tagInterracial LoveFantasy Fulfilled

Fantasy Fulfilled


This story is 100 % fictional but is based on people and events in my life and my fantasies. I hope you enjoy.


My name is Bob Smith and this story is all about my fantasies about my crush and how they came true. I am a senior at my high school which is a prep school with a huge diversity of races and ethnicities and cultures. I am an offensive lineman for the football team and am 18 years old weighing in at 210lbs with short brown hair and blue eyes. I stand at 6'0" so my body is pretty muscular. I am one of the big popular men on campus and I probably could get any girl I want but there is this one special girl that I want. My school is pretty diverse in the races of the couples so it wouldn't be odd that me being a Caucasian to go out with an Asian but the problem is that my crush is in a relationship.

Enough about me, the person I have a crush on is named Jen Thai. She is a gorgeous Asian with a nice light bronze looking tan who stands at 5'9" with long black hair that goes down her back half way and has bright green eyes with a nice set of 32 C cup breasts. She is going out with a smaller Asian than me but I can tell she is not too happy but won't leave him. Jen and I would flirt from time to time and we had times where we almost kissed but she always stopped it.

Alright enough with the descriptions and back to how all my fantasies became a reality. It all happened on the day after a big game. The coach was so excited by our win that he gave us the day off but I decided to some lifting in the weight room of our school. I was doing my second rep for bench press when Jen ran into the weight room crying her eyes out.

She spun around until she saw me and ran to me crying as she said, "Oh god Bob he broke up with me, he broke up with me."

I had a look of complete shock on my face but I have to admit inside I was celebrating as I said, "It is going to be ok Jen. Don't cry. I am here for you just calm down and tell me what happened."

She took a few minutes where she just cried and just mumbled stuff I couldn't understand. She finally started to slow down her crying as she started to calm down and started to say, "Oh Bob he broke up with me. He said I wasn't good looking enough and even refused me when I offered myself to him to make him change his mind", She stopped what she was doing and got up and opened the robe she was wearing revealing her in all of her beautiful glory, "Don't you think I am good looking Bob?"

"Um Jen I think you are the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen but I think you should put your robe back on," I said as I helped her close it up again.

"I am sorry Bob I just had to make sure it wasn't my fault that we broke up," She said as she started to wipe away her tears still sobbing a bit.

"Look Jen sit down cause I have to tell you something," I said as she sat down in front of me, "I have to admit something to you Jen. I like you. No I love you. I have been in love you since we met. I was entranced by your beauty and then when I got to know you and your personality I fell completely in love with you and I have been envious of your jackass ex boyfriend forever and I can't think of a reason in the world why anyone would break up with a girl as amazing and perfect as you."

Jen didn't respond right away but just took a moment and had probably the same look of shock I did when I found out that he broke up with her and apparently had the same thoughts going through her head as I did. She looked me up and down and smiled at me as she said, "So you really have liked me for that long, hmm?"

"Um yeah," I said as I turned away blushing from embarrassment.

"Hey Bob it is ok you don't have to be embarrassed. In fact I am so glad to hear that because I have to admit I have always had a thing for you," she said as she looked me in the eye with a smile.

"Really, you have always had a thing for me?" I asked her looking like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Jeez someone is excited. Ha ha. Yes Bob I have been attracted to you since I met you and from the looks of things," she said as she reached out and grabbed my now tented pants, "you are sure attracted to me."

I blushed as I looked down at my ever growing bulge in my pants as I said, "I am sorry Jen it is just you are so beautiful and seeing you nude just got me so worked up."

"Don't be sorry Bob I am so relieved to see that you are worked up because I have something to admit to you," she took my hand and placed it under her robe to her pussy which I found to be very wet and hot, "I am worked up as well."

I couldn't stand it anymore with all the things that have happened and finding out that she has liked me since we met I just exploded. I think I scared her at first when I jumped at her pushing her down with her back on the bench as I slid up her and kissed her passionately on the lips as she started to relax realizing what I was doing. We kept up our kissing and I slowly slipped my tongue past her lips and traced it back and forth across her lips caressing them before she allowed my tongue to slip past her lips starting a tongue war between us.

"You know I am so glad to hear that you like me because from hearing you broke up with him and you showing me your body if you didn't tell me he broke up with you I would have jumped your bones anyway," I said in between our kissing.

"I have to admit that I was getting close to jumping your bones no matter if we broke up or not but at first I was sad we broke up until I saw you working out and I knew I would be able to get over it with your help," she said in between our kissing as well.

As we continued kissing I slowly slid my hands down her body to the string of the robe and slowly slid it apart letting the robe slid down across her body exposing her body. I could start to feel her hard nipples pressing against my shirt covered chest and I could feel the heat from her pussy on my crotch. I slowly started to move across her face kissing her neck and nibbling on it playfully.

"Alright that is enough, let me up sweety," she said to me as I got down to the bottom of her neck.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked scared that I ruined my chance.

"Of course not sweety," She said as she got up right when I thought she was going to walk away she jumped onto me pushing me back onto the bench, "I just wanted to do this."

"And I am sure glad you did," I said as she put her hands at the bottom of my shirt and started to pull it up and over my head.

She started to slide her hands up and down my chest feeling me out before she bent down and kissed me roughly with no love just extreme lust and passion. We start having a tongue war as we kiss with animalistic lust.

"Stand up now," She said in a husky sexy voice as she stood up in front of me.

I stood up in aw of her sexual radiance and I barely had time to stand up before she grabbed at my workout shorts and ripped them down exposing that I was going commando and my cock shot back up hitting my stomach before dropping down and pointing straight at her.

"MMmm is that for me?" she asked as she brought her finger up to her lip and looked at me seductively.

"It sure is sweety now come and get it." I said as I stepped back with my cock in my hand till I was past the back of the bench with her at the other end as I grabbed my cock in my hand and started enticing her as I slowly stroke it.

She saw what I was doing and didn't need any more encouragement as she climbed up onto the workout bench on her hands and knees looking me seductively in the eyes as she slowly catlike walked on her knees toward my cock never letting her eyes leave mine. Her breasts swayed side to side as her ass when up one side and down the other as she slowly reached me.

She finally reached me and she slowly took my cock in her silky smooth hands stroking it up and down slowly never looking away from my eyes as she said, "Now just relax sweety and I will show you the time of your life."

"I will do whatever you say sweety," I said as I let go of my cock so she could have her way with it as I just stood there waiting for what I knew was going to be a slice of heaven.

She started out slowly as her tongue slowly snaked out of her mouth and slowly bent down without taking her eyes from mine as she slowly took a long lick from the base of my cock to the tip making groan and throw my head back in pleasure and said, "Oh god Jen you are so good at this sweety. You are going to make me cum in no time."

She didn't even respond to what I was saying me just started to take more and more long licks all around my cock looking me in eye.

I couldn't do much while she was just starting to give me the best blowjob I have ever had in my life and all I was able to do was groan and run my hands through her hair as she continued increasing her assault of my cock with her tongue.

I think my groans and my hands in her hair only fueled the fire as she kissed the tip of my cock before she slowly slid my cock through her lips until they touched the base of my cock and the start of my balls while never leaving the depths of my eyes.

"Oh my god sweety I can't believe it but I am getting ever so close," I said as I started to push her head down onto my cock almost thrusting into it.

I know she tried to say something but with my cock filling her mouth all I heard were mumbles with the vibrations making me hit the edge and I figured what she was trying to say is that she wanted to me to cum in her mouth since she didn't stop sucking or move away and that is exactly what I did. I could have screamed so loud it would have woke the dead but I knew we could get caught so I bit my lip and groaned loud as I felt my balls tighten and my hips thrust forward as I felt jet after jet of hot strings of cum deep in her throat as my head flew back.

I was amazed at how well she was able to take my weeks of backed up cum down her throat without even gagging or letting any drip out the sides. She sucked my cock until it fell limp out of her mouth and then she got it nice and clean not missing a spot.

She slowly got up and looked me deep in my eyes seductively playing with my cum in her mouth and said, "So did you enjoy that?"

"I sure did sweety now come here and let me have some of that," I said as I grabbed her around the waste and pulled her against my body and gave her a passionate French kiss as her and I swapped my cum between our mouths giving me my first taste of my own cum.

"Wow sweety I didn't know you were that kinky," she said looking at me with her eyes glazed over with lust and her breasts heaving up and down from the heavy breathing she was doing from her immense arousal.

"I didn't know I was that kinky either but when I saw you playing with it I knew I had to try it and I am glad I did because it was nice and tasty. Now sweety please lay down because it is your turn to be pleased," I said as I started to move towards her.

"Oh god sweety I am sure looking forward to this," she said as she slowly started to lie back on the bench.

I slowly start to slide up her body feeling her hot wet pussy and hard nipples slide along my body till I reached her face and bent down looking deep in her eyes as I gave her a soft passionate kiss on the lips before letting it start to lead into a more passionate lustful exchange of tongues. I start to slide my hands up and down the side of her body as I move my kisses of her lips to her neck licking, kissing, and nibbling it when I reached your neck.

"Oh god baby that's the spot," she said as she moved her head to the side with her eyes closed enjoying the assault I was playing out on her neck.

I slowly started to move from her neck down to the v of her neck with my tongue sliding it down to the tip of her cleavage and slide it down the middle and back up the sides. I made a special point to not let my tongue touch her nipples and I ran my tongue all over her breasts making her bite her lip and moan wanting me to touch her nipple. I finally obliged her as I raised my head up and dive down clamping my lips on her nipples and sucking and nibbling on them surprisingly making her arch her back and moan while biting her lip.

She stayed like with her back arched for what seemed forever but was only a minute as she writhed around holding back her groans and moans before she lay back onto the bench and passed out. I got scared I had hurt her but she woke up in less than a minute with a new hunger in her eyes and said huskily, "Bob fuck me now! Now!"

I had never seen a woman so eager for sex but I wasn't going to disobey her so I moved up between her open thighs and took my now rock hard cock in my hands and guided it to the slit of her wet pussy. I barely just touched the slit with the head of my cock before she pushed down hard impaling her pussy on my cock to the hilt.

"Now, fuck it Bob! Fuck my pussy deep and hard Bob, now!" she screamed as she started to rub her clit furiously.

I didn't need to be told twice so I took a hold of her legs and put them on my shoulders then took a hold of her waist and started to go at her pussy like my life depended on it. I bent forward pushing her legs into her chest giving me a better angle into the depths of her pussy. I moved my head down and started to French kiss her deeply to stop ourselves from moaning. With the new angle my trimmed pubic hairs were tickling her clit which must have sent her over the edge because I could feel her pussy muscles clamp onto my cock and a hot flood of juices flow out around my cock. I was not ready to cum and I wanted to change stuff up and try a new position so took a hold of her legs and was able to flip her body around without having my cock slide form her pussy as she was now on her hands and knees.

"Oh baby, come here," she said reaching for my head.

I bent down placing my face in front of hers and pulled me into a deep and passionate lust filled kiss that we kept going as I continued to pound into her now in the doggy style position allowing for my cock to get deeper into her pussy. I was going so fast my balls were hitting her clit which I could feel was about to set off another orgasm of hers and I knew I was getting close to one of my own. I slide back almost out and thrust into her pussy one last time with as much force as I could which made us both slide up the bench as I felt both our orgasms explode at the same time.

We both groaned and moaned at the same time as my cock shot my white ropes of cum first into her pussy setting of her orgasm as her pussy clenched tightly around my cock making her arch her back and writhe around the bench making it difficult to hold out kiss together but we managed and we both finally slowed down and my cum covered cock slid out of her pussy and we both felt our bodies go limp as she fell and laid down on the bench as I sat back on the bench admiring her open pussy oozing my cum out. I do something I thought I would never do as I bent down and started to lick her pussy eating up my cum and hers cleaning it all up. I finally finish and start to clean up the bench as well as she starts to gain some strength and gets up and sits facing me as she watches me finish up the bench.

"Wow baby you don't know how hot that looks," she said as she scooted towards me, "Here let me help you clean the last of it up."

I sat up as she bent down and cleaned my cock of our combined juices which looked so hot but I was so tired from all that happened to get another hard on. She finishes and sits up facing me playing enticingly with our cum in her mouth. I reach for her head and pulled it towards me so I could kiss her yet again as we swapped our cum back and forth until she swallowed it.

She reached out arms wide and we embraced in a loving hug as I lean back holding her on top of me as she said, "Thank you Bob. Thank you so much you don't know how much I enjoyed that and I hope there are many times like this to cum. Pun intended,"

"No thank you Jen. I have had many fantasies with us in it but nothing compares to the real thing and I would love for this to just be a sample of what is to cum," I said as we kissed.

We laid there for a while just holding each other in our arms before we both decided we needed to get going before someone came looking for us so we both got up and got dressed and left the weight room hand in hand with many more sessions to come. Thank you for reading my story and I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave any comments and please vote for it. Thanks again.

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