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I've always been a very sexual woman, sex is my favorite hobby, and finding new ways of enjoy sex is always fun. Being married to a man who wasn't interested in having sex with me was sort of a problem . But, I did find ways of dealing with that. Over the years, I've have numerous friends with benefits which did satisfy my needs. One of those FWB was a man named Terry. The man is really of no consequence, but the fact that he helped me fulfill one of my fantasies was.

Terry knew that I had a fantasy of seeing how many men I could fuck in one night. I wanted to be full and dripping with cum, until I could take no more. At the time we were living in South Florida, and there were no real opportunities to fulfill my fantasy there. So, we decided we had to go to Tampa to do this. Our plan was to go to an adult theater and I would just fuck every man there who wanted to fuck me. Terry would be my body guard while this went on. To make sure that I was safe and wasn't hurt.

The evening we planned this I dressed as sexily as I could. I wore a little black slip dress with no underwear, which left my 40DD breasts free to feel the satin material against my constantly hard nipples. I also wore thigh high black nylons and stiletto fuck me heels. The decision was made that I would be his slave for the night and I had to do what ever he asked of me. I agreed to this because I have a submissive streak in me.

The drive to Tampa took about 90 minutes up the interstate. While he was driving Terry told me to raise up my dress and spread my legs to show my shaved pussy which I was happy to do. I also have an exhibitionist streak in me and I love to have men look at me. So, with my legs spread and planted wide open on the dash he told me to rub my clit and not stop no matter who could see. I began to rub my clit with my middle finger then he told me he wanted a taste. I moved my hand up to his mouth and he sucked on my finger . He then told me to fuck my self with my fingers. I spread my legs wider and began to rub my clit with one hand and ram my fingers of the other hand into my dripping pussy. He said "open the glove box", and in it was a big thick vibrator and a small bullet vibrator. He knew these were my favorites. Meanwhile Terry is passing vehicles but driving along side of certain ones as he passed especially truckers. Terry said, "fuck yourself for that man, I can tell he's jacking off". Gladly I pushed the thick vibrator in my pussy and began bucking to take it all in. While that was buried deep in my cunt, I put the bullet on my clit. These toys never fail to give me a huge orgasm and I wasn't denied. My head thrown back and loudly moaning I wouldn't have been surprised if the trucker could hear my moans of pleasure. I wasn't watching that man, but Terry said to look at him, I caught his eye for a second. Which I believe was enough for him, because he then held up a hand full of cum for me to see. I would have been very disappointed at the waste of cum, but I knew that there would be so much more to cum during the night.

I pleasured myself along the highway many times until we got to Tampa. Once there he decided to give my pussy a break because he had a big workout planned for it. We arrived at the adult theater and he had me walk in by myself. The theater was dimly lit, but enough light for the men there to see me walk in with my whore dress and fuck me shoes. I was getting very aroused knowing that I would possibly fuck all of the men there tonight. I sat down in a seat in the middle, and Terry came in and sat next to me, we didn't speak because he wanted to look like strangers.

Terry sat for a moment then took my hand and put it on his hardening cock and said "suck my cock". I unzipped his pants and took out his 7" cock and started to stroke it. He said, "I told you to suck me", he took my head and pushed my head down to his cock and I took it in my mouth. I have to say here that I love sucking cock, and I am a master at it. Taking a soft cock in my mouth and feeling it grow with my mouth and tongue is such a powerful feeling. The men around were starting to notice my head bobbing in Terry's lap and the slurping and sucking noises and moved closer for a better look. With my lips sucking and my tongue licking his cock I could feel that he was going to cum soon. I kept my mouth on his cock and he filled it with his thick cum. I raised up my head and licked the drips that I had missed and with a huge smile swallowed.

Terry had me stand up, pulled off my dress squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples and said "she is my sex slave, and I've ordered her fuck and suck any man who wants, she has the tightest pussy I've ever had, and she is the best cock sucker any of you have probably ever seen." With that, he bent me over the seat and started to pound my pussy. Men began to line up on the other side of the seat and take out their cocks. One pushed his cock in my mouth and began to fuck my mouth. My ass was pushing against Terry's cock to take it all in, and my head was bobbing up and down on the strangers cock. Hands were grabbing, pulling and squeezing my tits, pinching my nipples, I was in heaven. I could feel the cock in my mouth throb and knew he was going to shoot a load of cum down my throat and I was so ready. I could feel that Terry was ready to explode in my pussy and I knew that when he did I would start my many of multiple orgasms.

The stranger in my mouth was replaced by another and another and another I swallowed every drop. Men were sticking their cock in my hands, getting ready to fuck my mouth or pussy. Cocks fucked me one after the other. I could feel cum start to run out of my pussy and down my legs. Terry, since he was my master decided it was time to break in my ass, and lubed up my even tighter ass and his cock. Although there was so much cum dripping out of me extra lube wasn't needed. He slowly inched his cock into my ass knowing that once he got in I would be moaning in pleasure. He began fucking my ass faster and I was begging for more. I wanted to feel his cum in my ass and he was so happy to do that. After Terry fucked my ass, every hole was open for any man who wanted.

I had fucked constantly for about an hour, I needed to take a break. Time for a drink and some palate cleansing. I was relaxing for a moment when a man walked to me and said, "I want my wife to clean your pussy". Terry agreed. The woman licked her lips and moved to me. She leaned toward me and ran her tongue over my lips and said "you taste so good." She began to deep kiss me then moved down to my breasts. With all the men squeezing and pinching my tits, it felt so good to have her gently lick, then suck my breasts. She lightly bit my nipples then started increasing to harder bites. Then she moved down my chest to my pussy and started sucking on my clit and fingering my pussy. Her tongue licked up and down my legs cleaning all the cum from my thighs. Fingering my clit, she slid her tongue into my pussy tasting the gallons of cum that had been deposited. She proceeded to lick and suck my cunt and bring me to a roaring orgasm. All the men surrounding us were stroking their cock and staring at the show we were putting on.

It was time for round two, which I will continue at a later time.

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