tagGroup SexFantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01

Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 01


This was the first year the twins would be away for Bronwyn's birthday. They had returned to university for their freshman years. Robbie and Robin (yeah, I know. . .) were eighteen and all our worlds were changing.

I had been wondering what I could get Bron for her birthday. With the kids away, my gift needed to be something very special and, I thought, it would be very super special if it led us in a new direction, one which now catered to our togetherness, as, from here on, the kids' role in our lives would be very different.

I recalled that a very close family friend, Dana Ellingson (younger, and a real cutie), had mentioned to us yesterday that a new, very high-class swingers' club had opened up in town and that we might be interested in going for a visit.

My first reaction was to blush and quickly change the subject. God, why would Dana think we would be interested in that? We had our twentieth anniversary last June. We seemed to be in a very nice "rut," thank you.

However, now, when I recalled what Dana had said, I also recalled Bronwyn's reaction. She had not reacted negatively, or shyly, but had looked expectantly at me, and I had missed the whole thing!

Now that I think of it, I'd guess Dana's casual comment in my presence was no surprise to Bron. Dana and Bronwyn had already talked about it and Bron was interested, but only if I was. My reaction was a disappointment to them both.

Well, I could kill two birds with one stone. Why not give Bron the gift of a promise to have her ultimate sexual fantasy fulfilled? That might seem to some like going a bit far just for a birthday present, but, who knows? It just might be the perfect thing at this point in our lives. If I don't find out now, I may really regret it in the future, I thought. And I am not big on regrets.

Our sex life had always been very active. We both loved creating sensual pleasure for the other and were not shy about innovation. We used toys and had a wide variety of means of sexual stimulation in our arsenal. Yet, our play was restricted to a "group" of just the two of us. Expanding our group size might lead us to wholly new horizons! Wow! Something to explore, I admitted.

At the time, I was out in the garage repairing one of our outside bird house so the little guys would have a good place to raise a family come Spring. I always renewed the nesting material inside the half dozen bird houses we had around the house, using the green stuff left over from Easter and cleaned out last year's left-overs (poop, egg shells, etc.). Anyhow, give them a clean start. Hmmm. Appropriate, I thought, I was contemplating doing just that for Bron and me. . .

I went into the kitchen to look up Dana's phone number. When Bron heard me there she asked if it was going alright and I called out that I was getting the number for the local hardware store as I needed to get some sandpaper and wanted to be sure they were open that early in the morning. I jotted down Dana's cell phone number from our quick lookup device and went back out to the garage.

"Hello?" Dana responded.

"Dana, this is Brett. Can you talk for a moment?

"Listen, I think I may have really dropped the ball yesterday when you asked Bron and me about the new swingers' club. Do you have a minute to talk about it?

"Good! First, do you know what it costs? Uh huh, yeah. OK. Got it.

"Secondly, do you know what the basic rules are? You said it was a high-class place. Just what did you mean by that?

"Wow! Really? I had no idea. Yeah, that sounds great!

"Please don't mention anything to Bron about our conversation. I would like to give her a very special birthday present and am thinking this club just might be a major part in that.

"Have you ever been there?

"I thought maybe you had. Do you know whether you could accompany Bron and me if we wanted to visit?

"Perfect! Would you be willing to do that?

"Oh, goodie! Now, her birthday is on Friday. Are they open?

"Great! And, could you go with us then and do we need to make reservations or anything like that?

"Yeah, I thought I would give her a card and for my inscription inside, give her my promise to arrange for her to experience her 'ultimate sexual fantasy'. What do you think?

"Yeah, I think it would be fantastic, too. Well, OK, assuming she's game, what time should we arrange for dinner on Friday? You will join us won't you?

"Super! And Dana, thanks for being such a super friend."

Hey, that was easy! Now I will tell Bronwyn I am going to the hardware store, but will also go by the Hallmark store in the same plaza and get a very special birthday card. Of course, my inscription inside is what will make it a super special card.

One thing I should make very clear here - Bronwyn and I are neither one of us, in some kind of subordinate role with each other. When I give her something, and I love to, she always responds with an equal gift. When she originates a gift to me, and she does constantly, I respond the same way she does. So, when I give her this birthday present, I know I can expect something of equal magnitude in return. That's just the way we are with each other. We keep our "exchange" in, so neither ever has a feeling they are beholden to the other. Life is a lot better that way.

I invited Bron out for dinner on her birthday and told her Dana would be joining us. I expected we would be going over to the club after dinner, but that was dependent on how Bron reacted to the promise in my card. While I had a high level of confidence, you never know for sure.

When I handed the card to Bron at the table in the restaurant, she looked at me, then at Dana. "Is this it?" she asked. "No big box?" she quipped, smiling.

"Open it. You will see."

She slit the envelope open with her table knife, admired the lace decor of the outside of the card and then opened it. In one brief moment, her face lit up like a Christmas tree! Rosie color flushed up her neck and cheeks. She looked at me very lovingly and then, at Dana, lost for words.

"Er, uh, did you know about this?" she asked Dana.

Dana just nodded with a big grin on her face.

"If you already know what it is you want for this present," I said, "you can just tell me - well, perhaps not here," I said quietly, "but, later.

"If you are not certain as to what it would be, I thought we could go with Dana over to the new club she told us about the other day and see if we can get some ideas."

"Now? Tonight?" Bron queried, excitedly.

"Yeah. What do you think?" I asked, hopefully.

Bron looked at Dana. "Well, sweet friend, lead the way!"

Bronwyn was obviously very excited, her eyes flashing with adoration and warmth as she looked at me. Wow! I thought. I could not have got her a better present. Now I just have to live up to my promise.

When we got to the club, we found that the only way first time attendees could take an active part in any of the action was to put our names in a hat and then be drawn by an active member couple.

Hmmmmm! Well, we had not expected that - but Dana remarked that she was willing, as long as we were with her and we could just observe, if that is what we wanted to do.

We decided to go ahead with it and explain to the couple who drew us, if anyone did, that Bron and I were first time visitors and were not prepared to do anything but watch tonight. We had come to the club because we were curious and hoped that Dana could interact with another couple if the opportunity presented itself.

Hey! It worked!

We waited next to the booth where the drawings would take place. We were surprised to see there was a lot of interest in newcomers. Within less than ten minutes, the person managing the drawings motioned to us to come over and meet the couple who had drawn us.

Wow, talk about luck! These people were very clean looking. Frank was in his mid-thirties and Brenda looked a little younger. She had sandy blond hair, nice, high, round breasts and a really cute ass. He was blond, taller than I by about an inch, and looked very fit - found out later he worked out very regularly - so did Brenda.

After introductions all around, I took Frank to one side and told him about our situation. He laughed and said that would not present any problem - they often had a female neighbor friend who came over to their place, because they had a pool, and play, the three of them. He said they also would have no problemn with Bron and me watching.

"Who knows," he said, "what the other neighbors were seeing?" when they had their 'menage a trois' in their back yard around the pool.

As we turned back to the girls, I noticed they had 'shared' lipstick and Brenda was caressing Dana's breasts. And we were still in the main room! Dana was not resisting in the least - au contraire! She was holding Brenda's hands to her breasts and was squeezing them to her.

Frank suggested we go upstairs and told us to follow them. We went upstairs to a room called the Orgy Room - aptly named. Inside there was a very large bed in the center of the room with mattresses on the floor in other parts of the room. We were lucky. There was a mattress available. Next to the mattress were hooks on the wall for hanging up clothes.

Frank began taking his clothes off, while Brenda and Dana went about undressing each other, slowly unbuttoning buttons, pulling down zippers, pulling elastic slowly down, revealing two luscious female bodies.

It was obvious from their open mouths and wide eyes that Frank and Brenda both found Dana captivating! No wonder, at twenty-four, Dana is stunning! By that time, Brenda had removed Dana's pullover, her bra and her skirt, leaving Dana with only panties, thigh-high stockings and heels on. God, she was a vision!

I looked over at Bron. She was "drooling!"

Brenda knelt in front of Dana and placed her hands just at the top of Dana's hips. Drawing her fingertips slowly down over Dana's hips to her bottom and then around to the front, raking gently across Dana's tummy and down across her pubic mound. Brenda then ran her fingers down Dana's inner thighs to her knees.

Dana sighed aloud and her breasts heaved. A wet spot showed clearly on the front of Dana's panties and spread as I looked at it. She was looking down languidly into Brenda's eyes and running her fingers lightly through Brenda's hair.

Then, Brenda put a finger on each side of Dana's panties toward the back on each side and reaching up with her mouth, gripped the elastic top of Dana's panties between her teeth and started to pull them off. When her mouth reached that point, level with Dana's mound, Brenda continued to pull the panties down with her hands, but buried her face in Dana's pussy. She obviously knew what she was doing and what she wanted to do.

Frank completed the stripping of Brenda's clothing. After hanging all the discarded clothing up, Frank returned to the girls. He got behind Brenda, who was on all fours licking and sucking on Dana. He knelt and gripped Brenda's hips. This evidently was a well known signal between the two of them. She arched her back and presented her backside to him.

He stroked his seven-inches a couple of times, then rubbed it among her free-flowing pussy juices and slowly pushed it into her cunt to the hilt, in one stroke. Brenda moaned into Dana's pussy and picked up her pace with her tongue, licking up and down Dana's outer and inner labia, avoiding her clit.

Dana's hips were bucking, pressing her snatch into Brenda's eager mouth. Frank began to slowly stroke his cock in and out of Brenda's pussy with long and deep thrusts. There was no hurry. He wanted to enjoy this as long as he could.

Due to Brenda's attentions on Dana, her vagina clutched at Frank's cock and then relaxed, then clutched again and relaxed, and so on. This was an experienced 'milking' action which both Frank and Brenda knew occurred when they were performing in these positions with another woman. It was both their favorite way to have sex.

Meanwhile, Dana was getting the benefit of Brenda's very experienced tongue. She could feel an orgasm building rapidly within the center of her sex. Her breathing was becoming ragged and her nipples, which she was pinching and twisting gently were supersensitive. As she tormented them, that warm, tingling feeling began to flood out from her pelvis to all parts of her body. She could feel the 'zing' into her pussy with each pinch and twist of her nipples. She was moaning loudly and thrusting her pussy hard into Brenda's mouth.

Brenda could feel Frank's shaft sliding smoothly over the top of her vagina, pressing onto her g-spot. She could feel her own orgasm building. He was also gently rubbing her clit with each stroke in. Frank's motions began to get a bit jerky and it was apparent he was about to cum. Feeling this, Brenda flicked her tongue over Dana's clit and then sucked it into her mouth with her lips while flicking her tongue rapidly over the tip.

Brenda reached under herself and began to rapidly rub her own clit. Dana nearly collapsed, screaming out her orgasm and bucking her hips back and forth. Brenda came with a gusher, soaking Frank's cock, buried in her, spurting stream after stream of thick cum into her spasming pussy.

I was entranced! I had never seen anything like this! I had heard about such things, read about such things in books, but didn't know they could be real!

Then, I became aware that Bron had gripped my hand and was pressing it hard against her pussy, riding up and down on my fingers. She was also stroking my hard-on through my pants.

"Honey," Bron moaned, "I can't just watch this. Let's undress."

Dana slipped down, lying on her back with her thighs spread wide, Brenda still softly mouthing her pussy lips and licking the juices from Dana's climax.

Frank was leaning forward over Brenda's back, but not putting his weight on her. He slowly withdrew from her and his cock slipped out of her cunt. All three rolled against each other and held each other. Brenda's head was lying softly on Dana's tummy and Dana was stroking Brenda's hair tenderly.

Amazing! A half hour ago, they had not known Dana at all. Now she was a key participant in their love-making! Like, WOW! Man!

I was seated on an overstuffed chair facing the action and Bron had settled down on my lap, facing away from me, her legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. She spread her pussy lips with one hand while she pulled my turgid cock into her soaking wet vagina. She rode me this way while she massaged her pubic area and I caressed her gorgeous breasts.

Occasionally, she would tilt her face back and we would kiss, lovingly, thoroughly tonguing each other. We were in no hurry, but the degree of tension soon built to mind-blowing orgasms for both of us.

The rest of the evening was similarly spectacular to me and from my observance, so was it for everybody there, especially Bronwyn. I was certain this was going in the right direction.

The next morning, while we lay in bed, gently caressing each other, Bron told me, "Dana told me how much fun she had, about how wonderful it was to be able to act out her own fantasies and bring them to fantastically pleasurable reality!"

It was clear to me that Bronwyn was aroused, her cheeks flushed with color and her breathing was a bit ragged. She paused to catch her breath, still gliding her fingers over my repressed hard-on.

"Dana said she wanted to go with us again to the club, because she cared so very much for us and wanted to share this experience with us, giving us the opportunity to experience it for ourselves," she paused, "if we wanted to," looking at me expectantly.

It was clear to me by her emphasis that she wanted to! I was thrilled beyond belief! My dear, loving, adorable wife, Bronwyn, was actually sitting there telling me she wanted to become more wanton! She did want to experience her sexual fantasies!

I turned and looked squarely at her beautiful, beseeching, moist eyes. I picked up her hands from her lap and tenderly stroked her fingers. I could feel her heat rising and she squirmed at my touch. I held her eyes to mine and said, earnestly, "Honey, I want to do anything that would make you happy! After all, that really is my mission in life!"

She collapsed onto my chest, and reaching up, threw her arms around my neck. She hugged me tightly, all the while frantically kissing me all over my face and neck. Finally, she held my face firmly in her hands and kissed me fully on the lips, gently, tenderly at first, but then growing in passion as our lips parted and our tongues entwined.

After what seemed hours of passion (happening in only brief minutes), we sat back, holding each other at arms length, and beaming at each other, our love for each other exuding from our every pore.

"I told Dana I would talk it over with you and would call her with our decision. Do you want to call her and tell her we have decided to take her up on her sweet offer, or do you want me to?" Bronwyn asked, excitedly. She was giggling like a little kid!

She continued, "I think it would be better if you called, then she would know we had talked it over and were in agreement, don't you think?"

I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock, as if to consider the hour. It was still early in the morning but was not of an hour to be impolite to make the call.

I then asked, "Are you absolutely sure you want to do this? Act out or actually perform in your most intimate sexual fantasies, possibly in front of an audience?"

She looked me squarely in the eyes and demurely said, "Yes! It is now or never and I certainly don't want it to be never!"

"Well then," I said, "you are absolutely right that I call Dana, right now!"

Bronwyn got up as I said this, grabbed my arm and we walked, hugging each other, to the phone in the kitchen. She obviously was as excited as I was - I could discern the delicate, musky smell of her sex - it was fantastic!

Inasmuch as Dana was a close friend, her number was set up in our speed dial, so as I picked up the phone, I punched her code number. The phone rang on the other end, once, twice, three times - I was beginning to wonder if she were home, or still in bed. . .

Then, we heard her say, "Hello," in that throaty voice of hers. I shivered.

"Hi! Dana, this is Brett. How are you this lovely morning?" I asked, cordially.

She responded cheerfully, "I'm fine! And you???"

"Doing just great!" I said. "I have this call on the speakerphone so Bronwyn can butt in any time she wants to."

Bronwyn called out enthusiastically, "Hi, dearest friend!"

Dana responded with a "Hi! Love!"

Well, we could have hung up then and there - the communication was abundantly clear to all of us!

I continued, "Dana, thank you very much for being willing to go with us last night."

"When had you planned for us all to go again?" Bron called out, knowing full well that is what Dana had intended.

"Well," she responded, "I was hoping you could go, together with Jason and I - I tell them he is my husband - this next Friday night. How does that sound?"

Bronwyn chimed in, "Honey, we will be there!! You can count on it!"

I asked, before Dana could respond, "Do you want us to meet you at your place first, so we can meet Jason before going to the club. We can all go on from there. We can drive. After all, Bron's Denali is certainly big enough for all of us to ride in comfortably."

"Sure," she said. The excitement in Dana's voice was subtle, but very clear to both of us. I sensed she was having difficulty preventing herself from shouting out with glee and joy!

She continued, "I am so happy you have decided to experience this!" "Brett, Bronwyn," her voice changing to a more serious tone, "there really are life-changing possibilities here! I don't believe you will ever regret having looked into it. Whether you embrace it is up to you, totally!" I am just glad I told you about it so you could, at least, check it out! I just know that even if you don't decide to join the club in the long run, you will, at least, have known you looked and had a choice and that is very important later on, should you look back on it."

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