open, agape, sacrificial, a slave.

"The whip, master . . . please . . . the whip."

In a blur of speed his one hand slides rapidly from balls to helmet of his throbbing cock, squeezing, massaging, kneading, caressing.

And the other hand . . .

Raises the whip.

Slices it downwards . . .

And scythes it into my cunt . . .

The knots cut into my tender cunt flesh

The tips crash into my clit,

My cunt widens and widens begging, pleading for more . . .

My cunt . . .

My beautiful, wet, glistening, ravaged, beaten cunt . . .

"My cunt . . . yes . . .

My cunt . . . oh yes . . .

My cunt . . . harder . . .

My cunt . . . master . . . my cunt . . . beat it . . . mash it . . my cunt . . . my cunt . . . make

me bleed . . . . my cuuuuuuunt."

It is done. My body arches as my come rips my body.

The whip fucks beads of lubrication from the depths of my fuck hole.

The orgasm is too much for me.

"MY cuuunnt . . . my cunt. . . cum . . . cunt . . . cum . . . cunt . . . cum. . .


Cunt . . . . . . C-C-C-C-C-UUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMM."

We come together.

My juices flood from my open cunt.

His cock jerks and spits spunk towards me.

I draw back my shoulders and offer him my swollen breasts.

Spunk flies from his cock and splatters my nipples.

I open my mouth and extend me tongue.

His thick, white come jets on my face and fills my mouth.

I raise my hips offering my belly.

HE covers it in creamy, stickiness.

I smear it down towards my gaping legs, fingers kneading the love juice across the narrow gap

twixt ass and genitals

And finally . . .

("I can take no more . . . I can take no more.")

HE lashes the whip across the open cavern of my cunt.

Throws the instrument of torture ("The blessed instrument of torture") between my legs

Grasps his erupting cock in both hands

And directs it at the V cut in my legs above my cunt.

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